UFOs & Aliens: “Modded” – June 7, 2021


*Please read this post until the end. At times I regret that I can’t draw, it would help in describing some of what I see. But God knows I try my best. He told me these prophecies would be known for DETAIL such that when they come true people will know for certain who sent me to speak. This is the scripture He gave me: “Now I tell you before it come, that, when it is come to pass, you may believe that I am He” (John 13:19). God doesn’t waste words so as He reveals things He wants us to deal with the shockwaves and prepare for the days ahead, no matter how ‘different’ they may sound. Thank you.

Last night I was meditating on a certain aspect about us as human beings. I learned a new word this weekend and I’ve been thinking of that word since I learned it. My mind was still on it at bedtime so I wrote a few thoughts on it and then I went to sleep. I slept the whole night without dreams which was great but then towards morning the Lord spoke in my sleep and asked: ‘Do you want to wake up or do you want to keep sleeping?’ I said Lord, this is pleasant for me. This is rare. Please, I want to keep sleeping. So the Lord left me and I slept.

A little while after I found myself on an island. I knew I was sleeping but there I was on this island, a beautiful place with absolutely no people just clean beach, lapping water and the usual cut of dense jungle trees in the background. I was awestruck and thought WOW. Such an amazing place. So beautiful. I appreciated the view but thought let me sit down on the sand so I can better appreciate this place. As soon as I sat down I sank down through the sand and entered into another dimension, a horrible one that made me wish I’d kept standing and stayed in the first one.

In this new place I fell to, I was at a concert. The Lord put me in a front row seat in the most fancy, advanced, high-tech concert hall I’ve ever seen. The walls were seamless with no lines and soared so high above the audience, they were made of this smooth, blue steel that was as pliable as glass. We know glass can be shaped into beautiful forms- curves, flutes and such- but steel isn’t that flexible and can’t be manipulated like that. Steel has a powerful design which is used as functional support in architecture. However this blue steel was intensely decorative, I saw it bent and shaped like bird’s wings, accordion pleats, and playful bubbles and curves all over the auditorium. I thought ‘When did we learn to do this and what is this new metal we’re doing it with?’ 

The audience was in darkness but it felt like a full house. Excited whispers came from behind me but where I sat (exact middle, first section, first row) the people were well-bred and self controlled so there was no talking or fidgeting at all. There was no curtain, the stage was just dark but then a rich deep voice said Ladies and Gentlemen in the customary greeting, after this a light came on and I received my first shock of the evening.

The main stage directly in front of us remained dark but to the left a smaller, rotating stage lit up and we saw the MC. It was a Black horse. Not a black horse as in- a jet black stallion named Midnight- no. It was a half-horse, half-man creature who was Black as in ‘like a Black person’. I looked at this creature and instantly regretted my decision to sleep in. He had a human body at the top but of greater proportions that normal men: a Black person’s wooly hair, a handsome human face, barrel chest big arms and a man’s waist. He was totally naked except for a small nod to civilization in the form of a black satin bow tie- he didn’t have on anything else.

The rest of him was horse, a BIG, muscled, chestnut horse body. There isn’t more I can say.

I stared at this creature in open surprise but nobody thought he was strange. People thunderously applauded the MC and then the event began. One by one a cast of characters came on this stage and showcased ‘talent’. Nothing I write here is fantasy, the Lord showed me these things today and they’re being published exactly as shown because of the series I’m doing right now on The Master’s Voice. The worst part is not that I have to write this, the worst part is that nothing I say here will ever fully prepare us for the reality of these things when they come. Let me continue.

When God gives me dreams He does the camerawork. He decides the angles, whether I’ll see something fully or only a glimpse, whether something has solid form or is more felt/ sensed. I can’t remember the majority of the characters I saw and I’m glad for that. My mind left them in the net of the dream and I’m fine with that. These are the ones I remember.

The characters who showcased talent were a mix of human and non-human, mostly non-human. It was a cultural event for ‘races’ to come together and bond as part of a push to foster ‘brotherhood and mutual understanding in the new world’. One ‘person’ was a very tall female in a flowing lavender dress with the Snow White upraised collar – she sang flawless opera. This being was extremely pale and looked like a woman in every respect except for her overly white skin- white almost to the point of pale blue. She had red lips, slightly larger eyes like these phone filters give you, rosy cheeks. The only problem is her human face had another bulging forehead above it, in that forehead were three huge eyes that moved incessantly and watched EVERYTHING. I hated this woman on sight and my eyes were glued to her three eyes darting everywhere. 

After this a dolphin came out in a cute red bow tie. It walked upright on its bottom fins. It didn’t say anything or squeak like they do- instead it spread its flippers in greeting, bowed its head and sent ‘little blue rings of thought’ towards the audience. When the rings hit us we heard it speaking in a man’s voice. It told comfortable jokes and many people laughed but I sank in my seat and again regretted my decision to sleep. The dolphin spoke to us using thought signals and even though I did not agree with what was going on the thought signals entered my mind too, and I heard it talking to us.

I remember a human woman in a couture red dress with a skirt that spread all over the floor- she played the piano with great passion and it was her presence that gave me scale of how massive some of the creatures that came before us were. Before this woman came on I could be forgiven for not understanding the scale of what I had been looking at- she and her piano were depicted as toy size on stage by God’s camera. She was so small, small like me, in her red dress playing passionately at her small piano. Next to her was a HUGE MICROPHONE, AT LEAST ONE STOREY TALL, the minimum height I can assign the microphone put on stage for the next act is ‘one storey of a human building’ tall.

The next act is where God brought me out of this dream. I mourned in my heart so much that God had mercy on me and took me out of the dream.

After the woman in red went offstage a giant creature with reptile scales all over its body and spikes all down its back came on. It was ‘shy’ and asked to stay in absolute darkness, so what I saw of it were impressions put into my mind’s eye rather than what the dark stage in front of me showed.

This creature was shaped like man but was extremely large. It was twice as large as its microphone, a monster sized head, massive chest and muscled arms that hung down how gorillas arms do. It had a stumpy tail like a lizard and spikes ran from the top of its head down the back to the tip of the tail. The mouth was a snout and the only word my shocked mind supplied for this creature were ‘lizard’ and ‘dinosaur’. 

It carried… a saxophone. I’ve never seen one like it, it was gold and that’s all I can say. I can’t describe it but my new word came to mind. “MODDED.” It carried a modded saxophone and after standing shyly in the dark for a while this scaled beast drew a deep breath and started to play some of the most beautiful jazz I’ve ever heard in  my life. The music was shown to me as blue notes floating into the huge mic and drifting out over us all; it entered my ears, went to my heart and filled me with love and sympathy for this creature. I felt how misunderstood it was, how lonely, this music went into my core and stirred me to compassion for this beast. I felt how the rats must have felt when the Pied Piper played the first soulful notes that led to their final destruction. I could not stop the music going in my ears OR the emotions I felt when I heard it, but when I realised I was having these feelings I grieved before the Lord.

I thought: “Why did I keep sleeping? WHY? Now look where I am. This is how we’ll die. We will all be destroyed by these things because our hearts will be turned after them, they will coerce us with music and thought waves and things we have no resistance for! They will drive us to sympathy until we accept them and then when they mix with us we will be destroyed. God. Why have I lived to see this? Why have I lived to this point God and why didn’t I wake up when I had the chance?”

When I grieved like this the Lord woke me up from the dream. He comforted me and told me the trouble with humanity is we are never satisfied. We are NEVER grateful and thankful for what we have, we always want something more. Something extra. Something greater than what we have. This is the work of unrighteousness and non-stop lust in us, always wanting more. God said it will ultimately destroy us because we are not content with the world as He made it NOR ARE WE RESPECTFUL OF THE BOUNDARIES AND SEPARATION HE SET BETWEEN THE WORLDS.

Therefore when other creatures come down to us there will be a huge debate: I saw a RAGING DEBATE in the world about whether the aliens and other creatures who came to earth were our friend or foe. It raged in intellectual circles, schools and college campuses, children argued about it based on what they heard their parents say at home. It was in the media, newspapers and talk circuits- “Who are they and what do they want from us?” Earth became a fire-point because of alien beings and other countless demonic creatures that emerged into the spotlight and I have to tell you, the vast majority of people eventually became persuaded by all the talking that these creatures meant no harm and should be allowed to stay among us. I however was NOT a part of that group.

God said that the trouble with man is the VANITY OF HIS HEART, the ease with which human beings can be deceived through their own pride and not even know it! People who are proud are easily deceived and God said the pride of humanity will be its ultimate destruction. Too many think that God’s way of doing things is foolish and basic- they lust after complicated power but forget that without God’s wisdom man is doomed to FUTILE THOUGHTS THAT KILL.

This perfectly matches scripture, see Romans 1:18-32 where it details the process of denying God: Once a person refuses to accept that there is a God, that He alone created the world and set His signature on it, that person’s mind becomes an open highway for Satan. Satan will drag them step by slithering step into an abyss that first starts with unbelief, escalates to grave sin, and finally ends in total mental depravity where every abomination under the sun seems normal and okay to them. If you’ve ever watched a news report in shock, maybe about someone killing other people and peeling them to make a dress out of their skin, I assure you their descent into depravity didn’t happen in a day. It had its origins in the process outlined as an eternal warning for us all in Romans chapter one.

As the Lord was speaking I saw a man lay down of his own free will on a steel surgical table. He was covered with a thin blue sheet, some wires were attached to his brain and the doctor explained to him the procedure they were about to do on him. The man listened, nodded and then drifted off to sleep when anaesthesia was given. I saw them make many cuts and insert what looked like small silver ‘blades’  or ‘sim cards’ in his flesh. There was information written on those blades- one was put into a cut on his hand, one was inserted into his right eye, one went into his forearm and another in his thigh- these little blades (they also appeared to me like sim cards’) were put into many places of this man and as a result he woke up changed.

God said to me “Now his digital signature is different. He is no longer a man.” I don’t really know what a digital signature is, this dream has been written immediately from memory so I’ve not had time to research but this is the sense I got in my spirit.

Every living thing has a digital signature. It’s a silent code that broadcasts into the universe announcing what we are, what species God has made us to be. A frog has a frog signature and a snake has a snake signature. When a frog senses a snake signature it runs for its life, it dives to the bottom of the pond but if that snake senses the frog’s signature (if it is a water snake) it dives in the pond too and swallows the frog. It recognises – This is my wavelength. This is a frog. This is my food.

Snakes do not respond to lion signatures, that is not their food, but all animals respond to snake signatures and move away because they know a snake is harmful. Likewise all animals recognise the digital signature of man for we are the highest of all God’s creations on this earth. That’s how it’s supposed to be.

But human beings do not naturally recognise the digital signature of God.  Although God has set endless signs of His presence around us, although there’s no end of how He shows Himself to His creation Man remains the only thing God has made that needs to be taught who God is.

The sea knows the Lord and roars to Him- “Praise the LORD from the earth, all great sea creatures and ocean depths” (Psalm 148:7). The earth, animals and even trees shout praises for the amazing works of God’s hands- “Sing for joy, O heavens, for the LORD has done this; shout aloud, O depths of the earth. Break forth in song, O mountains, you forests and all your trees.” (Isaiah 44:23a). The Bible says the sea has hands that lift to praise God, while mountains tremble when He comes near! – The mountains saw You and quaked; torrents of water swept by. The deep roared with its voice and lifted its hands on high.” (Habbakuk 3:10).

God put us on a living planet where everything retains the ability to recognise and respect the digital signature of God EXCEPT ONE. Humanity. His highest creation. The one with opposable thumbs who can walk, talk, make machines and music- this one is born dead on the inside, knowing nothing until the day he awakens to God through the life-saving sacrifice of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Without Christ the digital signature remains SILENT AND DULL and that’s why people despise God as the real reason for their existence. They want more than the Bible can give them, it’s not good enough for who they want to be. THAT’S why millions are wandering around the internet saying they’re ‘formed by Annunaki, angels, starseed’ and the multiple deceptions Satan has created to snatch souls into the abyss. MAN’S DIGITAL SIGNATURE IS DEAD BECAUSE HE IS FILLED WITH THE DARKNESS AND FUTILITY OF PRIDE.

Thinking themselves wise they have become fools, bowing down to the lesser image of an angel who is himself nothing but a servant created to wait on GOD WHO IS HIMSELF, EVERYTHING. Serving the creature they became fools, desiring to be great they fell and became as nothing. The tragedy of pride is it will promise you the world but feed you dust and ashes, FOR GOD RESISTS THE PROUD. Amen.

God is standing right there saying- “Believe on ME and you will be saved!” but the pride of Man says ‘This is too clumsy. A snake and a Garden? This is too boring. One Guy with all the power and me on my knees? NO. It asks too much trust and worship from me! I’d rather be an angel descendant, I’m a visitor of another race, I stand mighty in the congregation of the mighty! On and on it goes, more explanations and desires than I can possibly list or describe or even know about.

And God is looking at that pride in silence. He is looking at each of us but many can’t discern His face. He will give every man according to the desire of His heart says the Bible, He will repay each soul to the exact fullness of their deeds. To those desiring Jesus you’ve chosen the better thing but to those awaiting their other fathers- don’t worry. They shall surely come down to you, then we will see where it was written “Angels are love, aliens are salvation and starseed are eternal life”. You will look for the Father you cast away in that hour but He will not be found by you. So let it be.

The digital signature is everything and when we change it we will be lost for good.

The man on the table in the vision received some type of small silver technology into his body, and as God was talking to me the man woke up different. He woke up changed, NOT MAN. His signature was “modded”, MODIFIED, CHANGED. The word modded is a slang term for modified but that’s not all it means. It means ‘Changed to a much more superior model, granting higher access with more privileges and benefits as a result of the modifications’. I saw this word used for apps and software in an article this weekend and it caught me, somehow I just knew it will one day be used for people.

God told me again of a coming time when people willingly receive surgery to ‘improve themselves’- it will go far beyond the plastic surgery of today. They’ll take little pieces of software and ‘boneware’ into their bodies to replace worn out limbs and organs that are diseased or malfunctioning. People will design the embryos they want and one day the natural birth process will become obsolete. People will become incredibly, shockingly selfish and will have no interest in sex with one another; they will abandon normal procreation and become obsessed with extending their own life spans. God said all this and more on December 31, 2020, in a post that rocked my world: The New Man.

Even before that He spoke of these things repeatedly in regards to the Beast system- Type BEAST in the search box below and read the prophecies that come up, see what God says life will be like in those days. Ruled by a choking technology that controls everything and populated by spiritually dead people who increasingly lust after longevity and the fake ‘eternal life’ that the New World Order will sell to them, many will trade their blessed humanity for a new digital signature and in doing so damn themselves to hell forever. Whoever changes God’s signature will never, ever, EVER enter into Heaven and the presence of God. Let everyone hear these words and understand.

The times that are ahead will carry seductive technology and instruments so powerful that even music will have ability to manipulate your heart, EVEN IF YOU ARE A CHRISTIAN WEARING YOUR FULL ARMOUR OF GOD. “If possible, says the Bible, even the elect will be deceived.”

Does it make sense now?

Greek history is full of stories of mermaids in the sea who sang and lured sailors to their death, or musical horns that made people senseless, insane or sleepy when played. The Greek demi-god Pan had magical flutes that were alive, when they played themselves people became forgetful or fell asleep. These are not fables so it is time to stop thinking that way. In this dream the music of that demonic horn had me sympathetic yet I am not an advocate of any of these creatures I’m always warning about. That music made me sorry for the beast who was playing it! I felt his feelings Oh he is sad, oh he is misunderstood, but thank God for the Spirit of God in me which mourned and cried to the Lord.

Isn’t this why God keeps saying that Mankind will welcome back the nephilim, fallen angels and all forms of satanic seed with open arms? WITH OPEN ARMS He has said, humanity will embrace them as brothers, saviour, and KIN* (this means “family)- but by them Man will be DESTROYED.

Read Desolations Are Determined, Pt 5. This is one of the most central prophecies on TMV.

God heard my cry and rescued me from the seduction of that place but how many of us would have cried out? The thought waves of one creature affected me against my will, the music of another opened me up to “understanding” him when I had no intention to. How many of us are building spirits strong enough to resist the witchery and magic of the end times, how many are building spiritual strength that may feel the pressure of Satan but will remember to call on Jesus? God has said many times that in the end days women will sleep with ALIEN BEINGS just as they did in the days of Noah, could this not be one way it happens? By the sheer power of deception and emotional manipulation these creatures will bring? May God truly help us.

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  1. sonya says:

    Well that’s terrifying.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I’ve been preparing my children for the end times since they were born. Sadly my oldest has turned away and gone to the world and the lust of the flesh. I had a conversation with him a few days ago telling him about the coming hybrids, aliens, demons, nephilim (I’ve taught him this since he was small so this conversation was one we’ve had before) and the vaxx and the bio tech and the coming “brain chips” and he stops me and says “You know what? I think the brain chips are awesome. ”
    I said you know that is part of the mark of the beast right? You can’t take that. You won’t be human anymore. ”
    He says “yea i know. I don’t care. I think it’s awesome.”

    It broke my heart in a million pieces.
    People we love will be running to take this thing like they are running to take the toxic vaccine now.

    Thank you for sharing what God has shown you.

    1. Anonymous says:

      Sonya, I felt your words deeply. It saddens me as well. No matter how much you warn, many and I mean the ones who say they are Christians just want you to shut up so they can emulate the slang: “Let me do me.” I drop tears more so daily because I desperately want my family and friends to be together in this fight, but they seem to want no part of it. I pray that your son’s heart turns back to the Lord. I celebrate you as a parent, for you have done your diligence. You have instructed your children when they were young in the Lord. God bless you. May God’s peace, love, amd comfort ever be before you.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Sonya, I deeply felt your post. You have done your due diligence. You have instructed your children in their youth about the Lord and the things to come. I pray that you feel the love, comfort, and support of the Lord always. I pray that your son’s heart, mind, and soul be turned to the Lord.

  3. Joe D says:

    What all is coming and………….nobody knows !

  4. LorQ says:

    I watched a documentary of 3 scientists discussing ways to entice America’s youth to take technological enhancements about 10 years ago. What struck me the most is how these 3 individuals talked about making the enhancements “cool” so kids would “rebel” against their parents to get these enhancements. Sigh. I pray the youth of America hears the Word of Our Lord before it’s too late.

  5. Asnath Kimutai says:

    Sister Celestial,
    Am grateful to God that I discovered you on you tube about a month ago. I have been reading and watching your videos though I still have many to go. I also try and share. Our God is love for bringing all these things to my/our attention., Thank you Jesus, and may God keep blessing you for your obedience and work that you are doing. May the Lord help me and find me worth in his ways.
    Asnath, from Kenya

    1. Celestial says:

      You are welcome Asnath, I pray God will meet you here in His own words & grant you strength, courage and wisdom for the years ahead.

  6. eze33 says:

    “Modded”. Good term! That is what the vax is doing. Now it is showing up in menstrual complications. I’m sure population control is in there too. Who knows about other DNA manipulations The House of Pharma has planned. What can one expect from Dr. Fucinstein and the CaBaal gang? LOLGB+

  7. CIK says:

    And with this one post, God explained a question I had in Daniel 3. I was reading/studying and “musick” was highlighted to me. I noticed that it had been repeated 4x. I remember asking God first, why it was important and two, why everyone except for the 3 Hebrew boys bowed to the image and worshipped it when the test was SO OBVIOUS. And if the test then was a gold image, what would the “image” be in these modern times and how would the whole world hear it? The first thing that came to me was “frequency.” I wrote “Like sound frequencies that will be released that will be a sort of call and response….so when true believers are exposed, it will either have no impact on them (or their minds) or it won’t register at all.” <— So much for “Have no impact.”; Sigh.

    Then I went on a walk and "abomination of desolation" came to my mind and I concluded that when there's an abomination in the body as you have explained it, bowing will be easy. Then over a few days, I thought about the VARIETY of instruments mentioned and I wrote that there would be "a variety of things to tantalize the ear with in the last days. Many temptations. Many deceptions."

    I moved on but knew God would explain it in due time. Forgive my ignorance if I'm way off base and stringing together things but as I finished this article, Daniel 3 came to mind and I physically screamed. There will be no end to trauma in the last days. I am not ready.

    As always, God bless you.

  8. Joe D says:

    Celestial please avoid all these timewasters who have nothing better to do.
    Your messages are grave messages from the Lord and helps us prepare in these end times.

    Please carry on like the charge of the Light Brigade who never looked left or right but charged on and completed the mission successfully !

  9. Victor Oladimeji says:

    Thank you ma for the revelation shared. This reminds me of a dream I had sometime ago, I think 2020. In my dream I saw that there was this particular video more like a 3D game. Games that gives you the sense that you are actually in the game, so every feeling your character had in the game is felt by you physically. In that game you could choose a partner and name your partner, just to cut it short. Demonic beings where introduced to people through that

    1. Ha says:

      Wow. I didn’t realize demons could enter into people through VIDEO GAMES! Thanks for the revelation!!

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