The Vaccination Booths – December 25, 2020

Short dream to share. It wasn’t a priority to post it but I was in line recently and heard people talking about places to get the vaccine. I heard them mention outdoor centres in NY where you can get it now and I thought “They’re vaccinating OUTSIDE the hospitals now?!”

Right away I remembered this dream from Christmas Day.

It seems that I’m slower to upload the prophecies than they’re happening in real life…

Dream Of Vaccination Booths & Coming Vaccine Phone Technology/ Apps

I was getting ready to head out to the farmer’s market in New York and get some basics when I heard there was a whole schedule of vaccinations going on- at the farmer’s market. I thought, ‘Who gives vaccinations at a fruit and veggie place?’ Turns out they were doing vaccine awareness for the public to make sure people (especially children) know why they need to take their full complement of vaccinations. You could just walk in, wander the farmer’s market to buy your fresh fruit and then when you were done go to any of the various ‘vaccination stands’ and pick a number to get vaccinated against any disease you’d not managed to get in life up to that point. There was even an online app for this program to make it easier, so that people who weren’t even at the market yet [like me] could still sign up and take a number to book themselves a time-specific appointment. In the dream this had been going on for a while already and was very well organised and efficient. 

My friends X and Y were already at the market browsing and waiting for their appointment time – they kept texting “Where are you? When are you getting here? Make sure you’re here to get your vaccine.” I received so many texts about coming to get vaccinated that I eventually downloaded the app, checked the schedule of vaccines on offer and signed up. I saw only one thing that I didn’t get as a child and thought- Oh this, I never got this I think I should get it done now. I signed up and when I was done a green line appeared like bandwidth highlighting the disease, my name, address and appointment time. I thought that green line meant “Okay you’re all set.” (Turns out it did not.)

I was about to log out when this thought popped in my head: “You’ve already signed up for one thing and since you’re going to be there anyway and it’s free why not sign up for whatever else you can get?”

Strange thought but I shrugged and said “Yeah why not?”, then started signing up for things all over the place until I had about 5 – 6 extra appointments besides the first [main] one. Each time I signed up for something a colored band appeared listing my info in the app, each band was a different color so I could tell my appointments apart, which makes sense I guess.

But I couldn’t help noticing how many of the things I picked were in the red spectrum- different shades of crimson, maroon, deep burgundy and other shades like that. I had one deep violet appointment and one navy blue- everything else was red. It made me nervous to see that and I began to realize the colors were showing the health content or otherwise of the vaccinations . Only one was relatively harmless – the original one I picked that came up green (which by the way was for a regular old fashioned disease that doesn’t do anything to you even if you get a vaccine for it as a kid or not).

Just as I would’ve stepped out my mother called me and told me: My darling, I raised you well. You’re a smart girl. Don’t do anything foolish you hear? Don’t take any vaccine. I said ummm… but I was thinking- But I think I need them mom, or at least the first one I signed up for. I never took it. I think I should go get them because they’re being offered free. 

In the weird way of dreams I could see my mom at home, she had a friend over for tea. The lady said ‘Are you sure she will listen, there’s so much pressure now!’ My mother covered the phone and said confidently ‘I know my daughter. She won’t go and take vaccinations just like that. She knows better.’

Hearing their side conversation made me sweat! Then I saw (just as I’d seen mom), the farmer’s market. It was in broad daylight yet totally covered with a thick dark cloud, people couldn’t see the fruit in front of their faces and stumbled around in a blind fog yet NOBODY seemed to notice how dark it was. I saw people lined up drinking smoothies and other things while waiting for their turn to get vaccinated, there were vaccination booths scattered everywhere for convenience and people stepped up, correlated their phone app with the vaccination register and took their shots.

I saw my friends frowning and sending me more texts, I looked at the darkness hanging over the local market while it was broad daylight and I tuned in back to the conversation just in time to hear my mom repeat- Don’t take anything they’re giving out in that place you hear? Okay, love you and she hung up. I wilted like an unwatered plant after that, I thought about all my registrations like: What have I DONE!! What was I THINKING?! It’s coronavirus times out there, that’s the vaccine they’re trying to get everyone to take! So why would I willingly register my info on a vaccine app and sign up for so much random stuff?! 😭 🙆 😵  I’ve got to get out of this.

I took off my coat right there, opened my phone and as I began de-registering all appointments (even the first one I thought I needed) the dream ended. Then I woke up.

I shared this to point out a few aspects. Some may dismiss it and that’s fine with me. The time is coming where whether we like it or not the powers that be are going to tie this vaccine to us through the phone, they’ll track/ monitor who has it and who doesn’t through the phone or some other app-related service.

[Update: At July 30, 2022, this has already happened. On August 3, 2021 the Excelsior Pass was created, it’s in all countries under different names called a covid vaccine pass. However there is more to come, there will be a day when all vaccines will be handled through apps from right at home. See the prophecy about this here: He Causes All.]

God speaks to us all differently and one of He speaks to me is through my dreams. Having my mom advise me in a dream is just His way of reiterating how many times He’s warned me personally on this topic. As the visitor said- There’s so much pressure now! Yes there is.

Media is telling us that not getting vaccinated is unkind, selfish and unpatriotic. Families are split on what to decide. This is a pressing matter with huge implications to health, peace of mind and maybe even future ability to participate in society. Yet to me God says NO and NO it’s going to be.

The time is near when freely available vaccines of every kind will be brought into everyday life- they’ll want you to see it as normal as grocery shopping. Buy an orange and pop some shots. More than the apps we have now where you can view medical info and appointments you’ll have much more control over your health care but it will also be a time where public pressure, government control and constant advertising will convince people that they should get medical enhancements they don’t need. Beware.

Someone in power is confident that putting more apps and choices in consumers’ hands will lead to illusory control where people sign up for things “just because”.  I know in the dream peer pressure was strong on me and might have prevailed if not for the trusted voice of my mother. (Not in real life but for many people yes this is the case).

The color-coded system showed the safety or danger level of the vaccinations available, yet MOST of the common ones were marked in dangerous red. I think we each should take away from this what we need, as I said it’s personal but I found certain elements in it good for general knowledge.

More on this theme here: Survival Of The Fittest and The Dogs.


  1. diegoalonsocortez says:

    I wonder if we should flee to the wilderness once no one can buy or sell without the Mark of Vaccination. Shouldn’t we resist any and all of their attempts to defile the Temple of God (the human body)?

    Did not the martyrs at the hands of the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church (the Inquisition) take their stand for much less? Didn’t Daniel prefer to be thrown into the lions than to stop praying? And the price they’re demanding now is higher than to not pray, and higher than saying a piece of bread is the flesh of Jesus…

    Maybe the time of the martyrs is at hand.

    If not, when?

  2. Nyisha says:

    Thank you for posting this dream Celestial. I have been noticing how “convenient” it is to get vaccinated while shopping in real life. The Walmart right by my house use to have a hair salon inside but it closed about 6+ months ago and I wondered why. This Walmart location is booming because their is also a pharmacy, nail salon, an optometrist, bank and rental car service inside. Then I noticed about 3 months ago they were doing construction on the salon part and turned it into an area where the associates give masks to customer who needs one. But more interesting details was a sign that said, “GET YOUR VACCINE TODAY!”
    I work in healthcare so I am always observing the obvious and subliminal messages. This was before the Covid vaccine came out. So why didn’t the sign specify what type of “vaccine??” It was definitely their so-called “Flu season” but the sign did not read that. Yes, they are definitely conditioning the general public on the ease and convenience of vaccinations while shopping. Not sure if you’ve heard or know that Walmart plays a big role in the NWO.

    Have a blessed Sabbath Day!

    1. Scarlett says:

      I’ve noticed the same thing, Nyisha! Maybe next time you go into that pharmacy you could ask them how many different vaccines they have available.

    2. Celestial says:

      This is good to read. I was not sure my dream would be of any use to anyone but in the end I decided it had relevant enough elements that might warn someone. Today I finally did hear for myself on the news that NYC is hard at work on “expanding open air vaccination centers” and I thought wow. God knew.

  3. Diego says:

    I wonder if we should flee to the wilderness (literally) once no man can buy or sell without the Mark of Vaccination.

    Shouldn’t we resist any and all of their attempts at defiling the Temple of God (the human body)?

    Did not the martyrs at the hands of Rome and of the Catholic Church (the Inquisition) take their stand for much less? Didn’t Daniel prefer to be thrown into the lions than to not pray? And what they demand now is more than to not pray, and more than saying that a piece of bread is the flesh of Jesus…

    I mean, if some “life-saving” surgery comes with the Mark of the Beast attached, then… is it really life-saving?

    1. Nyisha says:

      Hi Diego,

      Seek God and He will guide you. I had no idea we (me and my 2 daughters) would be moving this year. She had visions this past November and December 2020, where the Lord Himself showed her what neighborhood. In a night vision He showed her that our current apartment complex will be destructed by the coming “tornado” aka war/invasion.

      I’m not sure what month but I’m preparing now. He can hide His own in the “wilderness.”

      Blessings 😇

  4. Joseph says:

    More than 110,000 birds are being culled as a result of the detection of avian influenza in Northern Ireland, the North’s Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (Daerah) has confirmed.
    France is to cull around 600,000 poultry birds as it tries to contain an avian influenza virus that is spreading among duck flocks in the southwest of the country, the farm ministry said on Tuesday. France is among European countries to have reported highly contagious strains of bird flu late last year, leading to mass culls as authorities try to limit transmission from wild birds to farm flocks.

  5. Scarlett says:

    I suspect bio-terrorism at play in many of these poultry and swine viral outbreaks, and also in the so-called Covid surges in certain areas.

  6. Anonymous says:

    It seems outdoor available vaccination ‘stations’ are indeed a thing. This one in San Diego was set up 5 days ago and immediately ran into problems as people had negative reactions that are being called ‘allergies’. This is a mainstream media site, other articles I read said the number of people who had to be rushed away for care was way more than 6. Please also see the post Survival Of The Fittest on The Master’s Voice, thank you.

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