“A New Government For America”: The Iron Kingdom Rises Pt. 2 – April 27, 2021


“Inasmuch as these people refused the waters of Shiloah that flow softly, and rejoice in Rezin and in Remaliah’s son; Now therefore, behold, the Lord brings up over them the waters of the River, strong and mighty—The king of Assyria and all his glory. He will go up over all his channels and go over all his banks. He will pass through Judah, he will overflow and pass over, he will reach up to the neck and the stretching out of his wings will fill the breadth of Your land, O Immanuel.” – (Isaiah 8:6-8)

The scripture means this: The waters of Shiloh, the peaceful ministry and rulership of the Lord Jesus Christ was not accepted by these people. He offered them His way but they didn’t want it. Therefore I will let vicious water overflow them, the raging swelling waters of another king will swell over them and rush across their land like a river in flood. He will pass through them, his waters will reach up even to their neck and he [the other king] will stretch out his wings until they reach from one end of the land to the next.

The Lord has prophesied to me a coming judgement and told me not to hold it back. How I wish I could pray for myself for a moment without my prayers being hijacked or turned into laments or warnings about America. How I wish I could pray for myself and the things that I long for in peace, without it always being turned into prophecy for a place that doesn’t even believe the Lord when He speaks, nor does it fully care to repent.  

For the last two weeks the Lord put me in Isaiah 9:10-12, here it is paraphrased: A proud and arrogant nation that says “Even if the bricks fell down we will build back better. We’ll cut better stones this time so they won’t fall down. We have solutions to the problems. Even if our ‘tall trees’ were cut down- our best soldiers and military, our trade and industry- EVEN IF WE WENT INTO A SLUMP- We’ll come back fighting strong, with bigger trees whose crowns reach up to the heavens!”

To this nation the Lord responds: I will stir up your enemies against you til they overcome your king. I’ll be their biggest cheerleader, I’ll strengthen those who hate you and spur them on to greatness. One will strike from the front and the other from the rear, and together they will devour you. But even after that has happened, I’m not done. MY HAND IS STRETCHED OUT STILL. 

Every day I am sent to study this passage. I know it by heart. God tells me this is America’s destiny and she will fall to the exact fulfillment of this scripture. I can’t write this on the blog everyday but please be aware that it’s one of the most frequent passages I get, basically: “I have not forgotten.”

The vision I have seen, the message I must deliver.

There will arise over America a dark government, a wicked government that flows like a torrent from one side of the continent to the other. A dark cloud is coming over the country and soon it will be revealed. From the left says the Lord, from the left of America destruction comes. A dark,  dirty wave of your own wickedness will overtake you and you will fall prey to the multiple idols and abominations you have allowed to take over My land. You will be ruled by cruel rulers and then you will know My repayment for your sin is giving you what you wanted.  

Speak now and tell them what I say. A mighty government unlike any that has ever been before it, wicked, divisive and cruel will rule you. A government that devises deadly schemes against its own people, a government that puts people to death. A government that uses dark sayings and multiple realities until you are exhausted and confused about which one to believe. This is an evil  leadership coming and none will escape its claws. Both righteous and unrighteous will be affected as a new world and a new world order rises to power in America; this is the word of the Lord. The righteous and the unrighteous shall see it, therefore call upon the Lord and be saved.

Your freedoms and “civil liberties” are at an end. Your privacy will be stripped away with the growth of state powers, everything will be sacrificed to “peace and safety”. You will hear: “For the safety of all you cannot do this anymore. For the safety of all you cannot own that anymore.” Prepare to be made NAKED America; your rights will be removed and you will be exposed. Hidden riches will be uncovered and the state will shine a light into every corner to know what each man has. A crown of hardness is coming into office and with it every abomination shall overflow within the borders of America. You will have a queen and a king and your days of freedom will end.  

“Census”, says the Lord. A census will be taken. Not an ordinary census but a reckoning of every valuable asset in the land. Everything that a man possesses will end up accounted for as people are forced to declare everything they own to the government whether they like it or not. These things will happen here says God, and with time you will not own anything anymore. Private ownership will be REMOVED. You will live in a state-based system. You will be poor and not free, working for an allowance of credits rather than for your own sweat which earns you wealth and liberty. You will be a slave in your own economy and that will be the law. STATE POWER. 

I see the American bald eagle as the nation’s symbol but a shadow arises over it, two great wings like a raven but not a raven. A big shadow of metal wings, very huge wings will overshadow America and hardships will go into your bones. Your basic needs will fail and hoarding will become a way of life. This will favour the rich because economics does not need spiritual things to affect it. Those who have more can buy more and those who have less, cannot. Inequality will blossom like a fresh bruise in the United States, the way a black eye spreads on a face is how poverty will bloom in these borders. Hunger will clamp down on bellies, racial inequality will burst forth in great geysers and your people will go to war. Brother against Brother in every situation, people will hate each other and vitriol will spill out like acid over the innocent and guilty alike.  

Basic goods will cost a fortune. You will see this. The food for your children will cost a fortune. You will feel it. When you cry for food you will remember that I said: I the Lord remember a nation that remembers me, to do it good, to strengthen it and exalt it. But when a nation curses me, when even the young know evil from an early age, when an overflow of mockers and scoffers can be found in it then I am not welcome and My grace will depart from that place. Then I the Lord will relent of the good which I intended towards that place and I will instead uproot it and make it a desolation and a hissing upon the face of the earth. (Jeremiah 18:5-10) 

 Babylon will be a hissing, a byword and a proverb to all who pass by. They will stand far off and say: “Is this the nation that once ruled the nations of the earth? O how thou art fallen mighty Babylon, and see how great is your shame.”  

Daily life will be “squeezed” in America. Limited. Small. Policed. Watched. Highly Monitored. Open. Non-private. There will be no more privacy, automation of everything will be the next big push. You will inhabit a mechanical society devoid of human contact or comfort. In the future machines will do everything for you and cut off the bonds of brotherhood; you will stray far from one another as the Iron Kingdom arises in your midst. You will lose your love, kindness and human compassion for one another as IRON enters the lifeblood of America. Your ways have found you out. Your sin has found you out. The Iron Kingdom rises and with it comes the final end to all things. This is the word of the Lord.  

As I said, Isaiah 9:10-12 is the regular word, teaching and Bible study I get. It always comes but in recently it’s been constant, almost every day. Now let me say this:  To all who come here thinking this is some side project I’m doing because I have so much free time, or those who find this work amusing: “What a collection of interesting things she says!” Or those who think this is a place to throw temper tantrums and call me names because they can’t control their fear or take time aside to seek the Lord on what is being revealed here. The day will come when I will not bear these weights alone. Every prophecy spoken here will one day move out of “potential reality” into real reality in God’s timing. In that day I won’t be the only heavy one. I know some are hearing but the majority are not, and that’s why I make these comments.

In the days God brings these things on America:  Homelessness. A failing economy.  International ridicule and shame. A fall from grace.  Global scandals. Failing national systems.  Scarce resources.  Hunger and famine.  Pestilence and sickness. National disasters. Dissidents and insurgency.  Civil War.  International conflict.  International War. SUPERNATURAL PUNISHMENTS AND MORE.

I won’t be the only one having hard days. We will all walk the valley of the shadow together, those who believed and those who didn’t, those who repented and those who didn’t. The only difference will be like when God warned Noah. Noah didn’t accuse God. He listened, and because of that he experienced the flood in a very different way from those who did not listen.

The bird of metal wings God showed me rising over America eagle is familiar to me. Here it is:  

Anyone who’s ever studied world history knows that eagle, they know what it meant to see it displayed over the doors of the Reichstag buildings of Nazi Germany. As life in Nazi Germany was, so will it be in America. Hasn’t the Lord shown it? As they were searched out and pulled from their homes so will Americans be pulled out of their homes to stand on the lawn as the entire house is searched from top to bottom. As people were put in trucks and taken away so Americans will be also taken away. Everything has been said publicly here, many times. If you  call God a liar or blame Him as a ‘huntsman of souls’ then just remember – As Israel accused God by saying that He took them from Egypt to die in the wilderness, so will it be here for each person, according to the words of their mouths.

Whether we’ve been saved a long time, a short time or not saved at all- my only advice is to settle down and seek the meaning of these things with prayer. God will confirm them to you if you really want to know the truth. With research too, if you seek God will show you more than you ever hoped to know. Make the decision and come to God now while the sun is shining and basic freedoms are still common to us.

The wise ones among us know to look for God before the flood comes because when it comes the Ark will be closed and after that only remains … swimming.  And how long can anyone swim?

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  1. Lesu says:

    The moment Harris becomes president is the beginning of the apocalypse. For your information, Korea is also planning to conduct a national property survey. I’ve been looking forward to the end. I root for all the unappreciated messengers of this generation. Amen

  2. Lesu2 says:

    It is also helpful to refer to this prophecy site.


  3. Marty says:

    Thanks for sharing another profound and powerful message. Some say the eagle of Nazi Germany and the bald eagle of America are really the Phoenix, an occult satanic symbol signifying death and rebirth. Death of the old order and the birth of the New World Order. The famous Freemason Manly P. Hall once said that America has a “special destiny.” I think he knew that America was created by the Freemasons to be the satanic Mystery Babylon in order to spread her filthy idolatry around the world. Just a thought. Stay strong Celestial. Thank you for shouldering such a heavy burden. 🙏

    1. diego says:

      Spot on! Manly P. Hall, Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky (among others) knew a lot about what’s going to happen (from the Luciferian point of view).

      E.g. Alice Bailey, in Externalization of the Hierarchy, explains that the Hierarchy (aka. the Fallen Angels) will: 1) first infiltrate leadership positions of society in human form, then 2) use “Master Jesus” (aka. Fake Jesus) and other religious leaders to establish a one-world religion, then 3) manifest themselves openly, and then (or perhaps simultaneously) 4) the “Christ” (aka. the Antichrist) will appear, in order to usher in the New Age (aka. Satan’s kingdom on Earth). We’re currently in Stage 1. I think Stage 3 is that dreaded moment when the Fallen Angels will descend from Heaven, as angels of “light”, to mingle with the Seed of Men…

      Also, Jonathan Kleck says that the Luciferians are planning the collapse of the Hoover Dam to signal the birth of the NWO, just like they planned the collapse of the Twin Towers to signal/start… something. You know, Order Out Of Chaos.

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