The Walking Dead – April 23, 2021


And I will make them eat the flesh of their sons and their daughters, and everyone shall eat the flesh of his neighbor in the siege and in the distress, with which their enemies and those who seek their life afflict them.’ – (Jeremiah 19:9)

Hello again on TMV. You knew from the photo on this post that it won’t be easy to read. May God’s peace keep every visitor to this platform. If you’re new to this blog this might not be the best place to start- please visit the Welcome, About & Prophecy pages first. After that if you’re able to handle this then go ahead; I’ve added supporting links for this topic at the bottom. No word on this blog lacks its mate- for every theme you encounter the Lord has already sent several prophecies to corroborate it, so if it keeps coming up it means He wants us to take it seriously. God bless you as you read, Shalom.

——————-  Video now available HERE, please watch after reading. Thank you.

This is a long post, a long dream, I woke from it at 7 a.m. New York time. This is what the Lord showed me and said I should post it immediately so here it is. Please read only when you have time. I always say this because if you read these posts carefully then you won’t need to ask me questions about what’s already been explained. Please try to work with me on this blog as I serve the Lord; I can’t reply every comment and email though I try. God bless you all.

I just lived through an entire mini series of the walking dead. And this is without ever watching a single episode of that show. I don’t watch scary things because I see enough as it is. As soon as I woke up from this dream the Spirit of the Lord said Write it. Write it. Write it and tell them what things shall be. These are the things that shall come after a time in America and those shall be the worst possible times this nation has ever experienced. Death will walk the streets calling their name. This detail is important to know: The reason death shall know them is because it shall arise from among them: their loved ones, their children, their spouses, friends and former workmates. The people that formed their daily lives shall follow them and destroy them and this will be the reality. Make the vision plain. 

I saw the undead in America. I saw them everywhere. I said they were everywhere. They overran society and that’s is the terrifying truth of it no matter what anybody thinks about what I just said. You could not go anywhere without these dead people stalking and killing you. They took over society and were predominantly active at night, meaning if you did not do what you had to do during the day before sundown it was on your head and for your own account what happened to you after dark. It was a ruined society I was living in and this is what I experienced. 

They were everywhere and ate other people. The undead were never satisfied with what they had to eat; they fought, argued and growled among themselves over any carcass they took – living or dead. They were never satisfied with eating flesh whether night or day and this was the cause of extreme and excessive grief in America, and also extreme and excessive death in America. People died from ‘living dead’ attacks until it became the highest cause of death in the USA. I don’t know what was happening everywhere else, I didn’t see the rest of the world. God showed me America, the future rolling like a movie to the point where I thought it was real. I thought I was there. I thought it was my life already so I was surprised and grateful to wake up. 

Daily Life and Society

The dream was long but it showed the worst case scenario of how to spend the end of your life: hunted, scared all the time, savaged, torn to pieces like by a wild dog. It was terrible way to die as what the undead did to people. Everyone was in severe panic mode and the worst, I said the worst time to be a human being was at night. This was made abundantly clear: if you were anywhere outside or not hidden, if you ended up exposed to what we know as “the elements”, (which is to be outside under the sky when it got fully dark)– your death was an almost guaranteed fact. Death was surely going to be your fault for not finding shelter in time and cause of death almost always going to be that you were torn to death by an undead.

People had become survival mode warriors and the pressure of the times brought out the absolute best and worst in people. People carried homemade weapons on them, wore camouflage paint, you could see the strangest things in broad daylight of America as people wore whatever they thought would help keep them alive. So outside in broad daylight you could see a man wearing bullets around his torso Rambo style, a huge gun on his back and nobody asked him if he had a permit for it. Who was around to ask him anyway?

You could see another man in full camo mode with a Vietnam style grass helmet, coal streaked on his face with grass, soil and whatever stuck to his whole body yet he’s walking down 7th Ave – the general sense of seeing people geared like that was “I’m going to need this tonight so what’s the sense of taking it off and putting it back on again?” Life was surreal yet nobody said a word about it because you didn’t know what the next person was going through. You didn’t know what people had been through or what they’d seen so nobody said anything to anyone about anything. The sense of FEAR, desperation and human fragility was very, very glaring in this dream. I saw how people could not protect themselves and were hopeless unless they knew the Lord. Yes I saw God and the hand of God and I’m going to share about that also.

Most of the dream happened in the central areas of Manhattan in New York City. Based on what I saw- the West 42nd St. library with its two  famous lions, One World Trade, flags of Rockefeller Center as well as other things I know well, I knew I was in NYC for most of this dream. However all of America was experiencing exactly the same things but to different degrees and outcomes. 

Day and Night

In everyday life I can’t remember if society was functioning or not. What I remember is survival. Normal people were still around but you only possessed the day. Whatever you had to do had better be done in the daytime. If you had to find food, if you had to find medicine, if you had to find shelter or other people to keep company with it could only be done in the day. By that I mean proper day: not dawn when the sky is streaking or pre-dawn when misty blue and violet hues are hinting at morning. I mean ‘day’ as in full, hot sunlight, that’s the only time a human being made in God’s image was safe to move around. 

Please understand me very well here to avoid any questions after I’ve shared this. IF YOU MOVED DURING THE NIGHT OR MADE ANY SOUND YOU WOULD BE KILLED. No exceptions, no exagerrations, no escape. I wrote in caps so nobody can ask “Celestial what do you mean by moved? Moved like move your body? Moved like one place to another type of move?” I said “move”. Move as in turn your head, shift an arm or do anything that causes sound to come from where you are into the unbelievably highly tuned ears of the reanimé, such that they hear that tiny sound and track your location by it and come tear you to pieces. I hope it’s clear now. 

Movement was equal to death and that is how it was. The silence of the city was terrible at night because of it. You couldn’t keep lights on, you couldn’t sneeze, you couldn’t release human urges like the toilet or anything else and because of this the terror and anxiety levels of the nation were beyond anything mere words can describe. 

Society depended on scavenging, the act of going into abandoned homes to find what’s needed and take it without a guilty conscience because when you’re surviving you’re at the point where you’ll do whatever you have to do to continue being a part of the living and not the dead. People also begged for a living but since hardly anybody had anything it was not very worthwhile or successful to beg unless you met someone extremely tender hearted,  and there weren’t a lot of those left anymore. It was more of a ‘do what you have to do’ scenario to survive.

Two Realities In One

The dream was puzzling in this:

It seems I was living two times frames at once. On one hand it I saw a society where everybody had jobs and went to work and drove cars yet at the same time I saw that everybody was jobless, poor, hungry, desperate and often exhibiting the worst of human behaviour. There were cars driving around at one point but at the same time the streets were ghostly because where would we even get gas to drive? So there were no cars. Even as I write I see how people wore expensive steel grey or black wool coats with designer hats in winter and went to work at hedge funds and banks, yet at the same time (sort of superimposed or happening in another dimension of time).

I saw people wearing those no-fingertip homeless people gloves, shivering, begging, sitting in doorways to avoid the light snow that was falling at times. I think I watched many years passing in America. I think I saw many, many years starting from now where the subway works just fine and we have cars and jobs, all the way to where the state machinery began to break down and they were forced to warn citizens about the undead and even the times beyond that. I saw to when there was no cohesive government anymore and you had to fend for yourself to stay alive.

Government Response and Cover-ups Exposed

However when government did exist, right when the reanimé first began to appear and strike at us in America the government tried to lie. They mounted a disinformation campaign and tried to lie to the public. They claimed it was ‘isolated incidents’ when dead bodies were found and when the doctors’ shocked findings were that other people killed them. The doctors said this because all the torn flesh had evidence of being made with human teeth.

The undead would tear out their victims throats and leave them right there in a pool of blood and disappear. This was happening all over America especially in cities until finally the gov’t had to confess. They were forced to warn publicly, they couldn’t lie anymore or pretend the attacks that left people bloody with their throat torn open in public streets at night was the work of some ‘night stalker’, serial killer, or something that was human but “only crazy”. It was clear this wasn’t the work of ‘crazy’, this was reanimé. Dead but not dead, no longer a part of humanity but crossed over to something supernatural yet still here in the world of the living with us.

The government of the USA began to warn and confess what was happening but people didn’t take it as you’d think. Yes they were angry of course but as the death toll grew I think people wanted to stay alive more than they wanted to riot or hang the gov’t officials. I don’t know what had happened to America by that time but her response was different; instead of public outrage most people quietly accepted the facts. They only wanted to know what to do to stay safe.


I saw the coroners of New York so puzzled when the first bodies began to come in- I saw an older man with white hair shaking his head with one hand to his mouth in thought. He was looking at a body for signs of a dog attack or something other than what he was seeing. Later when the police asked him what he thought made such a mess of another human being he said Guys it’s a person, it’s a person did this and he took off the sheet and showed them all the bite marks. The teeth made the same lined-up marks we all see on our pizza and burgers, that’s the kind of marks I saw on the necks of dead people on slabs. The doctors examined the bodies and were perplexed but firm. They would not change their final diagnoses even if the police kept asking “But how can it be? How can it be doc?” The doctors said IT’S A PERSON. This is human teeth marks and that’s what’s going in my report. So it went in the report and the reports began to pile up until finally the CDC had to say something. They made a warning and everybody was shocked and enraged about it.


God showed me a picture of the undead standing like cast members, like how the cast of a movie stands together for a photo shoot. I could see they really were people, they have everything we have even down to the tattoos they got in real life. They’re from us but are no longer alive in our sense, dead but “reanimated” somehow, artificially brought back to life. They can’t talk because their voice boxes are ruined – they only snarl, roar and make questioning sounds like cavemen but they can’t talk. They wear clothes like people but there is I think something really weird about the state of their decay. They’re already severely rotten but whatever they touch decays too. I think you could put a brand new set of clothes and shoes on a reanimé and in minutes it’d be raggedy, torn, blackened and filthy just like them but I can’t tell you how it happens. 

The undead are the dirtiest things with the worst stench of putrid human flesh gone past the point of no return. You will always smell a reanimé. They have grey, spongy flesh pitted with tiny holes like a needle or a pin 📌 has poked them everywhere. The flesh always has a sheen on it like they’re sweating but it’s not sweat it’s just rot. They’re extremely fast and strong and their eyes have dark circles around like a raccoon, flat vacant looks but when they are activated (meaning in a frenzy of hunting or bloodlust) they are full of hatred for the living and you can see it in their eyes. They are cunning, very, very cunning to track humanity and trap them also. Their mouth is always bloody from eating flesh. Their teeth are normal human teeth, not sharp as wolves or any animal. The reason they’re able to tear flesh like an animal is because their jaws are very powerful, the strength they have is through all of their body so even though they don’t have fangs their jaws are strong enough to tear meat just like wild animals do.

* This was a long dream of many hours so if you need to take a break please do so. I however have to capture all details so I am going to recite all I saw in one go as the Lord told me (see first paragraph). I will make the video for it as He said and then everyone can make their own assessment about it as they see fit. 

Other Places

I saw in the Midwest and the South the same undead but the response in those areas was coordinated and very different. When people began to notice their cattle going missing or sheep lying dead in the pasture they knew right away it was not animals. These people have dealt with wild predators all their lives and they know what wolf and bear bites look like. They took the animal to the vet and heard again that it’s not animals doing this. So they waited to see what it was and soon found out. People in rural areas fought back against reanimé and did not die of it as much as the city. I didn’t see every detail but I had these impressions: I saw fire on sticks, hunting parties, people going into the woods with poles lit on fire, with pots and pans making noise and drawing them out then sharp-shooting them to reduce their number. I saw a picture before me of men, cowboy hat men, baseball cap men, men who can only be called  “Patriot men” – staring at the camera like a cast (like God also showed the undead as a cast). Every man had a gun. His gun of preference, gun of choice, these people had guns, their women and communities had guns and they did not die quietly from the reanimé. They fought back. 

My Personal Experiences With God

*These are my personal experiences in the dream. I would have edited them out as I do with almost all dreams where there are personal details but this time the Lord made me keep the dream exactly the way I saw it so here it is. 

One day I was going somewhere and the Lord my God was with me. Suddenly it became dark before I reached my destination, the sun just vanished and the moon and stars came out without warning and I was caught without shelter. The Lord said lie down Celestial and sleep. I said Lord I cannot lie down, this place is full of dead bodies and the undead will come and feed here. I was walking right in front of the New York Public Library of W 42nd Street, a place I’ve spent so many hours reading in the plaza in summer or racing up the steps to get books before closing time.

I was passing through that same square when suddenly it was night and I was not home. The Lord said to me again, my child lie down and sleep. So with my bag and coat around me I lay down among the dead bodies and the Lord put me immediately into a peaceful sleep. I did not move. My breath slowed down very much. I did not shift, shake or make any movement. The undead came to feed in that place and ate the other people who had died, all night. I heard the shuffle of their feet around me. I heard the weird questioning sounds they make as they try to communicate with one another, they cannot talk but they make the kinds of sounds babies make when they want to ask things but don’t have words. They came and sniffed me but the sleep of God was so heavy upon me, also the Lord stood right there with me so no undead touched me. There was a sign on my forehead and nothing happened to me. The sign looked like a symbol, also like strange writing and also like someone wrote a bible verse on my forehead. It glowed. When the sun was fully risen in the sky the sleep left me, I woke up and said thank you Lord, then the Lord and I continued my journey to my home. 

I saw my life at my home. People came to me all day long to enquire what the Lord said and what they should do. It was a very “fixed” life. Fixed as in: I could not go anywhere, I could not do anything all day because the whole day I was before people who were asking me Please tell me what God said, what should I do, where should we go. What must we do to please God? I’m saying exactly what I saw so anyone who doesn’t like it or thinks whatever of it, that’s on you. This is what I saw. I was fixed in place and did not have time to attend to my own life because of the severe need of many to hear from Jesus, they came from all over so at His request I had to sit all the time telling them what says the Lord. They brought me food and gifts and things we all need for life so in some ways because I could not go out to fend for myself the Lord provided for me in that way. 

It looked as if I was in a rock. A huge granite rock encased my whole body with only my face coming out of it. I wasn’t really in that rock I guess but that is how it looked, that I was held in a huge grey cliff rock with only my face out and people came to that rock asking me things and I responded as the Lord led me. People traveled from all over to my home and the Lord my God was surely with me. I prophesied to them until I was worn out and tired, then at night the sleep of the Lord came on me and I did not move a muscle until the bright, sure promise of daybreak came. Then I’d wake up. During the night someone was with me and there was a sign in my forehead as I slept. An unseen Someone sat with me all night every night until morning and then people came to ask me all day long: What can I do to please God. 

That’s the last thing I saw before I woke up and realized I was in my bed, not in that future time where dead people lie on the streets of New York and the only blessed thing men have is the sleep of God, the sign of the Lord and His sunlight to spare their lives. I ask that we please process these things as calmly as we can. Please do not be afraid. I’ve been seeing these creatures for more than ten years, since 2010. I have a few posts about them linked below and more in my archives that are yet to be published. I also think because of how the Lord told me to post this immediately, that it may be time for me to upload those archives as well as some other things I haven’t shared yet.  

P. S. As I searched for an image for this post I became… upset. The sheer number of photos of so called ‘zombies’ was overwhelming, to the point that it’s undeniable how fascinated people are with this evil phenomenon. They love it. They dress up that way all the time and try to outdo each other with how scary and realistic they can make the makeup and costumes. They add prosthetics to their faces and even involve children in the madness. It blows my mind because this will surely come to our lives as a well deserved PUNISHMENT from the Lord. He said (see first paragraphs) that IT’S OUT OF HUMANITY THAT THE REANIMÉ WILL ARISE!

From among our own family members, coworkers, spouses, friends, children. Can you imagine that? The very people we know and love will be the faces chasing us down at night, all  because of the wickedness we’ve allowed to define us as a people and a society. What a bitterly ironic end. If you’ve done this for any reason like Halloween or a dress-up party please seriously REPENT. If you watch these things or expose your children (even the older ones) to it you need to repent. Ask God for forgiveness for that ignorance and blindness because it’s clear to me from this dream that the love and fame of the undead among us comes straight from society, pushed by government and the entertainment industry. THEY KNOW THIS WILL HAPPEN and have been putting it before the masses for decades as subconscious programming. This is wickedness. May God have mercy on the souls of all who trust Him, in Jesus name, amen.

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23 Comments Add yours

  1. Joe D says:

    So sad it’s coming to this. God has given so many warnings yet mankind is so blunted that nothing wakes him up !

    Anyhow got to prepare in Prayer, Repentance of ones sins with will control not to sin again.

    So it appears that those who have consumed human flesh and what not in the vaccine and also the digital tattoo are now zombies !……and playing the role of zombies. Terrible.

    I was reading the account of the days of Noah which is similar to our days and then one week before the deluge God kept a lit corridor from the town to the arc for the repentees but none came. Sad.

    I have to complete my reading but get the jitters reading such an account of what’s happening then……..

    Jesus have mercy on me a sinner.

  2. Lorelei Dorward says:

    We have to remember that we have the final victory! Don’t be scared to die, if we die we die in Jesus Christ ! Why fight to live in an evil world ! Die and be with jesus ! Personally I would rather have my head chopped off and die for my testimony. To give God glory ! Blessings ! See you up in heaven sis !

  3. Marty says:

    I surmise that the obsession some have with the horror genre is merely a manifestation of their inner self. Those who aren’t born again have an inner battle between the spirit and the flesh. Those whose minds dwell in the flesh seem preoccupied with this type of filth. They are spiritually dead because they refuse to seek the Truth. They just want to be entertained to death. I pray we can bring these people to Jesus before it’s too late.

    I’m curious about the symbol on your forehead. If any more details come to mind please share it with us. Thank you for having the courage to share such nightmarish visions of our future. 🙏

    By the way, Christine over at fresh oil releases has a new post which warns about guarding our eyes and ears to the garbage doled out by the mass media. It seems appropriate to share. We have to become brighter as the world becomes darker.

  4. Jude says:

    [1-17] Zephaniah
    And I will bring distress upon men, that they shall walk like blind men, because they have sinned against the LORD: and their blood shall be poured out as dust, and their flesh as the dung.

    We will see propercy. Thx

  5. AriseZion says:

    After taking mRNA vaccine/gene modification or so, the immune system (temple fortress) might be compromised and the destruction of “God gene (VMAT2) within the human body/temple, the person would turn into a zombie. Could this be the abomination of desolation/zombie apocalypse? Now, there are millions who got vaccinated. Soon, there will be in the billions. There are several prophetic voices who gave out warning to get ready and evacuate to a various refuge places/Zion ( Isaiah 14:32).

    “His forces will rise up and desecrate the temple fortress. They will abolish the daily sacrifice and set up the abomination of desolation.” – Daniel 11:31

    “So when you see standing in the holy place ‘the abomination that causes desolation,’ a spoken of through the prophet Daniel—let the reader understand— 16then let those who are in Judea flee to the mountains. 17Let no one on the housetop go down to take anything out of the house. 18Let no one in the field go back to get their cloak. 19How dreadful it will be in those days for pregnant women and nursing mothers! 20Pray that your flight will not take place in winter or on the Sabbath. 21For then there will be great distress, unequaled from the beginning of the world until now—and never to be equaled again.

    22“If those days had not been cut short, no one would survive, but for the sake of the elect those days will be shortened.” Matthew 24: 15-22

  6. Marty says:

    Thank you Arise Zion for sharing such a profound article. Sure seems like it is time to buckle up and hold fast to Jesus Christ.

    Thank you Celestial for attracting such intelligent and Spirit-filled people to your digital home. I guess birds of a feather really do flock together. Sure wish all Christian platforms were like yours. Keep up the great work. You are doing a marvelous job. 🙏

  7. Lila says:

    Wont they go if we mention Jesus name? If we rebuke them in Jesus Name?

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Lila. Thanks for the comment. Such a good one. Every dream is related exactly as it was shown. However I’ve had dreams where creatures (including reanimé) can indeed be driven off by the blood and name of Jesus (i.e. powerful spiritual warfare). That’s why I said that unless a man knows Jesus there’s no hope of survival. However. I ALSO had dreams where as a strong believer, I was cornered by an undead and it became a countdown for the sun to save me. God bless you, see below 👇🏽:

      1. Lila says:

        I can’t imagine not able to move. Makes me more stress n want to move even more. And my 5yrs old son. Autism. I had no idea how to make him stand still. I guess we hv 2 surrender first died n see Jesus. I live in Indonesia. Our free vaccines is from China, sinovac. Anyone knows about this jab? I would never get it, ever. I hope we don’t hv that zombie here in Indonesia as we hv a different jab. Finger crossed. Thanks celes

        1. Amanda says:

          I heard today that the jab from Russia and China is in fact not the MRNA one that is being given everywhere else. It made me very interested to know more about that because of the prophecy of Russia and China invading the U.S and or Europe. If this is true and those two Vaccines are like a general vaccine and not gene based, this could mean that those nations will not face the death and sickness that the receivers of the others Vaccines will. They will remain well and strong. This will allow Russia and China power through an undepleted and healthy population and army. There is also a video of a school teacher going rogue in her classroom in the U.S. Again I don’t know much about this but it made me think of the un dead that is described here and could this be a glimmer of this. Was it caused by the vaccine?

        2. Joe D says:

          All variants are the same.
          Jesus makes this clear to Ruth Smith on 29 December 2020 in ” Questions and Answers on the vaccine ” in

          Today too to Pollox on the same site Our Heavenly Father reiterates the same.

          Remember the vaccine is from satan and his fallen angels. They have well planned this strategy on the vaccine.

          Our Heavenly Father says : Do Not take the vaccine .You do not know what’s inside it. ….and ” Billions will take the vaccine. The walls of hell will have to expand to accommodate them ”

          However if forcibly given it won’t work and come out of our system like water. Both Our Heavenly Father and Jesus have said it.

          Jesus refers to those who have taken the vaccine as non-human saying ‘ so many non-humans walking amongst you’

          The vaccined are affecting the non vaccined too. Many such cases are being reported eg a vaccined wife has infected her non- vaccined husband and he has red rashes all over. Sad.

        3. Celestial says:

          Do not take any of the vaccines sister. Type the word “vaccines” into the search box below these comments, and do your due diligence. The Lord has been very clear on this matter, I don’t know why people think because they live somewhere else they are getting a “good” vaccine. Be wise.

  8. diego says:

    Brethren, we are also being warned to be prepared to DEFEND ourselves and our loved ones, the innocent and the defenseless.

    Eg. see JESUSisLORD @ YouTube:

    Why do you think the Luciferians want to take away the weapons? Why do they hate “preppers”? Why do they hate militias? Why do they hate Christians that believe in End Times prophecies? Is it because they don’t know what’s going to happen? They certainly do; the CDC even has a zombie preparedness website, as a “joke”. Except the joke is on us.

    When the wild beasts and the undead and the demonized men (see Russ Dizdar, the Black Awakening) come to steal, kill and destroy, are we to sit by while they eat the children and ravish the women? Is that really what turning the other cheek means? Is that being a good Samaritan?

    The Government isn’t coming to help. It’s gonna be every man for himself. The Wild West, End Times Edition.

    Human weaponry may not work against spirits, or Fallen Angels, or the Silver Mist, or Black Goo, but I suspect we could be fighting on many fronts, both the spiritual and the physical.

    Why do you think King Jesus is revealing these things, through many prophets and watchmen? Is it only that we may prepare our spirits? Or are we to prepare our bodies as well?

    Seek the Lord on this matter.

    1. sheepdogwarrior says:

      Blessings to you…I agree with you about preparing in all our ways.
      Spiritual power is always the best.
      Spiritual growth is what does destroy the demon entities, not a gun shot….the blood of Jesus.
      That said phase two is physical resistance to evil humanity.
      By those faithful and prepare one’s.
      No christans during the time of the collapse of the rule of law should just walk by anyone christan or not, who’s in need of help against a gang of rapists, murderers, robbers, because we are to show courage.
      It’s the love of Christ expressed.
      But try to understand, most christans have never fired a gun, and don’t want to…. it’s a calling.

    2. Ann says:

      Hello Celestial, I see that you wrote not to take any vaccines. Are you referring just to the Covid vaccines? I have a 16 yr old son who has autism from the vaccines he received as a toddler and continued to get till he was 12 as they were required for him to attend school in NYC. I refused to continue to vaccinate him at 12 when new rounds of required vaccines were mandated for him to continue to go to school. I have been homeschooling him ever since. Since I have given back my life to Yahweh I have been praying for healing of my sons mind body soul and sprit. Can he be healed from the damage caused by these vaccines? Please respond. I need guidance in this area in my life. Thank you in advance.

  9. Celestial says:

    This is Celestial. I’m sharing a dream left on the Youtube channel by a man named Daniel Ortiz. It confirms what God showed in my dream, you can read and be the judge. Thank you.

    I had a dream a few weeks ago where a bomb went off or something happened horrible happened because there was no pple around except the group of 6 or 7 I was in. The others and i were scavenging through houses looking for cans of food and water then it started getting dark so we found a two story house to hide out in for the night. A few people that were with me found wine and started drinking, i was down stairs and i went up quietly because i heard them making noise. I remember telling them to be quiet or i was gonna have to end them right then and there. When I said that in the dream I remembered why we were being quiet: I basically had a flashback and remember a man that was dead was tracking us to kill us and eat us. He was a skinny man with sores all over, he was super dirty and bloody all over his clothes but in the dream I knew he was no joke; he was super strong like he had the strength of 10 men and super fast even though he looked like he was 110-120 pounds. In the dream i was afraid of him and i knew that we stood no chance against him one on one, that’s why some of us had weapons. After i warned the 3 people making noise to be quiet I stayed awake for the rest of the night in silence until the sun came out. I was in Arizona in the dream so it was hot. A woman appeared in the back yard of the house we were in once the sun was up and she said “Be careful, i heard you guys last night”. I asked her if she wanted to come with me but she said “No those pple i heard that are with you are no good; that’s how you get killed. I don’t want to die” then she walked away and we all took off. After that the dream ended. I know God is warning us; i’ll be praying for everyone to stay strong in the Lord and I’ll be praying for sister celestial. I thank God she’s putting these videos out. For me this is 100% conformation from the Lord all glory to God and bless you sister, stay close to the Lord He’s our only hope.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Celestial, it may have already begun, the zombie attacks. Look at the article I read today:

    More and more friends are telling me they took the jab and each time, I make a mental note to separate myself while remaining loving and kind.

  11. normanhbennett says:

    It is written in Revelation that many will seek death in those days , yet it will flee from them.
    I had thoughts that this was part of their” trans- humanism” that was confirmed for me in the form of a threat, for outing their” people” on Facebook.
    Was told they would abduct me, taking me to a deep underground military base (DUMB) And would be given a substance they developed that extended life several thousand years, so they could torture me over and over. They even told me about killing others with a slow or fast kill “virus” given by injection, which seems to be whats happening now.
    He went on to even describe abduction methods and various DARPA tools and toys.
    Including mosquito size drones that can bore through window and fly right to persons nose/mouth releasing a tiny puff of gas so you exit your home under your own power yet their control.
    It helped clear up the meaning of that verse for me.
    Theres much more I wont go into, but its called fourth generation warfare, that is conducted mainly online, to sway opinions towards their ” truth”

  12. Rebekah Skrzeczkoski says:

    As I was reading this blog post, I believe the Holy Spirit led me to take a closer look at the fourth seal in Revelation 6:7-8:

    “When He (the Lamb) broke open the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature call out, ‘Come.’ So I looked, and behold, an #ashen (pale greenish gray) horse [#like a #corpse, #representing #death and #pestilence (zombies—mRNA, genetically modified walking dead?)]; and its rider’s name was Death; and Hades (the realm of the dead) was following with him. They were given authority and power over a fourth part of the earth, to kill with the sword and with famine and with plague (pestilence, disease) and by the wild #beasts (θηρίον: thērion: a #brutal, #bestial #man, #savage, #ferocious) of the earth (γῆ: gé: region or arena).” (Revelation‬ 6:7-8‬ ‭AMP‬‬)

  13. Doreen Barrett says:

    Dear Sis, please stay with God. This is the first blog of yours that I’m reading. Though you posted it 7 months ago, I’m just reading it. In fact, I knew not of your existence before last week. I’m glad I found you. The video I watched last week ( Africa is in trouble – sorry I don’t remember the proper title) was a confirmation that Abba gave me over a year ago. This blog was confirmed by the Word God gave me this morning Deu 28:52. I literally thought you were referencing it until I realized your dream and vision, were connected to Jeremiah! Jesus is coming soon. He’s coming to reward every man, as his work shall be. My prayer is that the rapture will not miss me. I pray that my family, those I witness to daily, the church will be ready. It’s time for true repentance and holy living. JESUS, JESUS! JESUS!

    I believe all I’ve so far seen and heard from you. Please stay on the winning side. Heaven is counting on you. Your task isn’t easy but God’s grace is sufficient! Shalom!

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