Dream Of A Deadly Disease – February 2, 2021

This is the 2nd dream from Feb. 2, 2021. I had about 6 dreams that night- this one contains personal elements so I’ve made them more general for our understanding.

I dreamt that a very virulent disease came on this earth, highly contagious and deadly. Nobody knew what it was or what caused it, all we knew was it was here and wreaking havoc in the global population. This disease was characterized by flat, itchy sores that broke out in clusters all over the body. When you had it you were covered in the torso by flat, round circles that clustered together like ripples in a pond. The clusters looked like the Olympic symbol of many circles joined together, each had ‘rings’ in it and it looked like the skin had been branded with a hot cigarette lighter all over.

This disease was extremely contagious and very deadly, just being around someone who was sick would make you sick too. It spread quickly across the world and people were dying like flies. There was no way to know in advance who had it because the only sign of it was tiredness, growing tiredness and exhaustion which is easy to attribute to anything at first. 

If you caught it and survived your skin got darker and nobody knew why. Some of my family caught it but they didn’t die- in the dream I was able to differentiate between those who’d recovered and those still in the early stages. As I worriedly searched their bodies to see who was sick I found that those who were recovering were several skin tones darker (especially on their backs); on top of that their skin had this eerie two-tone quality I’ve never seen on a human being. Like bioluminescence, their skin was two-tone black (like it had been singed) and gold.

I don’t know how to explain it: the survivors’ skin got darker and it kept evidence of the disease by having an imprint of the circles of the illness in glowing gold. I’m making no sense yet that’s how it looked – overly dark skin pockmarked by flat, gold-tinged circles all over the torso. Those in early stages of infection showed telltale signs of constant itching but their skin tone was normal and the flat clusters were visible only as irritated red flesh. Only because of seeing how the disease looked before and after was I able to differentiate who had it and who had already come through it. The disease also made people extremely gaunt in the face and especially around the shoulder area; they had this ‘Corpse Bride’ sunken look until they fully recovered.

In the dream my father (a career surgeon and emergency trauma doctor) did not want to accept that this disease was a deliberately engineered bioweapon. I kept telling him Dad, this is not a normal disease. I don’t need a medical degree to know that. Look at your kids, they are radioactively glowing now that they’ve had this disease and lived. They are BLACK AND GOLD for goodness sake, what medical textbook have you ever seen that in! Look at them and admit the truth!

But my dad was scared and walked away saying he was sure there was a reasonable explanation for that, he just needed time to look in his medical book and find what was causing this. I got very frustrated with him because I knew he wouldn’t find a single shred of proof that this disease had ever existed or shown itself to mankind before. My family members looked like jungle lions in the pride, those rarer lions with the two-way fur that looks dark from one view yet with a gold overtone if you look at it in the right light. Their skin was two-way just like that and I kept asking myself What does that, what natural disease can ever do that to the human body?

People were dying of this disease at a terrific pace- hospitals were inundated with cases with high infection rate and very high mortality. Everyone was scared. To be honest I’m a little puzzled how any hospitals were operating because… society had broken down. There was no sign of normal life in this dream. I didn’t see myself at any job, I had no work, people roamed aimlessly and I didn’t even have a fixed address to call home. I slept wherever I could get it, anywhere lodging was cheap and more importantly SAFE. I had very few possessions and so did my family members, we only had what we could carry and were constantly on the move. The society reminded me of Purge Anarchy, every man for himself. It did not feel safe at all but more a matter of survival. Then I woke up. 

I think this dream is clear. Bioweapons are coming (or already here). My dad here represents the medical community whom I’ve seen many times in visions, completely stumped and shocked at the new diseases showing up in the hospitals. Their medical training is going to fight against the obvious evidence staring them right in the face, and it will be hard for them to be convinced they’re not dealing with ordinary sicknesses. Many of them will not want to accept that these new diseases aren’t natural diseases, many of them will even be killed trying to ‘find out what it is’. God is warning us so we can be hyper-vigilant when we see these things occurring. I believe God will protect his people but as we can see in the dream, protection doesn’t always means we won’t get sick. It may mean He’ll preserve us like Psalm 41: 1-3 says (please read that psalm).

On this blog I’ve shared how God uses insights, prophetic revelations and personal comments to teach me about the End Times. Concerning destructive man-made diseases God calls it ‘Man’s inhumanity to man’, He’s told me how terrible sicknesses will appear straight out of labs to attack humanity. Nothing about them will be natural, it’ll be completely outside the normal cycle of earth’s natural bugs and  viruses. The diseases of the future will be BIOENGINEERED, deliberately cooked up somewhere by very WICKED PEOPLE and unleashed on the population with merciless accuracy in order to wipe the earth clean of life, just how you wipe dishes of water. Over and over He mentions these things, here are one example on this blog:

“Sickness will be synonymous with earth life from now on: plagues, diseases and pestilence shall ravage the human population and many lives will be lost because of it. Man-made diseases will take a front row in these disastersevil released from secret vials created by human hands. Mankind’s wickedness against man shall be at an all time high as innocent suffers with guilty in the ATTACK AND REMOVAL OF LIFE by wicked human agents of destruction. There is no limit to the cruelty of man’s heart; there is no limitation to the evil of humanity and this will be displayed in the area of BIOLOGICAL WARFARE AND WEAPONRY AGAINST UNSUSPECTING POPULATIONS OF THE WORLD. Men and women will be put to death with impunity by things that cannot be cured, secular sickness that is not from Me. Yet I will allow it for the sake of My vengeance against man: For the multitude of his iniquities and transgression against Heaven and against Me I will allow these lives to be lost, as a punishment from Heaven and an expression of My anger against the sinfulness of man.”

Taken from: Prepare For The New World Order, Pt 1

You can also read more of coming diseases in Pestilence Is Coming and The Pale Horse.

If you’re having trouble believing what God says, that the earth’s population is being deliberately afflicted with disease, find out more here: The Great Reset- Eugenics.

I’ll continue posting the dreams of February 2, God bless. 

P. S. I am sometimes frustrated by not being able to draw, I really wish to convey the things I see properly but I try my best to describe them. I want it understood how this disease looked, how it made skin darker while leaving a ‘lit-up’, glowing, gold appearance where the imprints of the disease had been. I’ve never seen a thing like that in my life. I once saw a Netflix series where a man was mixing animal reproductive substances with bioluminescent tissue taken from some creature; he was breeding prize dogs and wanted their fur to glow. I couldn’t believe anyone would even THINK of such a thing yet there it was- on Netflix. Now seeing this dream… I really wonder at the future ahead of us.

Note: The flat circles looked something like this, but interlocking in clusters of 5 or 6. They looked like when cells are multiplying under the microscope.


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  1. Sister in Christ says:

    I pray the Lord keeps you under His merciful protection at all times and blesses your life Celestial.
    Just wanted to comment the Lord has been reminding me lately to pray over all foods I eat and watch the food I consume.
    Given that I only consume food prepared at home and grow some of it, I understand food from the grocery store may in the future be tempered with.
    Praying over the food is a habit I did not have (still forget many times) and He keeps reminding me I have to do it. And make it a habit. This happened for the 1rst time after I got badly intoxicated with chocolate candy and He miraculously healed me. Right after the healing He said that to me. Praise His Holy name!

  2. diegoalonsocortez says:

    Bioluminescence is usually a red flag of genetic manipulation by the Luciferian elite. These people are obsessed with a pair of proteins called Luciferase and Luciferin. They even put that in the COVID-19 vaccines; see the Moderna patent: https://patents.google.com/patent/US20120251618A1/en
    And they’ll probably use it for the quantum dot tattoo Mark of Vacccination, too: https://stm.sciencemag.org/content/11/523/eaay7162

    Luciferase makes things glow, and scientists use it regularly for all sorts of… “research”. If you search Luciferase papers, you’ll find tons of studies: https://scholar.google.com/scholar?hl=es&as_sdt=0%2C5&q=luciferase&btnG=

    About the black and gold, and the darkening of the skin, I know nothing. But I’m sure there’s science behind it. (If someone does know, do let me know.)

    (By the way, don’t forget that one of the Luciferians’ goals is to reduce world population to 500 million. That’s a 93.5% reduction! See: Georgia Guidestones.)

  3. Amelda van Heerden says:

    Thank you YaHWeH for Truth!
    May ears hear and eyes open!

  4. Hélène says:

    Dealing with vitiligo in my daughter and my friends son, I know what ur describing but their skin doesn’t glow, no
    And the severe eczema in my daughter also, leaves her/is scarring her with splotches & rings of light skin. Again tho, no glowing.
    I could easily imagine both these cases glowing tho. I’m sure it will happen too!
    Men have lost their minds. Utterly lost it.

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