New York ARE YOU READY? – July 15, 2019

are you ready

I have seen a vision of cruel events, a vision of betrayal and destruction. Army of Elam, attack! Army of Media, lay siege to the cities! God will put an end to the suffering which Babylon has caused. – (Isaiah 21:2)

“The one who has dipped his hand in the bowl with me will betray me.” – (Matt 26:23)

This prophecy was given at 8:01 a.m. EST, July 15, 2019.

This is the word of The Lord:

New York City will be hit by a devastating event and the city will be devastated from underground. Miles of her train and rail systems will be destroyed and trains will come to a standstill in the tunnels. They will be stuck. This is the truth: Detonation charges have been placed along miles of the New York City subway system- they will be triggered remotely and major explosions erupt in the east side of the lower downtown metropolitan area of New York. Many people above and below ground will be killed, and the tunnel substructure will collapse into the earth in some places. See also this prophecy- ‘From Underground’.

There will be the presence of red pillars or red walls near this event, and smoke will billow between these pillars or walls because of the explosion underground. It will find its way up the stairwell near these red structures and plume right up to the sky. See prophecy post- ‘What Have I Really Seen?’

Here is God’s revelation- this is an act of domestic terror. This is not the work of foreign actors. This is not an attack of Iran or Afghanistan. Russia didn’t do it; it is not Saudi Arabia’s fault. Nobody did this but America. The hand of the oppressor is lifted against this nation- her own “brothers” who are loyal to a global cause are the ones that planned, orchestrated and executed this attack. See ‘The Strike Against New York’.

Prophecy: The hand of the oppressor is lifted against you America- in coming days they will destroy you worse than this. They will tear you down with their bare hands and loot you until there is nothing left. This is the fulfilment of scripture, Isaiah 21: “The betrayer betrays, the treacherous dealer deals treacherously.” You have been betrayed by your own leaders, and now your destruction is upon you. This is the beginning of your end.

Now their hand has struck you and they will not stop striking until every last one of your freedoms are removed and destroyed. Your constitution will be unbuckled like trousers and fall to the ground; you will be left naked and afraid. You will have no constitutional freedoms to protect you in future days; all your laws will be suspended and new laws of regime watchfulness, terror, and fear of citizens will rule as Americans are attacked by their own government. Raids, search and seizure and midnight entry into American homes without a warrant, beatings (torture) and mysterious disappearances of those who tell the truth- all this will happen in the future of the USA. The bastion of peace and prosperity will be destroyed, and the ‘cunning artificer’ [i.e. a skillful deceiver] will draw aside the curtain to reveal a mystery and wonder, a new world order already created, a second government waiting to take over as the ‘new superpower’. You were the last refuge for the nations but your foolishness and arrogant pride has cost you your position, therefore your collapse will surrender the other nations as prey to the sword of the antichrist.

The event in New York’s will cause severe harm. The damage will be on a great scale. Physical harm and loss of life, people killed and property affected. People will be killed and infrastructure as well as the train system destroyed in some places. Some cars will be buried and need massive extraction process to remove them. Emotional harm will be caused. The American bruise of September 11 will be struck once more (see ‘I Will Bruise Their Bruise’), and New York City will remember what it is to be afraid and vulnerable to an unseen enemy (see ‘New York- Do You Remember?’). There will be panic, pandemonium and nonstop news coverage of this event, fulfilling the word of the Lord that “every eye” will see America once again as she endures a terror event. Her own media mechanism will display her vulnerability far and wide because this event is meant to strike FEAR into the heart of the nation, to paralyse the collective consciousness prior to the orchestrated breakdown of normal American society.

Simply put- New York City will be struck a severely hard blow that sends her reeling, but all other cities of the United States will also come under the effect of “terror” once again. Harsh measures will be put in place to secure the national interest, movement and transportation will be restricted, and this event will mark the beginning of the eventual erosion of all constitutional freedoms. In a previous vision I saw the words of the founding document of America being erased; they blew off the parchment document leaving only the opening words to the preamble: WE HOLD THESE TRUTHS TO BE SELF EVIDENT. Everything else below that line blew away leaving the paper blank. Erasing constitutional freedoms will start in earnest when this event takes place. Watch for changes in your laws and personal freedoms America, this is coming to you.

This is a cruel and deliberate act done on purpose by American hands. 

I strongly warn anyone who reads this- If they say to you, “See Persia (Iran) did it!” or, “See we caught some Muslims!”– people, this is a LIE. Even if Iranian passports are miraculously found along the burning train tracks, do not believe this. I caution you, I warn you in the mandate of the Lord Jesus Christ to be WISE: America’s throat is being cut slowly by the ones at the top, and when she is gasping and bleeding in many cities from similar incidents wealthy hands will enter into the banks and economy to steal away the wealth of the nation to their homes (see ‘The Betrayer Betrays’). The Lord has shown me how hungry they are for it, the elite and the wealthy who have everything but are never satisfied. Their lust for power, total domination and control are never satisfied. Though they possess all they still want more. They have everything but their spirits are like black holes that want still more.

Lands, houses, cars, property, possessions and people- everything they have is not enough- their hands are still stretched out. Not all of them are like this, but the ones I speak of are at the absolute highest tier of humanity – faceless entities you never see in public anymore, sitting in armchairs smoking pipes and deciding the destinies of entire countries: who should be destroyed, who will be elected, who will be removed. These people have no names and no faces- in their hearts is nothing but blackness. They even have paid-for sexual attention when they want it; anything they desire is brought to them whether it struggles or not. Whatever they call for will be found, taken and brought to them. These are the ones working from underground, and with time America you will collapse into the hole they have made. 

This is the word of the Lord. 

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  1. Sgt. Carl says:


    Some days ago, in a part of a dream, the LORD confirmed to me the following:
    “YES, THERE IS GOING TO BE A TERROR ATTACK IN NEW YORK CITY ON DECEMBER 25th.” I saw a vision of CENTRAL MANHATTAN with a outline of where a mushroom cloud of a bomb (not nuclear, just conventional bomb) would appear. This particular attack, whether it is a BOMB or people shooting civilians, will EXPAND from central Manhattan all the way and it will fill the entire ISLE OF MANHATTAN. According the what the LORD said, it will happen on THIS DECEMBER 25th, of 2021; and it is going to be a very BIG event.

    It is very rare for the LORD to give me dates on any dream or revelation, but this I feel it’s urgent because there are just days left before it happens. If nothing happens, then I will know that this was NOT from the LORD, and I will dismiss it. But I have prayed for confirmation, and even though I haven’t received any in particular, I have felt the urgency to share throughout the day, so I want to share this so that you and all those who live in Central Manhattan Area and surrounding buildings can at least be aware of your surroundings on that day. I think that there’s gonna be a “Macy’s Parade” or something? I just think people should not be involved in that “parade”.

    This is NOT TO CAUSE UNNECESARY PANIC! It is so that people can be aware of themselves on that day and be led by the Holy Spirit as to what to do. That is all. Take this message as you want, but I pray that the LORD confirms it to you so that enough people can be warned if this event were to actually happen.

    I want to warn because, as the Bible says, if the watchman were not to warn, then the blood of those affected will be upon my head. But if I warn, then it is up to them to do with the message as they see fit. God bless and protect you all under His wings. Amen.

    1. IMHO, many times The Father will tell people things just to see what they are going to do!
      I don’t ever call anybody a “False Prophet!

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