The State Of Things, Pt 2 – July 9, 2020

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American bald eagle: credit artist ‘Royce’

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. – (2 Timothy 3:1)

To continue where I left off in The State Of Things Part 1, I think it’s very necessary for the Church of Jesus Christ to continue arming herself with wisdom and understanding in these last days. I’m referring to earthly wisdom and awareness of what’s going on around us as as well as the wisdom that comes from God. Spiritual wisdom is rooted in Bible knowledge, because reading the Bible is the basic enrichment of soul and spirit that God commands us to pursue above everything else. The Lord wants us to be skilful in the Word, able to teach others as we show ourselves to be “workmen who need not be ashamed”. Deepening our communion with the Holy Spirit by learning Scripture will make us  steadfast in times of trouble and give us the spiritual maturity we need to keep going (and growing) in this rapidly deteriorating world.

Without the Word of God we’ll remain unskilled initiates, paddling in shallow water like babies without moving on to deeper things. Remember- when we got born again we signed up for more than meets the eye! We signed up for a spiritual encounter where the natural world is forever connected to the supernatural. We signed up for a life where you have to pay bills but at the same time God can send angelic assistance to help in hard times.

Without the Bible we’ll never understand how the Earth and Spirit realms are connected,  and we’ll end up caring more about the earthly realm because that’s our natural orientation. Many Christians are stagnant because of this- they pray and study at a minimum, made heavy by the cares of this world without realising that the KEY to breaking heaviness is to greatly INCREASE interaction with God in prayer, worship and Bible study .

Without the Word you’ll find it hard to handle two realities, you will constantly focus on your so called ‘real life’ at the expense of spiritual things. However that’s neglecting the Holy Spirit Himself! Without the HOPE of God’s Word (Christ Jesus) we will wither under the fires of this world. After all the Bible isn’t any old book. It is a work of revelation, history, prophecy, mysteries, and power- it details the entirety of humanity’s journey right up to when this world is destroyed and even covers some of what comes next. The Bible is for way more than dry memorisation or “just coping” in this world, and we have to know that.

The Bible is for our instruction, preparation, changing our human perspective to a divine one, and gaining deeper revelation of WHO GOD IS. It’s also for survival, power, endurance and opening deeper dimensions of God’s persona to the person who wants to be His friend.

Before I share the dream below I want to address two things.

One is that the Mexico prophecy was fulfilled a few weeks ago. I saw it but didn’t have time to mention it- the earthquake was listed 7.4 when it happened (June 23). You can read about it here —> A Word To Mexico and here —–> Earthquake Activity Pt 2. It’s nearly a year to the day since the prophecy was made (June 24/2019 to June 23/ 2020).

The next thing that keeps troubling me: What You Never Heard Before Pt 2 has been pressing on me like a fallen tree. It’s so much on my mind that I’m sharing it again even though I shared it last week. Most people can’t even conceive of this happening in America, we don’t dare imagine such things can happen while we spend time at Costco or sleep peacefully at night BUT THEY DO. This prophecy has troubled me so much that I’ll keep putting it up until I feel a release from it. We need to P-R-A-Y.

The dream I’m about to share relates to U.S. Leadership. I did not get any impression from this dream that it’s targeting current leadership, I believe it shows a trail of broken ideology from long ago to where we are today.

I’ve said many times- STOP putting your faith in human beings. STOP touting one administration or person as some shining hope that’s going to flood America with righteousness and revival or something. The only person who can save this country, the only person with power enough to turn the hearts of any sinful nation to true righteousness is not a man but the one TRUE world leader, the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Those who hope in men will be sorely, bitterly disappointed. Men have no power to stop what is coming, but only when they see their champion running away from the fight (or fallen) will many realise: “Oh no. I should have stuck with God. I should have trusted God.” Today let those who can hear, hear.

(This is a section of a dream with several parts. They’re not up yet but they will be.)

May 31, 2020: A VERY MESSY DREAM

I dreamt I was out in my NY neighbourhood headed to a destination not far from where I lived. I needed a bus to get there but decided to walk because it was a gorgeous summer day. I walked on a beautiful tree lined boulevard in my neighbourhood but as I went I saw a dead bird on the ground with every other step. These birds were not in the normal ‘Oh look, a bird fell from a tree and died’ position, which usually is a broken neck and wings close to the body. No, every bird had both wings spread out military style and the head turned to the left exactly the way the U.S. eagle looks in patriot photos.

Even stranger- all the birds were the American bald eagle, all were dead, and all had their wings spread out in that military pattern. To top it off every eagle was in an advanced state of decay at the head some even had thick white worms squirming out of the eye holes. Yet I could see the birds died not too long ago because the feathers were still fluffy and glossy. An old saying immediately came to me: “Fish rots from the head.” *

*This means before anything is destroyed its headship/ leadership first gets infiltrated, rotten and corrupted before the rest follows into destruction. I was so disgusted by seeing these rotten eagles with nearly every step that I eventually crossed the street to continue my journey there. 

To me the meaning of this dream is clear and lines up with everything God has said about America (which He calls Babylon). This nation has been hijacked and decayed for many, many decades. If anyone thinks this is a healthy and thriving society you’re mistaken- the worms got in a long time ago and ate this bird alive. The death of the bird may not yet be apparent, it all seems business as usual and I’ve even seen people calling the coronavirus crisis “much-needed downtime.” But when the death of the bird goes public at last most people will think it’s a very ‘recent’ death, they’ll be surprised like “But we were doing so well, we were supposed to recover- how did this happen!”

However the corruption of power, abuse of national resources, erosion of trust and total corruption of the leadership of this country is a really old thing, over 50 years old at the minimum. God has said SO MUCH about that on this blog: I’ll leave a few links below for those who are new.

PIRATES took the drivers seat many years ago- they brought everyone who opposed them to ruin, killed their rivals, silenced their opposition, and stole everything in sight. They held meetings in secret to advance their personal agendas of greed, sexual perversion and witchcraft, over America’s national interests. They smiled innocently at the population and wrote it all down in places our eyes were not meant to see. 

Well. Jesus sees. Rotten worms will soon appear in the eyes and head of the mighty eagle, and everyone will reel in shock and disgust at what the star-spangled is really made of. May we all cross to the other side of the street not to share in her judgements (for they are coming), may we keep praying for the remnant Bride to be saved. The time is now for all who want God’s protection and mercy to give their lives to the only Saviour of men, Jesus Christ.

Today I’m saying repent and seek God while the door to salvation is still open. We already see churches being forced into non-existence (along with other types of businesses)- in a way I can’t hold us blameless because many of us made ZERO preparations for this form of life, even though WE ALONE hold the book that predicted exactly what we see happening today. WE hold the book that spoke of the Beast and Antichrist  system that would drive the church into the shadows and give Satan and wicked men most positions of power, but we somehow managed to stay asleep with ZERO expectations it would ever happen. 

Well… Surprise.

We’ve been running the church like a business so now it’s being SHUT like a business, the government has power to close us and legislate us because we took all their tax-free incentives and tried to fit in. Now the vice is at work and if not for the mercy of God who saw all this beforehand… I doubt we’d even get an Act Two.

Thankfully the Holy Father KNEW that perilous times were coming and has sent His spirit to testify through His servants and messengers- Repent, be baptised, and make a path in your heart for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Now is the time for the true Bride of Christ to arise and manifest God’s power in this severe time of crisis- as we wait on God in prayer and Bible study He will speak to EACH OF US and tell us what He wants us to do.


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