New York? Do You Remember? – June 26, 2019

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“Woe to the bloody city! I will make the fire hot. 
Add on more wood,
And kindle the fire;
Cook the meat well,
Mix in the spices,
And let the cuts be burned up.” – (Ezekiel 24:9-10)

I continue to share the Lord Jesus’s specific words against the Unites States of America, and New York City in particular. The entire spectrum of prophecy for America can be viewed on the ‘AMERICA’ tab on the menu, please visit it and stay updated.

This word is from June 2016:

The Lord told me there is an event coming to the New York City area. A singular event whereby people who witnessed 9/11 will be again reminded of the virtual impossibility of man to keep man safe. This is not a ‘trigger event’; it is one in a carefully planned series of events that will collide one upon another like a domino game until everything eventually collapses for the United States. This city loves to do evil: God always speaks about it in harsh and graphic terms. It is full of deliberate sin where people indulge wickedness and some even post it online, so many hateful practices against God. Although He has a few genuine servants in this city their number is not enough. Therefore judgement has been pronounced against New York- many times I have heard it. “Woe, Woe to you New York City”.

Every eye will see this event take place; there will not be one place where people do not know what has happened. People will see this shame, people will see this attack. Nobody will pretend they don’t know about it. America will learn that no-one can deliver her out of my hand. No-one is safe from the wages of sin, says the Lord. No military or army can save a man out of my grasp- once I the Lord determine that his time has come, it has come. Likewise no nation or city can protect itself from my judgement. I the Lord have said it, speedily I am coming, speedily I will do it.


In 2016 (I don’t recall when), I was on an NYC bus en route to church in the city. It was winter and I was late, so I hopped a bus to get there faster. In winter it’s dark here by 4:30p.m., so at 6:45p.m. the sky was already black. As my bus rolled along I gazed at the big, wonderful buildings along Sixth Ave (proudly nicknamed “The Avenue of the Americas”). I stared at steel and glass skyscrapers of banks, real estate, shopping, Rockefeller Plaza and many other iconic landmarks. All of a sudden I saw a huge fist form in the sky, moving with frightening speed to strike the group of buildings my bus was passing at that moment. The image was so real that I jumped in my seat, I thought it would strike the buildings right there. The fist stopped, pulled back and disappeared, and I stayed with my eyes nailed to the sky for the rest of the trip. Yes- people stared at me but not too much- nothing moves people out here. I knew the hand of God was showing what will happen to  this city- one day she will receive a strike like no other for her refusal to stop sinning against God. There is no doubt in my mind that God isn’t playing with any of these prophecies to ANY of the nations. A wise person will realise that this- NOW– is the time to make a clean slate of things, and give their life to Jesus while there’s still time to seek, pray and ask Him for His forgiveness. He is merciful, slow to anger- God takes a long time to bring judgement but when He does it’s very hard to turn it back.

Also related:

I once was crossing the city along the 40s (the famous strip from W 40th to W 47th where the magic of Times Square is loudest) and I wondered: “Can this place really fall? All of this- these tall buildings sparkling with chrome, the massive TVs advertising every pleasure in the world? Can this stuff really fall silent? How can it possibly happen?” I was only thinking mind you, I wasn’t asking God anything, but He spoke and said: “Do not marvel at what they have built, because it will all be destroyed. Never again be in awe when you walk through New York City, because everything you see here will be rotted, broken down and destroyed. Wild animals walking in the streets; they will come from the surrounding areas and live here. NOTHING will remain how you see it- SILENCE will be the order of the day. You will surely see it come to pass.”

It is honestly very strange to live in the present and see the future. I pass through Times Square sometimes, but I keep a mental distance from it. I remind myself: “It’s noisy and full of tourists now, but one day it will be silent. Wild animals will live here.” That’s because I know once God said it, it will come to pass. But New York does not remember what God said, nor does she remind herself of anything. ‘Ubiquitous, delirious, oblivious’ is Mystery Babylon, jewel of the Americans pride. I leave the following scripture for review. The more I study with the Lord the more I realise: there is nothing the Bible has not revealed. God bless every visitor to TMV Blog; visit the America tab for the full range of USA prophecy and stay praying- thank you!

A Prophecy Against Babylon-  (Isaiah 13:19-22)

And Babylon, the most glorious of all kingdoms,
    the glory of Chaldean pride,
will be devastated like Sodom and Gomorrah
    when God destroyed them.
Babylon will never have people live in her again. 
    It will remain empty for generation after generation.
Foreigners will refuse to stop and make camp there,
    and shepherds will not bed down their sheep.
Desert animals will move into the ruined city,
    and the houses will be haunted by howling creatures.
Owls will live among the ruins,
    and wild goats will go there to dance.
Hyenas will howl in its fortresses,
    and jackals will make dens in its luxurious palaces.
Babylon’s days are numbered;
    its time of destruction will soon arrive.

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  1. Thank you for posting these sister. It feels like we are on the edge of the Clif, waiting for the moment the tangible judgements begin. I also received many warning words about NY, NY.
    Here’s one of them:
    11-2-18 ~ “The Destruction of New York is Imminent. . . “ – BelieveActs2HARVEST

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