“In Quick Succession”: America in Turmoil – July 16, 2019

Oklahoma City Bombing, 1995

Do not be deceived, God is not mocked; for whatever a man sows, that he will also reap. – (Galatians 6:7)

This prophecy was recorded 11:41a.m. EST on July 16, 2019.

AMERICA IS GOING INTO TURMOIL. Like a boiling bot that bubbles over, the country will be destabilised by enemies foreign and domestic, and she will record higher and higher pressures and temperatures that hit her continuously like sickness until eventually her “time of death” is recorded. This is a progressive prophecy, it will keep happening once it starts and accompany the signs of the demise of the U.S.A.

Foreign invasion will surely come to this country as other nations of greater strength- swift and merciless- touch down in waves of invasion like Pearl Harbour. America will be bombarded from the SEA, LAND and AIR- she will be outfoxed, outclassed and outnumbered, and this proud and once great nation will fall.

America I prophesy to you at the command of God- YOU WILL SEE WAR. 

God says to me: “Drums of War, the drums of war are pounding out their song and America you will dance to that tune whether you like it or not. You will dance like a slave dances to his master’s will.” 

The title of this prophecy is America In Turmoil- In Quick Succession. This is what you can expect to see coming to your shores in the future.

America will be DESTABILISED.

There will be a rash of bombings across the United States. Not one or two but a whole slew of them- I see small, handmade bombs calculated to do much damage to unlimited numbers of people in intimate settings like an office, an embassy, a cafe and other places like that. I see the building in Oklahoma City shown to me briefly- just a flash- but I’d recognise that image of a high rise with the front torn off like a cardboard box anywhere. To those who may not know what this is, please click here and hereSome will be bigger bombs like that, but also smaller ones scattered across the United States. I also hear: “Paris is coming to America.”

These bombs are coming from a deliberate source and have a deliberate agenda. I see the United States being destabilised by these bombs: People will be scared to go out, military presence will be needed more and more as these ‘scare bombings’ increase and continue. I see a growing atmosphere like France a few years ago when bombs kept going off here and there until Paris and other cities were in an uproar and military police had to keep the peace. Again, a deliberate source and a deliberate agenda is at work here: I see boxes of explosive with a white receipt sitting on top of them being delivered to people, just like normal Fed-ex or DHL deliveries. The receipt is stamped PAID IN FULL- somebody is financing these explosives. Someone else signs for these things as they come in and then makes bombs from them to use later. Those making the deliveries have no clue what is in the boxes; they’re just ordinary delivery guys doing their jobs. 

I see bombs in: Cleveland Ohio, Denver Colorado, San Francisco and the Bay Area, New York City. Other cities will experience this too but these are the ones I can see. In these cities it could be one bomb, or several going off in different places until panic and pandemonium begin to over take that city. About this- here is the reason- Military police need to be seen. There is an agenda to MILITARIZE the United States and take her out of her ‘civilian lifestyle’. There is a hidden agenda to put a strong military presence VISIBLY ON THE STREETS, where all Americans can see them and begin to feel FEAR.

I hear the Lord say: Their eyes will see what they’ve never seen before. They will see their own soldiers lined up in their own streets, the same way they lined up soldiers in the streets of other countries. They will see their own military apparatus turn against them and police them with uncommon brutality and harshness JUST AS THEY HAVE DONE TO OTHER COUNTRIES, and it will be the end of them.”

Revelation: America, God says you have gone overseas “to citadels and cities” (small and large nations) and done all your heart’s desires to them. You have fought them, intimidated them and dropped bombs in their cities. You made them eat their bread and drink their water with fear and trembling. Your soldiers uncovered the nakedness of men, women and children and used their bodies as they wished, and nobody saw their deeds except the Lord. No camera dared to record your evil; no newscaster dared to report all you did.

God made you a lord and master over great resources, with a matchless capacity for PEACE- instead you became a rapist and a bully who put hatred and sorrow into the hearts of the nations. For this, the teeth of your pit bull is coming for your own flesh. As Afghanistan or Syria cried, so will you cry. The same cries of Iraqis will be heard on your streets as your own military advances and strikes you- you will wonder who made them like this but the Lord’s answer is short and blunt: “IT WAS YOU. Now reap what you sowed.”

This is the word of the Lord. The prophecy of TURMOIL continues, God bless you. 

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  1. LorQ says:

    I’ve been to the Oklahoma City museum and memorial. It is eerily quiet- haunting, even. The saddest location is the daycare area where children were murdered that day marked by small, empty chairs. Such useless carnage. Never thought Timothy McVeigh acted alone, always thought the Deep State had their evil hands on it. There is no doubt our nation will suffer from further black ops perpetrated by those who supposedly have “our best interests ” at heart. They don’t. God’s opening eyes and ears, I just pray more people heed His call.

  2. JC says:

    Time to wake up. Time to immerse every available minute into study of the Word. Heartfelt thanks to Celestial for the hard work and devotion as God’s messenger. We know these tasks are very difficult and take a lot out of you – but the Holy Spirit has shown me, two yrs ago that you are truly one of the very few prophets of God. You have helped us who are TRULY in the Spirit become more prepared, informed, and have increased our strength and discernment. I am grateful for your efforts and sincerity and humility b4 us all and the Lord – Jesus Christ.

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