“Ascendancy” – November 13, 2020


This morning at 6:47 a.m. New York time these are the things the Lord told me:

The time of American greatness is now over. From this time forth the U.S.A. will go into decline. She will make a rapid decline in national and international matters, slowly and very clearly becoming an object of ridicule and mockery around the world. She will move down the pole of power even as her rivals Russia and China (especially Russia) move up. The Lord said to me: “Russia is now in a time of ASCENDANCY.”

Ascendancy: Superiority, domination, supremacy, being first. 

Of nations it means: To occupy the place of dominant power or influence.

This is what the Lord said this morning:

Russia will take PRIMACY over the United States.

Russia will take SUPREMACY over the United States.

These are the prophetic markers the Lord revealed to me. When we see these things happening we will know who it is that reveals all things before their time.

[1] Nobody will seek America’s opinion anymore. Nobody will ask her guidance on global matters anymore and her prominence as a global player will fade. At home she will struggle to keep the national fabric secure as rivalry and in-fighting occurs more and more. America will start to tear herself into two or more pieces as rival factions gather together and get more and more vocal, then more and more violent. This violence will capture world attention and make everyone wonder why the “greatest nation in the world” is suddenly catching a fever. 

[2] Tensions will build at home that make it difficult to maintain oneness and cohesion God said the electorate will begin to fight themselves in preparation for a SHIFT. Sharp party lines from the highest office downward will show that major parties will absolutely not work together to maintain peace or make laws. There will be blocking on both sides of the aisle and plenty of “double-talk” as well as backstabbing among political leaders. Coalitions will form within government and this will weaken the establishment as a whole. This inability to work together will filter down to the lowest layers of the population; brother will hate brother and animosity will grow from the grassroots level [the man on the street] to poison America even at her bedrock stage . 

[3] She will be ridiculed at international level and respect will not be shown to her diplomats anymore. This is a spiritual shift designed by God to bring the nation down to her lowest levels ever, lower than at any other time in history.

I saw a vision of an international meeting or something, an American female diplomat was speaking but people kept interrupting her with fake coughs, shuffling their papers, looking at their cellphones openly and reading online articles or sending texts while she was speaking. Some of the diplomats who could not speak English had deliberately taken their headphones off; they wore them around their necks. By looking at their flags you could tell these nations needed the interpretation being provided but chose not to listen to it. The woman kept her poise and made it through her speech but by the end she was red-faced with embarrassment and anger. I saw her in a private room later drinking water and she said in an angry outburst to the aide with her: “A few years ago they never would have done this! When America speaks the world listens!” The aide looked sympathetic but laced his fingers together and did not make any comment.

[4] I saw that America lost POPULARITY. The Lord said people will want to fraternise with Russia and China more than ever before while America will be largely overlooked or even blatantly given the cold shoulder in international forums. “The nations’ love for her will grow cold” He said. 

I saw another scene at the United Nations, a previous speaker had just exited the podium and now it was Vladmir Putin’s turn. He was walked onstage to give a speech to wild applause. The room celebrated him, people were elated to see him and clapped so hard. He gave that small smile that never lets you know what he’s thinking- Putin never accepts praise at face value, always the small smile. He waved one hand in greeting as he walked and people clapped even harder. The Chinese President smiled very widely and folded his hands across his chest as Putin walked up. I saw the American delegation looked both puzzled and angry. They couldn’t understand what was going on: how/ why was this man so popular all of a sudden? Also this was not proper United Nations etiquette but more of a frat party atmosphere, with people clapping in standing ovations and going “Whoo!”, yet these were diplomats representing their countries at the highest levels.

Putin spoke while everyone listened and paid close attention, some even took notes. He spoke English and everyone kept their headphones on. He spoke not like the President of Russia but like a world leader laying out plans for everyone to prosper and be blessed. I saw many nations- black, white and others- interested in what he had to say, and when his speech ended he was approached by many presidents and surrounded. Nobody seemed to want to ask America anything and her representatives left the meeting early, despondent and very confused.

[5] The Lord also said that America will be ABANDONED. I saw a scene of many passports clicking through customs on outward bound, one-way journeys. Passports of all kinds: Indian, Caribbean, European, African and many American- I kept seeing the most recent page in a passport stamped, then people rolled hand luggage through without looking back. Rich and poor I saw going back to their countries, even diplomats and high ranking people with good lives and jobs here. I saw a woman with a white fur coat across her shoulders, wheeling expensive white luggage through customs. Rich, well taken care of lady, she walked through the outward bound terminal and did not look back.

They will be like hunted gazelles, like sheep without a shepherd; all will return to their own people and flee to their own lands. – (Isaiah 13:14)

Everyone went back to where they came from and America was labour deficient and empty. God fulfilled her never-ending war on immigrants by causing something to happen [I did not see what it was] that made many people decide their sojourn in the USA was up, that it was time to move home. Some even said, “We have to go where it’s safe to give the kids a better life.” I saw families at tables making decisions to leave, they asked their children “Do you want to leave?” and the kids said yes; even American families had that discussion and many passports clicked through customs as people left.

Babylon the glory of the Chaldeans pride, shall be as when God overturned Sodom and Gomorrah. – (Isaiah 13:19)

Lot and his family fled for their lives; so will many foreigners go home when they decide not to participate in America’s shame, hardship and downfall anymore.

[6] I saw that America was HUNGRY. The heartland – [the part of America traditionally responsible for food production, animal farming and the bulk of her industry and agriculture] – languished under heat, drought and poor harvests. Rain didn’t come, labour wasn’t cheap and food production was at an all time low. Americans were very upset at high prices and scarcity in their food and other basic goods; the supermarkets stamped and re-stamped food with different prices too many times but they got away with it because there was no regulation to stop them. People had to pay what was asked or go without.

America entered A MOOD: Melancholy, guilt, upset, and regret were some of the emotions I saw as people realized they couldn’t afford the cost of living anymore. Many went on welfare who never needed it before, and the awards [welfare amounts] were greatly reduced because there wasn’t enough free money to go around as before. The nation fell into HARDSHIP, STAGNATION AND HUNGER.

This is what the Lord revealed today in a study of Isaiah 13. The decline of America is at hand. See this post from 2019, for more on these same themes: World Politics- Russia.

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  1. Marty says:

    Thanks for not pulling any punches. The good ole USA has made life hell for so many countries over the past hundred years or so that it seems fitting that God allows us to get a taste of our own medicine. I pray that we are all born again of the Holy Spirit and we remain hid in Jesus Christ when the hard times ramp up. Stay strong Celestial and keep the faith. 🙏

  2. Sister Kathleen says:

    I have a picture of the crayon missle truck

  3. White Collar Chic says:

    Hello Sister. America has never been a Christian nation from it’s inception. If you look at the nation as a whole they have shed so much innocent blood not only on her own soil but the soil of others. The Most High has decided to judge this nation because the cries of the saints have reached the heavens. There is a script that says Babylon could have been healed but she wasn’t. They have acted like Satan. They have killed, stolen, destroyed and lied and and told lies for centuries. The chickens are coming home to roost.

  4. Jason Thornsbury says:

    Turkish minister states the world hates America… its happening

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