You’re on The Master’s Voice End Times Prophecy blog and website.

Here I post the prophetic words of the Lord Jesus Christ as directed- about coming events, the state of nations, and how best to prepare for changes we’ll experience during the convergence of prophetic global timing as laid out in the Bible.

This site comes from a persistent prayer on how to present God’s word to His people. I’ve posted on social media before but it wasn’t consistent. Once I stopped doing that I waited for instruction on how to share these teachings (and warnings) with more people, because the Lord told me clearly to prepare His people for “the times and seasons ahead”.

This blog is the answer at last!

More than ever before, Christians need to make a decision. We need to KNOW and SHOW what side of the tracks we’re on, because society is so murky now that anyone can claim to be anything without having to pick a side. It’s important to know personally- do we fully accept what the Bible says? Are we of one mind with the Spirit of God in all things? Knowing is as important for believers as it is for those who consider themselves Christians, ‘spiritual people’, or ‘seekers’. There are many “spirits” floating around this world of ours, so being ‘spiritual’ isn’t enough of a safety net. You need to know Who and What spirit you believe in or pray to, so you can be sure you’re serving the right one!

If you want to know if you’re really living by Bible standards, want breakdowns of Scripture, or need materials for those who do not (yet) know the Lord- this site can help. If you’re curious about what God says about life, humanity and His purposes for the future- it’s here. You’ll cultivate knowledge about the world you live in too; what could be better than that!

However the crux of this blog is PROPHECY, i.e. sharing the mind and plans of God with people so they know where He stands. There are dreams, visions and prophetic words under America, Global and Prophectic Clock. There’s a Projects page under construction, and info for Giving if you’re so inclined. The Basics page carries teachings, encouragement and all information new believers or soul seekers need to help them make a final decision to follow Christ.

Above all I am here to announce to you that God loves you; He wants your attention, and He is rapidly sending out workers to reach their world for His glory.

Hear the words of the Lord:

Hebrews 3:15 Therefore while it is still Today [this very day], if you hear Him calling and you recognise His voice, do not make your heart stony and stubborn like those who were in the wilderness– [for in the desert the people provoked and irritated God, and made Him angry against them].

For best benefit of the site use HEADER TABS to follow a particular subject [i.e. ‘America’ gives all USA prophecies; ‘Global’ speaks to the nations in general.]

RESEARCH a particular topic by using the search box at the bottom of every page- all posts featuring that subject will come up.

When reading a prophecy series, use “NEXT” and “PREVIOUS” links at the bottom of each blogpost, the flow is most cohesive that way.

Above all- Like, Share and Follow The Master’s Voice blog for regular updates. I invite you to let this blog be your regular rest stop, and hope that we can keep seeking God together.

Happy reading!

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  1. planetxnearsearth says:

    Great messages!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you. I am sharing as the Lord has given me His messages and shown me things to come. Thank you and please keep coming back.


  2. planetxnearsearth says:

    Great evenfs


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  4. DN MILLER says:

    Celestial ~ If you have an address, to which we can send a check to support your ministry, please let us know. We do not use Paypal.
    We love you, and appreciate you. Christ is King! ~ Tricia & Neil


    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Tricia and Neil, wow, I’d not seen this til today. 😳 Another comment brought me here. Please do reach me on email at mastersvoice@mail.com and I’ll try to figure something out. Bless you!


  5. Byron Searle says:

    I have been shown the exact same things you are speaking about for the last 4 years. I have notebooks filled with words i have received and sometimes I think you have them in your possession and reading from them. I even was told about the evil woman president 3 years ago, and did not know what to think. Thank you for your videos.

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    1. Anonymous says:

      grace and peace brother Byron, what happened to your blog.? I read almost all of your posts, I was very edified by them, and I was sad that I could no longer read them ….


    2. Celestial says:

      Hello Byron. I thank God for His consistency. I say it often- God never speaks in isolation. He will always entrust His words to several vessels to make sure there is continuity and ALSO so that many different communities and strata of influence can be reached. Lol at the notebooks 😄 May God bless you brother, thank you for reading and watching TMV. Amen.


  6. B.A. says:

    Blood to Drink has to be one of the most powerful prophecies I’ve heard. Blunt, poignant, alarming yet really truly rang a bell and clicked with me. It was a “spot on” message and one that prompted me to re-evaluate my seriousness regarding my commitment to obedience to God. It definately confirmed what I’ve believed and heard in my gut for years. although you are about my daughters age you speak with wisdom, authority and truth like a woman beyond your years. Keep up God’s work….the time is so very short to get one’s house in order. Cheers from the Yukon


    1. Celestial says:

      God bless you B.A., May God be pleased with my service at the end of everything.


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