“LOCKSTEP” : Nazis In America – May 11, 2021

Nazi Party Swastika (“hooked cross”), adopted 1920.

I continue with the revelations of the Lord Jesus Christ as they have been given to me. These are the things the Lord told me not long after the dream of forced vaccinations and checkpoints operated in the United States by men who looked like Nazis. These words form part of a pattern the Lord has been unveiling for more than two years concerning the future form of governance of the USA.

Nazi forces will cover the United States of America. From one side of the USA to the other they will swarm over it like locusts and the sound of their jackboots will fill the country. These are not foreign forces. These are not Russians. These are people born here, homegrown Nazis, carefully hidden and harbored Nazis, children of a former breed and an older time. Hear the word of the Most High God. Hear the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The home of Naziism will be America. The resurgence of Naziism will occur in the United States. She has harbored Nazi principles, she supported Nazi agendas, the scorpion is full grown and now it is ready to sting.

A formidable army says the Lord, a unified army, a formation of men who march in LOCKSTEP. 

Lockstep. A nation treaded under.

Lockstep. A nation treaded down. The sound of it like locusts, like fresh corn crunched under many feet.

(Lockstep is a largely communist form of military marching where the forward leg is put straight out and brought down with considerable force upon the ground, such that when soldiers march in formation the visual effect is like an army of locusts on the move and the sound is unmistakable.) 

The word harbour means “To give protection to, to look after when weak or compromised, to grant a safe space or covering.” Harbour also means to conceal, to hide (as of an agenda or secret). It also means to have undisclosed partitions or layers to something, to keep away out of sight in order to keep safe and provide protection. God says America has hidden and protected Nazis values and agendas; she kept them safe but now they have matured into a full grown scorpion.

America has harboured the Nazis says the Lord. She has provided safe haven for Naziism yet now it is full grown and will pierce her with the sting in its tail.

Communism is coming to America, socialism is coming, every form of government that is NOT the privilege I have allowed you to have for hundreds of years will be seen here. You will see twisted government within your borders and you will not own anything anymore. The government will tell you what to have. The government will tell you what to do. The government will tell you what is acceptable for you and that will be the new social order of the day. Only those who still remember freedom and the inaugural principles of the Constitution will be scandalized at the changes coming to America. The rest will fall in line, in formation. Your children are already indoctrinated and will turn on the status quo as an old enemy, as a repressive system that leaves much to be desired and must be torn down. They will be easy fodder in the hands of the New World Order. 

Nazis will be in America again. Naziism will arise again in the world, this time in the United States. This is the word of the Lord. 

The children of America are brainwashed. They are the product of a system changed years ago, a system that’s been very successful. American children have been SOCIALIZED. They are not like their parents, they do not believe as their parents believe. They are like a layer of resistance that exists between their parents and the government – when parents complain about government failure to deliver on promises or chart a straight course in policy it is their own children who attack them calling them old fashioned, out of touch, ‘social Nazis’ and other such things.

The Lord said that American children defend the government and its policies even in its aberrated state and this will be to the Beast’s advantage. He will use the children against the parents and a new generation of loveless people, people who follow socialized “love” but break the command of God to honour mother and father, will emerge. “Honour thy mother and father that it may be well with you and you can live a long life on earth.” – (Ephesians 6:2-3)  Yet many disobey parents, curse at them, belittle them, ignore them only to cling to absolute deception as truth, even when their elders try to point them back towards the ancient cornerstones of America.

It is a popular saying among you He said: “That child will be the death of me one day!” Without many exceptions this proverb will come true in America. 

Here ends the revelations and speaking of the Lord Jesus Christ to me at 6:40 a.m. EST on May 11, 2021.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    When will Biden die? I think it’s too late. The shortest term in America is a month, and it’s been four months. 9th president’s William henry harrison.

  2. Marty says:

    Speaking as a grumpy old man, I noticed the change in America after the advent of the cell phone. When parents started allowing their teenagers, their adolescents, and then their toddlers to be left alone to their own devices with their own devices, America’s ruin was cemented. These beautiful children became cold and insensitive to others. Seeing this in action over the course of a few years felt like watching a slow motion train wreck. The phone became their best friend. No more playing outside or riding their bikes with their friends and worst of all, no more direct eye contact with others. It was as if the darn phone box was stripping away their humanity, clouding their soul, and they became lifeless zombies.

    Dennis Prager said the move towards socialism and communism here in America started in the 1880s. Very few American universities offered PHD programs, so in order to continue your education you had to go to Europe where those evil ideas had spread like wildfire. Those newly minted PHDs came back to the USA to teach/brainwash their students into believing in evolution, eugenics, and the need for the elites to control public policy (Fabian Socialism).

    In reference to the commenter about Joe Biden, the goal of the satanic globalists is to cause a civil war here in the USA. They will use Bo Jiden to stoke even more anger among the conservatives before he is sacrificed to the mob. Then we might have a short period of calm before the Lotus woman starts wrecking things even further. Then she might be sacrificed before the final unveiling of Pharaoh Obummer. Just a thought.

    Keep up the great work Celestial! You are doing an amazing job. You are the real Wonder Woman. 🙏

  3. Tracey L says:

    “The children of America are brainwashed. They are the product of a system changed years ago, a system that’s been very successful. American children have been SOCIALIZED”

    Recent events have confirmed this to me very strongly… so interesting how i felt like God has recently impressed on my heart to pray specifically and more deliberately for friends children. Though I didn’t have all the details… this prophetic word as well as my very recent conversations with them where I realized they are 100% bought in on the social narrative (in all it’s forms- progressive as can be)- confirms.

    May God have mercy on us… these are heavy words and things to contemplate. But I love that God chooses to speak… to warn, prepare us both in asking us to repent ourselves, make our election sure, pray for others and share of the light He is lighting in us… so others can run to Him and be safe.

    God bless you precious woman of God. You are dearly loved. May God continue to bless you and perfect everything that concerns you. Amen.

  4. sheepdogwarrior says:

    I’ve in the distant past read articles about all the land owned by the Bush family, in South America..
    Millions of Acres….
    How their grandfather was a lawyer for German corporate interests here in the US, and got in trouble with the United States government, during the 30s for helping laundry money out of Germany.
    It was in Congressional hearings, but they made a deal…and it was all hushed up, but you can still find out about it… in part from old reports.
    Many SS fled to corrupt Paraguay especially …..after the Third Reich fell, and other areas like Brazil into the deep interior… buying up huge tracts of land. Where they would not be bothered as it became a private reserve and made their little mini kingdom.
    I meet many old white German people in the Amazon area’s of South America….in the 80’s.
    Surely our government knew all this after the war….oh just look at operation PAPERCLIP… rocket science worker’s, all proud German Nationals… truth is stranger then fiction…..

  5. Hkelso says:

    My question is: if babylon the great is the United States of America, and babylon rides the 8th head of the Scarlet Beast, who is the Scarlet Beast?
    We know that God Yahweh says that babylon the great goes to destruction. What happens to the 8th head of the scarlet beast, and when?

  6. Joel says:

    Sister, when I saw this I had to share something with you. The repeated use of certain symbols and terminology keep giving away the involvement and intentions of these ‘elites’…are you aware of a document published in 2010 by the Rockefeller foundation titled ‘operation LOCKSTEP’? This document describes in detail all that we have seen happen since the beginning of this PLANdemic and all that is still to come. A very good document to read if you can find it. Another is a document published in 1976 and accidentally leaked by IBM in 1981 titled ‘silent weapons for quiet wars’. You will find it very revealing and confirmation of all God is showing us. You can also try to find the NASA ‘war document’s as well as the UN ‘agenda 21’ document, ‘Agenda 2030 plan for sustainable development’ document and ‘UN Global governance 2025’ document. All that you say is confirmation of my research for over 20 years. I have been a doomsday prepper for at least that long. I was an atheist for 15 years. 3 years ago Jesus changed my life. I cried out to him with my whole heart while on my couch, he instantly filled me with his Holy Spirit and I’ve not been the same since. Bless you dear sister

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