“The Hub” – June 14, 2021

“For there is nothing hidden that will not be disclosed, and nothing concealed that will not be brought to light.” – (Mark 4:22)

Today I dreamt of the Russians operating a huge ‘hub’ in an old trucking graveyard. I saw the hub as a mix of large trucks, just the carrier part of those long haul trucks without the head portion where the driver sits. I also saw large silver RVs in a cluster- they were full of men wearing headsets working on other electronic equipment. They were listening to conversations all over America, private information, personal and even classified information. They were inside the U.S. in some place that looked totally abandoned and unused (maybe a junkyard or just a place people don’t go often).

It was a Russian command centre and the name that came to me for it was “the hub”. The feeling I had was there are four of these in the United States, four major command centres whose purpose is to watch and monitor from the four corners and feed information back to the Soviet Union for classification and planning purposes. Information is fed back to the *Soviet Union* not to Russia alone. LATVIA came to me in this dream, this nation is not America’s ally. No matter what is said now in the international world or what smiles people smile as treaties are signed, this nation will support Russia in the end times offensive against America. Therefore I repeat, the information that is fed back from the hub is shared with the partners and allies of Russia, not just for her use alone.

“America is more spied on than it is able to spy on others.” This is what the Lord says – the spying America does is nothing compared to the spying and information sharing that is done on her. The Lord says (and this should not be a surprise  considering how often it has been said in other prophecies)- the knowledge of the Russians about America is complete and precise down to knowing citizens’ names and personal house location if need be.  

The Lord showed me these campers and trucks from above: the campers are silver in colour and very wide, while the truck beds have no carriage (the part that drives). Both types have been converted inside and out for extreme wear and tear, functionality and comfort. Ventilation has been installed, walls reinforced, there’s soundproofing, all of that is in the hub. I saw them above then the view went down inside one and I saw a lot of men very busy doing all kinds of things. There was a nonstop flow of activity- these containers were very big inside with one whole side having monitors, satellite feeds, laptops, many gadgets and things. It looked just how it looks in movies when you enter the surveillance van and see a whole group of people working in what looks like a simple pizza delivery van.

Men sat along one wall hearing private conversations of who knows who, secret conversations; others were going over piles of paper. Some had no seat at the monitors instead they lounged in round chairs with wireless headsets all day and occasionally wrote things down on laptops on their knees. They were speaking Russian and English, monitoring phone calls and other flows of information through powerful communications devices that didn’t need any obvious type of antenna on the outside of the vehicles.

The busyness of the inside of the hub belied the undisturbed, soundproofed boredom outside of it. Walking by you wouldn’t hear a peep from within. In fact basically if you did not know what was going on in there you’ll just think this is a rusted, abandoned junkyard in the middle of nowhere and that’s all.  

I will be revamping the blog soon for easy access to these prophecies. Themes (such as Russia and China) will be put by themselves so readers can find them all in one place. I’ve added videos below most of the posts too – 99 videos made so far and a serious “Thank you” to God for giving me grace and time to make them. As always, thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

As I receive the word of the Lord you will always find it here on The Master’s Voice. 

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  1. Joe D says:

    WoW !

  2. LorQ says:

    Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show extensively writes and documents foreign troops and such on American soil. This includes the Chinese and the Russians. If people knew just a smidgen of the truth about the silent and covert occupation of our nation by foreign entities, many would faint from fear and others would be armed with the proverbial pitchfork. Alas, too many are willfully asleep.

  3. Hélène says:

    I’m sure I’ve seen these types of things. Not becuz I know something but becuz I alerted it was by a prick in my spirit. They’re out everywhere.
    My older kids used to play The BloodRed Van w/their friends in our village (Mid90s-2000s). One of them had seen a red van in our village and they all had seen movies n new reports about kids being stolen by vans. They would swear they just saw it on a bike ride and come back to tell the others and all would go chasing after to see if they could find it. This was the 90s. Kids actually left the yard alone, yes lol
    I rly believed it was a true childhunter and tried to appear sane (to other parents) yet told them all firmly to stay away from it. I saw it myself a few times around the area. Nothing ever rly happened we knew of. I think the driver didn’t live locally, myself.
    Sometimes I just know things. Evil gives off a frequency. That’s the only analogy I can give. I like how He continually speaks this or that has been with humanity a loooong time. Beings, technology, whatever. I feel at ease for the confirmation instead of scorning.

  4. Shawn says:

    The Chinese troops have already been in Canada now for a few years and our own Army was apparently cross training with them so yeah believe it becuz it’s going to happen. Red Dawn wasn’t just a movie folks it was telling everyone that someday this will happen

  5. Shawn says:

    Anything about Canadas fate? I’m assuming it will be similar but does Canada get nuked too??

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