Aliens: Mermaids – June 30, 2021

“In that day the LORD with his sore and great and strong sword shall punish leviathan the piercing serpent, even leviathan that crooked serpent; and He shall slay the dragon that is in the sea.” – Isaiah 27:1

Since I’ve started to talk about these things I might as well continue. 

On June 30, 2021 at about 1 a.m. while on my knees in prayer I had a most unexpected and horrible experience. I was praying to God with all my heart asking Him to purge any dross out of me, to make me pure, to make me someone He can delight in when I saw a vision. I saw what I hate to see and I almost cried for seeing it. The vision was so real I saw the water churning, I saw her face up close.

At times when I go deep in prayer God answers in ways I don’t expect. I don’t know why He does it but I know that He’s God, I trust Him to set the agenda. If we could only learn this our prayer times would be richer, God would take us deeper into His confidence and share things we really need to know for the future. But most of the time we talk at God and walk away without giving Him room to answer as He wants. I also wish some people would understand that in prophecy God sets the agenda, not me- maybe then they would stop asking me to prophesy about this and that topic as if I’m a ham radio that can be tuned to their favorite station. 

Anyway sometimes when I’m pressing prayer in one direction God comes out of left field with His own thing, showing live action sequences that take me by surprise mostly because of how clearly they don’t relate to anything I was talking about. That’s what happened that night.

Right as I was praying I saw a man pull his net out of the sea with a huge cargo in it. A mermaid was caught in the net and as he struggled to drag her from the sea she fought him. But she was dying rapidly, she didn’t have enough strength to resist or to free herself from the net. I made a sound in shock because I hate mermaids- I hate to see them, hear them, hear about them or watch any show concerning them, God knows. I said Lord why now, why would You feel like this is the right thing to show me just before I go to bed?!

I was upset but God didn’t even mind me. He said: They will start finding them, you know. The boats will start bringing them up more and more as they come in with their catches. Mermaids are getting too bold, they’re coming up to the surface to steal people and drink blood. People are so hard-hearted, unless there is evidence right before their eyes they have no faith and won’t believe. So let them see it for themselves and know I am not playing. I am the Lord. They will see these things with their own eyes and maybe a small percentage of them will be pierced and repent and be saved.

As He spoke I saw the whole scene again: A fisherman coming in from sea after the major business of the day’s catch, dragging the net behind him on the off-chance that he might catch something before he reached shore, caught a mermaid in the shallows. It was about 5 p.m. so still nice and bright, the boat was almost to shore with the net dragging lazily when it caught something. It went taut but the boat’s momentum pulled whatever was in the net up to where the seabed had nice, big, rounded pebbles and rocks. A fight started in the net and that’s what drew the man’s attention.

He ran to the edge of his boat shocked to see something that big so close to the beach. When the net grabbed her that mermaid fought so viciously to be free that she rolled the sea, she made a boiling mess of it in the spot where the net held her, rolling over and over trying to throw it off.

The man was excited to see a huge fish literally laying in the shallows so he jumped into the water to go wrestle his catch for himself rather than lose it. I was wowed, I thought “This is a man’s man. He doesn’t even know what that is but thinks nothing of jumping into the sea to go tussle with it and hopefully drag it back to his boat.” 

He jumped in and waded to where the mermaid was losing her fight with his net, he put his arms under the large figure in the net and rolled it over and that’s where things went south for me. It was a light to medium blue-grey woman rapidly rotting to dark grey, her hair was falling off real time so that her scalp was smooth and scaly in patches amidst what was left of her dark hair. She had razor sharp teeth that she showed in hissing at the man, in between fighting for breath she drew her lips back over her fangs and hissed. It looked like she was dying by being pulled on the pebbles of the beach with too much air, just like any fish would. Again I thought Lord why, when I’m about to sleep…

I repeat: it was a woman with breasts on top and the bottom tapered from hips into a fish tail. She didn’t have scales she had smooth fish skin like sharks. This woman was very big and long, if she stood up she’d be taller than most men. Her entire figure was blackening rapidly as she died but all I could think was So Disney lied. They do NOT do well on land until they’ve had time to do their witchery and change fully into a human being. If you catch them in their fish shape like this they do just what fish do. Gasp for air and die.

This creature was heaving her chest like an asthmatic patient while the man… I don’t know what that man was made of. I felt he might be Corsican or Greek. He stood firm in the water watching as this hideous, HIDEOUS WOMAN died in his arms. He did not plunge her back into the water. He did not set her free. He did not drop her and run screaming to the city/ town/ village saying a fish woman is in the sea. He stood there observing her quietly as her skin darkened from light blue to medium blue to a horrible grayish black; her eyes went from clear fish eyes with the black dot in the middle to jaundiced yellow with vertical slit eye, her hands got weaker and weaker pawing the net, she had WEBBED FINGERS LIKE A SALAMANDER- on my knees I wished for less detail but still I saw it. He kept a grip on her, pinned her arms while keeping her head in the crook of his arms above water until eventually she was so weak she could do nothing but wheeze out her last breaths.

As she was dying she turned her head and gave this man a look of pure, molten hatred such as I’ve never seen before; I swear if the tables had turned and this mermaid somehow was able to return to full strength that man would’ve been found floating in the sea as one million carefully shredded strips of pork. I think he knew it too because he never let her catch her breath, once he turned the “fish” over and saw it was a person he never once let her put her head under the water but held her fast in his arms above the sea until at last she stopped moving. Then the vision disappeared.

When I saw this God said “They will start finding them more and more. Just as they are, just how they look, so mankind can repent and believe. They will find them all over because they are all over, living and communing with the topside world from their doorways in the sea. Let them be found so it can be known that I the Lord am God.”

This is the vision I saw while praying on June 30, 2021.

I hate mermaids. I hate seeing mermaid cups, mermaid bubble bath and fishtail outfits in stores. I hate mermaid pens, hair slides and movies. Mermaid scented candles, mermaid bath salts, I hate them all. This stuff is everywhere now- you can hardly get away from it- yet people have no clue what they are doing when they indulge this stuff or bring it into their homes. There are international mermaid events, mermaid marches, mermaid costumes- we’re at the point where popular culture has glorified them so much that by the time a little girl is 5 years old she usually has an obsession with them. Even grown women can’t stop pretending to be them! Yet what does God always say about the evil desires of mankind in these prophecies?

“By the very things humanity loves they will be destroyed”.

Mermaids are REAL. They are some of the most wicked, dangerous, vindictive Nephilim ever to exist. They are savage beyond understanding and that’s why they form the topmost tier of the demons of the marine kingdom; they do not let spiritual things go easily and they are very very aggressive and persistent. Don’t just take my word for it, please do your own reading on these things.

It used to be that Europeans knew better. Their ancestors knew about these things and took the time to leave detailed histories about them. They even wrote on maps where to avoid at sea- what areas to never go near because of the famous wonderful singing that drew men close enough to be shipwrecked on the rocks. As boats were smashed the terrified men fell into the water only to be married forever and kept underwater or eaten by the ‘women’ who lived in the sea. People think it’s foolishness I’m saying here but I know real foolishness is to live in a cloud of deception while all around you the entire environment- sea, land and sky- are filled with inhabitants who are only waiting til times change in their favour so they can get to know you better in a bitterly negative way.

Many cultures around the world used to warn about mermaids for good reason but as always when education increases, mockery increases. It’s a sad and shocking fact that the more people learn in some areas the blinder they get in other areas- they lose touch with foundational things everyone has always known to be true; but once the core is lost people begin to propose alternate “truths” that make no sense, much to their own destruction.

Mermaids (also called ‘sirens’, ‘lady of the waters’ or ‘mami wata’ as they’re called in Africa), exist. People have abandoned beaches due to sightings of them or left fishing areas after too many unexplained deaths at sea; basically everyone knows about mermaids except (of course) those who don’t.

They are savage. They are not pretty, they look nothing like the lies Hollywood tells for entertainment. Mermaids are kin to the succubus spirits that attach to men; they’re superior because they have access to bodies whereas succubi are unseen demonic spirits. They are not soft blondes with rosy cheeks and rosebud lips, singing on rocks for love as they brush their hair. That’s just advertising so people can desire them. God never shows them to me that way.

This is what people see from the media:

They’re presented as beautiful, romantic, waterbound heroines who care about humanity and would do anything for love. May I politely remind us that God said Satan manifests as an angel of light, which means the devil always tries to fool people by feeding right into their fantasy mindset of what they think reality is. God also said kind should only mate with kind, which means in the scale of mixing and blending genetic material through sex or any other means- Humanity should have nothing to do with sea people or any other lifeform that is not HUMAN.

When God shows them this what I see:

sirensiren teeth

This is what mermaids look like in the dreams and visions the Lord has shown me. That top image gave me the worst shock ever at the NYC 110th train station in the year this TV series was created.

One day I was waiting for the train when for some reason I turned to look at the wall behind me. That’s where new movies are promoted on life-sized posters at train stations and bus stops. So I turned and what do I see but the exact type of mermaid God has always shown me: Tall, blue skin, webbed fingers with claws, fangs… wow. I wasn’t ready. I jumped so far back it wasn’t funny. It was the first time I’d ever seen the same mermaids from my dreams, no one had ever shown one so accurately before. I knew right away that the enemy was revealing more of the truth prior to the days these things would be seen for real. Siren ended up being one of the top-rated series in the U.S. Why wouldn’t it be?

This is what they look like. See and know now that TV has always shown a false image to make people think meeting mermaids is an adventure. Disney is the main reason people love mermaids but the reality is these are deep sea dwellers with a sun of vengeance burning in their hearts against the Lord Jesus Christ and his treasured possession, humanity.

siren baby

Mermaids KILL, they deceive, they are powerful and they love sleeping with men to make more of themselves. Yes, just like Disney told us they take human shape but I don’t know by what means and I don’t want to know. I’ve seen them in dreams coming out of the sea, they are TALL. They can walk on that tail just like a snake moves half upright and their speed is incredible. Their flesh is light bluish-grey and taut. They have power that transcends physical strength but they’re also strong in their environment, don’t ever think because they’re female you can fight one and win. They have teeth like barracuda so again, nothing like the magical singing beauties from the movies. It’s all lies to fool you.

They eat flesh, they eat meat, they eat MAN. They also marry men and carry them under the sea – there is life under the sea and a whole world down there; may we never see or know of it until the day the Lord Jesus comes to shut it down and burn it to ashes in His judgement. The only thing that works against any of these beings God exposes on TMV is stored up prayer that makes you strong like a battery, the blood of Jesus and of course the name of Jesus. 

That is all I have to say on this for now. The Lord is warning about these thing that we not be taken by surprise, He is warning. You can read yesterday’s related post for more: Serpent People.

God bless and thanks for visiting The Master’s Voice.

P.S. Comments under this post are helpful. 

Edit July 15, 2020: The Lord has been telling me almost every day since I published this post- “Mermaids will be seen more and more. they will be caught, they will be seen by all.” He first told me this last year ago but in 2020 there were so many other burning concerns to focus on for this blog than mermaids, that I did not feel led to discuss the topic. However since I made this post I’ve been seeing and dreaming about them way more. God says they will be seen more and more in their real form, they will be caught and seen in their natural strange-looking shape which is not the one popularly believed of them. Mermaids have many different types of heads just like the fish of the sea. Some even have tentacles attached to the face and almost all have destructively sharp teeth like barracuda or piranha fish. They can also be hauntingly beautiful with hair that seems ‘alive’ but that is not their real face, that is the facade they put before humans to lure them.

Mermaids have extremely strong spiritual powers, they never show themselves openly but if you are always dreaming of floods, being in rivers, swimming or drowning, seeing yourself in lakes, water, rain, the sea, or surrounded by water or just seeing bodies of water with no context to the dream- it is highly likely you have marine spirits attached to your life and need to receive strong and serious deliverance to get rid of them. They are an extremely JEALOUS and damaging type of spirit to human beings and negatively affect the lives/ destiny of people. They live in massive hierarchical clans just the way some tribes on earth do, and the Lord is warning people seriously not to dismiss such things. What we will see in these end days will be what we never saw before or thought was real, when they are exposed God will be remembered that He spoke before the time and said these things would come to pass. Bless you all.

As I receive the word of the Lord you will always find it here on The Master’s Voice. 

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  1. joyceschraeder says:

    Oh my I never dreamed they were real.
    I thought they were just a fairly tale. I am sick at my stomach because I live in a world I don’t know anything about. Oh from the bottom of my whole heart I thank you for your obedience in listening and posting. God bless you sweet precious one. 🙏❤️🙏🌺🌺🌺🤗big hug for you.

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    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Joyce. I felt the same way years ago. It was a difficult process. God stripped away church deceptions to where there was nothing left, He broke it all down and put His own truth in place. He taught me so many things, some of them just by showing me directly. I had a hard time adjusting at first, I felt like I lost my balance. But I listened to God and didn’t reject His voice. That’s why He built me back up, stronger, this time including all the grey areas I never knew existed. My sole prayer and the reason I work so hard on this blog is to open anyone’s eyes who wants to know the truth, not so they can fear but so they can trust God even more and better than before. God bless you very much. 🕊🙏🏽❤️

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  2. Joe D says:

    Thanks a lot for the effort. I never knew about all this !


  3. Tracey says:

    Yes in Africa- mami water knowledge is a part of society, we are aware of it & don’t disregard that its true. We see spiritists who wear white and go by the water and hear much about their activities etc. We see the witches, native doctors, shrines, potions etc. Even from high school youre made aware these things exist. Definitely not considered myths. People go to these spirits for power, money, fame, power to get big crowds and perform fake miracles in their ‘churches’ etc But based on what you’re teaching Im now learning they’re nephilim (just learnt phrase and idea of nephilim from your blog actually). Many people have powerful testimonies of actually being delivered into Christ after being entangled by them- going into the sea to get strong power. One lady on YouTube Erika Musika has very interesting testimony about her years of serving the devil & going into the marine kingdom & all the crazy things she was a part of. Honestly, its really dawning on me that I’ve lived in a world I literally don’t know much about. Grateful for God’s mercy in teaching us. Its scary but better now than to be hit with too many surprises that could cause our hearts to fail if we were ignorant

    Thanks Celestial for sharing God’s teachings and heart with us all. God bless you

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    1. Celestial says:

      This comment is a blessing, thank you so much for sharing this so others can know how seriously this is taken in other parts of the world. It’s considered basic knowledge in the population to keep children’s children’s adults on the safe side of spiritual things but in other places everything is considered a myth and the truth is hidden from people. Only a tiny “insider” group, usually devil worshippers, know about these things and hide the knowledge from others. God bless you always Tracey.

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      1. Tracey says:

        Thank you my sister. I encourage people to watch Erika Musika testimonies they’re so detailed and shocking but very much confirming and aligned with what God is teaching through you. That lady I think for 15 or 18 years was involved directly with the devil- high level sorcery, witchcraft, she literally went under the sea and met with them regularly & saw how even much of the technology that comes on earth is manufactured and designed in the laboratories beneath the earth- in the devils kingdom, among many other things. She also explained how children are initiated at young ages and the importance of spiritual covering over your children & being careful who you keep them with- including family members as she was initiated by her grandmother. It’s one thing that alarms me now with kids- parents in North America are so trusting of their kids just put them in any kind of school where the teachers are witches, warlocks literally working day and night to initiate, confuse or destroy them. I love (true) African Christianity in many ways- when you move into a new house they anoint it lol when they see strange things around them- the first instinct is “blood of Jesus” not let’s call this professional or that professional.

        What Im coming to understand about Western society is that much comfort, good eating & big education has made most people very complacent or “seemingly too wise” in believing spiritual things. In Africa, there are things we learn even at 7 years old that even not being born again- ring alarm bells once they’re encountered in the real world. I remember in the US at some point colleagues wanted us all to go (as entertainment!!!) to a see a man who spoke to the dead so one could speak to her dead grandparent. They identified as Christians- but unfortunately had no awareness of the dark side of this world so they just assume it’s entertainment. Or maybe they think evil power must come looking evil to be so. I wasn’t born again at that point but those African training just rang an alarm in my head to say noooo. I convinced them not to go, thank God. I said so whatever spirit they conjure to bring up your grandmother to talk to- how will you confirm they cage it back? It is not a good spirit they conjure up with the dead I said- though I knew no supporting Bible verse. I had seen & learnt too much as a young girl in Africa to ever believe such things could EVER be good no matter how eloquent & soft spoken the necromancer. It’s a good barrier/wall to have. This kind of thing is the benefit of general education of spiritual truths from a young age. At Least You avoid many things. The Bible says people perish from lack of knowledge- and this is why the devil turned all his evil manifestations in America to myths, science fiction, fantasy, horror etc so it falls under the category of NOT real. It’s unfortunate and certain spiritual death to not only be ignorant but engage with these wicked spirits cos they don’t pop back into the box they came from once unleashed. I cannot imagine most people in Africa wearing mermaid costumes or witch hats lol I think you could be taken for deliverance for that outfit alone 😂😂😬😬. The worst disadvantage of lack of foundational teaching is when most encounter the truth of God- they consider it a lie cos nothing in their core has any reference point for any of this. Those with children have to wake up & start now- cos that foundation will keep them from targeted disaster. And we know how much they’re targeted cos when they get them young- we end up with the society we currently have- schools teaching 6 year olds masturbation is good for them, “LGBTXYZ, questions of does God even exist/all ways lead to God/ finding their “higher” self in new age, chanting, magic mushrooms & vegetables etc” I just read yesterday that some people want to be officially recognized for sleeping with animals. If they can handle & enjoy dinosaurs & name the 55 species + Ariel presented to them from age 4, they can start learning the basics of God & the truth of the world we live in. May God bless and keep us all. Amennn.

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        1. Celestial says:

          Wowwww… this comment! Sister. You’ve poured your heart out in so many jewels of truth! I constantly say that to kill people you first HAVE TO FOOL THEM. So all the true histories written about sirens, drsgons, demons etc people now read as entertainment, yet just next door in Mexico a person will faint if you suggest to climb a hill known for “dwarves” or go visit any site of ANY dead person to try and communicate with them. There are doors in the spirit which- once opened- Satan will put his entire weight on it to make sure you never close it unless God helps you by giving you deliverance. Many people here are demonized, heavily or lightly, I meet so many women who look fine until you ask about their spiritual life, then it floods of tears and Oh a man touches me at night but I live alone, oh this and that. It’s a lot of work bringing them through it: demons are so wicked and strike anyone trying to help their prey, so I’m often on the receiving end of a lot of backlash. Yet I know God’s sheep are his treasure and cannot be left in a crocodiles mouth just because they didn’t know better. What I prefer most though is WARNING BEFORE THE MISTAKE. As I warn here people can go back over their lives, remember what they’ve done and touched and start breaking altars, covenants, and repenting of visiting psychics 🔮 or whoever. These wicked agents can SEE Jesus on a person in ways we don’t even understand, here in NYC palm readers on the street always yell after me Miss! Wow, your light! I’ll read your palm for free!” Or psychics come up to me telling me my aura is filling the store 😑 Thank you but no, I don’t need demons to confirm I’m Christ’s and I certainly don’t need to have every shred of anointing sucked out of me by placing my hand in the hand of someone channeling spirits from Hell. The world has changed- Satan has brought every underworld practice to a venue near you, therefore since we can’t make them go away WE are the ones who need to wake up. I rarely comment this long, I guess you inspired me. 😄 Thank you and God bless you.

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        2. Tracey says:

          I also want to share about a lady who is currently still involved in the marine kingdom. In her interview she doesn’t reveal everything but she shares enough for us to see how deep and detailed what we are dealing with is. Of course she’s not forthcoming about the true harm since she’s still in that world (and I personally think she’s actually trying to normalize it + advertise so spiritually ignorant people come to her for wealth etc). She really gets started from minute 8:


  4. Tina Mark says:

    Being from Africa, Liberia. All you are saying prophetess is true. We know and see people who are part of this kingdom. People who sleep with them. And go to them for power and money. They even go to the sea to get children. I’m not surprised at anything in TMV. It’s all true. More grace 🙏

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    1. Tracey says:

      Yess! Very true about getting children from the sea- the infertile women often do this but then they birth little demons that are a terror to the society. Many married to wives and husbands under the sea & sleeping with them in their dreams, and subsequently either can’t marry or marry & drain their spouses dry cos really- who’s going to defeat an evil spirit if they’re not saturated in the blood of Jesus- and if they were- would they not discern a spiritist pre marriage?

      Even secular Nigerian movies are filled with the understanding that not every woman you see is a real woman- they can be spirits disguised lol we grew up watching films where a man picks up a woman, is seduced by her & she literally turns back to her spirit form when she gets what she wanted. None of it is presented as ironic, mythology, possibility. We know it to be true. Even there’s a lady who acted mami water in a popular film I think in the 90s and lost everything after that. Literally everything. The society knew she didn’t sufficiently pray before taking up such a role cos most was acted by the water and very realistic.

      Why are most Hollywood actors soo depressed, suicidal, alcoholic, constantly divorcing, mentally challenged despite their money and fame? They keep sending them to therapists when the problem is spiritual. When you wake up and act these real & evil things- horror/ fantasy scripts concocted in the demonic realm and you come out spiritually naked to act it? Well…

      May God have mercy.

      Thank God for sending up teachers like Celestial to wake us up. I’m grateful to Him.


  5. kristicab says:

    Yes I read this in the book of Enoch! It’s says the women also of he angels who went astray shall become sirens! 🤯
    Enoch 19:2


  6. Imma says:

    Only the Almighty God can help us safely navigate through these last days. It’s complex matrix that we by ourselves have no way of getting through it safely and successfully . God bless you celestial for shining the light!


    1. Celestial says:

      “Yea though I walk though the valley of the shadow of death, I shall fear no evil.” Bless you.


  7. BelieveNC says:

    Some years ago while searching out some of the world’s oddities online, I came across a picture of a dead, sort of skeletal “mermaid” carcass, or some sort of hybrid fish creature. It was a bit dried-out looking, had a humanish skeletal face and ugly, pointy, jagged teeth. It’s face WAS ugly & scary! Can’t remember everything about it, but it seemed shorter than what you describe, from not the best memory of it, I would estimate it to be about 5 feet in length. Yes, I’ve always perceived that many creatures from legends, folklore and people’s accounts did/do in fact exist. *God Bless You*

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    1. Celestial says:

      Hybrids present in the human environment but the ones nearest us try their very best to take shapes that don’t scare us. If they showed themselves early their plan to dominate would’ve been exposed long ago. However the other type don’t care to hide what they are, they stay put of sight but collective outcome is the same: the sightly and unsightly ones are going to show themselves full to Man & then it will be blood of Jesus vd them for those who are truly saved, & shock-and-awe for everyone else. Let God be true and every man a liar, the hand of God will save His own. amen.

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  8. Anonymous says:



    1. BELIEVENC says:

      *So inept with computers…Amen & thanks!


  9. Mildred says:

    Hello Celestial. Greetings from Namibia. I thank the Almighty Father for what He is teaching us through TMV. Yes, in Africa we are taught about these things and how demonic and dangerous they are. I pray that people will take heed of the teachings and postings on TMV. May the Lord continue to give you the grace and strength to bring His messages and thank you for your obedience. God bless you.

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  10. eze33 says:

    “And the second angel poured out his vial upon the sea; and it became as the blood of a dead man: and every living soul died in the sea.” (Rev. 16:3) This includes Sea Nephilim.


  11. Rachel Dell says:

    Wow. I’m stunned. I had NO idea these things were real. I am going to ransack my daughter’s room and toys, remove every mermaid and repent. I will have a talk with her about them and that having anything like that does not honor Jesus. She has actually handled no longer participating in Halloween, Disney, and a whole bunch of other things very well for her age because she loves Jesus and always wants to honor Him. This will be just one more thing. Anyway, I also want to say that I have learned so much from the comments here! Thank you for going against the grain and saying the hard things, I can’t imagine that is an easy thing to do and is probably lonely. I know the Lord sustains you and I pray you are very blessed!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Celestial says:

      Years ago I was in line in a dept. store when I saw a mom & little girl ahead of me, abt to pay for a lot of stuff including MERMAID BARBIE. As we inched forward I tussled over whether to speak, this is New York after all- you speak & next thing they have have peel you off the roof. I politely started a conversation asking abt her purchases and then went for the kill (it must have been God): Do you know what that is? Do you know what a Siren is, why bring anything like it into your home? Don’t u know- This woman had (that same month) somehow been led by God into videos warning of the marine kingdom??? She had seen SERMONS, VIDEOS & LIVE TESTIMONIES of people tangled in that world, slaves to marine demons for years before God saved them- YET HERE SHE WAS BUYING ONE. I said: Did you think God will come down from the sky to protect u if you’d ignored every warning He sent you and bought this? Put it back. Let your child be mad, at least she’ll grow up without demons. The mom put it back & thanked me but the little girl gave me dagger eyes (I so didn’t care). Better safe now than sorry later. Maybe one day in this face mask world I might break the entire mermaid coffee cup rack at Target and run… 🏃🏽‍♀️😅

      God bless you Rachel. Follow the Lord in all his ways, He will bless you. Thanks for visiting TMV. 😊

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rachel Dell says:

        Thank you Celestial. I also (already) have an update to this. After I posted last night, I was processing all of this and thinking about all the stupid mermaid stuff we have in this house and went to bed. This morning I woke up, got my daughter (she is 6) up and as I was getting her ready for camp today, she mentioned something about mermaids (I believe this was God nudging me about it) and I told her that we needed to have a talk about them. We have talked about it, but I wasn’t sure it registered so I then asked her if she knew that God had an enemy named satan, she said that yes she knew that. I told her that satan made mermaids and tried to make them look like they were good things, but that they are actually bad. Her eyes got big and she looked me in the eye and said, “then Mommy, I need to throw away all of my mermaid stuff!” I told her that yes we did need to do that and she went directly to her toy box and started pulling all the stuff out. In doing that she asked me, “Momma, are unicorns bad?” I told her that I didn’t know but that I would find out, so that is my next mission. She then stopped and looked at me and started to cry and told me that she needed to tell Jesus that she was sorry that she had this stuff because she didn’t know. So we sat together and prayed and asked for forgiveness. Anyway, I wanted to tell you this because I wanted you to know that you’ve made a difference in our lives, your obedience in doing what God asked you to do has provided us with important information that we were able to remove from our lives. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that! We are going to finish going through her stuff this afternoon when she gets home and all that stuff will be in the trash by the end of the day! Thank you!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. Celestial says:

          Sister. I praise God. After I replied I wanted to edit and say “and unicorns”. They’re the SAME. Same team, same master. Unicorn things and mermaid things are everywhere in New York, plastered on every child (and adult). At this stage I don’t mind who laughs, I’m focused on those who believe and take steps to make their lives pleasing to God. May those who read these comments also learn & be warned. God bless you for being like Abraham, who heard God one day & the next day took action to obey. It’s our own obedience that will bless and help us in the end. 🌺


        2. Celestial says:

          It’s amazing how this child didn’t stop at removing items but understood on her own that not knowing about something doesn’t mean you don’t need to repent for it. Adults would fight tooth and nail defending themselves: “Why should God judge me if I didn’t know?” This is STUNNING & proves what I always say: We KNOW good & evil when we see it bcz the Spirit in us knows. See how a child already knows that when you do wrong (whether they knew or not), the true HEART of repentance is to see about God’s feelings FIRST, not your own. Bless your daughter, keep her on the right path as she grows Rachel, God be with you.


        3. Rachel Dell says:

          Ok. Thank you for the unicorn information as well! We will remove those today too. I have to say that I have seen more of God through my daughter than from anywhere else. I also wanted to say that I fully support your Target-mermaid-cup-smashing caper :)! Blessings to you! And thank you again!


        4. Anonymous says:

          You are such an inspiration, Rachel, the way you are training your child in the ways of the Lord. Bless you, sister.


  12. KENT A ERSKINE says:

    The lord did say woe to the inhabitants of the sea in revelations. Which would include mermaids and the marine kingdom!

    My wife told me about these things grabbing people from the beaches in south Africa along with long 100 foot water snakes.

    Im almost finished reading the entire bible with many verses highlighted. I should be done by next month. Love what your doing celestial. Im from Brooklyn living in texas. Use to ride the Q train.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. CIK says:

    The way you feel about mermaids is the way I feel about unicorns. I can’t stand anything I see with them on it and it PAINS me to see parents loading their children up with that trash.

    As always, God bless you sister!


  14. Lucretia says:

    In Zimbabwe they are known as Njuzu. There were so many “myths” of people being taken by njuzu when I was growing up. We were always told, never go near the water (lakes rivers or dams) after dark because they can get you. I grew up with this “mythical knowledge” that the Lord is now revealing through you as Truth. Thanks for shining a light on truth from myth. God bless you


  15. Heather S says:

    Makes me think of the Scottish clans that made unions with the shapeshifting seal women known as “selkies.” The British isles are full of ancient mythology concerning sea creatures and merpeople.

    This post also brings to mind the YouTube video of the little girl Catherine from Indonesia and her dream about the rapture. In her dream she saw zombies, the rise of the N.W.O., a door open in the ocean and different zombies come out, mermaids, monsters in the sky, people performing magic, minions, and all magical matter shown in Hollywood films. Many of the things she saw align with the things shared on this blog. I had never heard of this happening before I saw Catherine’s video.

    Liked by 1 person

  16. Kenny says:

    I don’t know but in Africa, they are worshipped by the pagan locals, this has always made me realize that they are real right from childhood and that they are demonic in a way and coincidentally, videos of mermaids are coming up showing how ugly they are which is a confirmation of TMV, GOD bless you.


  17. LAMarcom says:

    I have written on this…. Thank you for sharing.


  18. wayne733 says:

    Don’t know if you will read this but I’ve found a video yesterday of a mermaid that you may find interesting if not frightening as I did. Here is the link


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