“Prepare For The New World Order” (Pt 2) – January 7, 2021

And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him? – (Revelation 13:4)

Prepare for the New World Order. Prepare for the time of the end. Saints and patriots alike, whatever you call yourself, prepare for the world where your feeedoms will be taken away brick by brick, line by line, level by level, freedom by freedom until there is nothing left.

There is a great deception to arise, things hidden in darkness are coming into the light. Soon the horrors of the End Times will be upon you. Prepare for a change of power in the nations, a bloodless coup. Power will be taken away from the majority and given to the minority- you will see yourselves as mindless fragments being crushed to powder in a regime of terrible wickedness and power. The Iron Spider is here. There will be death. There will be destruction. There will be hopelessness and crying, and much lamentation as a global cry is heard all over the world.

There will be harsh overtones of the Spanish Inquisition, Catholic tortures and the Middle Ages again. If you do not know these things you should learn of them. They were the darkest days of humanity’s history; the light of the world was nearly quenched in these periods. Blood flowed as a tiny majority exalted themselves to power and destroyed all who opposed them from this world. These things are upon you. The lights will go out. The saints will be taken from among you. You are about to lose your foothold in reality, your last connection with yourself as you knew it will be severed and then you will fall headlong into a world that makes no sense. This is the word of the Lord. 

These are the times to call on the great God Yah. These are the times to repent of sin, to forsake a life of selfishness and compromise and decide to live ultimately for the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ. Repent! Repent says the Lord. Humble yourself and admit to your faults and weaknesses. Repent and be baptized as Jesus was. Cease doing evil and choose to do good. Have I not commanded you? Repent of your sins and be saved. The New World Order is here. Amen. 

That is the end of the prophecy.

I saw no images with this word, it was dictated to me and that’s what was said. 


I felt strong impressions laid on my heart with certain sentences and I would not be doing a right or faithful job if I left them out. 

The first impression was that THIS WILL NOT BE INSTANT. People expect every prophetic word to be fulfilled instantly or they call someone a false prophet but- that is not my concern. I’ve learned that most prophecy has a lag time. God says things then patiently waits for us to repent; He says the same thing many times waiting for hearts to change. It’s only when we refuse to repent that prophecy moves to fulfill itself. End Times prophecy in particular is very slow (because it depends on so many factors). The overthrow of the world’s governments has been a well hidden and gradual process- it was in the 1990s when George Bush Snr. first spoke of the New World Order, which was the goal of secret societies for centuries. Yet only now do we see it taking shape.  God is warning us ahead of time to give us room to adapt and change, and be prepared to survive it.

So not to lose my point here: My first impression was that a lot of time has passed since the NWO was conceived. It took us so much time to get here, to where more people know about it and the name can even be said out loud. But at a certain point the rise of the Beast will be SUDDEN and SHARP. Think of an entire city rising ready-made out of a plain. An empty plain, nothing there but grass and then suddenly, zhoop! An entire city cracks its way from beneath the soil in a magical time lapse where you don’t see it being built- rather it rises fully constructed from the ground into full view.

That was impression one: ‘Suddenly we will see it.’

Impression two was just the opposite. If the city will suddenly appear then the loss of humanity’s freedom will be hidden and slow. Like a small animal squeezed to death in a big trap we will watch inch by painful inch as the slowly increasing grip and pressure of the unseen hand strips away our liberties, rights and ability to resist the NWO. Loss of movement and the right to congregate, loss of free speech, loss of civil and personal rights, loss of wealth and property- all this will be gradually eroded as the times and laws are changed in a clear manner that no one can miss… slowly. 

The third impression is the control of the majority by a ‘tiny minority’. Just as a few talking heads have always decided the fate of America, so now a few unseen masters think to determine the course of the world. Stolen power. Nobody should be new to this theme on TMV by now. I’m not speaking of the cheap, obvious power of elections either- I’m talking about the nations themselves being handed over to non elected rulers and moved like clay into any shape the unseen hand desires.

When the Lord said ‘crushed into powder’ I felt the impression of a sugar cube crushed down into little powdery fragments; this will happen not only here but across the world as governments are first hijacked, then co-opted and controlled with all their natural rights to be Antigua πŸ‡¦πŸ‡¬ or Sweden πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ or Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ or China πŸ‡¨πŸ‡³ washed away to reveal the bright and shiny face of the New World Order. Governments will cease and countries fade, a tiny majority will rule the world and discard all enemies as they feel. You don’t even have to do anything to be an enemy, if you are called one you’ll become one automatically. ‘Enemies’ will be discarded and the earth as we know it will become very breathable and empty. I hope my meaning is clear.

The New World order will bring DEATH to this world and witch-hunts will be a part of the future.

The last and perhaps most important impression was God saying “The saints will be taken from among you.” That’s not what it looks like. It looks like the Rapture but I didn’t feel it was that, instead I thought of several other prophecies which I’ll link below for those who might not have seen them. It’s all over this platform and it has to be said- many saints will go home to God the natural, old-fashioned way. 

See: Begin To Command The Souls, Command The Souls, and Dream About Souls. Mankind will not be plentiful on this earth at the time of the end for a number of reasons, Rapture is only one of the ways we will depart this Earth and guess what? Martydom is too. See: The Blood Of The Martyrs, To Be A Martyr For Christ.

You can also read Prepare For The New World Order, Pt 1. 

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  1. akhilesh says:

    where is Part 1 to this blog since u have written this as Pt 2???


    1. Celestial says:

      Please read the post properly Akhilesh, part 1 is posted right at the bottom of it. Also read the Welcome page to understand how to use the blog properly. The intention is for readers to navigate the platform for themselves and look for information they need understand what they read. That’s how one does personal research for their own edification. Thank you.


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