WORLD POLITICS: Russia – June 16, 2019

This vision concerns RUSSIA and the fulfillments of her role in the end times. 

I see the nation of Russia on a map. She is sleeping, locked in freeze and ice, but a warm wind from above starts to blow on her. Slowly the ice melts and Russia is released from her prison. “The nation is warming up” I hear, and I see her stretching like an animal out of hibernation.

Now this land sits up and looks around her with interest. She is curious and actually quite strong, and she wants to know what she can do with that strength now that she is free.  Flowers are dotted in the meadow where this animal is sitting; the ice is gone and she is awake in a field of flowers. A voice says “The time of BLOOMING is upon you, SO BLOOM AND GROW.” This is the first vision.  

And the Lord said to Moses, “Bring Aaron’s rod back and place it before the Ark of the Testimony, to be kept as a sign against the rebels, that you may put an end to their complaints before Me, lest they die.” Thus did Moses; just as the Lord had commanded him, so he did.”– (Numbers 17:10-11)

In Numbers 17 a bitter feud erupted in Israel, the elders complained about Aaron being chosen as priest. God told Moses to collect the rods of all the elders and said the rod which came to life and produced fruit would indicate the man HE CHOSE TO BE PRIEST. In the morning Aaron’s rod had “flowers, buds, and almonds”, so God commanded that rod to be set always before the ark as a sign to the others that who God had chosen, He had chosen.

This morning June 16, 2019 I see a map of the world. Above it suspended in heaven [the air] I see the man of God, Aaron, appear, the first high priest of the Lord’s holy lineage. He is in white priestly attire with the ephod and the loaf-pan hat. I see a parable written: “The rod of Aaron was dead wood but at the voice of the Lord it bloomed and produced fruit.”

In the vision I see the Aaron’s rod is wooden and still, then he points it among the nations. I see men standing on the map – each man a president standing on top of his country. The rod chooses among them and points to one standing on a very huge chunk of land- Vladimir Putin. The rod of Aaron points to him among all the presidents and begins to do the impossible– a dead stick starts to flower, blossom and bud; fruit grows on this staff of the high priest as he points it from ancient times into modern times and selects Vladimir Putin from the leaders of the world. Putin bows his head in recognition of the honour and Aaron nods back to him.

I see another curiosity- fruit begins to sprout on Putin himself: small green buds appear on his suit that grow quickly to the size of limes, then tennis balls- green at first then rapidly becoming orange, then red, then DEEP red. Pomegranate fruit is all over this man, joined to his suit, and Putin takes this fruit and cracks it open and serves it to all the people of Russia and the surrounding areas. He is so careful in his service- each person is served personally- and every Russian eats this fruit that Aaron has caused to grow. The people are made strong and unified by this fruit from their leader; the time of Russia has come. They are unified and a strong covenant is going to grow from this union between leader and people. Even the nations around Russia are going to eat this fruit and be bonded to Putin in the time of the end (which is soon to come upon us). This is the second vision.

*In secular culture pomegranates symbolise rebirth, abundance and luck. In the Bible it means fruitfulness and prosperity. This is the covenant given to Russia and her people.

I also see an oil come from heaven upon the head of this man, the anointing is poured on him. This is what I see. An oil of anointing is given to him and he kneels to receive it; this man is respectful of what he is getting and vows not to waste it. He will use it until the day he unfortunately becomes PROFANE (unholy, repulsive) before the Lord, then an end will be proclaimed upon him. The Lord speaks to him personally as the oil is poured and says a name, “PETER, A ROCK”. As these words are said Putin is locked into his destiny as the chosen ruler of Russia until the end times have come; he will play the role he was already assigned in history. This is the third vision.

See the passage below, but please fully study Isaiah 10:5-19. In that passage God says that “Assyria” is a nation He raised up specially to destroy another nation that had turned blasphemous and profane before Him. He anointed Assyria and gave it power over many others, to terrorize kings and bring them to repentance as part of the Lord’s greater plan of JUSTICE TO THE NATIONS.

But this nation grew proud; its leader especially began to imagine himself as indestructible. He started to think: “Aren’t I the one who did all this? Can any nation run away from my sharp sword, or escape my warships?” Because of the vanity of the leader’s heart and forgetting he was just an instrument God made another plan. He vowed to drag that nation to its own destruction, to scatter its soldiers in battle until they were so few in number that a little child could count them. For more on this please see the Gog and Magog vision HERE and HERE.

“Woe to Assyria, the rod of My anger and the staff of wrath in My handI will send him against an ungodly nation, and against the people of My wrath.

I will give him charge [power], To seize the spoil, to take the prey, and to trample them down like the dirt of the streets.

Yet he did not plan this; it was not in his heart to imagine;

Yet I put it in his heart to destroy, and cut off not a few nations. (Isaiah 10:5-7)

The fourth and last vision I saw was short images of Putin being invited to many countries for talks. Some of them he contacted but many of them contacted him. He went almost everywhere he was invited – nobody was seen as ‘too small’ to visit. He sat at kings’ tables, he was welcomed, he was praised. In some images his words were not well received but even where there was disagreement there was order and respect between the parties and he went away without a fuss. This man was given favour in the eyes of rulers and I saw that he received many resources as a result of his ability to make a sound case for Russia. This is what I have seen and I declare as a watcher of the Lord that this is the vision and revelation of the Lord, amen. RUSSIA IS RISING and no war or resistance will hold her back because God says this is her time. Prophecy about China will be posted shortly. Thank you. 

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  1. Maples says:

    Hello celestial. Look at this, Putin is really angry at the USA.

  2. Hélène says:

    I’d say these Putin pronouncements are right on target
    What a diff world we live since 3 yrs ago when medical marital law was declared

  3. Jhonique Williams says:

    These vision are being fulfilled right now

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