Crossroads: EZEKIEL 33 – July 27, 2021


“Arise O God, JUDGE THE EARTH, for you shall inherit all the nations.” – Psalm 82:8

*(I am now back to putting up archived posts on The Master’s Voice.)

Last night in prayer the Lord directed me to put this up on The Master’s Voice. God is very, very serious about America, about the standard He will use to judge her. To judge a thing means to weigh it with all the facts in order to decide what to do with it next. Here is the word, the third time I’ve been told this recently:

“When he sees the sword coming upon the land, if he blows the trumpet and warns the people then whoever hears the sound of the trumpet and does not take warning, if the sword comes and takes him away his blood shall be upon his own head. He heard the sound of the trumpet but did not take warning; his blood shall be upon himself. But he who takes warning shall save his life.” Ezekiel 33:3-5

Once more I declare by the Lord- the standard of judgement God will use in America is EZEKIEL 33. The whole of Ezekiel 33. However this verse is specific in that if you hear the Lord’s warnings but decide to ignore them for whatever reason, when the time comes and you didn’t prepare your heart… if you are swept away by the punishments of the day- even if you die in them- it is no-one’s fault but your own. You heard the warnings but did not believe the Lord.

Anyone not familiar with Ezekiel 33 should spend time absorbing what God tells us in it. It is the gold standard of what Biblical judgement is: whoever hears and ignores is swept away but whoever hears, believes and repents is spared. Also (let America hear this):


Read that again slowly. Another way to understand it is- Let no nation that once walked in God’s ways think that former love for God will provide an escape now that the nation is APOSTATE.

Isn’t that something? Hear me both nations and individuals, your good works aren’t worth cheese when it comes to judgement. You will be evaluated on what you are found doing AT THE TIME.  

Therefore you son of man, say to the children of your people, The righteousness of the righteous shall not deliver him in the day of his transgression: as for the wickedness of the wicked, he shall not fall because of it in the day that he turns from his wickedness; neither shall the righteous be able to live because of his righteousness in the day that he sins. -(Ezekiel 33: 12)

God will not consider if you spent the last 72 years doing good works, preaching, prayer, or anything else as righteousness; if you are found living in sin when judgement comes you will be dealt with as a sinner. JUDGEMENT GOES BY THE CURRENT POSTURE OF THE SOUL, NOT ANYTHING ELSE. Read Ezekiel 33 carefully.

In the same vein (to the Church, especially those constantly condemned who are never be sure if God has forgiven their sins or not, even though He clearly promised to in 1 John 1:5-10):


Read that again slowly. ‘Righteous conduct by a previous sinner’ will be how the Lord deals with anyone who has repented of an evil lifestyle in the day judgement comes.

It will not matter to the Lord and His instruments of judgement what you did in the past if at the time of judgement you are found walking in acceptable, whole conduct before the Lord. Previous sins do not condemn us to God because God is a God of His word. If you repent and confess sin from the heart then it is dissolved by the blood of Jesus Christ and removed from your account. 

Constantly remembering sins (as millions do) and obsessing over them (as millions do) only proves that many have not yet grasped the foundational doctrine of forgiveness (which is CRUCIAL to understanding what the entire walk of Christianity is all about.)

Forgiveness of sin by a Holy God is CRUCIAL and CENTRAL to understanding why we need a saviour in the first place. We are born sinful and cannot cleanse ourselves. Only the eternal blood of the everlasting covenant of the Lord Jesus Christ can lift, dissolve, and forever remove the stain of sin. But if a person truly asks forgiveness for sin and is forgiven (as promised) by God, yet cannot maintain or walk steadfastly in the understanding that sin repented of and lifted off cannot come back to torment a believer, then that explains why so many believers are tormented by past sin. That explains why so many people are never quite convinced that God will not judge them for the past.

Because they do not know, believe, and truly trust in the unchangeable steadfastness God gives His word they find it hard or even impossible to leave the memory of their sins behind and walk in the freedom of the Cross. Satan sees the gaps in their knowledge and exploits it against them again and again to the condemnation of their souls, and this is why many are terrified when they read this blog. They think past sins will assign them to the judgement of the unrighteous, even though they already confessed sin before the Lord. Yet I encourage fellow believers, learn the Word of God. It is time for many blunt knives to sharpen their blades and know what the Lord means when He speaks, because only those who rightly divide the word of truth will be able to walk in it to the end. 

Ezekiel 33 has much to say on what judgement means and how it is measured to the righteous and unrighteous.

Many do not understand God’s approach to judgement, they think that just being Christian is a gold card to safety from everything but it’s not. Most Christians are a mixture of strange and even offensive beliefs, when you hold their hearts up to the blacklight of true Christianity they fall woefully short. Their faith especially- which means the ability to believe as the Lord believes no matter what the visible evidence looks like their faith can’t even hold out under the slightest pressure of the times. Everything stresses them out, brings them to tears, doubt and fainting.

But  look at where we are. Just… look. The sword is coming, God wouldn’t be warning us if it wasn’t. The Body of Christ is extremely divided, practicing ‘selective verse theology’, far from being a pure reflection of the character, FAITH, resilience and perseverance of the Lord. Jesus was so resistant, patient, CALM and full of the Holy Spirit, this enabled Him to withstand impossible pressures and demands of ministry, constant traveling, hatred, even people wanting to kill Him. He had a tough daily schedule yet could be found on windy mountains all night in prayer. He was kept by the constantly renewable power of the Holy Spirit within Him yet when we look at His body worldwide, how faint, how faltering, how few are these characteristics among us! Resilience, calmness to process threats and coming adversity are hardly seen, yet this is the generation that has to prepare for and endure Matthew 24.

Exclusion, oppression, scarcity and lack, being hunted down and even put to death for faith- this generation is the generation appointed to these things, yet do we have the reserves? How is the oil in our lamps? We mostly have weak representation of the Holy Spirit at work in us and are (so many of us!) absolutely pinned with fear. The few that are ready are so few. We are mostly not ready for what is coming but the end times don’t care about that, the end times are already happening. People are losing jobs, homes, savings and even their lives- the end times are here whether we’re ready or not. 

The Lord told his followers that far from judging the Pharisees in righteousness (in terms of adhering to God’s holy laws), they were supposed to exceed them! But is that the case for us now?

“For I say unto you, that except your righteousness shall exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no case enter into the kingdom of heaven.” – (Matthew 5:20)

Are the Christians of the global church exceeding the Pharisees in terms of our faith? Does our prayer, fasting, tithing, good works and LEARNEDNESS IN THE WORD OF GOD go beyond those nearly fanatic men, who were so zealous for the scriptures that they even mocked God Himself when He was among them, thinking Him way too young to be better than they were? Is anyone rushing to put their hand up and say ‘In terms of the boundaries and borders of my life I am technically faultless and better than the Pharisees.’ If not then we must take time to ask ourselves how populated really do we expect the Kingdom of Heaven to be after the judgement of this generation? These are honest and legitimate questions we all need to ask ourselves, these are things to think about.

The Lord said as it goes in Ezekiel 33 so it will go in America. The only people who will be safe are those who are truly with Him.

‘Nobody will be saved except those who repent of their sins and come wholly into the ark of salvation which is Christ. No one will be spared except those who are known by the name of the Lord, who shows mercy to all who put their trust in Him. Anyone else who is found outside of the protection of my Son will receive the full judgment of America in the day that her judgement is made’.

Hearing this made me sober and sad, because I know for all the work I do I haven’t reached even a fraction of the population of this country. More to that the fraction I have reached seem very divided in what they’re able to believe, so only God knows the impact of my efforts. I’m always thinking of ways to expand my reach and have more people hear the words of the Lord- after all that’s the tagline of The Master’s Voice. I’m doing what I can, feeding more and more time into preparing the prophecies but I know I haven’t even scratched the surface yet. 

God has been telling me for a long time that the standard of obedience (what passes for obedience in America) is so low as to be non-existent; He told me to do my best to shout the alarm so that all who believe will come into holiness, true worship, and salvation. That’s what I’m doing but I won’t do it forever. With all things life goes by seasons.

People have  such varied concepts of what it means to “hear and obey the Lord”, that’s why I am rather blunt in warning readers what the consequences of partial, modulated or no obedience is. Obedience will bless you but disobedience or delayed or ‘revised’ obedience will leave you twisting in the wind. I’ve said many times- not everyone who dies in the last days will be an “Amen, so be it Lord” passing away. People are so disobedient to God now that they think even His most obvious warnings are lies- they follow personal beliefs of what they think He ‘”would or would not do”‘: God would never do this! God would never say that! It makes no sense so this can’t be true.

I know and have seen of the Lord that many deaths of the future will be not the ordained kind but will be as a result of stubbornness, carelessness, sloppy living, casting off restraint, willfulness, spiritual deafness and misdiagnosing the times. Some people will lose their lives for no other reason than (exactly as Ezekiel 33 says) they heard the trumpet blaring loud as day but they thought it was a joke. “What’s she talking about, this will never happen in America!”

Never mind the many other things we thought could never happen that have already happened, some will continue to think these posts are wrong until the Lord delivers the bitter punchline that no, they really aren’t. Other will be taken away not because they didn’t hear, they are hearing but other things are competing for their time and attention. They’re deceived by too many voices, but the Lord is calling us back to closeness with His Spirit so we can know which voices are true.

Prayer is the FIRST PLACE GOD WARNS US. If you’re looking to any other person, thing, or ‘Soon it’s going to happen; I heard it in the group!’ event to save you, you are on dangerous ground right now. 

Some will be taken away by their own refusal (or inability) to depart from sin. You cannot hear the trumpet if you’re in the streets celebrating these tidbits of pretense that governments are tossing out, calling it “getting back to normal”. You can’t hear the trumpet while glued to politics, or living for your own lusts. You also can’t hear the trumpet if you’re paralyzed with fear, nor can you hear it if you’re hoping for help in any other name but the name of Jesus Christ. 

You will only hear it if you have the fear of God (which is the right and proper respect for God and His ways). Otherwise you will miss it and when you miss it you’ll forget to repent, and your blood will be upon you. I am blowing the trumpet with all my might, but not for the first time I am telling the users of this blog that I will not always blow it. One day when I am writing here less and less, and I’ve finally managed to catch up the videos to the written messages here, I will stop blowing. I will go and work in another field on another project and these words will sit here as an indictment to America until the day her docket number is called in the Courts of the Lord. Then… it will be as it is.

We have come to the Crossroads in America. The righteous and the unrighteous. There are posts that witness with this message- links will be below. May God bless you as you study Ezekiel 33 and realize that the Reckless Love God does not exist, the one chasing after people with robes flapping around His ankles is a myth. There is only one sovereign God seated above the circle of the earth, He doesn’t need to chase anybody because the whole world’s in His hands. He’s watching you and that’s no reason to be terrified, it’s reason to make sure that what He sees is good. He’s weighing you but instead of that making you afraid it’s an invitation to look up and say Show me how to set my pride aside and live worthy of the Blood your Son shed for me. He will visit you so you need to prepare for your visitation. When He comes it’ll be too late to start tidying up; the time to do all that is now.

Christianity is a journey of personal faith that draws the power of God into a man for CHANGE. If you’re at the crossroads today it is time to change. Come into the ark of salvation for no man knows the day or the hour. If you’re already in the ark then get closer to the engine of the Holy Spirit and let Him prepare you for the times that are ahead. May God bless all who read and understand, amen.

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  1. M Sinq says:

    I can understand how agonizing it must be for you to have people argue and not believe your blog posts and videos, as much time and effort you put into the assignment God has given you. However, as you’ve said, you’re not interested in what people think, so much as you being obedient. What they do with it is up to them. I do believe you’re reaching more than you realize. I always stop what I’m doing when I see a new post of yours.
    Thank you for your perseverance in telling us the hard things.

  2. joyceschraeder says:

    I totally agree, I stop and read or I watch your video. I completely agree with you and I learn from you , so very much. I read comments on others and so many will site what you be just said. You have reached an amazing amount of folks. The Lord knows 😇

  3. Scarlett says:

    “I’m always thinking of ways to expand my reach and have more people hear the words of the Lord- after all that’s the tagline of The Master’s Voice.”
    Celestial, you might consider checking out “PalTalk”. It’s free, or can be paid for a reasonable fee, to be ad free if one wishes. You can have your own “room” with video cam, (or not), and can converse with other Christians, pray and worship together in the moment. In text, video and audio. It’s not at all hard to get the hang of it.
    PalTalk is 100% better than the plague of In Yur Face Book, yet most people have never heard of it, although it was the original voice over communication set up on the Internet. It has an advantage that it’s considered to be more private with no snooping than FB and the Internet at large. And it doesn’t censor or block people. You do have the option to control who comes into your “room” however, in order to avoid trolls and disrupters.
    There used to be a “room” that I’d go to where they praised and prophesied, and the Holy Spirit would move in a beautiful way that would just bless you so wonderfully.
    One big caveat though is to use discernment as with all things. PalTalk can also be a venue where wolves prowl around. All that said, I wish there were something like that to participate in during these days of for me at least, fellowship being few and far between.
    Lord bless and enrich you sister as your soul continues to prosper,

  4. Anonymous says:

    I live in Australia and are reading your posts, so you have reached me and no doubt many others who live in and out of America.

    I’m learning so much from you and I believe that a lot of what you say will happen (in America), will eventually happen everywhere else also, as we approach the New World Order!

    Don’t be discouraged…keep up the good work…May God bless you in many ways!

    From your sister in Christ from Australia!


  5. Brooklyn Native says:

    Couldn’t have been said better. The lord chose an amazing watchman in Celestial!
    Im repenting daily. Sometimes 4 to 5 times a day. Even if i don’t think i sinned for the day, still repenting numerous times in that day.

    Hey celestial, im not scared. Im ready!

  6. Heather Sharpe says:

    The Lord gave me a beautiful dream a few years ago that I remembered while reading this post. In the dream I was at a business lunch. The group was led by a total “queen bee” type. When we arrived at the restaurant, no one showed up to serve us so this woman indicated that everyone should be seated. She then looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to serve her.

    I was surprised and unprepared but I found some cups of water and baskets of bread, and placed them on the table. At first she was pleased, but when she realized I wouldn’t be taking orders and delivering a meal, she got up disgusted and led us to another restaurant. When we arrived, the whole scene repeated itself. This kept happening until on the 4th or 5th go, she rolled her eyes at the woman next to her and said, “If I have one more sip of water, or piece of bread I’m going to throw up!”

    We left the restaurant and entered an office building where we rode an elevator up to the top floor. When we stepped out onto the floor, a giant earthquake struck and we all knew this was it, we were going down. The most AMAZING peace came over me. I can only describe it as that moment at the end of exam when the teacher says “pencils down!!” There is no more time to change answers or look over the test. So there was no more need to strive or try. It was done, and I felt I had pleased the Lord and had no fear.

    This is the joyous, priceless reward of those who serve the Lord. Those who are serving living waters, and the bread of life, and not catering to the desires of the masses. All that matters at the end is that we did all we could with what we had. Whether or not a single person receives it. If we please the Lord we will have no guilt in life, nor fear in death. God bless you!

  7. Jobob says:

    I have a dream I want to share. I had it 3 nights ago. This may not be the right article to attach it to. But I feel the need to get it out there…. i was standing in a field, and from the horizon I saw 3 or 4 grey balls with a trail of smoke coming at me from the sky at almost horizontal with just a slight angle. They were moving very fast. Several thousand mph. There was no ark. In a straight line. I could tell they were going to go over me and were going to miss me. I didn’t turn to see where they landed. I kept watching where they came from. Good thing I did. Right behind them were 3 more and they were coming right at me. I knew I had to dodge them or they were going to hit me. I judged there flight path and moved between where they were going to hit. It was so close I had to turn sideways. As they flew past I could feel the wind percussion and heat. They were the size of a basketball. They just barely missed me. End of dream. They were meteorites. The outside was grey with a orange glowing middle. This is the first time I’ve dreamed of something coming from the sky

    1. LorQ says:

      Hi JoBob- Respected Christian author, Dr. Tom Horn has a book out where he discusses the dream he also had from Our Lord regarding meteors hitting the Earth by 2030. I had one in 2016 where I saw the destruction of the western part of the USA by meteorites (or something very close to meteorites). Wasn’t shown the eastern part of the USA, but the west was decimated with very few survivors. It is the same dream with three of God’s angels who told me to read the Books of Daniel and Revelation. I was also told to stay CLOSE TO GOD. The other dream I had of the meteorites also showed me that survivors were covered by God and the angels He has sent to watch over them and keep these survivors safe. For me, your dream just confirms what I saw in 2014 and 2016.

      1. Jobob says:

        Hi lori… I appreciate your comments and insight… I don’t know how far God is going to go to keep me here… I know it is his will and for a reason. I think it’s for me to help guide and protect his own both physically and spiritually thru what is to come. Many times I have been protected supernaturaly in my dreams and visions. I’ve been shot twice and felt nothing, made invisible to a beast that was hunting me, twice… and MANY other ways that only he could do. The only time I died was when I was fighting the Chinese with a gun in my hand. Don’t stand in the way of God’s judgement on this nation…. you won’t make it. Stay away from militant people that talk about revolution or “let’s go mess em up”.. only Jesus can preserve us. I thank God often for celestial. She is so unafraid to deliver the ugly truth. I love her so much. This is the best place for me to post what I have been shown and talk about things of god. Most that come here are truth seekers and have already been shocked and stunned by her. Lol

        1. Jobob says:

          I do want to add tho.. we all have a right to defend ourselves.. and sometimes to do that you have to be proactive

        2. LorQ says:

          Hi JoBob- God has always watched over me too. Times that I should be dead, BUT God has a plan for me in these days. So be it, Let His Glory Shine on this Earth for all to Witness. May Celestial and others doing His work reach all who need to repent and seek Him. God Bless you Brother-in-Christ.

  8. Kathy peters says:

    Wow god bless you 🤍 the lord has shown me about your dream about the vaccinated but did he tell you when exactly or around about time on when they hear the note the noise evil from above ⬆️ god bless you sis can’t wait to meet in the sky 🌌

  9. Judy McCree says:

    Dear Celestial, I thank God for the reposting of this prophecy. It is stirring, and at the same time it is calming in a way. Your writings are so clear and help me to understand better about the Lord. I receive it, believe it and in my heart say yes. Today i shared two of your links in another You Tube channel in their comment section and i hope many others see them and go from there. Thanking God for your obedience to Him. God help us to get it all the way right with Him. Much love to you my sister.

  10. Jobob says:

    Welp…its confirmed… no jab… no V.A. benefits .. it’s for the best tho.. most hospitals have become death camps anyhow.. God is the healer for sure now.

  11. Jobob says:

    Another thing to think about…. get your dental work done now… soon we won’t be able to have dental work done without the jab… can you imagine having a friend pull a tooth without novicane.. 😲😲😲

  12. Jobob says:

    Interstate checkpoints are coming very soon with a forced jab or quarantine camp.. (fema camp)..

  13. docsavage7 says:

    Another AWESOME word from the Lord. Thank you Celestial for this blog and your faithfulness.
    May God bless you Celestial and those of us who have realized it is time to stop playing church and be real with our Lord, Jesus Christ. Ezekiel 33 is so important to read it and get it into our hearts!
    Cheers, Doc Savage

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