The Heart Attack – December 9, 2019


(This is Pt. 4 of a prophecy series.)

As I received the prophetic words of Dec. 9, 2019 I saw various images and visions of the USA. I saw war ships landing on the shores of America out of nowhere. I saw massive grey aircraft carriers of foreign origin; all along the eastern coastlines of the United States these massive grey boats beached themselves while the nation was fast asleep. The hulls were HUGE and impressive, very high like mobile sea walls. My perspective was like a man standing on the ground as these ships came in to land on American soil. They were full of SOLDIERS: highly trained men and women, deadly special forces, THE BEST.

Foreigners, with orders to kill on sight.

These ships formed what was called “the first wave”. There was more to come by air. The East Coast was invaded first, then West, but the timing of the invasions were so perfectly synced they appeared simultaneous. It was done so smoothly, so silently, there was literally NO awareness or news coverage. The relentless security machinery of this nation never went into action. When the invasion was finally discovered a bone shattering terror was unleashed in the population- Americans were literally paralysed as they realised their home was overrun by people who not only spoke their language (English) but their OWN languages, foreign tongues that could not be understood. All this lent a surreal quality to the nightmare; people were in utter panic as chaos and confusion reigned from coast to coast

By air and sea the USA was outnumbered, outclassed and taken utterly by surprise. People parachuted into the country without anybody knowing, the sky was full of them. The sonar, radar or whatever early warning systems America depends on was utterly SILENT and unaware. Whether it was jammed, disabled or simply incapable of tracing this new generation of foreign war machinery, I do not know. All I know is: AMERICA WAS SLEEPING (literally and figuratively) when this happened; she just woke up and saw an invasion underway. It caused 100% total paralysis because it is one thing to mobilize for war (when you know it’s coming and you have time to prepare), and another thing entirely to be INVADED (which doesn’t count as ‘war’ because you don’t even have time to strike back.) The nation was invaded and all over America people had HEART ATTACK. The Lord told me to name this vision THE HEART ATTACK because when people see these black clad, scope-rifle toting, machine gun soldiers swarming the streets, on their porch, and later on TV their natural hearts and other medical devices they may carry will literally stop working from total terror, shock and dismay. The Lord said in a past prophecy: “I will send a blow against your heart, I will send a heart attack to the heartland.” This will be it. 

As the vision of the sleeping man who turned over in bed only to see certain death peering down a gun barrel at him, so the Lord says this nation will wake up one day to find herself covered in an invasion of ‘red fire ants’ that will bite and sting her until she perishes. This prophecy are the exact words and images I saw and heard from the Lord. 

“Sudden invasion… Sudden warfare… Sudden overthrow. *The hand of the conspirator within the nation, working with forces outside to overthrow and destabilise the legitimate internal government of the people. All these things are against you America.” 

This is the word of the Lord.

*The hand of the conspirator: To anyone who’s read this blog even lightly, it’s been said countless times that there is high treason and high treachery at work within America. I don’t care if nobody talks about it on TV- CNN, FOX, whoever, or whether it’s hinted at in newspapers or never considered at all. What God says is true, is true. It doesn’t need to be agreed on or discussed over the civilised coffee tables to be true. If He reveals it, IT IS SO. This nation is like an old, old tree that’s been EATEN RIGHT THROUGH by whatever forest animals attack trees on the inside until they’re nothing but huge empty shells waiting to be knocked down by the smallest thunderstorm. America is a big empty shell with a deadly infestation of WICKED LEADERS, the absolutely most selfish, ‘bought-and-sold’, carnal and perverted bunch you ever saw, smiling on camera and looting off screen. They squat like a Colossus at the very top of the endangered pyramid this nation has become. At the appointed time- God has said it so many times on this blog- the ‘worker of iniquity’ in the background will strike, and carefully concealed plans will swing into action with the practiced smoothness of something that’s been done endless times before. 

America God says you will have a COUP! Not your first, but one of many. Stolen leadership has happened here before- most assuredly it is coming again. Watch and see.

You are on The Master’s Voice end times prophecy blog. What the Spirit reveals is shared here as exactly as I can render it. I hope running this blog will clean my hands of all responsibility to speak the truth as I’ve seen it. I take prophecy seriously; I study this blog just as I advise others to. Bible study and prayer are essential for better understanding of the times ahead; I can’t stress that enough. May God give each of us not what we deserve, but mercy, MERCY, LET MERCY BE THE PRAYER YOU MAKE THE MOST. God is willing to help, teach, protect and save anyone who repents and asks for mercy. Amen.

Therefore I cut you into pieces with [the words of] My prophets,
    I killed you with the words of My mouth—
    then My judgments go forth [against you] like lightning.
For I desire mercy, not sacrifice,
    and acknowledgment of God rather than burnt offerings. – (Hosea 6:5- 6)

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