D-DAY – December 21, 2019

This is the word of the Lord.

D-Day shall be once again. Terror and unpreparedness revisited, this time on you America. Ships will emerge out of the fog and you will be surrounded on both sides, East and West. They will squeeze you in a vice until you vomit out your treasures into the hands of your worst enemies; you will bow down before them in servitude and become slaves. If you think this is a joke, wait and see. 

D DAY, REVISITED. Wait and see. 

Note: Prophecy refers to seaborne invasion, a huge force of soldiers, “allies” working together for a common goal, a decisive military blow struck against a common enemy, but most of all:


That is all. 

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(Photo Credit: Martin K. A. Morgan)

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  1. Scarlett says:

    I’ve been posting messages and prophecies about invasion, war, and God’s judgement on America for many years. I have loved ones that believe in God, and some that don’t…..none of which are serving Him. All of them think I’m crazy for believing such things…just as do other readers. Nevertheless, I have felt compelled to do so whether they laugh at me or not. Most recently, within the last year I’ve felt an urgency about warning folks. I sense many of these judgements have already begun on a smaller level than what’s coming.
    God bless you dear sister for reaching out with these prophecies, teachings and warnings….When these painful events begin happening, then they will believe and hopefully still have time to repent.

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