“Arrows!!” – June 7, 2019


I hear the cry in my sleep, and I have to wake up.

It is 4:41am, New York time.

I look up, I am in the streets of New York City’s Manhattan, and the sky over me is a terrifying scene. TONS OF MISSILES, so many in one small space! All of them have burst the front tip and are fizzing a dangerous red ball of fire, it looks like many firecrackers about to fall like rain on the cities of New York and Chicago. I cannot believe what I see, it looks like a movie, but they have already passed their crescendo stage and are curving to connect on land. It is real.

The vision is taken away, and a voice says:

“Release the arrows over the skies of New York City and San Francisco!!” These arrows are not made of wood, no – I see bright, fiery, combustible arrows carrying phosphorescent heat, arrows of destruction. I see a rain of missiles over New York, Golden Gate, San Francisco, Chicago State. This word is not for now. It is for a coming time. The Lord says be mindful- you will see this come to pass. 


sky missile.jpg

This is exactly what I saw but a whole crop of them in a curving arc at once. I did not even know that the tips could come off of missiles, until I saw this today. 

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