Light It Up – September 2, 2020


The nation is about to ignited. Like a fire cracker. Like smoke rising up from a foundry fire I will light up the nation of the USA until her fires reflect in the heavens. Great was her beginning, great was her mercy and justice for all. Liberty was her name and her fame went through all the earth…


America you were great BECAUSE OF ME. But now you are a harlot. Such a prostitute and a whore. So I will purge you with scourging (fierce whipping), I will burn you with fire. From coast to coast there will be fires in America, from sea to shining sea. I will ‘light it up’ as the war dogs say, I will ignite the powder keg and watch it blow sky high. America will be a boiling pot and her people will be the meat, boiled by the tensions, trials and personal challenges of the day until they become weak and tender.

There will be racial tension to the point of fighting and killing in the streets. Armed militias will arise on racial grounds and also political grounds, your country will split down the middle and your flag will be torn apart as your people develop hatred for one another. Strong political rhetoric will come from the pulpit, there will be so much political chatter that even the church will tune in to that radio frequency and begin to parrot personal opinion as prophecy. Watch for the liars, don’t let them devour your souls.

My remnant, if you wish to be Mine, repent. For I am God Almighty, a protector, an eagle under whose wings you hide. Cleanse your garments. Repent of your sins. Stop quarelling amongst yourselves over doctrine,  stop giving the enemy a foothold. Forgive those who have wronged you and repent of your hidden sins which nobody knows about. Present yourselves for inspection, let Me show you where you’ve gone wrong. Then you will cleanse your secret faults and be a vessel fit for honour, a prize jar in the Master’s House. 

AMERICA WILL BURN. I will tenderize her with HEAT until she remembers her maker. She will relent and cry out in the repentance that she refused to give willingly when I asked for it. Her children will cry with her, indeed the little ones will “come unto Me” as I have said. A great cry, mourning and a wail will go up from the cities – starvation, hunger, lack, and a weeping for their children.

FAMINE WILL GRIP THIS LAND. Watch this nation receive foreign aid. Watch Americans shown on TV as needing FOREIGN CHECKS, AID MONEY and DONATIONS- you will crash from your pedestal and be beggars for bread. Proud nation. Hear this word: “For only a dollar a day, you can help an American.” I the Lord have said it; I will do these things. You will beg for food. You will beg for peace. Proud nation, in the end all you have refused to do you will do, and you will beg for ME. I will light it up. I will set it on fire. The troops are coming, and they will handle the rest. That is all for now. 

This is the end of the word. Please read Jeremiah 4. 

God is saying gangs motivated by race will be out there openly killing people because they hate their skin colour; America will fall to skid row and relive her past of racially motivated murder again IN THE MODERN DAY. She will be bankrupt, on foreign money to keep her economy going (if she isn’t getting it quietly already). God said public handouts and donations from other nations will help people survive: foreign aid. This is inconceivable for a world superpower and yet… God said it will be. Famine, burning, economic challenges and social collapse that so afflicts people that they break down and cry. Children dying from hunger… is anyone listening to these things?

It is my thought (I, Celestial), that we might think prophetic words such as this one have already come to pass- perhaps because of things we saw this year like racial tensions, violence in the streets, civilian-police wars and all that. But I believe we’ve not seen these things fulfilled yet. We’ve only seen previews. I don’t think posts like this are fulfilled because the things I’ve seen look like total anarchy, like America is burning down to the ground. I’m talking about when trees, homes, fields, skyscrapers and every conceivable thing is BURNING DOWN until the sky is a dull red, an angry blanket as far as the eye can see. I’ve seen fires like that on TV this year but not everywhere. Not everything. Not all at once. Not yet. I think the burning has started in and outside of our homes but it is a long way to go for it to look like some of the things I post.

And I thank God for that. 

We are told to test prophecy and I’ve said many times before that the test of true prophecy is NOT carried out by our own unqualified hearts. I’m amazed at people: “Oh this sits well with me” or “Hmm I don’t know how I feel about this.” Please hear this and let it be understood: there is nothing in me and you that qualifies us to judge prophecy. The true judge of a prophetic word is the Holy Ghost who is the Spirit of God that tests all things. The Holy Spirit (if sought and asked) is the One who will let your human spirit know (even with all its multiple issues of daily life swirling around in the heart and mind), whether a thing is from God or not. YOU don’t judge prophecy, THE HOLY SPIRIT does.

Many believers are so confused about this season. Some refuse to listen to the very loud wake up call in the earth right now. Some do hear what God is saying but are responding with fear instead of running to Him to ask for courage and wisdom what to do. Believe me, even if you have three pennies like myself God can turn it into a plan for you- it’s not by money you are saved but by your willingness to elevate GOD’S GREATNESS above your terror and/ or lack. It’s by realizing that if you have gaps in your faith which let fear in then it is most urgent you get alone with God and get OFF social media and Netflix- get alone with Him to work on your gaps while you still have time.

As for me even as these prophecies do weigh on me sometimes, yes… they do. They do. I choose to hold on to God. He is the absolute best part of my life, in fact He IS my life. My author, defender, Father and best friend. Whatever I share here I hear it first, I see it playing out, I have to face it and bear the weight of wondering what everybody else will think when they hear it too. Despite all that my answer for my own life is Jesus. JESUS. J-E-S-U-S. That’s all I’ve ever needed, and that’s all I can offer anybody else. Jesus is what we need. Amen.

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