Welcome to The Master’s Voice prophecy blog! I’m glad you’re here. I hope you find this to be a place that challenges or affirms your knowledge of Jesus Christ. Whether you’ve known the Lord a long time or are just coming to faith, whether you feel you have no use for God and “religion”, or you’ve had a bad experience with people of faith, this blog is for you. Wherever you are in your journey, this blog was made for you

This is an end times blog, so the prophecy IS of a certain type. This isn’t to scare people but to make them think! God uses prophecy to make us recognise there’s a Voice out there louder than any other. In the babble of human conversation there’s a Thunder speaking that puts an end to all argument, a Higher perspective outpacing what our natural eyes see. He speaks of things to come; He reveals secrets no one’s been able to figure out for centuries. That Voice is saying now- not later, but NOW– is the time to put your house in order, and take a second look at your mortality. ‘Put your life in order’ says God, ‘I am coming soon and I’ll ask the same difficult questions you’ve always thought you were asking Me. I will require an account of every life, and no one will be allowed to opt out or stay silent. You will indeed have to answer Me for how you lived your life, and after that there will either be rewards or a judgement.’

Now I understand a lot of people don’t like to hear this. They don’t like to hear that there’s anything “above them”- above their life or their views or how they want to live.  Understand though, human life isn’t bought in stores. It’s not something anyone paid money for- we don’t even have a say in how we got here! Therefore nothing about your life is really ‘yours’. The breath you have, God put it in you (Genesis 2:7). Every day you remain alive? They’ve already been counted out and measured (Psalm 139:16). The heart we always talk about- “Listen to your heart!”, “Follow your heart!”– God has very different views on what’s in it (Jeremiah 17:9).

The human heart is a master of deception, even to the point of deceiving us who follow it! So none of us really know how we are (or WHO we are) unless the Spirit of God raises up the mirror of God’s word to show us: ‘How are we doing according to the blueprint God says all humanity is to follow?’ Your life is not as under your control as you think it is- see what Jeremiah admitted after spending time before God in prayer: “I know, O LORD, that a man’s way is not his own; no one who walks directs his own steps (Jeremiah 10:23) In other words there is nothing you can really tell about your own future because your plans are only that… plans. Nothing in a man knows for sure where he will end up, but God knows even where our tombstones will be carved out on the day our breath returns to Him. He is all seeing, all knowing, and perfect in all His ways, while we very clearly are not.

So if we’re not really in charge of how things run, if we haven’t been able to consistently and perfectly control the outcomes of things that happen to us down here, isn’t it worth ten minutes to find out what else we might be looking at the wrong way, besides saying “There is no God”. See Psalm 14:1, ’cause yeah, there’s a verse for that too! 🤣

You can grow in wisdom as you visit and search this site; you can learn about Jesus as He truly is. Let Him reveal Himself through His Word and any other supernatural means He chooses. The times God told us to watch for have begun, so we all need better understanding of what the future holds. Even if you’re of another religion or an atheist, Bible prophecy reveals events that affect EVERYONE, so that’s something to really think about. In plain language God talks about the past, future, and now.  Many don’t recognise how He speaks, or they refuse to believe the prophetic timelines being revealed to the whole world in these days. But if you browse here often enough, anyone can believe. Anyone can become a follower of Jesus Christ, or clean up and renew an existing relationship with Him. Learn what’s coming as we get closer to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ. To surrender your life to Jesus now,  please join me and pray the prayer below:


Heavenly Father God, I come to you in the bent and broken posture of true repentance. I have realised that on my own I am not able to live any perfect life before you and I am sorry for that. I have grieved your Holy Spirit by my thoughts, words and actions Lord; I am not able to serve you as you require, not on my own. I ask your help today to be forgiven of all my sins, and given a new lifeline in the Person of your Son Jesus Christ. I have heard the words of your mouth and I believe that there is no other worthy to be called GOD except you. Now with my heart I believe that Jesus died for my sins and to purchase me from hell, and I confess with my mouth that He is the only Lord of all. Heavenly Father, please accept my repentance today. Have mercy on me and favour me, and accept me into your family. Wash my sins away with the Blood of Jesus. Cleanse me God, and baptise me with the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove every trace of my sinful past. I want to belong to you, to walk with you, to know you as you already know me. I turn away right now from my old life, and I renounce everything I used to do that was evil in your eyes. I ask for strength of the Holy Spirit to resist sin and temptation so that I don’t return to my old life. I choose Jesus Christ today as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, I mean it from my heart and confess it with my mouth right now- JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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