The Silver Mist – November 9, 2020

Now it came about in the thirtieth year, on the fifth day of the fourth month, while I was by the river Chebar among the exiles, the heavens were opened and I saw visions of God. – (Ezekiel 1:1)

Hello to all on The Master’s Voice – as I continue to share the prophetic words, dreams and visions of the Lord Jesus Christ I welcome all who’ve recently found this blog – you are welcome. I hope you experience God here in a new way as so many have. The heart of this work is to give the Lord Jesus space to speak His people in these difficult days, to prepare us for the things to come, so I hope you will prosper in this space as so many old members have, and God bless you. ❤️

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The dream I had yesterday (Nov. 9, 2020) is very long and complicated so here we go:

I dreamt of the world shown as buildings, many buildings on a foggy plain crammed with every type and race of people, doing what people do best- trying to get to the top. Every building had multiple storeys soaring skyward, and if the mass of humanity walking round my building was anything to go by then all the others were the same. Each of us had a room, our little life, that much was made clear to me.

After I found my room in my building I went out to the plain for exercise and found my favorite cousin, and he and I began to walk and stretch our legs. He said to me, Do you notice anything strange about this plain (i.e grassy area or field) Celestial? I said Yes, it is excessively foggy and weird. The plain was lit with an odd, “off”, artificial light; it looked like how other planets are shown to us in the movies, like that Mars movie with Matt Damon or similar. He said Can you see there is no sun?

He continued: “Nobody has seen the sun in three days; the sun and the moon have not been seen in three days. This is artificial lighting they’re trying to provide for us. I don’t know where it comes from but look at the sky, there is no sun in it from horizon to horizon, even though we have this pale, foggy light.” 

And I looked, I searched the sky especially at the point where some concentrated brightness seemed to be but there was no sign of that solid red ball we see every day. No matter how foggy a day is the sun should sit behind the fog as a clear red or yellow silhouette but I saw nothing. I stood on the plain with my cousin 3 days and 3 nights in this dream- I watched the fake day fade and night come upon us, no moon appeared so the darkness was total and absolute.

It came in waves (not water waves, but ‘waves’ like when you paint). It was as if someone was painting the sky first indigo blue, then another layer made it darker navy blue, then deeper black blue, then no blue at all just jet black. 

I saw the waves of “painted black” cover the sky in strokes from one end to the other, I searched the blackness for the moon or stars and saw nothing. Then night ended, fogginess came back, the pale light which was not the sun came back and the world looked so eerie like those space movies trying to depict other worlds. I was so confused about this: “Who can remove the sun!” was all I kept thinking, along with “Who is this ‘they’ my cousin speaks about?”

I’m a thinking woman but as I stood for three days and nights seeing no sun, no moon, no stars, all that was on my mind was: “Where are the sun and moon? Where are the stars? Where have they gone? Why is it dark and I can’t see the sun?” That’s the only thought I had, and I know now that will be the thought of billions around the world when this event takes place.

After 3 days passed I saw another event- the sky became the most beautiful radiant palette of colours. Red, orange and gold; blue, purple and indigo. The red spectrum was on the left of the sky and the blue on the right, and right before me the sky broke like glass from one end to another along a shatter line, then began to tear itself in two like a fresh loaf of bread. I saw the entire heavens tear apart and out of it began to pour a liquid silver mist that was alive. When I saw that mist pouring down across the earth I knew it is time to die, I fled into the building where I lived and into my bedchamber.

Note: To those out there who are so, so deeply arrogant and at the same time largely ignorant of what the Bible says, as in —-> When the times arrive to hide oneself from certain death is when you become filled with the arrogance of satan and begin boasting on social media: “Why are we hiding? Is this what God wants, shouldn’t we go and evangelize more than ever? Can this disease overpower our God, can this or that evil terror be stronger than a call to tell people about Jesus?! Let us go out!”

To you who do this I say, all your questions will be answered in Heaven (or Hell) after your foolish and early death, because I have seen in my dreams multitudes PERISH due to what I can only politely call absolute stupidity.

I am never one to insult anyone, but there is no other term for one who is so dull that their pride overrides the quickening of the Holy Ghost to a Christian in telling them what to do, when to do it, and when to refrain from doing it. I have felt the Holy Spirit in me shout NO! when I was about to do or say something that I thought was ‘okay’, and like a horse on its reins I turned my feet instantly without asking “But isn’t it the time to do this and that God, isn’t that proof that I believe in you?”

Indeed I repeat: We shall all depart this life, but some will depart early and for foolery. Don’t let that be you.

Let me continue this dream, for it is warning of the times to come.

“Come, My people, enter your chambers and shut your doors behind you; Hide yourself, as it were, for a little while until the indignation is past.” – (Isaiah 26:20)

When I saw this silver mist pour from the sky I FLED to my room. I entered and slammed the door, looked to one side and saw my room full of people. FULL. I didn’t know a single one of them yet somehow men, women, children, entire families had come to my room for protection. I thought, How did all these people come here? but there was no time to ask because the thick silver mist that was also like liquid mercury entered the building.

Next I looked at my door and saw this: There was a medium sized hole in my door like acid had eaten through it. I saw it and my heart sank because I knew it was SIN. Someone (whoever among the many in my room) had brought sin with them, and that sin destroyed the solidity and integrity (wholeness) of my door, my barrier, putting us all in danger.

Before I could ask who did this the mist which was moving through the halls of the building, saw the hole and began pouring in through it. It flowed in like fog but also like water, and I saw the mist had eaten so many souls since it came down from the rip in the sky that it had gone from a pure, light silver to heavy charcoal black. Everyone saw it and started screaming but I shouted IN THE NAME OF JESUS, I ARREST YOU WITH THE BLOOD! THE BLOOD! THE BLOOD OF JESUS REBUKES YOU! I CAST YOU OUT BY THE BLOOD, YOU MUST OBEY THE BLOOD! I stood before my door defending the hole with the blood of Jesus, I saw myself with finger pointed shouting about the blood, that no-one may cross the Blood, the blood will always defend and abide. I stood yelling at that hole and that living silver death with everything I had in me.

And I saw… that blackish water-fog-mist paused. It stopped entering. This dream proves once again- no matter who may mock me, no matter what anyone tries to say- I know that spiritual things are alive. Even the people in Hollywood who show it to us night and day know they’re alive, but it’s us so full of pride and “logic” that think things on TV are just stories. That mist was ALIVE, it heard me, it could think, it understood what I said. I saw it pause, then it began to flow backwards until it was gone from the hole. After it left the hole in the door sealed itself, and we were safe inside.

I looked at the people, they had all run together to the furthest corner of the room and left me, they had piled on one another crying and shaking but sheer terror silenced them til even the tall men were crying with no sound. I was also silent. I saw the power of the blood of Jesus but I also saw – if you have no authority to use it, if you have EVEN ONE SIN – you have no right to use the blood. No demon will obey you and certainly not the much more powerful thing I saw enter the earth in the last days still to come. Right there the dream ended and I woke up thinking My Good Lord what is this that is coming into this world to us? What is this I have seen? Here is what The Lord said when I woke up.

Mark these words, SILVER FLESH will come to you and destroy you. This is the word of the Lord. The great deception is at hand. The killing fields will be again but those who have blood on the door and have turned from their sins will be saved. You will see My warriors arising in those days, brave men and women skilled in sword-fighting with the word of God and by faith, these will save many people and preserve for me a remnant in the earth to see My face at my coming. Put on the full armour of the Lord that you may be counted worthy to escape in the evil day, for these are the days that are coming upon you – the evil day, THE DAYS OF NOAH, the days of premature death even to children, the day of wolves and destruction says the Lord.

Do not leave your homes for any reason in that day but stay under the blood of the Cross. Stay under the blood and put away sin from your midst, your gatherings, your homes and congregations. SIN IS A REPROACH TO ANY PEOPLE. STAY UNDER THE BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST, and indeed you shall be saved. Sin breaks the gate of protection, breaks the armour, breaks even the efficiency of your sword (the word of God). Sin is a shame and a reproach, by it the enemy can attack and even destroy a Christian, so be mindful of your lives and repent of all sin daily. 

Whether anyone believes this or not, so be it. I never bother whether people believe me or not, truly it’s the last thing from my mind. It’s one thing to live like this, but if anyone thinks in addition to that I will burden myself begging people to believe me… Oh my… it is totally not so. The just will live by his faith.

God told me a great, very greater form of death will come to us in the last days, a great deception and destruction than any ever seen before. This is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve seen the sky open: in every instance I’m still here, no Rapture, in every instance something horrible is about to happen to mankind and many times I flee the scene BEFORE the wickedness even kicks off. I see the sky opening and Celestial is —> GONE. 

So let the Captain Americas continue on social media with their habits like what I saw when corona arrived: You hear there’s a disease mankind is unfamiliar with, it’s killing people, yet what it inspires in you is this misplaced arrogance to take to your keyboard and begin announcing that you and your Bible are the cure for it. There are more than enough gravestones for that group. I am not cursing you, no, I am telling you that wisdom is profitable to direct. God has shown me we will bury a lot of Christians for the simple crime of going left when it’s time to go right, so… let that be known.

A time that will seriously challenge our faith will come. When it comes many will wonder how an election took up their mental space, they will wonder how they were not praying about THIS PART. God said we have torn the fabric of reality and now death will come to us. “Fabric of reality” is a term I’ve never heard God mention before, yet scientists and astrophysicists speak of it all the time. I saw it tear and what came out made strong men cry without sound. Let whoever believes, believe.

The sun and moon will go away, I have seen this 3 times now. There is scripture for this, read the post Desolations Pt 6 – I’ll leave a link below showing this prophecy given in other ways, the colorful sky and warnings of what will come out of it in the end times. Let those who hear, hear.

P.S. I also see so many people online, posting this type of sky and sighing “Beautiful, Beautiful”. Hmmm.. Since 2016 God has warned me that the increase in these colorful skies will bring tears to the whole world, yet see how the media has even Christians sighing with joy at the signs of coming destruction.  Incredible. Death is sitting in the sky but what do I see on Facebook? “Beautiful… beautiful.” 

Well… May God’s people learn to ask God about things so what He says can save them. These are the times to pray for discernment like never before, amen.

Always with love, Celestial.

You can read Desolations Are Determined Pt. 6, and the intro of Hearing The Voice of God Pt 2 for more on this topic of darkness for several days, colorful skies. Read also The Hole In The Sky for more.

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  1. Joseph Labonte says:

    Peace be with you Celestial. Yes! Put the fear of GOD in me. I’m OK with that. Love you in the of Jesus. Thanks.

  2. Hi Celestial, I want to thank you so much for your 3 videos – the 2 on ‘Repentance’ and ‘Blood to Drink’! I believe God is speaking through you and I pray for His favor and grace to be yours at all times. Much love and many blessings from South Africa.

  3. Jonathan says:

    I 100% believe this to be true. The glass you saw breaking is the firmament described in the Bible. Gods name is written on the blue oxygen glass the world calls outer space. Thank you for your sharing, I know it’s not easy.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I keep reading this and I pray that I don’t have even one sin in me when everything goes down.

  5. livingthelife198779523 says:

    Hi sister Celestial. What does it mean ‘But those who have the blood on the door and who have turned from thier sins will be saved. Do we literally have to put some kind of blood on our doors? I have seen the movie The Ten Commandments every year since I can remember. And I will be 60 this year. What should we do? Thank you. And God bless you. Dawn

  6. Chauandan says:

    Obrigado, por compartilhar conosco oque Deus lhe mostrou. Tem uma parte que ela fala de santidade. O mundo espiritual sabe se você se guarda para Deus ou não. Nosso Senhor Jesus nos ver o tempo todo. O amor de Deus se manifesta nesses detalhes nos alertando para mudar e andar com Ele em fidelidade e amor.

  7. Flourish&Thrive says:

    Makes me think of CERN

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