The Fire Pit – December 24, 2021


“For all that land shall burn with brimstone and salt: it shall not be sown, nor bring forth, nor any grass shall grow therein, like as in the overthrowing of Sodom and Gomorrah, Admah, and Zeboiim, which the Lord overthrew in his wrath and in his anger.” – (Deuteronomy 29:23)

Welcome to The Master’s Voice. Let His name be praised and lifted up forever as the only Son of God, the King of Glory that every knee must bow to in the end. God’s word is steadfast and sure, nothing He has said will fail whether good or bad. If any man struggle with the truth of this word know that the earth has been given to us for generations to look after to the glory of God but we have not done it. We have let it be ruined, trashed, captured and fall to the devil, even as we have compromised ourselves in sin and complacency thinking there would be no price to pay. Now the time of the devil is unfolding itself. Satan knows he has a short time and will continue to do wickedly, so it is time for believers to wake up from false doctrines and return to true worship so God can restore and empower His church for these end times.

Let me say one more time for the record, for anyone still stuck in that time loop of “But why is this happening, why why why? Why would God let this happen?”


God has sent His word that for the sin of America and all she is responsible for- the corruption and mass deception she has spread throughout the whole earth as Babylon, she is being judged by God. Her days will not be prolonged. Her kingdom will be finished. Her reign will not continue. She will be annihilated and forgotten, and her existence will become something people will even argue over and ask for proof about. Therefore, let me share what I have not yet shared.

This experience is from Dec. 24, 2021. A painful one, I was close to tears because I’ve never seen such total scenes of devastation as the Lord allowed me to see in this vision. I didn’t know nations can burn down to their foundations. I didn’t know the ground can glow like coals. I saw by the Spirit of God what will happen in this place after nuclear attacks and terrible natural disasters;  unless God protects us is not possible for human flesh to survive what I saw because the punishment will be great.

I saw America burning under a rain and deluge of fire. A RAIN OF FIRE AND A DELUGE (which means ‘flood’) of fire. I saw from ground and sky perspectives at the same time and here’s how it looked. Fire raining out of the sky- so many burning “things” fell on this country and the nation literally went up in flames. I wasn’t asleep when I saw this, I’d half sat up in bed because God spoke to me just before I saw the vision. He said ‘This nation will be completely burnt up. From one end to another it will be consumed by fire, on both coasts, until barely any place remains where it is not destroyed by fire. America will be stripped by fire and burned until it is destroyed. They are so wicked in this place and this will be their punishment, DESTRUCTION BY FIRE.’

I saw myself walking across a destroyed landscape while also seeing it from above. From the ground I saw something like burning rocks falling across the whole sky- fiery rocks hurtling to earth. I passed through a field and saw grass and fields of America being roasted by fireballs to the point that the very stones under the soil became like a barbecue pit. Just as you light coals and let them burn down to that glowing red hot level is how it was. I was heartbroken, the place where I was walking did not burn but everywhere else was a fire pit. God kept a covering over me so the flaming boulders did not hit me but everywhere I saw burning rocks hitting America, causing great damage to everything they touched. 

Then God put me in the air: From up there I saw missiles hitting America. The Lord said “All you see as fire is to be caused by missiles- nuclear ones and also other types. Everything you see is the handiwork of RUSSIA. Russia will nuke this country into oblivion and submission; they will destroy it with superior weaponry and the damage will be intolerable for America.”

From the sky I saw missiles from an off-map location curve toward the East and West coasts of the USA at the same time. There were large, curvy red arrows in the air showing missile paths into major cities on the East and West coasts; the impact was almost simultaneous on both sides. I also saw missiles going to many major locations on the American map.

“Off-map location arrows” means, I just saw red arrows show up and hit targets on the U.S. map. I didn’t see where they were launched from but as the arrows hit the targets God said “All you see here is the work of Russia. Russia is my weapon of indignation against the United States. For her great sin and failure to repent of her interminable (endless, neverending) wickedness, Russia will be roused in heart to humble and destroy America. They will be brought here by the Lord your God and the great whore of Babylon will fall.”

America was a fire pit in this vision. That’s all I can say. When something is burning so bad that trees are great flaming torches and buildings are choking black plumes of smoke into the air, when the ground is red and glowing in so many places and looks like a place to roast animals, that is the only description. It looked like a great big fire pit and I was extremely grieved as God showed me scenes of how everything was so ruined. 

There will be bombs here that do not have fire but radioactive materials in them. I have seen this in so many dreams before, of my family making homemade “radiation suits” of heavy duty black trash bags, taping them to our bodies with strong silver duct tape. We had no helmets and one of my brothers stopped as we were covering ourselves and asked ‘But what is the point if we cover our bodies but we have no helmets to keep safe?’ I didn’t have an answer for that but I told him just do it anyway. Yet the Lord protected us and we did not get sick. When we were walking outside after this type of ‘radiation bomb’ went off we saw people who had proper hazmat protection against all this stuff, showing they had known and prepared years in advance- and we saw others others who had no clue any of this was coming and they had nothing to protect themselves. 

In those dreams I’d see fluffy, puffy grey ash like soap fluff, falling across the entire landscape, clear proof of nuclear detonation. We were always walking from some unknown location to some other unknown location. Walking, so much walking.

Bombs that have no fire but ground-up radioactive material in them will be detonated in America and large areas of the landmass will be declared unfit for living. These are the things revealed to me by the Spirit of the Lord.

This is coming to the U.S. for judgment, for being a nation that has piled up sin and wickedness to the point where God will never forgive it. God has said He will not forgive the sin of America and I have faithfully expressed this through many previous prophecies and will continue to declare it exactly as it He says it to me.

There are also many, many prophecies about Russia as the ‘instrument of God’s judgment’– God says it is fitting justice that America’s destruction will be at the hands of her nemesis, her bitter enemy which she has provoked many times. HE will put it in Russia’s heart to come here, He will draw them spiritually and direct all their steps in war against America. There are over 15 posts on this- check the menu under ‘Russia and China’ or visit the Youtube channel and view the playlist.

I have read over the years several passages the Lord gave me, on camera- Isaiah 13, Jeremiah 50.

Part 1: Isaiah 13

Part 2: Isaiah 13

I have commanded My sanctified ones;
I have also called My mighty ones for My anger—
Those who rejoice in My exaltation.” – (Isaiah 13:3)

The noise of a multitude in the mountains,
Like that of many people!
A tumultuous noise of the kingdoms of nations gathered together!
The Lord of hosts musters
The army for battle.

They come from a far country,
From the end of heaven—
The Lord and His weapons of indignation,
To destroy the whole land.

Wail, for the day of the Lord is at hand!
It will come as destruction from the Almighty.
Therefore all hands will be limp,
Every man’s heart will melt,
And they will be afraid.
Pangs and sorrows will take hold of them;
They will be in pain as a woman in childbirth;
They will be amazed at one another;
Their faces will be like flames. – (Isaiah 13:4- 8)

Repent and call on the name of the Lord. The Basics page has more information about that. If you are new to this platform visit the About and Prophecy pages. If you’ve not yet read these chapters that I regularly refer to as I deliver prophecies please do and seek Yah for deeper understanding: Jeremiah 50, Jer. 51, Jer. 9, Jer. 23, Isaiah 9, Isa. 23, Isa. 1, Revelation 16, Rev. 17, Rev. 18, Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21. Thank you for visiting and may the peace of the Lord be with you. 

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  1. Den Rhodes says:

    Did you know that the US and UK dropped hundreds of tons of so called “depleted uranium” munitions on Iraq in 2003? It is outlawed as a war crime by authorities. Generations of deformed children is the sad result. I guess its a case of eye for an eye tooth for tooth radiation for radiation. They knew the Japanese were going to surrender but still dropped nukes on them anyway. The German army was defeated and then under 33rd degree mason Eisenhower 12,000,000 Germans were starved to death and their women raped by the US and UK troops. But my own nation of Australia is just as guilty and more so. For we can see what they do and meekly follow them as long as financially we are not affected. And on 30th December I heard this in my spirit…
    “Call to me and I shall answer you by fire for it is fire that you need the most this day…and It shall burn to the lowest depths and thoroughly clean out the chaff. For fire has been asked for and fire has been sent. So this day is when it begins–This day is marked on my holy calendar !”
    I certainly am not negating the word that comes to and through you Celestial… But I am believing God for a fire that brings repentance and restoration. After all who knows if the Lord will relent?

  2. Anonymous says:


    1. Lori Qualls says:

      “This is the third time I am coming to you. In the mouth of two or three witnesses shall every word be established.” 2 Corinthians 13:1

  3. apostlefree says:

    TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! I really thank YAH! For allowing me to be able to hear what thus says the LORD! And for raising you up to be bold enough to proclaim it. I’ve been snatched into the body of CHRIST!!! 23yrs now, and YAH! Promised me that HE!!! Would never leave me nor forsake me. I’ve been married 17yrs now, 5 son’s and one daughter and with so much evil going on I knew that, YAH!! Would keep us informed and prepare us for what would take place in the Earth. Many things YAH! proclaim through you are very familiar to my spirit but HE! has used you to make them very clear. Thank you

  4. Justin Adkinson says:

    I want to say thank you for sharing what the Lord gives you and being obedient to the unction from the Holy Spirit. I have to be honest and say that I have found some of these prophecies hard to take to heart. It’s hard to hear what will soon come upon this wicked nation. I trust in the Lord completely as he has brought me through so much in my life from having cancer at 16 to the loss of my second daughter as a stillborn. The loss of my daughter was harder than having cancer and going through treatments for a year while in high school back in 1993.

    Now in my mid 40’s the Lord has kept me here for such a time as this. He woke me up from my lukewarm Christian life when he gave me a nuclear bomb dream in 2015. In the dream I went to a friends house for a party or family gathering of some sort with my wife and daughter. When we arrived at the house which was up on a hill that overlooked downtown San Jose/Silicon Valley, we entered in and my wife and daughter went to the left to the back room where everyone else was located while I went to the right to look out the front window. As I was looking out the window I saw a huge mushroom cloud in the distance and knew immediately that it was a nuclear explosion. I was facing north towards San Francisco/Oakland which is how far I believe the mushroom cloud was located. When I saw this I turned around to warn everyone in the house about what I saw. I started yelling and warning them but no one would even look in my direction. I believe my daughter looked up and saw me but didn’t move. After trying to warn my family and all my friends and their families I turned back to look out the window again to see if there was a blast wave. I wanted to prepare myself if possible. While I was looking out the window again I heard a deep but calm booming voice behind me say in a matter of fact tone “Yes. It’s Russia.” As soon as I heard this a massive wall of fire came bursting through the window and engulfed the entire room and house. The heat was so intense that I woke right up terrified. I was drenched in sweat as if I had jumped into a swimming pool.

    Never before or since have I ever had such a realistic and vivid dream. This was how the Lord started to get me back on track with his calling for my life. A year or so later I fully surrendered to him and he soon after called me to be a watchman. I warn all who have ears to hear and nearly all family and friends ignore the warnings. It’s truly sad to see that the dream God gave me is coming to pass and they would rather stay willfully ignorant and continue loving this world instead of repenting and turning back to Jesus. But I am thankful the Lord was long suffering toward me as it took me so long to finally fully surrender to him. I care for all my family and friends who are professing Christians and are desiring normal life more than anything else so they will do whatever it takes to keep their life. They will lose their eternal soul if they don’t wake up to know the times we are living in. Literally every Christian here in Silicon Valley is living for the pleasures of this world and their idolatry such as traveling, vacations, sports, family gatherings, movies, video games, tv shows, new technology, money, job, food, and so many other things put BEFORE spending time with the Lord. There is no humble heart anymore. There is no full surrender but instead there is pride and arrogance in their unrepentance. The mockers and scoffers are not the unbelievers but those who profess Jesus. They only want someone to tickle their ears.

    I had no idea what a watchman was or what I was supposed to do when stepping into my calling. The Holy Spirit told me to just start sharing my testimony of how God healed me from cancer and all side effects from the experimental chemotherapy and radiation treatments. He had me warn that when the injections come out that those taking them were being CONDITIONED for the mark. He also told me that many would get sick and would perish from them because they are directly from the enemy of God. Those are the words he gave me to share with family and friends and publicly back before the injections came out. Only one family member took heed to the warning. I am thankful for that one and I pray that more took heed that had a humble heart since God told me that his word never returns to him void.

    Justin Adkinson
    A Watchman until I am called home

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