“FLESH!”: The Role of China – June 27, 2019


OH LORD! I cry to you! Save me and I shall keep your commandments! – (Psalm 119:146)

Parts of this prophecy is descriptive and graphic, please be aware. 

Video for this word is now available HERE, however it always helps to read it too.

I continue the prophecy of a secret meeting between RUSSIA, CHINA, UKRAINE and other leaders, excluding Western countries. To meet a labour demand problem a command went out- “Send for their flesh!” – and America was defeated and turned into a slave and end times captive of these nations. I continue prophetic insights and revelations from the Lord Jesus Christ, given on June 27, 2019.

Prophetic Revelations: Here is a fact about China- ‘Precision is taught from childhood’. Precision is as much a part of them as an eye, a nose or a face. I see Chinese hands working in factories where the level of excellence and perfection creates output you just don’t expect human beings to create- they are emitting MACHINE QUALITY WORK from their assembly lines, and it is amazing to my eyes. The Chinese can make things that don’t need any further artificial intelligence; they can make things that only need to be packaged and shipped off. For this reason Russia works with them because when China weighs and measures and says “It is so”, it is so. The Chinese are exact and precise, and because of this they will shoot and bomb with an accuracy that astounds their partners (and enemies) in warfare. 

Tactical Warfare, Technology and Weapons of the Future

Russia relies on them for: TACTICAL WARFARE, MACHINE GUN WARFARE, AERIAL WARFARE AND GUNS. Chinese guns are not to be played with: Western world  hear my voice and believe a woman who has never been to China or seen a gun, the Chinese gun can shoot from a distance you will say is not possible. The range of their weapons is incredible. It can clip flesh neatly like a knife, it can enter the body and leave so cleanly that all I hear as this gun is demonstrated is “Thwip, thwip, thwip!” It will shoot you 20 times before you have a chance to shoot once. You will be shocked and dead before you have a chance to register WHY you are shocked and dead. China has what I see are called TACTICAL WEAPONS- I’ll have to research what that is.  I am hearing China has a lot of them, a range of styles of them, and they are all deadly.

China is the arsenal of the future, when they feel comfortable they will reveal their guns to private buyers, private armies, mercenaries and that sort of person, but they will not sell to America. To America they will give TOYS: games, goggles, gaming accessories, Xbox 5 or whatever it is called, hover-boards and other products. But these guns and other things are not for America; instead they will be used AGAINST the U.S. China has made leaps in production no one has heard of and they will reveal it all in time. Believe it even or not I hear “CLEAN ENERGY”, clean energy will come from China. I see them burning COAL in a furnace but it makes no soot, no black smoke. It’s just red and burning hotly but no tendrils of smoke come off the loads of coal burning in this furnace. Yet it makes enough power to drive up the wattage of their experimental monitors to extraordinary levels, and everyone in the lab with a face mask on is happy- sweaty and giving high fives.

They have even found a way to GENERATE ELECTRICITY AND POWER FROM THE SEA: I see seawater boiling in a beaker and at a certain point the little tester bulb goes on – again everyone is happy and clapping. Chinese weaponry and technology will leave the West in the shade, fast asleep in a hammock. These items will be used on human flesh in the end of days says the Lord. On the Golan Heights and in other places these guns and weapons will be used, but when they are turned on God’s people there will be a terrible price to pay. Very terrible indeed- vultures will eat the ones who try to shoot the children of the Most High with these guns. “I will confound their weaponry so that nothing is left of it or them in the end times” says the Lord. They and their weapons will fall upon the hills of En Gedi and the Golan Heights and the hotly disputed land called the Gaza Strip.”

I see Russians peaceful as if sleeping upon the hills of Israel, but they are not sleeping. They are all dead and within some days the animals will begin to approach them but the Israelis will not like this, they will try to bury as many as possible but still, the number dead is so many that wild animals and birds crying in the sky will have their fill of the carrion before it is buried for good. This is the continuously scrolling vision of the Lord mixing all these things together.

Aerial Warfare

I see a Chinese fighter pilot. He is a boy of 17, a genius and quickly promoted in his class. He wears a dark green or forest green uniform and a helmet tightly belted under his chin. I don’t know if this helmet uses technology but I have a sense that it does. He’s in the sky coming low to hit a target and he hits it, then goes up in the sky again. On the ground his instructor is upset! He is NOT happy, because this boy did not completely destroy the target. I hear the language chattering in the boy’s ear as the teacher strongly berates him- “Wei Lui DESTROY THE MARKER. You must COMPLETELY DESTROY THE MARKER. You cannot leave a piece! It is not perfect! It is a sloppy job, now look, some will be left alive and escape! You must completely OB-LI-TER-ATE (the teacher breaks up the word to show how upset he is) THE TARGET, unless it is a FAIL”. The boy nods at the instruction and banks his plane, going back around for another try.

PRECISION TRAINING: I see a whole line of boys and young men receiving it. They are the “commandos of the skies” for the end time, and China does not want them dead after the battles. China wants them ALIVE to celebrate them, to call them heroes, to march them out in parades and bring them home as conquering kings. These boys will be celebrated beyond measure when they return home and given wives, cars, homes and immeasurable prestige. These children will be given everything because of the great service they have done their country. The military wants them to LIVE not die, and for this reason they do endless practice runs- again and again and again- practising precision and perfection to  completely ob-li-ter-ate their targets but not be obliterated themselves. Chinese pilots are seen as “firefighters”– they are the part of the army to put out the fires of ground resistance before they build and become a problem. 

I see America represented by an old clunky airplane against China. I think it’s called a ‘Cessna’ but it could be something else. It is a propeller plane flying in the sky with USA colours, but the thing China is flying is way nicer than that. It looks like a disc and it is FAST. It is black and flat and looks like a skipping stone. Looking at it go I realise, the things China is showing you America is not what they really have. You are being duped at an insane level and all the other nations of the world with you. 

Sexual Molestation in Captivity

Revelation: Women in the captivity will be unapologetically molested. It is represented before me as a continuously thin-flowing stream of water, a constant blood flow coming from people who cannot kill themselves because they are too closely watched. These women will be very highly prized for commerce and closely watched. 

Women with different coloured hair, skin and eyes will be highly prized during this time because they are different from their new masters. All women will go into flesh houses or sex sweatshops (something like that), and they form what is called The Jade Trade. This term does not exist now for human sex trafficking, but it will. They will be given “jade drugs”, this is the term I see but perhaps I can better call it opiates. They will be given opiates and kept with no clothes in bedrooms where a steady, unbroken stream of men visits them. It’s mostly for soldiers but also other men who want to pay can come and satisfy their desires against women who have been stimulated artificially by jade drugs. Drugs make the women sleepy but also stimulated, so they will provide what looks like willing sex partners for these men, and the men will not feel they are raping anybody. However these drugs wear off and the women know exactly what’s happening to them, therefore jade drugs have to be given often and repeatedly- this takes a separate toll on the body apart from the ongoing abuse.

Jade drugs are used to calm the system of a woman: I see the drug administered and the woman goes from angry and frightened to sexy, amorous and slightly sleepy. It’s in this state women will be kept until they expire. I say expire because countless women are  going to die in these places- the word I see over the flesh house’ brothel is “killing fields”. Killing fields. This is not only for warfare that the term killing fields is used, the spirit of the Lord is saying “a killing field” is anywhere copious amount of blood is shed and life is extinguished in large amounts. So it will be in these flesh houses. The Chinese are the originators of this, Russia has no real time for this. In the sexual game I see the Chinese far ahead, but Russia wants loot, bounty, spoil, unique control and power. They are not bothered with sexuality; they want to win and be first. China however will take the particular time to enjoy itself with human bodies and the majority of these will be women and young girls who are at the edge of maturity. I do not see small children  being touched- these are used mostly for labour or adoption purposes. However in the area of boys and young pre-adult males there is a small sliver of demand: A very small section of rich men prefer these children and will pay high sums for them to be sent in on occasion.

Revelation: In Chinese society this liking for males is frowned upon and considered very unpatriotic. I see a Government Censorship Bureau frowning on this behaviour like a judge at a sentencing with particular dislike for the defendant. It is frowned upon and seen as shame so the men have to hide their preference, but they are still willing to pay  for the imported bed slaves to provide what they need. The little children will do everything they’re asked to do and as a result they will be treated very well; they will be given toys and trinkets and nice clothes so their lives will be almost tolerable. Their fate is internal but looks nothing like the women in the places called ‘jade palace, amber palace’ who will be drugged and used until they expire.

I hear the difference- Jade Palace is for women; Amber Palace for the young ones on edge of maturity up to upper teenage-hood. They will be kept separately so that mother and daughter can be in the same city but never see each other. The Lord says jade and amber palaces exist in many countries right NOW, including the United States; when these ones are busted they will be on the news. But the ones I’m speaking about will operate freely during times of war and even after. This will be perhaps the most heartbreaking aspect of the captivity besides the death toll, females carried off for sexual spoil to be sex workers all their remaining lives. The tough ones will make it but… there are not many tough among these women. They will pass away simply from broken hearts, simply from heartbrokenness of having their homes, husbands, children, freedom and even bodies stripped away from them. This is the strongest vision I have ever received, only this morning, long and continuous it was- as I wrote it down I saw more and more. This is judgement against America for the things she has done, including sexual molestation of innocents in the slavery era and even up to now.

Women on this blog. Hear this clearly. You are a WOMAN; you are precious in the eyes of God. He made you different, you are not a man, stop living or dressing or acting like one. In you is the only capacitor that is able to cook and bake a human being until he comes out nine months later, crying on your breast. You were not created to lie down with every male, you were intended only for one- your husband. You were not created to short circuit your womb with abortions, but to sing to God and enjoy the freedom of knowing He loves you and adores you. God wants a relationship with you until He gives you into the hand of a man of sound mind, who will join with you to create a home. I’m as modern as anyone but in the things of God I have NO OPINIONS except what the Bible says. “Let each woman have her own husband, and the man his own wife.” – (1 Corinthians 7:2) If you’re living a lifestyle of multiple partners, drifting through sexual encounters like sea foam on the beach, PLEASE consider what God is showing here.

If you are “shacking up” as my aunts say, break that lease and move to your own apartment. Break the relationship and come back to yourself as a woman. LEARN the ways of God, and make a firm and fast commitment to live as God intended. His protection is over the ones who repent of sin and attempt to make their garments WHITE. If you are sleeping with other women, or claiming to be a transgender as if there were such a thing, repent. God hates sin but His love for people is greater and deeper even than the sea which He made, so MOVE AWAY from lifestyles that dishonour your body and alienate God. Then ask somebody: What should I do? What can I do to be saved? I know there are women who need to hear this, women who aren’t necessarily evil or hard hearted, who simply don’t know what God requires of them. PLEASE I am asking the readers and visitors here, SHARE THIS CONTENT, especially with Americans you know. SHARE IT and let responsibility for what they think or say fall on them. As long as you tell them you’re fine, because I know- as long as I’m truthful to share the dreams, visions and prophecies on this blog as I receive them, I’ve done everything God has asked of me. Your belief or unbelief is not for my account, I have done my part.

America has been judged already, there is nothing I or anyone else can do about that. As I said before this is a SEARCH AND RESCUE MISSION, not a “Lord please reconsider!” mission. All people need to come back to God with prayer and fasting. Men and women need to stop living that outside life and come into God’s hands with their whole heart so He can protect them from the terrible things of the end times. End Times life is not the life we see now people!! It is NOT a life of malls, shopping, Netflix and family dinners. It is a horrible, painful, heartbreaking experience that mixes the supernatural and the WORST of human depravity in a constant spiral that will cause people to have heart attacks when it begins. Luke 21:26 says the hearts of men will fail them when they see the things (including beings, creatures and other storylines) that will appear on earth during the End Times. It will be as if you invited your family and friends to dinner, and all is well until you start playing a game, and in that game they begin to take off their arms, legs, heads, to pluck out their eyes and reveal other eyes like a snake, to stand and suddenly be 50 ft tall, to remove their waists and suddenly have fish tails where their legs should be. As I have described this, you shall see it. The wise will understand exactly what I’m describing here- however all these are for posts intended for another time. 

I have finished the “Flesh” prophecy involving Russia and China, God bless you all.

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Heavenly Father God, I come to you in the bent and broken posture of true repentance. I have realised that I am not able to live a perfect life for you, and I am sorry for that. I am not able to serve you as you require, not on my own, and I ask your help today to be forgiven of my sins and given a new lifeline in the Person of your Son Jesus Christ. I have heard the words of your mouth, and I believe that there is no other worthy to be called GOD except you. Lord accept my repentance today. Have mercy on me, and favour me, and accept me into your family. Wash my sins away with the Blood of Jesus. Cleanse me God, and baptise me with the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove the vestiges of my sinful past. I want to belong to you, to walk with you, to know you as you already know me. I turn away from my old life, and I renounce everything I used to do that was evil in your eyes. I choose Jesus Christ today as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, I mean it from my heart and confess it with my mouth right now- Jesus Christ IS LORD. In Jesus name, amen.

If you have prayed this prayer leave a comment below, or send me an email at mastersvoice@mail.com and I will celebrate with you that you have given your life to Christ! God is NOT wicked, no matter how these prophecies may look to some. Judgement should inspire repentance. God is a just and loving Father who has to punish sin, but He is VERY OPEN and VERY FAITHFUL to all who confess that they need Him above needing themselves. I love you all, continue to watch and pray. Your sister in Christ, Celestial.

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  1. Rover Radar says:

    1. The Sexual Molestation in Captivity part, was confirmed in Glynda Lomax’s Podcast from last Thursday (October 10, 2019).

    Vision – America Under Seige
    https://justpraisehimtoday.podbean.com/e/vision-america-under-seige/ (19:49)

    2. This also brought into remembrance, the Comfort Women (forced into sexual slavery in occupied territories) during World War II
    (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comfort_women). The Japanese were behind this atrocity.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Celestial, you are putting in a lot of effort to present the prophesies. However, it would be nice if you can make it clear whether you are seeing a vision, dream or receiving words directly from God and also make clear which part of your writing is your own interpretation.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello. If you see words on this blog that do not have “note from Celestial” or “teaching”, you are reading exactly what the Lord told me in conversation. When it is a dream it says so. When it is a vision it says so. When it is me, it says so. This is not an opinion piece work since it is impossible for me to have foreknowledge or opinions about things I’ve not encountered in real life such as guns that aren’t on the market yet and slavery that is yet to come. I take pains to make this blog crystal clear. Thank you.

  3. Richy Cox says:

    Thank you so much for this God is good

  4. Hélène says:

    Incredibly sad to think of myself in this but moreso, my precious progeny.
    I’m old so prob would never be chosen for a Jade Palace but working manual labor till there’s nothing left, as the forsaken Jews in concentration camps, sure.
    Sent away too? Heartbreaking.
    Is this for us too, the Body? Or will we be set apart? In WWII we were not. Around the world, thruout the 1900s and into the present, we have not been, in many many situations. I can’t find for sure in Bible if the (actual, true) Church will be saved from these judgements. Did I miss where God said to u one way or the other? My mind doesn’t work well, sry. Maybe u didn’t speak about it so that’s why I’m not sure. Idk.

    1. Hélène says:

      Now after working my way thru from beg to here last couple weeks, I see this punishment is for the unrepentant. Yet you still talk of martyrdom. So we still will suffer, just not the humiliations. Altho, is martyrdom suffering? It’s pretty much a 1 time event. Suffering is the hard part. The ongoing day to day hardships.
      Hanging onto Him thru hardships now to make it thru hardships later. He is our only lifeboat and strong Tower—the righteous run into Him and they are saved!

      1. Celestial says:

        Martyrdom isn’t fun. Living in insulated nations should not blind anyone to how others died as martyrs *THROUGHOUT HISTORY* til today. They die in Turkey, Iraq, all Muslim nations, Africa & China. TV chooses to cover silly topics so you won’t notice that other people have been suffering day-to-day hardships long before the kind you’re only worried about now. Martydom is great suffering the righteous will bear for faith. Bible speaks of martyrs in Rev 6 as “a number to be fulfilled”- its an ongoing not one time event. Rev 6 & 18 are in the same Bible so its not me who speaks of them, it’s God’s word. They are a double reality from one book and not mutually exclusive.

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