WORLD POLITICS: China – June 16, 2019



This is the sign of the end: In the days yet to come the GOLDEN DRAGON (China) and RED DRAGON (Japan) will talk; they will bend their wings together and have talks. I do not know if these talks will be successful or not, but I see they will have them. I also see a beautiful BLUE DRAGON with them, smaller than both but no less beautiful. I do not know what nation this is, but the sense I get from the other two is the blue one is “Little Brother”. However the lens is on the Golden Dragon, the time of the golden dragon is now. The red dragon JAPAN is still small and learning how to grow. The Golden dragon is fully grown and wants to fly, and indeed God will let her fly until the time of the end proclaimed upon her. This is the first vision.

On a tangential line I see three dragons- Gold is biggest and closest to me; some way down the line Red spreads her wings experimentally; some way down the line Blue is in an upright position but standing still for now, watching. GOLD is a dragon of unbelievable SPLENDOUR- this thing is gold with multi-shimmering scales (iridescence) and it is born like a chicken is born. The wings come out tightly wrapped around its body, damp and sticking, but soon they are dry and the veins of the dragon are visible as it spreads its wings to the fullest extent of capacity. China is ready to fly, this is the revelation of the Lord. This is the second vision.

I see the nation of China on the map, and she spread many legs like a spider. I also see tubes like glass pipes come out of China, and land on many countries of the world. At the end of the glass pipes is a suction nozzle– it fastens to the countries like a clamp and sucks resources out of them. These pipes are all over the world, developed and undeveloped countries- I see RESOURCES flowing into the pipes headed back to China: gold, diamonds, silver, metals [chief among them is a dull grey metal that looks like ‘pewter’, also copper and IRON especially. For metal imports I hear the word “ingots”]. I see even DIRT being carried back to China, rich dirt to be further mined for mineral extracts in the soil and then used for building when extracts are removed. I see uranium and other things carried back in cargo ships. It is to the point I even see EGGS flowing through the pipes to China: every egg is carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and transported back as food for a growing population. Therefore FOOD is an import I see flowing backward through the glass pipes to China. This is the third vision.

I see the flag of China as a blanket, soft and warm. She offers it to many countries, and they take it and wrap it around themselves. China is offering deals, agreements, partnerships to many, many countries, and I see the red flag of stars wrapped around the shoulders of many heads of state as China puts an arm around them, listens to their requirements and pats them on the back. This blanket is warm and comforting and many are glad to have it. “BEWARE.” a voice says, and I see the blankets begin to tighten of their own power. First they were loose on the shoulders, now they start to grip tighter and tighter, holding the nations until they grip like cling film or the cocoon of a butterfly. I see nations becoming “wrapped”, struggling to get out of the flag-blanket. Many fail and become completely trapped within the blanket. BEWARE I hear again, “Lest she smother you with her demands.” The blanket of China is helpful but potentially deadly; you have to know how to wear it or your nation will be choked to death. This is the fourth vision.

In the fifth and last vision I see the glass tubes again. All of them descend into the belly of China and what rises out is TECHNOLOGY. I see tablets, phones, computers, cloud systems, WEAPONS, and many other things BEYOND WHAT YOU WOULD BELIEVE POSSIBLE if you compared it to technology now. I see China take a flying leap into the technology centers of the world and take over. Her tablet and computer displays are so crisp they give off a holographic quality– I see something beyond 3D capacity on their technology displays- the images are so close to real life as to be indistinguishable from what you see in front of you in real life. I see especially China producing goggles that are so realistic that you cannot tell the difference between false and real when you wear them. I see these googles COVETED by gamers and other virtual reality users. ‘MADE IN CHINA’ is stamped on everything as far as the eye can see. I see the technology of China become coveted by the nations and give her an incredible boost in finances and resources worldwide. Her weapons especially are required, and many nations will make deals with her for the new type of items she will produce- including navigation systems, aerial navigation and detection systems, something called “silent sonar”underwater navigation gear including something that makes use of cloaking technology, so you cannot see a diver when he activates it on his suit, spying products and good old heavy artillery (bullets that pierce even body armour and tank armour). They also have an “igniting technology” for use in the battle field but I do not know what that is really; all I hear is “flaming gun”. The position of China is about to rocket upwards- much like Russia whom I saw launching into the sky in the arms race in a ship written ‘SPUTNIK’, I also see China’s gold dragon spring in one leap from the high rock and dominate the sky.

These are the things the Lord showed me today in church. More will be posted shortly. 

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