“Closer Than You Think” – August 24, 2019

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“For it is appointed unto men to die once, and after this- the judgment…” – (Hebrews 9:27)

This is the second end-time dream that kept pressing on my mind from yesterday. I had this a week ago and it got a very different reaction out of me- instead of irritation like the first dream, I felt very, very afraid- that’s because this dream was so real I couldn’t tell it was a dream until the Lord yanked me out of it. I prayed in tongues for an hour after I had it, and all sleep was driven from my mind. I sat upright in bed praying and wondered: Really, what can I ever preach or share to convince people that the time of the end is worth preparing for now? What can I say Lord, I wondered, to make people believe me? 

This is the burden of every messenger, and the answer is, nothing. Nothing extra anyway. Prophecy is like a song to people- they hear it as distant music playing, but few bother to learn the words. When you’re a prophet this is the conundrum- even if you teach and prophesy with animated diagrams- nobody believes you. Not really. Because prophecy seems “far away”, “not for now” (Ezekiel 12:22-23). Only 0.0001% of people take what you say seriously right then and there, but after it happens suddenly everyone’s remembering you said it long ago. God knows humanity so well, He even wrote what I just said in the Bible. (Ezekiel 33:32-33). So while I was waiting for my heart rate to drop back to normal that night I realised: I can say nothing. There is no extra. All I can do is prophesy, blog, teach, share, warn, exhort and open the pages of the Bible verse by verse as we go, to show that what it says is exactly what it means, and we will see every verb, noun, and adjective in that book come to living colour before Jesus returns to get us. Amen.

Dream: I dreamt I was in a dark, abandoned and burning world. It was the U.S. but, this was a U.S. destroyed beyond recognition. The primary colours of this dream were black and red, it was night time and distant fires burned on the horizon all over the place where I was. I can’t say it was New York (where I live now) but I know it was America, and she was shattered. Buildings were burnt-out shells, cars looked like a bomb or some strong force had shattered every window in them for countless miles- they sat like eyeless hulls along the streets. I was by myself, walking among the cars and buildings looking for… I don’t know. I was surviving, there’s no other way to put it. I had no fancy weapons, no special G.I. training, I was just a human being walking so as not to get stuck in one spot, or killed by some other crazy person mistaking me for a monster, or caught by whoever. As I walked I wasn’t thinking about anything, my mind was flat. My feet just… moved.

After a while I became aware of movement off to the side, behind the cars- a stealthy, slinking movement I couldn’t pinpoint but could feel. When I moved it moved, when I stopped it stopped. I kept trying to stop suddenly to see if the movement would continue but whatever it was was abundantly, superiorly SMART. It stopped before I did, and moved after I started walking again, so I covered a lot of distance with this choking, growing dread in me that something was following me yet I couldn’t prove it- even to myself. Eventually in desperation I broke out running (which is exactly what this thing wanted, for terror to overflow and flush me into full panic mode.) People aren’t their best when they panic- they stop thinking and make terrible mistakes that cost them. I gave in to panic and started running along dim streets looking for a place where there was fire. I needed to get to fire. Why?

Because (you guessed it) one of those same “people” from the last dream- dead but alive- was chasing me. I ran my best but this thing didn’t even put much effort to keep up with me. I heard it laughing and let me emphasise, the reality of this dream is LIKE I WAS THERE. I didn’t know I was dreaming so I ran as if my life depended on it because to me… it did. I found a drum fire somebody had lit and cast around desperately for anything that would burn. God is a merciful God. Right next to the drum fire I saw a huge, long tree branch, maybe somebody used it as a walking stick but I don’t see how, it was much thicker than any cane should be and almost my height (I’m 5’8″). It was dry, old and perfect. I plunged it into the fire and prayed it’d catch. Behind me the thing had slowed down and was strolling down the street- not lurching, or moaning “Braaaains!” like in nonsense horror movies. No, no, no. This was the smooth, calm, MEASURED approach of a millionaire walking into a surprise birthday party he already knows is being held for him. 

As my branch was crackling away getting a good head of fire this thing walked into the edges of the light, and I gasped. It was my relative. A distinct, particular, very recognisable close relative I always talk to about Jesus, salvation, God and the Bible, a person who never, ever listens to me in real life when I talk about these things.  Seeing this person shocked me. I was devastated they were ‘undead’; I was heartbroken and yes I was terrified. Because I knew how they found me- by DNA, by tracking, and through blood similarity. They simply followed every baser instinct now operating in them at the animal level, and picked me up easier than everybody else in a city where there were surely other survivors besides me. She smiled when she saw I knew her. I wanted to pass out but instead I grabbed my branch that was now burning bright, held it in front of me, and started praying in my heart for all I was worth. 

The creature picked up something and threw it at my arm holding the branch; I ducked and it narrowly missed me. It kept throwing nearby objects at me with deadly precision- nothing hit me but this is purely by God’s mercy because the strength, speed and stamina of this girl belied her body size. She should’ve hit me with the first thing she threw! The fact that she didn’t- I knew it was God. I circled behind the drum to put the fire between us, and to my surprise this woman calmly climbed on top of the hood of one of the cars.. OK she didn’t climb, she just leapt on top of it in one jump like a leopard, and sat down on it to wait. Her eyes were pinned on me with this slow smile, man… may I never have such a dream again. I kept wondering for minutes what she was waiting for… then I realised she wasn’t really watching me. She was watching the branch burn. As I saw her watching it I went cold because I realised- She’s waiting for the branch to burn out. She can’t stay here til dawn, sunlight will destroy her, but she’s willing to take her chances that the branch burns out (and the drum fire too) before sunrise. I can’t do tree math: length of branch x rate of burning = will this branch last until morning? When I understood this my soul sank in hopelessness, but at the exact moment despair hit me God took me out of the dream.

Visitors? If there is anything I emphasise on this blog- it’s that you must be born again. It’s not enough to hear about God, read about God, or go to Christian camp once when you were 13. It’s not enough to ‘go to church’, nor is it enough to be a “ghost Christian” who only visits church for Christmas and Easter. It is not enough that you know people that are Christians. YOU HAVE TO BE SAVED. Salvation is an individual work done IN THE HEART, confessed BY THE MOUTH, that you believe Jesus Christ is the only God who is REAL (Romans 10:9-10). Without this confession there can be no significant conversion of the soul and spirit in a person, their sins are not confessed and forgiven by God, and they stay plugged into this present world. The Bible says that all people plugged into this realm will perish when this realm does (1 John 2:17; 1 John 2:15, James 4:4). So that leaves a clear line in the end times between the true church of God and everybody else.

It was an extremely realistic dream, and surely about the future. What I can say is this: the “coming of the evil one” (Antichrist) is a time of future human history not adequately taught in church. Forgiving your boss is taught, ‘Your Best Life Now!’ is taught, but dealing with relatives who cross over and come back by means of a satanic power is something I’ve yet to hear properly covered in today’s pulpits. This means something isn’t adding up here, which puts the church of Jesus Christ at a distinct disadvantage– namely IGNORANCE. Our ignorance is killing us! We have not closely studied the Bible- we do not really understand the meaning of half of what we read, and that’s because we’ve been taught to read it ‘metaphorically’, ‘symbolically’, “like a poem” etc- every way except the right way. We’ve been taught to see this book as a history book (true), an anthology (also true), a love letter (true again), BUT WE HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT TO SEE IT AS LITERAL FACTS ON THE PRINTED PAGE. Which it absolutely is. 😐

Boy.. what a mistake. I say so because if ever, if ever my trained lawyer’s eyes have found a book that literally means what it says, it’s the Holy Bible of the Coming God and Lord, Jesus Christ. If this book says a man killed 1000 men with the jawbone of a donkey, better know he did it. If it says the sea opened up and people walked through it, kindly file that away as a FACT. If it says a scaly dragon will descend to earth in the last days and round up a cast of characters that will cause humanity to have instant heart attacks upon seeing them visibly for the first time, then… prepare for that too. It is time, I say this kindly, to remove rose-coloured glasses as the church, and realise we have been in a school of highly inadequate preparation for what will be some VERY FINAL EXAMS. It is time to take our Bibles and open them from Genesis to learn anew (without the guidance of the “church fathers”) what every word says, then ask on our knees for the meaning of it. Then the veil will fall off our eyes and we will see what God has been trying to tell us all along. 

I do not believe these dreams show a time when the Bride of Christ will be here. These two dreams show the final part of Tribulation, the part where all bets are off, the time of deadly persecution, the time of chipping, the time when every knee has bowed and worshipped not Jesus but the image of the Beast,  the time when the Rapture will leave people behind in the hands of satan for a specified period, a truly terrible time to be a human being. After the Holy Spirit removes the remnant bride, the true church– several groups will be left on earth with these undead ones and many, many other types of demonic beings that satan will rouse to serve him in the end.

The backslidden, fallen church who played with God instead of living holy will be here;

The apostates will be here (i.e. think all the famous people currently using social media to publicly deny Jesus and burn 20 years of serving him for a little bit of fame now);

The people who never knew Jesus and spent their lives in false religions will be here;

The people who never acknowledged ANY FORM OF GOD and denied Jesus will be here.

These four groups make up the larger percentage of humanity on earth now. Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism– these are growing religions while modern Christianity has more people departing the faith than ever.. But just before the Rapture two things will happen concurrently: There will be a large departure from groups 3 & 4 into the kingdom of God. There will be huge revivals, people from different religions and from atheism will experience powerful moves of God that show them Jesus is the only God who is real, and they will flood into the churches. At the same time, those in church (or who have been saved “all their lives”) will suddenly begin fighting among themselves over doctrine, over “team LGBTQ” and other social issues, and over offenses causing huge CRACKS in the church. Many who love their opinions more than they love sticking to what the Bible says, will move to groups 1, 2, 3 & 4, but groups 3 & 4 will move to Jesus, church, salvation, baptism, speaking in tongues, seeing visions from God, and ultimately – the Rapture

This dream of undead people, a blown-up world… I’ve seen repeated too many times to doubt that it will happen. It will happen. The only question in my mind has always been: Who will it happen TO? What group will you be in when the Rapture happens?

This is The Master’s Voice end time prophecy blog. Seek the Lord Jesus Christ while the sun is up, and the drum-fires are far away. Look for a Bible, start in the gospel of John. It is full of “red letters”- that’s Jesus Christ speaking. Get to know His voice, one day it will command this entire earth to be still, and every human being will stand for judgement to explain to Him and His Father what they did with the life that He gave them. May your explanation be perfect, and His acceptance of your words, complete. God bless you.

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  1. I had a quick vision last week, not joking, that as I was lying in bed I was taken up into a birds eye view of ‘carnage’, all I saw was red and black devastation. That was it. What you described above is what I saw but only for a few moments while falling asleep.

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  3. Tracey says:

    Wowww… so interesting that 2 days ago I “decided” to start reading the Bible again from Genesis. I did it once before after I found Christ- lol definitely read it like a history book & getting to know God book. Didn’t understand too much as it didn’t occur to me to ask God for explanation lol real milk baby Christian.

    He decided to step in and help me in the 2 years since I finished that reading- though I’ve picked chapters to read randomly. I’ve started over & I tell you my sister I’m so glad you exist. I’m glad you write. I’m glad chose you. Thank you. I read Gen 6 today and my goodness I was getting LIVE understanding of what really happened. You really don’t know something until you know it! Your blog came right on time for my life cos before I found your blog- I had never even heard of Nephilim

    Its possible I didn’t a part of understand this teaching In one aspect cos I’d come to understand that the church would go through the tribulation. Or is it just a portion of it? As you also mention church is raptured while Some others remain behind. And I couldn’t figure out why you were there in this scenario you shared (was it just for God to show us what’s going on if people don’t take him seriously and prepare?) I’d appreciate if you could clarify if you don’t mind. Thanks soo much Celestial and God bless you

  4. greg lee says:

    please direct me to your blog regarding the second exodus

  5. Carey L BOSWELL says:

    I believe you. God bless you and I pray for you often.

  6. Ciarri says:

    I thank God for leading me to your blog and solid Bible teaching. I’m a person of faith and in addition I think I will be purchasing a katana blade!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hello, those that have taken the vaccine is it to late for them to repent before this time comes?

    1. Anonymous says:

      No it’s not too late to repent 🙏

  8. Naomi Selman says:

    Hello. I am from Calgary, Alberta. I have never commented. But this is important. You are right about the voice changing. It was happening last summer. It scared me so much. I just kept pleading the blood of Christ on myself and Psalms 91. It was happening all different times. Sometimes in the afternoon, sometimes at night. If I was outside I would get inside quick. The whole time praying. It is high piched then eventually it would go animal-like. Like they were being tormented. It would go on at least a half hour. I would stay away from the windows, and pray and read the bible. No one would speak of it. I kept asking. Sometimes if someone was brave enough they would say. (That was only one person. ) Yes, it was a very strange sound. It’s so loud and God told me they are changing. They are not humans anymore. I will not defile this temple. God does not make mistakes!! Thank you for this post. I had listened to it on YouTube. I am grateful for your faithfulness.

  9. Nathan Radel says:

    Can you explain the rapture? The word isn’t used in the bible and there are 3 groups of thought on it pre, mid and post. I believe Jesus comes back for us but there is a lot of opinions out there.

  10. Esther says:

    Sister celestial , I’ve been following for two months. May God bless you for your work. I’ve learned a lot.

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