Desolations are Determined, Pt 3 – June 5, 2019


Desolations are Determined, Pt 3: June 5, 2019
Distress of the Sea:
I was shown the restlessness of the sea.
I saw many animals were spit up on land who have no business being there: struggling fish, sea squids and things that we really should know better, things that come from the deeper portion of the water and should technically not be so easily tossed out on land. The people of God are not paying attention: for a deep water animal to be tossed onto a beach it means the sea is stirring up from its under parts, where usually the currents are steady and the water still. When something that traditionally lives lower down shows up on a seashore somewhere, we should reflect on what this means for the stability of the sea in the first place. Whales are beaching themselves and everywhere people are rushing to save them and carry them back into the ocean without asking: “But wait. These animals don’t move in shallow waters. What kind of upheaval during the night caused ten of them to land up on this beach?”
The strangeness of water animals on shorelines will increase in the days to come, and also flooding and water devastations will come. These will run the gamut from “mild and ordinary”, with water around the ankles and some house damage, to “grave and profound”. I see a man giving press conference and hands held in front of him looking down sadly, he says “We are saddened by this grave and profound loss of life here in the delta area.” (I do not know which delta this is, but the Lord says to me “Africa”).
empty shelf.png
Food Shortages:
I see floods; I also see food being harder to find. I see once again shelves in many places going bare, people selling food higher than it’s supposed to be because expected harvests did not come in for a 2nd, 3rd, 4th consecutive time. I see people rioting for food, but not right now. Food price hikes will come first. I see a mother angry saying “How can the price of milk be like this, don’t you know children need this as a basic food to eat?!” The supermarket attendant is upset because they don’t set the price of things but the mother is upset too, shaking the bottled milk because she cannot afford as many as she needs for the children she has. The underground black market is about to come to life. I see confusion coming to the people of earth, desolations, great distress of the nations.
“And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth DISTRESS OF THE NATIONS, they will be perplexed [greatly puzzled and confused], and THE SEA AND THE WAVES WILL ROAR; men’s hearts will fail in them because of fear and the anxious anticipation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken.” (Luke 21:25)
I see an earthquake coming to this world– it is beyond the tracking magnitude of anything we have ever invented to track shaking of the ground; it cannot be measured. That’s all that I saw- a jolt unlike any other- nothing more about it was revealed to me.
red body
In Africa, there will come a red heavenly body visible in the sky. (I do not know the date of its appearance.) It will be visible to everybody when it comes, people around the world will see it, and the people of Africa too. I do not know if it’s the sun, the moon, a planet or something else. All I know, it is red and it will be clear as anything to see. When you have seen this, know that the voice of the Lord has shared these words with you today, and you have heard them in His presence.
preach the gospel
A Word to the Five-fold Ministries:
To the workers- The Lord said: “Act as believers, evangelise, do the work of an evangelist (1 Tim 4:5) Pastors, do the work I have commissioned you. Preach the whole counsel of the gospel, for I have given you a double honour but I will require a double commission of fruit from your hands. The time is far spent for soft counsels. Preach the message of salvation to My people! Preach repentance and forgiveness of sins! No more telling them your opinion couched as a feel good message, no more “inspirational Beatitudes” from the pulpit! Have you not heard: “I am the Lord and there is none besides me?” (Isaiah 45:5) I speak strength and destroy borders. I raise up one, and throw down another. I alone tell a matter from its beginning; I know the future before it arrives (Isaiah 46:10) BEFORE ME THERE IS NO OTHER GOD. If you are not preaching the end times message of Salvation, with Repentance and Holiness for all nations…. Behold. I am coming quickly, my reward secure in my hand. (Rev 22:12) If you not turn and preach my word, I will come to each of you, and I WILL PUT OUT YOUR LIGHT.” – (Revelation 2:5)
This is the completion of the word of the Lord, Desolations are determined against the whole earth. May the Lord bless those who read the words of His prophecy and take it to heart. Amen.

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  1. HolySpiritWind says:

    I just found your blog today and have read everything posted and it is definitely from the Holy Spirit. I have a blog too and I put the words that the Lord gives me on it mostly to warn the people of things to come like yours here is the link

    Blessings Love and peace to you!
    Jeff Byerly

    1. Hélène says:

      Jeff how are u? I haven’t seen any more words from u at all, just devotions you put up. Are u put into silence now? I know of other prophets put into silence also.
      Celestial is about the only one I see still shining brightly. Interesting to me. Maybe I (at least) should strive more for direct instruction.
      The world is a very strange, otherworldly existence now. The dystopianism we go about in now is mindboggling. I don’t even watch any tv or radio, let alone news. I’m still floored at the little I find out, not wanting to but still it comes my way. I’ve certainly had enough‼️

  2. Wow!! I has a dream earlier this year.
    It’s about flood coming to ” Delta” too.
    I saw a very big wall of water, taller than a building. People were very tiny when compared to this waters.
    It’s like a flood from a tsunami.
    There is a state called Delta state in Nigeria. I don’t know if it is this state or any other Delta

  3. Marco says:

    “In Africa, there will come a red heavenly body visible in the sky. (I do not know the date of its appearance.) It will be visible to everybody when it comes, people around the world will see it, and the people of Africa too. I do not know if it’s the sun, the moon, a planet or something else. All I know, it is red and it will be clear as anything to see.”

    I think this heavenly body is the planet called” Nibiru or Planet X”, I had a dream about this planet.

    In this dream I was looking the sky, it was night and out of nowhere I saw this celestial body appear, it was red and very big, huge(I have no words for describe this) I shouted “Nibiru!” and then I started running, after few meters, a fiery shock wave was about to reach me, I called the name of the Lord, I said “Jesus forgive my sins, I repent!”
    End of the dream.

    God bless you Celestial.

    1. Celestial says:

      Marco, wow. I do not know how I missed this comment but it’s very helpful. I have not read much about this Nibiru, but what I saw is huge and dull red, when it comes time to be seen there’s no place it won’t be visible. I think it also means something that seeing it inspired repentance- The Lord said “there will be signs in the heavens”- and by this humanity will know His approach is close! Thanks so much for your comment.

    2. elfmom55 says:

      This channel tracks “Niburu” as best she can even though “they” try to conceal it.
      The Final Days

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