“Arrows!!” – June 7, 2019


I hear the cry in my sleep, and I have to wake up.

It is 4:41am, New York time.

I look up, I am in the streets of New York City’s Manhattan, and the sky over me is a terrifying scene. TONS OF MISSILES, so many in one small space! All of them have burst the front tip and are fizzing a dangerous red ball of fire, it looks like many firecrackers about to fall like rain on the cities of New York and Chicago. I cannot believe what I see, it looks like a movie, but they have already passed their crescendo stage and are curving to connect on land. It is real.

The vision is taken away, and a voice says:

“Release the arrows over the skies of New York City and San Francisco!!” These arrows are not made of wood, no – I see bright, fiery, combustible arrows carrying phosphorescent heat, arrows of destruction. I see a rain of missiles over New York, Golden Gate, San Francisco, Chicago State. This word is not for now. It is for a coming time. The Lord says be mindful- you will see this come to pass. Share these words from the blog and on video, God bless and thank you.

Video for this prophecy is now available, HERE. 

sky missile.jpg

This is exactly what I saw but a whole crop of them in a curving arc at once. I did not even know that the tips could come off of missiles, until I saw this today. 

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