Matthew Chapter 24 is a list of signs to watch for on the prophecy clock.

These are the days the Bible repeatedly calls “the last days” (2 Timothy 3:1; Jude 1:18). Right now the status quo, aka “Life As We Know It” has already begun to shrivel, shrink, and give way as the Holy Kingdom that existed before creation emerges from the unseen realm into its final, public establishment on earth. This is therefore not the time to automatically hit panic mode when you read some of what will be shared here; nor is it time to laugh or shake your head and say “This is nonsense, I don’t believe it.” 🤥 😤

This season has been set aside by the Heavenly Father for two things- (1) To prepare the church (His bride) for His imminent return to earth, and (2) To call those who have resisted receiving Jesus thus far for whatever reason- and draw them now to repentance. Repentance opens the way to becoming a child of the Most High God, which is a family adoption like no other. In Christ we have access to everything God gave Jesus, and the Father wants us to know Salvation is available to anyone based on the simple power of His Grace through FAITH, which is the saving power that makes us sons of God. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

Please: Read and understand things on this blog carefully- multiple times if need be- so the Holy Spirit can break things down for you. Come with your Bible, you’ll need it! Pray about what you read, do research to get context about anything you haven’t heard before. Ask God to show you the truth. Occasionally evidence from others who’re saying the same things as I am will be featured, because truth is always consistent and not necessarily limited to one source.

Caveat: This isn’t one of those “convince me!” blogs- I have no interest in long-winded back and forth about these posts. What I will do, is present the truth God shows me as is- you’ll do the work of testing it against the Bible FIRST, then other sources too. I hope the way I share causes  you to see with new eyes… to grasp the urgency of the days we are in. The time is now- the hour is late to receive the son of God into your life, and to commit to serve Him with all you have. Let nothing take priority in your life over God. What you find here is the TRUTH and a call to action- and I pray the value of this blog becomes obvious to every visitor soon. In Jesus name, Amen.

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