The State Of Things, Pt 1 – July 2, 2020

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The LORD is slow to anger and mighty in power, He will by no means acquit the guilty. His path is in the whirlwind and storm, and the clouds are the dust of his feet. – (Nahum 1:3)

Hello and welcome to The Master’s Voice. I hope everyone is doing well in these challenging times, and thank you for visiting. 

I thank God for giving me the opportunity to run this blog for Him. With everything that’s going on in the world today I am extremely grateful to have one small place that shares this powerful gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. I know a lot of people hate to hear about Jesus but you know what? Many love to. Many of us love Jesus Christ- we are millions who have our own personal stories of His loving, tender care- where He found us and how far He’s brought us since that first amazing encounter. No matter what goes on in the world today there is still a remnant that loves and follows the Lord.

It’s important these days to keep speaking the truth of the Gospel, because lies have increased to a scary level. Almost nothing can be trusted at face value, a wise person whether saved or unsaved does well to open a secure browser on their cellphone or tablet [NOT google] and do some serious homework. Of course you can still use google- they’ll probably give you some true results for whatever you’re trying to study, but they’ll also track you to the end of your mortal days so really what’s the point. 

It’s a good time to get the truth of the Word of God out there to whoever the Holy Spirit is showing us that needs it- I believe people are more receptive to hearing about God when times are hard. After all in good times with plenty of rain, food and resources even Biblical Israel didn’t have time for God, but as King Solomon noted in 1 Kings 8:33- 36, [paraphrased]:

When Israel is defeated by her enemies because of sinning against you Lord, but they turn back to [worshipping and serving] You, and confess your name again, and they pray and beseech you to help them here at this temple; then hear in Heaven and forgive the sin of your people Israel, and bring them back to the land which you gave their fathers.

When the heavens are closed up and there is no rain because they have sinned against You, when they pray toward this place [The Temple] and confess your name, and turn from their sin because you afflict them, then hear in Heaven and forgive the sin of your servants, Your people Israel, that You may teach them the good way to walk in, and send rain again on your land you gave to us as an inheritance.

Solomon goes on listing other things that were disastrous to an agricultural community at that time- drought, mildew, locusts, enemies that destroy crops or take the city captive- but he always ends his sentence the same. ‘God, when you look down and see us really suffering because of our own sin and the consequences of it, and you hear our voices raised to you in trouble and repentance because of what we face- Help us Lord. Send help from above! Have mercy on us, turn away the enemy or starvation or drought, and show mercy to us your people.’

Hardship always makes us listen. ‘Hardship’ can be literally anything, as long as it’s something that throws our plans in the garbage and blocks our way on all sides, hardship is that wonder worker that opens our ears where nothing will. That’s when all the pride and hard heartedness goes out of us, and we become much more willing to hear views from people we usually regard as crazy, lazy and fringe (aka Christians, among many others).

God has things He wants us to do as a collective, as the human race, young and old, every generation, and the primary one is to REPENT. To repent means to be cut to the soul by the realisation that our own ways- each one of us- are wicked, and can no longer stand as the moral standard we live by. Every time we decide to live by our own morals we see there’s no coherence to them, some people want to kill and others don’t, some want to steal and others don’t, some want to commit fornication and others don’t.

That’s not all. There’s also no consensus among us on what we should do or not do, because the guy that won’t fornicate may be all for stealing at work, while the one who won’t steal has no problem sleeping with his boss’s wife. We’re a nest of contradictions and snake eggs, every last one of us, therefore it is the SOLE PREROGATIVE OF JESUS CHRIST TO BE THE JUDGE.

We who are servants of God are here to call people to safety and point out good vs evil as the Bible teaches. Jesus has passed on His earthly authority to the church and our job now is to be diligent in planting seeds that will bring in a harvest of souls for God, because time is running out.

Christians have been saying “Repent! Repent! The things we do as a nation are making God angry! There is no way we can kill children like this, ABUSE children like this, and get away with it forever! Repent! Stop committing sexual sins like same sex, adultery, fornication and abortion- stop using “love” as an excuse to cover up abominations, and for goodness sake stop misinterpreting the verse “For God is love” as an open highway for sin!”

You can read more about what God thinks of our general attitude to repentance in America in this post: The Slavery Chronicles- A Cup Of Wrath.

Brothers and sisters there’s no way America can for one second think God is blind to her sins, or that she will be the master of her own fate in the end. I think that’s why I’m writing this- just to let newcomers know this. Maybe you can’t scroll all the way down to my first posts to catch up, but use the banner buttons. You need to know what this blog is for. This blog is a “Let America Know What God Says” blog. In 2012 God started speaking to me about end times, America’s role in the end times, and what her punishment would be in those days. The bulk of prophecy on this site are addressed to the U.S.A. direct from the Lord Jesus Christ- I’m just the one who sees/ hears them and types them up, describing what I see in the best detail I can manage for each episode. 

I try to remind us from time to time- this nation is under judgement. It’s not a suggestion or my imagination, America is not ‘awaiting judgement’ or ‘escaping judgement’- this America of the red, white and blue is actively under judgement. She is the foremost nation that God gave so many gifts, talents, blessings and opportunities, but she turned into a whorish place that took all her clothes off and went skiing in blood in the streets. If anyone feels these are overly harsh indictments, well… I don’t even know where to begin helping you come to terms with the truth. 


There are 192 prophecies on this blog right now and over 70% of them are about America. I think that speaks for itself. 

Today they arrested someone who thought she would get off scot-free with her crimes. Companion, playmate and sex-groomer-of-minors G. Maxwell was snatched by the FBI in New Hampshire today and indicted on 6 counts of grooming minors for sex, which I think is a very minor charge given how many underage little girls actually detail the sexual acts this woman did to them for money along with her partner J. Epstein.

This is another thing that pains my heart: the fact that we in church know next to NOTHING about the brain-shatteringly horrible web of crimes taking place right under our noses. Meanwhile it’s the people who say they have no need for Jesus  that know the inner details of the worst, I mean the very WORST aspects of modern human society- they’re the ones campaigning and exposing these things, they’re the ones roaring for justice in the streets. How can this be the case?

We the Church, the ones who carry the Holy Spirit in us, the Spirit who is the ONLY ONE ABLE TO PUT BROKEN PEOPLE BACK TOGETHER THROUGH HIS HEALING POWER THAT COMES FROM GOD, the Church who should be the vanguard of knowledge, truth and resistance against the wickedness of society are instead shut up in enclaves of total DELIRIUM, crying because they won’t let us be lead soprano in the choir, or because the pastor’s wife spoke a little to harshly to us in women’s Bible study the other day.

I had to sit before the Lord in my prayer spot recently and just… cry out. I was HEARTBROKEN, because it seems no matter how much I study to show myself approved of the Lord I always fall behind on really understanding who’s walking around out there. This blog is as blunt and hard hitting as it is because there’s no way I can see the visions I see, then come here with some highly edited, “safe for sensitive readers” version of the truth. NO. The truth is painful, sick and makes my rib cage feel pressed to breaking point some days. I STILL CANNOT FATHOM THE TRUE DEPTH OF HUMAN WICKEDNESS ON THIS PLANET. I call satan wicked all the time, because he is- but then he’s satan. That’s expected of him! What’s our excuse?!?! The darkness in men’s hearts is really something to think about. I know it’s demons working in people to commit these atrocities but still… who’s letting them in?

The Bible says “Guard your heart with all diligence for out of flow the issues of life.” (Proverbs 4:23) Well people, the issues flowing out of some of us make the sea dragon in Beowulf look like a chihuahua. It is horrific, it is deliberate and makes me seriously wish God would have mercy on  us and skip to the end in real time. I really wish it sometimes. 

The arrest of this predator lady who’s been doing this for more than 20 YEARS with no consequences, from 1996 to 2019 when FBI pressure finally cracked the glass dome of the protection Epstein enjoyed from higher ups in his extensive client list- is only a drop in the ocean. The IDEA of two people building a sex ring of the rich and entitled right in the public eye, yet suffering no repercussions for it makes me examine myself. I didn’t do it or cause it but I also didn’t know, so I wasn’t praying about it. Really Christians, we think the evil of this world is so small, it’s so… distanced for us. It’s all “satan over there, a demon over here, my evil grandma who hates me, that’s it”. (That’s if we even believe in demons to begin with). We think the worst it can get is the stuff we see and hear on the news or on Sunday morning.

No. No. NO. The evil is this world is as big as the sky. IT IS BIGGER THAN THE SKY BECAUSE EVEN THE SKY HAS MORALS. The evil of this world is so big, so gasping, so huge and deeply embedded that nothing will ever get it out except repentance or judgement. When God started giving me prophecy about judging America, saying how bitterly He will judge her… to a hair’s exactitude is what this nation will reap for what she has done, not only to her citizens, not only to the children, but to nations far and wide across this planet. God explained why He’s judged America, WHY He will destroy it and leave only a smoking crater where it used to be, WHY this whole world has to be removed and rebuilt with a new Heaven and a new Earth…

Even while my heart is stressed and my eyes amazed at from what has been revealed to me month by month and year by year, I’ve understood. In my core I get it. God can never come back to this- Jesus Christ CAN NEVER, EVER return to rule this world as it is. He can never step Holy feet on this ground that’s singing with the sanguine blood frequencies of countless people murdered for what they owned that somebody else wanted, murdered before or at birth, murdered for what they knew, for what they tried to tell us but we laughed and said “No, no… I see that lady on TV all the time, haha! She could never do that!!”

Jesus can never rule among us as we are, with what’s in our hearts, what’s on our minds that nobody else can see, AND WHAT WE CONDONE WITH IGNORANCE AND SILENCE DAILY. People should not be murdered- whether they’re innocent or not, pure or not- yet victims have been summarily executed in all the centuries we’ve been here since the flood. Why?

So no… Jesus could never walk on this ground as it is, think of the filth we’ve done here, the rituals the forefathers (and current fathers) have kept. He would never come a second time to live with THIS. Notice His feet don’t even touch the earth at the Rapture or the Battle of Armageddon. Sigh… Today I’m hurt. I try never to personalise this blog because it’s for teaching and for the prophecies of God but today… I can barely stand the weight of what I’ve seen and know, and what else is still to happen before we will see God’s face.

Today, they caught a famous pedophile. It’s hardly on the news. They’ve been cracking pedophile rings since 2018 but the mainstream media have their marching orders on where to keep your attention- Corona. Fear. Hopelessness. Trump. Russia. They have their orders and wow don’t they do a great job? I pray God brings that woman to justice and allows her no easy escape as her counterpart had. Children are SACRED OKAY.

I’ll stop here- see the next post for where to focus your attention on this blog. America, God still knows. God still remembers. You do “America Remembers” every September? Well Jehovah remembers every day. He will answer the cry of the broken, He will requite the blood of the victims and minors. As He always says in the prophecies:

“For all that (the punishments so far) His hand is stretched out still.” – Isaiah 9:12(b), Isaiah 9:17(b), Isaiah 9:21(b).


Browse some of the prophecies below and see what the real world is like:

Sex Crimes against Minors and Others

Profanities Pt 3; Profanities Pt 4; Profanities Pt 7What You Never Heard Before Pt 1; What You Never Heard Before Pt 2; 19 Mins To Trafficking; Sexual Perversion On The Rise; A Caution about Children;

All of these are direct prophetic revelations I received from the Lord. Just look at these hidden things and ask yourself: In a nation this size, with this many resources, police, media outlets, investigators, endless SPY AGENCIES like CIA, FBI and all the alphabet crowd- how on earth is it possible these things are not nightly news and documentaries and breaking news and investigative series at the TOP OF OUR VIEWING OPTIONS? How can we never hear about them in a monthly cycle but we have the most trivial, empty-headed nonsense prioritised by news channels and tightly controlled search engines?

Why does it take God to let us know real life is way worse than we think it is- why can’t we see it, and why is it hidden so well? Doesn’t that make anybody wonder? We are responsible too, we must take the initiative and tear down cognitive dissonance so we can be more sharply in tune with our real-world circumstances. This is food for thought. There are some seriously WICKED PEOPLE among us. Pray so God can tear them down. Amen.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister Celestial, you’re the only one I know that posts topics that “church normal” wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole because it might offend someone’s delicate sensibilities….Christian’s sensibilities, that is, coz, people out in the world already know this stuff from watching Netflix, etc, or whatever it is they watch, or even worse, participate in.
    But the church needs to know about it, so they can pray,intercede, and cast demons out of people. Church normal, for the most part is simply way too sheltered from hanging out inside the four walls of the church house.

    Thank you and God bless you for being obedient to your calling..I can see where what the Lord has handed you to do must be extremely painful and difficult.

    1. Celestial says:

      I know this blog touches on sensitive topics- things that escape the mainstream because either pastors think they’re non-palatable or maybe the church isn’t ready for it. However God is the head of His church. He wants to educate us and should be able to directly bring any matter to the pulpit. All the different functions in ministry should be able to work together and my prayer is in future more of the direct prophetic voice touching on the issues close to God’s heart FOR THESE TIMES, will be allowed.

  2. Hélène says:

    I have friends who simply would not believe me about Pizzagate. Who rly still don’t. STILL
    The wife was molested herself, growing up.
    But this is just conspiracy theories 🤷🏼‍♀️

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