Dream Of The End Of America – July 31, 2020


This is the second dream I hoped to share but before I do let me say this. I said it on Facebook and I’ll say it here. This blog’s content may be heavy but that’s no reason to live heavy. God is for us: He sustains us, He’s kept us an entire year through deadly disease and very painful circumstances trying to crush us on every side, YET HERE WE ARE! He’s committed to us TOTALLY. He is our joy, He is our peace, and I for one have a found a way [in Him] to be faithful to the gravity of what I see spiritually and still be joyful in real life. It’s not always easy but I try, and I hope you will too.

The truth is the world is changing and not in a good way- if we’re not prepared we won’t adapt, and if we don’t adapt we won’t survive. That’s the simple math behind this- God is sending us warnings as an act of love and preemptive GOODNESS, not to weigh us down with fear, depression and stress. God wants us to prepare for the changes sharply ahead- we must learn to live WISELY among the serpents of this age! Therefore no matter how difficult some things are to read it is to help you prepare for the future while doing your best to be a faithful child of God NOW. That’s what I do. I lean on God. I tell Him all my concerns, anxieties, and the things I still hope for. I put my faith in Jesus and trust Him to carry me through, and I hold on to HOPE. I hope each of you will too.

This was one of the most difficult dreams I’ve had, it was very long and felt like I was there. I dreamt of America ruined and destroyed, a survival “gangland” of a place. The dream was hard and I hated being alive at that time. Everything was gone, everything, this wasn’t a dream based on anything I have context for or can point to as “real life”. It was HORRIBLE, like Mad Max meets never-shower-again, “survival of the fittest” or something like that. The theme was black and red: always night-time with fires burning everywhere, or twilight, or pitch black with us (me and some people I absolutely don’t know), silent as the grave and in hiding. This dream was scary and I was upset and stressed out in it. Even if I was good at surviving I didn’t WANT to be living that way. 

In this dream America was way past the existence of any semblance of what is called “real life”. There was no transport system, school system, government, housing, media- all the things and systems we see today that make up our daily lives were gone. The nation had been bombed into oblivion, complete and utter ruin and chaos. It had gone past the help of any army, any marines, any special forces, any trained military intervention or anything like that. Society had completely collapsed and there was nothing but this blunt, exhausting and constant struggle to survive that was wearing out many people’s hearts (including my own). 

It was always night in this dream, with fires burning all over the place or limited lighting from little devices that people carried. Food was not readily available, the group I was with drank some type of blended fruit mixture our leader mixed for us. It was all we had; he made it from any type of food we could find and since it was by luck I sometimes had to eat things like tomatoes mixed with apple and whatever else we found. I don’t remember having bread or rice or pasta, nothing that needed a house and a stove to cook it was even a possibility. Who even still lived in their own house? Nobody, that’s who. By any standards, BY ANY STANDARDS AT ALL, it was a ruined society I found myself in. I had no frame of reference for how long it had been like this but… a few things make me think now that not too much time passed since the attacks destroyed America.

In the dream God kept putting me with different groups. The main group I was with was led by a man who used to be married but his wife wasn’t with him. I don’t know if she died or if they got separated in this horrible landscape, but I know the dream always emphasized the ring on the man’s finger when he handed us whatever food he found. He was so resilient, so kind, so steadfast and hardworking, so WISE and smart and because of him nobody in our group got killed.

The emphasis on his ring was every time he handed us food; I sensed the LOVE this man had for his wife- wherever she was he missed her terribly and in fact the only time I ever saw this man sad was when he’d done all he could for us for the day, we’d found someplace hidden and dry to sleep. He would sit for hours by himself staring at nothing, rubbing his hand through short brown hair, and I knew this man was wishing with all his soul his wife was still alive or still with him. Nobody ever spoke to him when he was like this, they all knew it too and gave him space to be.

We met other groups from time to time. This entire time period was survival based, and I can’t lie to myself. It was exhausting to live like that. You had to keep walking, HAD to keep moving. If you sat for too long you’d start thinking, comparing the old life to this, and once you got stuck in that trap you weren’t gonna make it. You would have a breakdown. Our leader only allowed us brief rests during the day and made sure to keep us all alert and mentally engaged. The entire dream posed the question: Can you live this way and for how long? How long would you last?

Many people could not bear it, people put themselves to sleep if they found pills or a house with a car in the garage that still had gas, because they wanted to die. Their souls were breaking down on them, quitting on them. I truly saw the puzzling nature of human beings in many aspects. 

I saw how people you’d think would be natural survivors could not handle the terrible life we found ourselves in, the strong and fit people were not always the best at surviving these dystopian, end of the world conditions. They had strong bodies but their minds were not prepared for survival. Not all the strong had survival skills- no sense of direction, purpose and some were easily overwhelmed. 

At the same time I saw groups led by ordinary men and women, HOUSEWIVES I’m talking about here, MOMS– I saw women who’d lost their kids in whatever event made America horrible like this, now carrying flashlights, tools, medications, compass, batteries, with their hair in a no nonsense ponytail or bandanna, calming down grown adults and telling them- This is what it is for now. If you keep crying you won’t make it. If you keep looking back, you won’t make it. 

Yet by looking at them I knew “This woman has been making risotto all her life and balancing the family budget, bandaging hurt knees and watching Oprah in her spare time. Now look at her with a gun and a map, leading the bunch of people down the street like baby chickens. Grown men are listening to her and doing the jobs she assigns them, her group is working and they have a chance to make it.” I could not believe the flaws that were exposed in people because of hardship, as well as the strength and  resilience that came out of the most unlikely people.

I saw groups that were NOT working. I think the Lord showed me different groups to highlight how it will be in those days. Some groups were nothing but disjointed, opinionated people who wouldn’t agree, wouldn’t submit to each other and didn’t want a “leader”. They wanted a United Nations format or like Survivor, where everything has to be decided by voting. There were a LOT of typical city people in these groups (I think we were in New York so everyone was from the city, but these were what I’d call ‘typical city people’): 25- 35 year olds used to drinking expensive coffee and loudly discussing politics in their $2000 brand name glasses or whatever. 

These ones would sit down often and complain in loud voices that They need rest, they need food, they’re not walking another step in these brutal conditions, etc etc. I saw all different ages act this way but I don’t think age or past professions had much to do with it- I think they were highlighted because of how BAD their character was, how entitled, how utterly clueless of the terribleness of our situation they really were. They didn’t seem to grasp how truly warped this new life was; their horrible entitled personalities stayed exactly the same and I felt these people were not going to live very long carrying on this way.

I did not see a single child or teenager in this dream, only adults.

There were two major themes as a focus of this dream and I can’t leave them out. One was a huge debate raging even at that time about the usefulness of PPE*. I saw people wearing up to 7 surgical masks to keep safe, I saw them with gloves yet I also saw people who stared at PPE users in amazement that even at a time like this they “still believed the hoax that masks offer protection.”

(*PPE – Personal Protection Equipment which became mandatory to use during coronavirus)

Most people wore no mask because there was nothing wrong with the air, it was real life that was the problem. The USA has collapsed and there was no help from any quarter except what you could scavenge to survive. In the dream I saw clips of Dr. Anthony Fauci*, all the things he used to tell people in press conferences. I don’t know where all the Washington D.C people had gone but I knew this- Fauci was a hated and reviled man. He was seen as a liar by almost everyone we met and his words were often repeated around night-time fires with scathing regret and hate. People hated themselves for believing him and they hated him even more for deceiving them. The use of masks was hotly debated in the dream but most people had absolutely no use for them; they thought of those who still insisted on wearing PPE as brainwashed relics from the past.

*For more on Fauci please see this post: Snippets Of Truth.

The second undeniable theme in this dream was undead people. This dream was littered with them. They were the reason we formed groups, they were the reason for abundant pepper spray and tire irons, for makeshift weapons and always making sure we walked with a man in front and one at the back. We didn’t walk “stupidly” by all looking forward and having our backs turned.

These dead people who were still alive, I can only say they were zombies. Nothing else in my knowledge can describe them except that. They were dead, they had rotten, greyish flesh, wore their clothes from their real life but were strong, fast, smart – and we all hated them in unison. They killed so many people, anyone slow, unable to run or climb or fight well, it was ridiculous. In this dream they weren’t the majority but by sheer math and circumstance their number was growing. As a result those of us who weren’t in the noisy “preppy groups” always spoke in low voices, by nightfall we found a secure, hidden place to sleep, and we never slept all at the same time. My main group never had an experience with one of them but we did meet a group that had.

This group told us one of their members got “sick” and turned into this creature. It was a strange sickness that began with light feverishness and made you thirsty. Your lymph nodes would swell and soon you’d be a little shaky during long treks and tired all the time. That was the telltale signal for this transformation, once you got these signs it was a matter of time before you changed into this undead creature. This group had a member fall sick and though he was everyone’s favourite they knew what they had to do when he got like that. They waited till nightfall and decided to sleep in a junkyard. As their leader shared the story the Lord put me in the occurrence, it was like I was there when it happened.

We had dinner and then found an old junkyard to sleep in. We spent quite a bit of time looking for the ‘right spot’ to sleep and I wondered Why does it matter so much where we sleep? There’s plenty of options. But the others were of one mind that it had to be “safe”, so we all looked til we found an old yellow school bus in perfect condition. We got on and settled in and everyone fell asleep. The bus was secure so we could afford to do that. However a few hours later someone shook me roughly, made a “shush” signal at me, and we all left the bus except the sick man who was in a deep sleep because the ongoing disease in him was really eating him up.

We scattered across the junkyard pulling huge chunks of scrap metal around the bus. Don’t ask me how we did it, I don’t know. We barricaded the bus on every conceivable side and just as we were done the man woke up screaming, going crazy inside the bus like a wild animal. I was terrified, no human being screams or sounds like that, he was reaching decibels you only hear in movies. He was in such a rage that I shuddered to think what would have happened if we were still on that bus with him? We ran away, grateful that our leader chose to cage that man and save the group. Just before God put me back in my original group it came to my heart how that man wouldn’t die, he’d live on in that horrible state. I felt he would dedicate all his days to tracking and tracing [by smell] the members of that group. He wouldn’t rest till he had killed them all.

It was a terrifying dream, these are the parts I can remember. I woke up sick to my stomach like Why God, why? I don’t want to live in that, I don’t want to live through that Lord Jesus. 

This dream had a lot of propaganda littering the landscape- papers from the CDC advising people to wear masks or what to do in the event of a medical emergency, FEMA brochures with “Steps to staying safe at this time”. We trampled these papers as we walked and nobody cared about them. Seeing them really made me wonder what had happened just before the event that destroyed America, but I did not ask anyone about this so there was no explanation given to me in the dream.

I wish I had better comfort to offer but I have to share what God shows me. Some of this has been well covered in the Youtube videos, if you haven’t seen them yet please do. War will certainly destroy America; in this dream I saw what life will be like afterwards. It will be very hard for all.

I also saw that in the end times something is going to affect humanity and change it- I always see dead people that are somehow still alive: their skin is spongey, grey and dotted with little holes like old cheese, but they are swift, deranged and so so strong. They hate living people and I think the reason all these TV shows keep showing us this is because they know it’s going to happen.

I saw the children were gone. I’m not sure if that’s absolute fact but, in this dream I saw none.

I saw some people were TERRIBLE at survival- so entitled and clueless as to the times we were in, and I didn’t think they would live long because of that attitude. I saw others met the challenges of the day PERFECTLY- they were resilient, determined and able to make it.

What shall we say to all this? All I know is, God loves me. I know He does. And He loves you. I don’t have all the answers but- I see many pastors, prophets out there, speaking so confidently about minor things and holding press conferences, but if you ask them about this part they aren’t able to tell you anything. Either they don’t know, they don’t see it yet, or they don’t know what to tell people.

Well I say: Repent of sin. Search your heart, see what’s so precious that you can’t give it up and change to follow Jesus Christ. There is nothing more precious than salvation, the giving up of yourself to know Jehovah God Almighty and BE CHANGED. If you are changed into His image you can’t be changed into undead, no matter what happens to your body when you sleep you won’t end up like that deranged man on the bus- forever tormented by some genetic mutation that keeps him out of Heaven. No, no… I will not end like that, nor will anyone who decides to give their soul to the only God WHO PREVENTS ETERNAL CORRUPTION. SAY YES TO JESUS CHRIST AND LIVE.

With love, see you again from Celestial. Subscribe to the blog if you like and God bless you. ❤️

Posts to cross reference: (This blog has several witnesses of everything.) The war prophecies are just too many, but for the undead you can read The Cost Of Staying Alive and Closer Than You Think. Don’t let your heart fail, ancient Israel faced many terrors but God saved them all the time.

Here is a short video to encourage you: “Strengthen The Weary Hands!”


Heavenly Father God, I come to you in the bent and broken posture of true repentance. I have realised that on my own I am not able to live any perfect life before you and I am sorry for that. I have grieved your Holy Spirit by my thoughts, words and actions Lord; I am not able to serve you as you require, not on my own. I ask your help today to be forgiven of all my sins, and given a new lifeline in the Person of your Son Jesus Christ. I have heard the words of your mouth and I believe that there is no other worthy to be called GOD except you. Now with my heart I believe that Jesus died for my sins and to purchase me from hell, and I confess with my mouth that He is the only Lord of all. Heavenly Father, please accept my repentance today. Have mercy on me and favour me, and accept me into your family. Wash my sins away with the Blood of Jesus. Cleanse me God, and baptise me with the fire of the Holy Spirit to remove every trace of my sinful past. I want to belong to you, to walk with you, to know you as you already know me. I turn away right now from my old life, and I renounce everything I used to do that was evil in your eyes. I ask for strength of the Holy Spirit to resist sin and temptation so that I don’t return to my old life. I choose Jesus Christ today as my Lord and Saviour. Thank you God for hearing my prayer, I mean it from my heart and confess it with my mouth right now- JESUS CHRIST IS LORD. In Jesus name I pray, amen.

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    I just watched the video, ‘ Strengthen the weary hands’, it’s a masterpiece! I didn’t realize how much I needed to hear this word of encouragement. You have a very sweet spirit Celestial. Thank you for that message of hope. I’ve shared it with my children. Sweet Shalom.

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