“Headlines Of The Future” – April 3, 2023


On April 3, 2023 I had a dream. At the point just before I wake up I have many dreams, vivid revelations where the Lord also speaks to reveal things according to His will. Just before dawn on April 3rd the Lord spoke to me and showed me different events to come, like newspaper headlines in front of me. There were 5 of them and the first one said:


I saw the map of the USA from the air, zoomed in towards Florida. Florida is very green as seen from above, and on the outer side of it I saw beaches with sandy extensions. A lot of angry white-capped waves were rushing against that state from the eastern side and also around the more protected ‘inner’ side on the west, water came up rapidly on both sides of the state where it extends into the sea and as a result rapid inundation [water sinking or drowning something] was taking place.

Then I saw again the place where Florida juts into the water broke off and began to go down at an angle into the sea.

The panhandle of Florida is a small part stuck on the landmass, while most of it sticks out into the ocean. Unfortunately, that bit that sticks out is about 90% of Florida. From the air it looks like most of Florida is out in the sea while the panhandle is only a small piece of land clinging to the greater American landmass.

God says that bigger part will break off and sink into the sea, shaken off by a massive earthquake that will come to that state as part of its judgement in the future. I’ve said before that both Florida and California will have parts that break off into the sea as part of their judgements; San Francisco will have a massive crack happen and the part near the sea will break off and go under the sea.

Read about San Francisco breaking here: Stay True To Your Assigned Gender

The Lord has spoken against California for many sins such as sexual perversion, transgenderism and homosexuality, against Florida for human trafficking, sexual immorality, pride, and trusting in the arm of flesh and human idols instead of trusting in Jesus Christ as the only hope. Yet people continue to protest and defend themselves saying “But why would God judge us?” 

That attitude right there is why. He will judge America for RESISTANCE AND REBELLION, for being people who’ve never learned to allow divine punctuation to be a part of their vocabulary. When God speaks, they answer back. They say “I don’t get it. This is not of God. He loves us! Why would He say this? What have we done? We are not guilty of any of this, and even if we did some of it- what about those people and that country over there?”

The Bible says “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” (Proverbs 9:10). Fear of the Lord means knowing with precision the VAST DIFFERENCE between us who are of flesh, of earth, and God who is of Spirit and cannot die, and giving the proper reverence, awe, respect and solemn fear due to God by reason of the difference between Him and us.

Wisdom means- Having the intelligence needed and understanding necessary to be able to tell in time and place when God is speaking, and giving the proper response to what we hear.

To be wise it means we can tell who is speaking to us. We can match these messages of today with similar messages from the Bible – we heard the same things being said to ancient Israel for instance, and now they’re being said to us. Our response should be: O great God of Heaven, have mercy on our souls and forgive us!

But no. People hear the words from the Lord and have views, opinions, assessments, reviews, survey analysis and feedback. They forget that we will account for every idle word we speak. Instead of judging the content of what they hear by the Holy Spirit, to hear from Him if the origin of the message is godly, they judge the existence of the message and say God doesn’t speak today and EVEN IF HE DID, He “would not sound like this.”

The majority of hearts are rebellious when God warns of judgement- people say He cannot judge them [i.e. “cannot” = lacks the power and authority to do something]. They declare themselves innocent when the Lord expects us to acknowledge and repent. So what can be the end of such a people?

This is why I always say, repentance is an individual affair, as a collective America is defensive and also willfully blind, and she will never repent to the degree where God can relent and show mercy.


I did not see any images for this. The Lord simply said ‘Portland will have floods and humanitarian disasters. FEMA will be present in Oregon for purposes of rendering aid, search and rescue, resettlement, disaster relief and also will operate more actively in much of America. Many areas will experience record floods and sustain massive damages to life and property, and FEMA will become a central relief agency and arm of the Beast in the end times.’

Note: In other words FEMA as a search and rescue, humanitarian and relief agency will have an increased role throughout America as natural disasters increase in strength and consistency. FEMA will not only be actively in rescuing those who suffer as a result of disasters, it will also assume a key role in resettling people but also putting them in false “assistance camps” and hurting/ killing them in the end times. 


The Great Lakes are up in America, way up near the Canadian border. A family of five big lakes that are world famous for their sometimes interconnected flow and size. They are not small at all, they are so large that they  have their own weather systems like storms, winds, powerful undertow and things like that – that makes some to say they are less like lakes and more like the sea trapped inside land borders. Yah says these lakes will overspill their borders causing a large flooded area inside America, and that the severe flooding will make the area intolerable for ‘foreigners’.

I do not know what this final part means- ‘intolerable for foreigners’. I don’t know if a large number of foreigners live around the Great Lakes states- Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and New York, and also the Canadian province of Ontario.

It can mean there are large numbers of [human] foreigners that live there who will not be able to weather that kind of devastation by floods, and they will be driven from the region and go back home.

Or it could mean that when water rises so high that it penetrates areas that it’s not supposed to be and has never been before, it will expose ‘beings and creatures’ that are quietly hidden in those areas. Disturbed by the sudden events they will come out of hiding to escape the uncharacteristic rise in water and then people will see they’re not alone in the Great Lakes region.

America is BROKEN, says the Lord. America will receive flooding that cannot be contained and the Great Lakes region will flood.

America will split in half, she will crack and “rift” right down the middle and water will flow in until it fills that crack. America will have severe flooding in several areas as a judgement and we will have several “Great Lakes” being made around the country due to natural disasters. This means areas that are never supposed to flood will flood until they end up underwater as new ‘lakes’ that will form aside from the natural water bodies of the original Great Lakes.

“Inundation by floods”, says the Lord.

I’ve spoken of this before, that I saw the USA became separated in the middle and a lot of water flooded and settled into the middle separation or RIFT.

Here is a piece from a prophecy titled For Three Abominations & For Four” (Oct 4, 2020):

You will see your geography GREATLY INVADED AND DIVIDED.

America shall fall into two pieces like an apple neatly divided. It will be split down the middle by a natural disaster of immense proportions (in my spirit I felt “earthquake”). Natural disasters as well as chemical and physical changes in the topography, weather, and natural processes of the sea, land and air will cause destruction by water, wind and fire.

Tectonic plates under the continent will shift where they should not [i.e. where no shifting activity has ever been recorded before], and an epidemic of sinkholes will appear as the ground is disturbed for the first time in centuries.

Texas was highlighted as a place that will suffer sinkholes:The Floods Are Coming“:


The Lord simply said “I will appear to many and change their mind about Me.”

This prophecy has no time limit. Jesus says He will show Himself to many in the end days and the way He will do it will “change” their mind about Him. This is speaking largely to the population that does not know Jesus, does not believe in the Son of God, or… does not believe that Jesus is God.

Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist, Ba’hai, Shinto, atheists, Scientologists, backslidden, hurt and bitter people who maybe once knew the Father- those are who He means. Jesus will reveal himself to them by supernatural means including using dreams and visions to speak to them, to the point that they will become convinced of the reality of Jesus as the Son of God. They will experience a spiritual  awakening (or reawakening) and total transformation of the heart and come to believe upon the Lord Jesus for eternal salvation. 

This revelation will not include “full cups”- those who already know everything about God, Jesus, The Spirit of God, the universe and everything in it. He is not talking about those people.

Jesus is talking about people hardened by false religion, past experiences that made them bitter, misinformation & people from cultural beliefs and backgrounds that have long excluded them from receiving or believing the gospel. He is not talking about people who are hardened by religious pride into thinking they already know Him, people who can’t receive the truth.

These are the things I saw in my dream, hear the words of the Lord. Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice.

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  1. Thank you🙏🏾

    1. Regina Matamu says:

      May God bless you

  2. Phyllis says:

    Thank you Celestial

  3. Maples says:

    Thank you Celestial. God bless you for all your work .

  4. LoriQ says:

    “Note: FEMA will have an increased role, not only in resettling people but also putting them in false “assistance camps” and hurting/ killing them in the end times.”

    There is a second “Witness” to this note. Christian brother and former University Statistics, Psychology and Sociology Professor, Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show has written extensively about FEMA camps and their real purpose over the past decade or so. Extermination camps is what they will be under the guise of “we are here to help you”.

    So much deception, God’s discernment is necessary.

  5. Marianne says:

    Wow, incredible! Thank you Celestial!

    1. Maria says:

      Dear Sis Celestial
      Please send me your email address on my below email. Awaiting

  6. Richard says:

    Celestial, you have it reversed. The Panhandle of Florida is the narrow part that sticks out towards the west, to Pensacola. The Peninsula of Florida is the main part of the state, that extends southward to Miami and the Florida Keys, with the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the Atlantic Ocean to the east..

    For what it’s worth, I have also been inwardly shown that Florida will go beneath the waves, though I have not been given a date for that.

    1. Celestial says:

      Thank you kindly Richard. I did not google the phrase, only looked up a map to see what part I saw with foamy water rushing on it from both sides. It was not that small bit, it was the much bigger part that had waves hitting it hard from the open sea & even the inner curve. Water will rush over that whole big piece and carry it down eventually. Thank you I will fix it when I’ve edited the video.

  7. Maralah says:

    Let us pray that we are accounted worthy to escape the trial coming upon the whole world 🌍
    AMEN 😔🙏

  8. Marcy says:

    Do you think he will divide our land because we divide his? I was working a McAllen TX to Las Vegas and we had a gentle man that was Russian and his friend and family traveling to Minneapolis.. He could not speak English so we had to use his phone to translate.. So that is how I knew his destination.. He also did not have a card. We ended up just comping him.. a drink and snack because we assumed his card did not work in this country and didn’t want to be jerks.. So I can see people living in those areas that are foreign.

  9. LoriQ says:

    There was an article listed on Steve Quayle’s feed about an odd half-dog/half human species that lived hundreds of years ago in the higher elevations of what would be the Asian continent today. Both, Marco Polo and Christopher Columbus wrote about the odd species that could only communicate between themselves with barks and woofs! Cynocephalus is the name given to them before they seemingly disappeared. This came to mind when you spoke of the “foreigners” in the Great Lakes area. Species we never see, we never knew about, but as you stated, living in the areas we inhabit, undetected.

    “Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.” Luke 21:26

  10. Dane says:

    I feel that when the lands breaks into two dividing parts it will also relate to two political views that will battle and struggle to lead the country. Either the God fearing, Republic of America, or the satanic worshipping (socialist) Union of America.

    1. Celestial says:

      No Dane. It is going to crack. America will crack horribly in many many places. One is in San Francisco, a big massive crack where the ground rose in compressed waves like moving plate tectonics until the pressure was too much, then a horrible “crack!” sound & a piece broke off and sank. I have never seen anything in Florida sink til now. The middle part is the country will make a deep crack and water will pool in it; all the people that live there will suffer badly & survivors will move away. You do not need to guess about things on this blog- what is written is exactly what it is without metaphors.

  11. Ruben Edyp says:

    We the Christians have one God the Father and one Lord Jesus Christ .
    Christ is unique created being / the only begotten of the Father, fully Divine and fully human . Hey 2 :17 …” in all things it behoved him to be made like unto his brethren,…
    God does not die, but Christ died physically and literally on the cross.
    1 cor 8:6 “But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things, and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things, and we by him.
    No NT teachings Cleary talks and establishes trinity doctrine . This is inherited error from Catholic Church dated back to council of Nicea in 4 the century after Christ.
    1Co 15:28
    “When all things are subjected to him, then the Son himself will also be subjected to him who put all things in subjection under him, that God may be all in all.” ESV
    The Holy Spirit is Father’s Spirit.Read Ps 139.
    The foundation is in the Torah for us all for Jews and for Christians. Christ declared “Mat 5:17
    “Do not think that I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I did not come to destroy but to fulfill.”NKJV
    The very first and foremost principle of the Old Testament
    is “Deu 6:4
    “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one![fn]. LORD is the tetragrammaton YHWH , the name of of our Heavenly Father , Blessed be His Name !
    Kind Regards Ruben

  12. brothertyler44 says:

    I know this was only posted today but looks to be beginning to be fulfilled already

  13. RNSpicer says:

    You mentioned 5 headlines in the first paragraph but only went into detail about four of them. What is the fifth headline?

  14. Onyinyechi Onyeukwu says:

    My sister and I live in Michigan when when travel to the U.S… she also had this same dream that Michigan will have this devastating flood.

    Michigan Great Lakes is the main water source for drinking water. I’m in Waterford, Michigan right now and we are surrounded by so many lakes. I be like just imagine all these lakes giving up their water in Michigan, it will be tragedy

  15. GrayStroke says:

    It’s been placed in my soul to ask Father Yah to raise up a Gideon in each state. Raise up a Gideon and a small army of prayer warriors, wise virgins given to fasting and prayer.
    Not for the sake of stopping judgment, but for the battle against the powers of darkness that lives in every non-Born Again soul!!!
    The battle is getting more intense. I had a terrible week but Yah has lifted me up and refreshed me.
    He is looking for HIS Bride to fight!!!
    Take off the spectator glasses and watching from afar shaking one’s head saying tsk-tsk how terrible they are.
    Step up wise virgins WE will be held accountable for being passive.
    Repent and ask Father to guide you, teach you as in Psalms 25…
    Grace and Peace to all…
    Maranatha…come even now Lord Jesus my beloved Yahusha!!!

    1. Maria says:

      @Graystroke pls include me in prayer warriors group, mg email luizamen@gmail.com. awaiting to hear from you

  16. Dawn says:

    Hello dear one. I live right beside Lake Ontario as in 10 mins from it. In Ontario Canada. I have been praying for a long time to know where to move if need be because of floods. If anyone feels led could you please pray for father to help me be obedient and know what his will is for me here in this time. Thank you sister for the word of the Lord. Love you in Christ Jesus and pray for you.

  17. Doug says:

    Wisconsin and Ohio have received a large number of Somali immigrants over recent years, I don’t know anything about those other states.

  18. Jane says:

    Dream from at least 10 olplus years ago about a time in Florida’s future when the entire land mass is inundated coast to coast by a tsunami, the result of a massive, shallow quake occurring in the Bahamas, just east of Nassua.

    The result was utter devastation and nothing was recoverable.

    Lately, have been warning people who mention moving to or visiting Florida, to do so with great caution since it seems a mass exodus, pun intended, is upon the state.

    Then just today, news is reporting biblical type flooding in Fort Lauderdale, a true emblem of the blasphemy of God.

    This news, together with Celestial’s rexent prophecy, suggests the times are upon us.

  19. Sunshine Ray says:

    Thank you so very much Celestial. You are a blessing to me 💞. All Glory to Jesus Christ Almighty God 🙏.

  20. SDE says:

    Thank you, may the Lord continue to bless and protect you in Jesus name

  21. Dan Bowser says:

    Florida on Wednesday had over 26 inches of rain in a 12 hour period

  22. Marina says:

    Thank you Celestial.

  23. Ciarri says:

    Hello Celestial,
    I just watched your message on the floods on the ‘stand’. Especially Afghanistan. I had Christian friends who worked there a long time ago. They told me they persecuted the Christian believers there and the church there until only 1 physical church remained in the capital. The government decided to close it. Many ppl asked them not to from all over the world but they destroyed it. That evening war broke out in Afghanistan and it has never stopped since.

    Thank you again for your prophecies, and God bless you. I know you are prophesying to the US but please do put up anything the Lord gives you for Europe. I have read some of the words about Europe concerning invasion etc. It’s hard to find prophetic ppl here. I’m in France.

  24. Ciarri says:

    Hello Celestial,
    I left a comment but it has not shown up. I had friends who worked in Afghanistan and they told me that the Christians there were persecuted until the one remaining church in the capital was shut

    The government was entreated not to do that by Christians all over the world.

    It was destroyed and the same evening war broke out and it has been that way in that nation ever since.

  25. Hello says:

    “Ameriquake”, a video on YouTube by a faithful sister; a very interesting prophecy about a huge quake which splits the country into islands. I hope you check it out. Praise the LORD Jesus Christ!

  26. I just want to share something here..

    I’ve made it a point to just believe everything the Lord has shared here, as I can clearly see it all in scripture- so I wasn’t checking the news at all. But since people on here have been sharing news articles more and more, I’ve been reading the headlines daily now for a couple of weeks- and I must say, all of these messages are now beginning to fulfill and have been for some time.
    So Anyone who doubts these words are from the Lord, just simply need to take a stroll through any news platform (I use smartnews, as it has top stories from multiple sources) and just read the headlines. There’s really no need to check the whole article- just the headlines will suffice. I can’t even keep up with them all and link them to the proper prophecy, There’s that many!! That in itself would be a full time job! But sky phenomenons, the economy, the political stage, war, famine, natural disasters, disease, aliens/supernatural, sea creatures coming up- just everything!
    It truly boggles my mind how people can not see this all! Or how people doubt the messages presented here. I see where it’s written in scripture, how many can’t or won’t see- mockers scoffers- but it just grieves me so much. Whether people believe or not, they are fulfilling prophecy/scripture. We are all written about in Gods word-
    I truly pray for more eyes to be opened- For God to receive His glory in all things 🙌 As He alone is worthy- and every word shall come to pass. May we be ready- 😰🙏

  27. Kari Pereira says:

    thank you Celste! God bless you!

  28. Flourish&Thrive says:

    Very long testimony but I pray it encourages those who have family/friends in the Catholic church.

    I was raised Catholic and did all the “rituals” with every step of growth in the organisation, by default of growing up in a predominant Catholic village. 13 years of my upbringing. Thankfully, my mother had been saved before moving to the village and she retained her faith. She’d conduct Bible studies with us every night. I believe that went a looong way and it was an investment I’d later cash-in on. From a very young age my sister and I, both now saved, always sensed that it wasn’t God we were receiving from the church. Though we didn’t understand God and salvation at an early age, we could tell that something was amiss. I praise God for my mom’s daily Bible studies with us.
    By virtue of us residing in that village, we attended the Catholic church, which also ran our schools. It was one of the South African villages historically colonised/ruled by the Roman Catholics, I don’t know how that came into being, but anyway. All my siblings and I went to catholic schools from pre-school to high school, so you can imagine the influence.

    I can remember from as young as primary school sensing something off. I’d always ask questions like why aren’t we experiencing any change when we come from church, why must we tell a man our sins if he’s not God, why do we always read the same things in the bible like a curriculum and God does not direct us what to read (as I saw with my mom’s Bible studies), why do we pray to Mary, I always hear of this Holy Spirit, what is “it” how come I never feel “it”…? I was around 8 or 9 when I’d ask these questions. I wasn’t always asking them to my mother, but just in my mind mostly.

    This was carried over to my high school years which raised the discomfort. It wasn’t until my first year in varsity that I “met” God through a full gospel church and subsequently gave my life to Jesus Christ. I was soooo excited. My baby sis got saved before me so it was great having someone almost my age who I could identify with. Might I mention that before I got saved, I wasn’t so motivated to follow the way of salvation because I thought that it meant “a boring life with too many rules” as I was told. And I also had thought to myself “perhaps the time I die I will quickly accept Jesus so that I don’t go to hell”. I tell you, people know about Jesus and about hell, we just love our sins too much, well, at least that’s my own personal experience as a teen.

    On my first school break during my first year at varsity I sat down with my mom and explained to her what my new path is and respectfully asked her that I do not go to “church” (Catholic-mass) with them anymore, my spirit was never at ease. She actually embraced me and thanked God that I had found my way in Him. Sadly, she ended up joining Catholic in her later years, and I have seen just what impact that has had on her walk with God. It has become my turn now to intercede for her and show her back to the way of truth which I trust God will see her through.

    It amazes me that God speaks to everyone, even young children. I urge parents to take heed and dedicate their children to the One true Almighty God Yahuah from a young age. Entertain their questions, PLEASE. They also seek answers and understanding. I currently lead children ministry at church and I have literally left the programme to Holy Spirit to run. I say this with humility that my children have a much better understanding of God and perspective of the world than most adults that I know. We don’t hide anything in that class and we hit the hard truths, in a way that they can absorb and understand, this is a class of about 7 – 16 years of age and I will tell you, they keep me up at night to study, research and pray, so that I can “know my story” and be able to handle their smart questions, lol. One little precious asked once concerning pagan holidays in the church “why don’t we write to the government and tell them to cancel these holidays because they are not about Jesus? We can help all the other people who did not know”. There is so much power and will in children, Jesus made it plain to us.

    Without the spirit, the devout Catholic members will never discern the truth. I still have several people in my life who are Catholic, the cult runs vein deep and it’s only the Spirit of the living God who can bring that light and save them, and as rightly pointed out Celestial, humility. There’s a Catholic pride that one can never grasp unless they have had the experience of it. Some very good people at that. Sadly, good and Godly aren’t the same thing.

    It is frustrating and it is hard and can get infuriating. Do not loose hope for those whose salvation you are trusting God for. I maintain that my life stands on the bended knees of many people’s prayers, including my mother’s, and my sister’s who got saved before me. Christ our Saviour did say that those whom the Father gave to Him, He has not lost, be encouraged

    Once again, well-received prophecy, some of these things are not easy to take in especially when they touch on the people we love but who are essentially enemies of God. We need to be sober in this life, else we will not hear. Thank you. God bless everyone touched by this ministry.

  29. Meynard Buck says:

    The Master’s Voice indeed 🕊️🔥

    1. GrayStroke says:

      Awesome find from yesteryear!
      Thank you!
      I saved the image, cause it’s behind a paywall after four free visits.

  30. Sarah says:


    I received a while ago such a strong impression about Toronto that I looked up fault lines in Ontario Canada and saw nothing of significance to indicate a vulnerability to such a strong disaster. I lived in Ontario before and I know the odd minor earthquake occurs, but it is not an area most people are concerned about. Itwas strong enough that I looked into it, and even read about the Niagara Escarpment thinking it might be a fault line (but supposedly it is not). I then gave it to the Lord. Later, I saw someone else had given a prophetic word referencing the destruction in Toronto due to an earthquake.

    Now, I find your message interesting because you referenced an earthquake and plates shifting where they don’t normally.

    Toronto is right on the shore of Lake Ontario.

    I don’t say this is from the Lord as I am not charged with..well, I prayed before typing all this up. I just wanted to let you know that you have given me more to consider. I could have had it wrong. I find that very unlikely, but if this gets to you in any way, take it to the Lord.

  31. Ala says:

    I grew up in east central Illinois. There are two seismic zones located around/along the borders/ in the state and where I lived we were on top of a huge underground aquifer (where cities pulled their utility water from). This prophecy makes complete sense.


    Some experts predict a major quake in the area before 2055 (link above).

    Psalm 75:2-3 says:
    I Myself shall judge with equity;
    Though the earth is undermined, and all those dwelling in it, I Myself steady its columns.

    This verse also confirmed the words about the world being controlled by non-adams (nephilim ect) because all those dwelling in the earth are undermined.

    Thank you for all you do!

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