The Great Reset: Eugenics – December 22, 2020

A poster from London’s Eugenics Society.

This is the last dream about the Great Reset- (Dec. 22, 2020).

In my third dream the Lord said to me EUGENICS.

“Eugenics will rule in the time of the Beast. Eugenics is the practice of using technology to get rid of ‘unpleasant’ character traits Celestial. What is seen as unacceptable will be isolated, weeded out and removed. Unacceptable skin colour, eye colour, unacceptable hair texture, all these can and will be edited out of existence via highly superior eugenics weapons of the Beast Kingdom. Eugenics will rule in the end times. Eugenics is when you take out what you don’t like so you only end up with and cultivate what you like. It is the practice of getting rid of unacceptable humanity altogether.”

When God ended His sentence my dream went from being black with only His voice, to me standing in an underground basement facility. I knew I was underground because the lighting was that glaring, big-bulbed yellow kind you see in tunnels in the movies. The walls were unpainted cement and the ceilings had exposed pipes running through them.

I was in a hallway looking into a room through heavy, one-way identification glass. I don’t know if that’s the name for it, that glass where they put criminals on one side and you stand on the other side identifying them but they can’t see you. I saw someone in that room in a hospital gown, seemingly asleep in a bed where horrible experimental things were being done to them.

Even though I saw only one room I knew there were hundreds of rooms in this place; I could feel that this facility was full of people and evil things were being done to all of them: things to make them more acceptable, genetic altering things to see if they would “Take to the treatments”. Things to make them grow right hair colour or hair texture or lengthen their bones, or change their bodily structure to the right eye colour or skin.

Things to “edit” them and see what the results were.

Sometimes those people died without anything changing. Sometimes things did change but not in the way expected. Sometimes people didn’t die but suffered terribly. 

And sometimes they woke up. 

The person in the room woke up; they came awake in the middle of whatever was going on and became like a wild animal out of fear of what was being done to them. They screamed and screamed on the bed, sat up and kicked everything around them. Sharp instruments scattered to the floor, the attending nurses fled and the person ran right up to the glass partition window in the room and started to beat their fists and scream for help through the glass. I saw a back view of myself looking into the room with the Lord Jesus beside me in His white robe with the blue sash. He had His hands behind his back and we stood there looking but there was nothing we could do.

It was the New World Order. It was the Beast system. It was satan’s time, the time where God had moved away from humanity to let them fall into the hands of the ones they put in power. The ones they supported and followed on Twitter, the hidden sons of satan. It was the time of the Beast- satan was given his brief moment and now God stood aside.

That person beat their hands on the glass til blood started to hit on the glass with their thumps, then the Lord pointed at the wall and said: Celestial, look there.

I looked on the rough grey wall wall of that horrible bunker and saw that a beautiful piece of cobalt stone had somehow gotten mixed up with the concrete. It was such a small piece but the blue was beautiful, I put my attention on it and didn’t look at that poor person screaming for help. I heard them dragging him back to the bed, I heard him screaming but it was like from far away because I put all my strength to look at that small cobalt stone. Only Jesus stood as a faithful witness to whatever they did to that man and then that experience ended. The dream went back to black and God said to me: 

“Eugenics will rule the New World Order. They will extinguish humanity. Humans are not working alone in this, they are receiving HELP and INSTRUCTION on what to do and how to do it. Any life that is not a useful life will be exterminated. The old, the weak, anyone who cannot work, anyone who is not ‘desirable’, anyone who does not look acceptable or match what is mandated as acceptable standards of beauty, or anyone who cannot water the New World Order with sweat will be removed. Look to yourselves because the devil has come down and will now live among you. This is the New World Order.”

I woke up and wrote down the dream.  

I could say so much but I think this is clear. What I will do though, is use this moment to say that I keep hearing that this blog can be difficult to deal with. That’s the truth yes, I know it already but to be honest I want to ask us this. Is it really so difficult? Truly?

Let’s look at it this way- I think this blog hits people hard because for many it may be the first place to read things they only ever saw on TV. I wake up sometimes and think “Did I really just see that Lord?” But I know I did. I can even describe the cobalt stone I saw- it was an asymmetrical oval with thin veins of deep blue running through it and the reason I saw it so clearly is because God used it to protect me. He told me look there so I wouldn’t have to see somebody screaming for his life and slamming his fists so hard against triple-plated glass that the edges of his hands started to bloody.

This blog stresses people out because when a scene like this appears on TV with the words “Paramount Pictures” or “Lionsgate Films”– we know it’s just a movie. There’s no responsibility, we can see where the story goes without feeling like we’re in a world gone crazy, a world where we’re up here shopping for groceries while other people are down there having gene-editing software used on them to see if their eyes change colour. We see the studio logo and we know it’s not real: Relax! What you’re about to see isn’t real. It’s fantasy. NOBODY would really do this, we’re just running a scenario by you and asking “What if?”

But when a real person on a real blog says “Hey I saw this, it was America, they were holding a black man and many, MANY other people against their will, using them as guinea pigs to try things they’ve never asked you to vote about or even TOLD YOU THAT THEY DO”, then… yeah… It gets stressful doesn’t it? Because it means the neat edges of life as you know it are falling away, it means God is forcing you to realize you are living in a murdering, lawless generation who do not need voter permission to create the world they want and will stop at nothing to “edit” whoever they don’t like right out of it.

I saw this. I saw it happen and God didn’t want me hurt by it so He made me look aside and HE stood there and took the punches, HE stood as a silent witness to watch that man die all because he “didn’t look right” to somebody. 

EUGENICS. Google it, do some reading. God reveals things hidden in darkness, He said everything done in secret will come to life, everything told in whispers will be shouted from the rooftops. (Mark 4:22; Luke 8:17; Luke 12:3) Well I’m shouting: America kills and experiments on people!!!

God tells us things not to scare or accuse us but because He wants to disconnect us from this useless state of false beliefs. He wants to plug us into the reality HE SEES. The reality where (1) this happens, (2) it’s still happening, (3) us not knowing about it won’t make it stop happening and (4) What do we do now? We awaken to our real world and ask God’s help to adjust to what’s coming. 

So as you visit TMV remember- Maybe it’s time to deal with it. The era of sleep is gone, awake sleeper! Study. Research. It’s too late for lies and traditional church beliefs. It’s time to accept that the world is far ahead of us in these things- they know all about the plots and plans and even names of the architects behind this great wickedness, way more than we do anyway. It’s time to accept that after someone has posted about these things for 2 years *(and I’m only one of thousands speaking, imagine)-

After you’ve heard about people filming underground movies with rape and murder as the “plot twist” [To Put Out Their Light], about precious politicians and the filthy things they do while punting for your vote [What You Never Heard Before], about creatures that will come down from the sky and INSIST on living among us (they will be allowed to and even accommodated in their request, make no mistake)- [Desolations Are Determined, Pt 5], about actual fallen angels [Angels Descending]- after reading all this… we have to change.  

Say goodbye to your old mindset. Your old belief system, your old measuring scale of what you’re willing to believe or not believe, how far you can go before it all just sounds “too much”. Brother and sister God did not allow me such luxuries. He brought me out of ignorance without me asking for it; my usual prayers were Draw me nearer Lord and let me see the beauty of your holiness. I meant it from my heart; I thought it meant God would show me more of Himself. Instead He showed me more of us! Such prayers sound romantic to us but they actually trigger Jeremiah 33:3:


I prayed this way thinking “I need more of you God!” Well… What God revealed is that I was part of a global church culture that prays ignorantly. A Church in love with Hillsong and cute books on growing your influence as a leader, a church that prays 10% and watches zero percent. The Bible says watch AND pray. We barely even pray anymore! We spend all our time having conferences and talking about our emotions. It is so, so hard to find a true church that prays and walks in scriptural power anymore, that’s why so many self proclaimed Christians are unmoved in this pandemic- they’re already used to being out of the churches and following skinny jeans pastors cloaked in hair gel on YouTube. Online church has been going on for years because there are hardly any TRUE churches left!

Here’s what seeking taught me. If you’re always praying but don’t watch the world around you then your prayers will be idyllic, sweet to the ears, and pointless. You’ll be out of God’s loop! Unaware of the real issues burdening His heart, unaware that He needs an intercessor for boys being raped in catacombs [Cassock] you won’t know His heart and therefore will find it hard to pray well or be of any REAL USE to the kingdom.

Yeah it sounds harsh but if you’ve wondered “How all this is going on and we don’t know about it!”- well. That’s how. Because the church is ASLEEP, especially here in America. People don’t know what God weeps about, they think God actually CARES about election results or who the Supreme Court confirms. HE DOESN’T! It’s what America cares about and there is no end of “prophetic whirlwinds” ready to tell her 90 Bible verses that match what her constantly itching ears want to hear. 

The Great Reset is already going on. Covid is our reset. Slowly more laws, regulations and “You must do this” signs will appear. God set up this blog to tell us things they won’t tell us, not so we panic but so we do what Israel did when they were surrounded- Turn and cry to their God. As long as we keep thinking there’s a “fix” for this we will be restless. This is BIBLE PROPHECY- The reset was prophesied centuries ago but John didn’t call it a reset, he called it a Beast. What can you do against a global system that will launch itself at you with more resources than you’ve ever seen in your life? What’s the “plan” that could work against Revelation 13?

I went through difficult seasons of wrestling with these truths myself but because I did not quit on seeking God I slowly won back my PEACE. I have set myself in my Father’s hands, I mean it with all my strength when I say: “I am the Lord’s”. Therefore may you also give yourself to the study of truth in these last days so God can reveal Himself to you in a deeper way, and slowly give back your peace. Shalom.

One will say “I AM THE LORD’S”; Another will call himself by the name of Jacob; Another will write with his hand, ‘The LORD’s’ and name himself by the name of Israel. – (Isaiah 44:5)

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  1. Francis Anthonys says:

    Bless your heart Celestial, you are in my prayers. I know your job is not easy. I constantly stop to pray, while I read. It’s heart wrenching. As for me, I want the truth, so I can prepare my spiritual life accordingly. Tough times are ahead, only in the Masters hand can we survive. Thank you so much. The truth shall set you free, Jesus!

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Francis. Thank you for praying- I always appreciate those. And it IS heart-wrenching. I think one thing God’s given me in this work is the ability to truly know what type of world I live in. What risks I face, who’s really out there pretending to be what they’re not, etc. In all this I have as much a responsibility for wisdom in facing the future as I do a requirement to walk in hope, joy, PEACE and all the other 9 fruits of Galatians 5:22-23. The challenge we must meet is how to balance so we don’t tumble into some horrible pit of despondency just because we’re now seeing the world for what it is, OR stay so detached that we think just because we know these things it’ll all work out. There is a line in the middle. By grace I found it and He keeps me on it, I hope you will too. Bless you.

  2. Scarlett says:

    “The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.” Ecc1:19.
    Indeed, there is going to be a great reset; not one of which we are going to look forward to, especially those of us who have loved ones who’ll be alive during this time frame. If people have read history and how mankind behaved toward his fellows, one will realize that Satan is very innovative in his tortures; he simply develops newer and more sophisticated ones as time progresses. Ones that hurt just as much and kill just as dead.
    Sister, the Lord has hand selected you for a very hard job for reasons only He knows, and maybe you are just finding out. A job that the rest of us wouldn’t want either, because we like to sleep at night. I join the others in praying for you to sustain and be blessed as you fulfill you’re God ordained destiny.
    As for me, one of the hardest things I’m dealing with is that one son, and his wife, have simply stopped communicating with me. I have been mocked, laughed at and disbelieved over anything that gets too spiritual or “deep” for them, but lately, I know it’s because they have seen some of my blog posts, along the same lines, and including some of yours. They live in an affluent world of travel, drinking and socializing like minded world-lings, and are embarrassed by my spiritual beliefs, (the only part of which I would change is just to go deeper into them with Yeshua). They have also indicated in the past that they actually fear for their jobs due to some sort of “guilt by association”…Oddly enough, the same thing has been true of the several small “spirit filled” churches I’ve belonged to. They can’t or won’t accept that demons exist and that they do bad things to people….even “church folk”.

    Shalom dear sister…..

  3. CIK says:

    You have answered why I feel no peace. Thank you for that. I pray for you as well.

    [When God showed me a strong dream of a child being sex trafficked and me with a gun to kill the perp (but purposely missing my shot) and then, being snatched out of the dream so abruptly that I woke up gasping… shame on me, I didn’t pray consistently after that. For some reason, my assignment seems to be children and things that happen to them. I wish I could wake up FAST. God is slowly doing it (I’ve been reading articles about things going on around the world) but it’s not enough.]

    1. Celestial says:

      CIK, start from where you are. Changing the mental flora of our lives is perhaps the hardest transition of all- it’s easier to move from Hawaii to Alaska than to shift our mindset. The key is CONSISTENCY. Many expect dramatic “spiritual” changes where God does all the heavy lifting but in truth it doesn’t work that way. Growth for people is the same as for plants- u get out what u put in. (1) We need a set time to seek God- daily. If you’re a morning person use mornings, evening person- ditto. (2) We need good word habits:, spiritual flexibility is directly TIED TO learning/ truly understanding the Bible. You can’t pray well without being full of FRESH WORD EVERY DAY. The same way the body needs food to keep running, all spiritual gymnastics require fresh and consistent Bible fuel. To be frank I think Christians spend an inordinate amount of time waiting for God to ‘speak to them’- yet the Bible speaks constantly. If read daily it opens the door to the other type of speaking almost everyone seems to prefer. I love my Bible. I live for & depend on it, I finish work so I can get back to it because contrary to all current trends the answers ARE STILL ALL THERE. Prophecy only exists to enhance and peel back (with imagery) what the Bible already said. Start with the same basics which will never change, and God will meet you on the way.

      1. CIK says:

        Thank you!

  4. Nonso Aratunde says:

    Hello Celestial, thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God bless you for these messages. I glorify Yahweh for ordering my steps to this blog. Can I have your email address? God bless and strengthen you dear sister….

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