Survival Of The Fittest – December 22/23, 2020

“Take the quotation marks off the title. Leave it as a statement. Survival of the Fittest is not a quotation, it’s a fact.” – (The Lord Jesus Christ)

“Tell them that this vaccine will kill them and that I said so. This is a social experiment.” (- The Lord Jesus Christ)

I want to record what the Lord showed me. I want to be faithful. I’ve been wanting to write it down for several days now but the timing just hasn’t been right. This is a a faithful record of things the Heavenly Father told me recently, new revelations in a conversation I’ve been having with Him the whole year. I’ve not spoken about this virus unless it was specific to prophecy but now, I’m sharing a portion of this ongoing conversation I’ve been recording. We are on a New World order timeline.  

Several days ago, maybe Dec. 22nd or 23rd, the Lord spoke to me about the covid 19 vaccine. The conversation was very blunt and left me afraid, I remember covering my face a few times as He was speaking. I felt actual fear and I’m not going to lie about it. The Lord revealed things to me using metaphors I’m familiar with, things I’d easily understand. I think that’s why the chill went to the heart- He spoke bluntly in a way I couldn’t hide from or pretend like I didn’t know what He was saying.

God told me Celestial people will be greatly snared and killed by this vaccine. There will be a huge wave of death and destruction in the wake of this vaccine and after that will come a great struggle and resistance as everyone sees the cover come off the New World Order for the first time. Do you know how animals are in the jungle? Like lions? Take lions, they move in a pride. They are a family group and very close, they network together but some in the pride have been there longer than others. Some grow old and die, others are born, that’s how the pride renews itself. But the ones who live the longest obey the law called Survival Of The Fittest.

(As God said this my heart was clenching up, I didn’t even know why I was scared but I think I’ll put it down to this: the Spirit of God can speak bluntly at times. He can have a clinical, “factual” way of speaking that tells you where a conversation is going long before it gets there. This was one of those, I felt like I already knew the ending of the story yet He hadn’t even started telling it yet.)

In survival of the fittest it goes several ways. It goes by SIZE: who’s the biggest, strongest and best fighter. Fierceness counts. At times it goes by HEART: the one most determined who won’t quit is the one that will win. But often it goes by WISDOM. Wisdom is survival of the fittest. By wisdom an animal lives a long time. It’s seen all the things that killed its mates, it knows what killed its friends and enemies, and by seeing those things an animal learns what to do and what not to do in the jungle. So when you see an animal living a long time it’s not only the ones that know how to fight or the ones that won’t quit, it’s also the ones with the most common sense that live longest.  

At this point I understood what God was trying to say. I felt dread for thinking how the reality of it would play out in our times but He kept talking and made it plain.

Many, many countless millions of people- despite live commentary to the contrary to warn and caution them, will come forward to take this vaccine. They have seen warnings, seen strange things and results from it on TV, heard stories, heard “reports”, gotten urgent text messages from friends, family and loved ones,  all telling them not to take this vaccine. They have even felt the pinch and twinge of intuition, a certain ‘something’ that won’t let them rest late at night as they lie in bed working out the pros and cons of this decision. Yet against all this- against live testimonies from people saying “This harmed me”, against family members saying “I don’t think this is tested enough, we should wait”- against so many factors working to catch their attention and despite all the efforts of their particular environment to signal them that this is not a good move to make, they will come forward and take the vaccine. This group will be called “THE FIRST WAVE.”

As the Lord spoke I saw a huge mass of people standing on a rug; the rug looked exactly like the world map – blue for seas, green for trees, reddish brown for land. They all faced forward and I was viewing them from above and behind, looking at their back view from a high angle. I saw something happen like a mechanical chess movement- it looked and felt like a lever was pulled somewhere- and when that happened the rug moved and the people separated. A big, BIG number of people separated from the total group and moved forward. They moved as one man, they all took one step forward and that separated them from the rest of the people who stayed put on the rug. 

The Lord said People who do NOT possess Survival Of The Fittest mentality will die in huge numbers. They will go forward thinking they are being wiser, smarter and better than others; they will think of themselves as “brave”, “pioneers” and many other things by taking this vaccine. They will think they are better and more level headed than the ones who have decided not to take it yet, and they will think themselves braver than the ones who state outright that they will never take it. They will pat themselves on the back for putting “safety first” but I say to you, they will suffer hideous diseases and terrible complications both now and in the future. The harm they do to themselves will be IRREVOCABLE. They will be caught in a net and that net is called The First Wave. They can never undo what they will do to themselves with this vaccine.

By this time my heart was skipping badly. I said But Lord. This vaccine is already created! It cannot be undone. They said we must all take it. Yet if a big enough group of people are hurt by it then the rest of us will see what happens to them and we will refuse to take it! We will refuse, we will fight, we will get unruly across the whole world and what will happen then? They’ll know we know what they’re up to, they’ll never get anyone else to come forward and take it!

In response I saw a second vision. 

I saw a group of elephants 🐘 around a watering hole and they were talking. There were all sizes and ages- huge grey elephants, medium and small, some wizened with a million wrinkles, some even older than that, so old that their skin was crusted over with white in their wrinkles, and some with smooth skin so I knew they were adolescents and babies. All these elephants were standing in the forest at the top of a small hill having a conversation; all were listening and speaking together because this was an important conversation.

The oldest elephant said, I’m telling you, I’ve seen it a hundred times. There are crocodiles in that water. They’ve been there since I was a kid- they live there, they sleep there, and they’ve pulled more animals than I can count down into that lake and killed them. Do not go to that hole to drink, let’s go some place else for water.

This statement caused a huge disruption among the elephants, trumpeting broke out everywhere as everyone had an opinion about what the eldest elephant said. Some elephants said That’s ludicrous! Who ever heard of a crocodile living in water! Some said thoughtfully Well, they do live there but I’ve been to this hole many times and never had any problems. Someone said “What’s a crocodile mom?” And some said I’ll never be thirsty enough to drink from that hole, I’m with the old guy. Count me out.

Back and forth the conversation went, with everyone looking down the hill at the blue water sparkling in the sunlight. Even though so many big animals were trumpeting at once and made such noise, I heard that one elderly elephant calmly repeating what he had said:

Crocodiles live in that water. They wait by the bank. They leap upon animals and pull them into the water headfirst when they are drinking. I’ve seen people die there. Let’s not drink there, let’s drink somewhere else.

Eventually a decision was reached. Sort of. A youngish middle-age elephant said he was going to drink because he knew crocodiles don’t come out in the daytime. The hole was the elephants’ birthright, they could drink from it if they wanted. There was no need to make everyone walk a mile to another watering hole when there was a perfectly good one right here. He headed down to the water and the Lord said to me “Observe”, which means look keenly at whatever happens next.

I saw three waves of elephants. The first wave agreed to drink from the hole. They were led by the brave one and they all went down to drink, joined by those who went along as moral support. 

The second wave descended partway down the hill. They were curious, some  had never seen or heard of crocodiles before and wanted to see if one would really pop up.

The third wave of elephants (a very small group) was the older elephant and everyone who believed him. This group was old and young and stayed at the top of the hill, but the oldest elephant had the look of someone who’s seen something many times before and knows how it’s going to go. 

The first group reached the hole and the leader boldly thrust his trunk into the water and drank. He took it out and raised it high for everybody to see, then dipped it in again.  Seeing the water calm and nothing happening his supporters came near and drank also. Behind them the second wave crept closer to see if everything was alright and it was. I was watching these elephants drinking when several things happened at once.

The brave elephant’s front legs began to skid towards the water as his nose was clenched in iron jaws and pulled. He screamed and tried to pull back but an elephant’s nose is a tender thing, there was no way he could rip it out of that crocodile’s mouth and live. The crocodile holding him did a deep dive to the bottom of the water and the leader’s entire head went in, then popped up as he pulled back fighting for his life. All around him other crocodiles struck- those drinking were caught. One or two yanked free but it made no difference in the end. Hungry crocodiles SWARMED OUT OF THE WATER, snapped the drinking elephants’ trunks in their jaws again and hauled them with powerful back legs into the watering hole.

The second wave freaked out, some even tried to climb the hill backwards out of fear but the crocodiles swarmed as far as where they were and caught many of them. All were dragged to the water to be drowned except a few who escaped and stampeded back up the hill.

At the top the old elephant didn’t move. He and the others were so far away that no crocodile would bother climbing a dry incline to reach them. He stood there flapping his ears, looking like Mufasa on Pride Rock while the others with him were in shock and silence watching the bloody scene below. I who was seeing this in a vision said God… what are you saying?? 

When I asked this the vision rolled back and froze at the moment the first elephant was caught- I saw his trunk stretched to breaking point in iron jaws and I knew I’d seen this image before. Somewhere, a long time ago. I knew I was looking at death in progress and here’s why.

It is impossible to make a crocodile unclench its jaws for any reason unless you beat it strongly with a metal pipe between the eyes. They do not respond to kicks or any other type of pain unless you hit them in that place savagely, because pain near their eyes goes straight to their brain. The Lord froze the picture before me and I knew what He was saying.

That first elephant was already dead. He may have been fighting but he was already marked for death. That elephant made horrible decisions based in pride but thought that it was wisdom. He was the first wave. Looking at the frozen image of him straining to be free against a crocodile who was IN HIS ELEMENT, a deadly Leviathan playing in water which gave him all the advantage… I did not need the Lord to tell me anything more. 

Brothers and sisters, there will indeed be a first wave. No matter what you hear or see, even if your sister or husband takes it, do not join that wave. I’ve said nothing about this until now. Don’t be a supporter, don’t be curious, stay away from this.  Do not be deceived. Only tonight when I decided to post this information, as I was searching for a photo I saw one that made me realize why God used this parable, why the vision was so familiar. It’s a story from childhood, a book by Rudyard Kipling called The Elephant’s Child & Other Just-So Stories. The book’s cover from so long ago is exactly what I saw in the vision.

The Great Reset is a crocodile. They’re in the water waiting for whoever is so unwise as to go down there to them. They know seeing the end result of mass vaccinations will send people haywire but you know what? They don’t care. IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR THE FIRST WAVE. God said no matter what the other waves do the first wave’s decision can never be reversed, and to the architects of the New World Order the harm that will be caused to that group will surely be viewed as a BIG SUCCESS.

I’ll say no more. This is what the Lord has shown me, therefore I say honor God in all your decisions. Do not lean on your own mindset but trust Him and He will order your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6). We must all decide what type of elephant we’re going to be; God bless you as you choose. Shalom.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Bad guys don’t play fair………..what you’ve described is the 2020 version of the “Small Pox Blankets”. I’ve known for years since my own awakening after 9/11 that one can’t trust the government. Why do they? Lady in the grocery check out line today, screaming at a young boy with a skateboard that he was too close, and holding up the entire line complaining to the clerk and then proclaiming that she’s majored in biology and knew what was right. Everyone is on edge and many depressed and confused and it hasn’t even gotten started in full swing yet.
    I made my choice even before they announced they would made a vaccine…..”The Life is in the Blood”. It’s beyond chilling to contemplate what these subhuman soul-less creatures will have come up with.
    Shalom sister…..thanks and God bless for the videos. I watch all of them.

    1. Celestial says:

      You’ve been with this blog faithfully Scarlett. May all you’re getting from the Lord’s counsel be of best use to you when you need it most. God bless you.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Thank you Celestial, And God bless you as well! If I remember correctly, I may have begun following your blog the day of your first post……and that’s been nearly two years ago. And yes, the blog has indeed helped me to fill in many blanks….ones in which “church normal” has never touched upon.
        Shalom in Jesus….

      2. Wanda R Santillo says:

        What about the testing? Does the testing have the same demonic ingredients ?

  2. Diego Alonso Cortez says:

    I think the vaccine is the Mark of the Beast, that it corrupts the DNA of the Woman with the DNA of the Serpent. Am I wrong?

    1. Celestial says:

      I am not altogether sure what this vaccine is brother. What I do believe is it is a preparatory step or precursor to something much word. The architects of the NWO have a habit of running beta tests, which is a scenario you run in preparation for the real one. This entire year with this disease was a test- to see if we will comply, to guage the resistance of the world’s population (would we resist? If so how much, and for how long, etc). Every last action has been recorded by them as a safe and “scientific” way for them to Guage what we will do when the real mark comes. They believe the data they’ve gathered watching us for a year is a good enough benchmark to know what they need to tweak going forward.

    2. Celestial says:

      I believe the mark is yet to come BUT this vaccine is inherently harmful, (based on what God has told and shown me to never touch it). I also believe this vaccine somehow prepares the human body for whatever the mark will be, and since the mark ultimately binds humanity to Satan, then regardless of what the vaccine is it is OR even what I think about it, my stance is we should walk in full obedience to God and have nothing to do with either. I hope this is a helpful answer.

  3. Reblogged this on pomegranatesandchains and commented:
    “There will indeed be a first wave (of those willingly taking the Covid vaccine)… No matter what you hear or see, even if your sister or husband takes it, do not join that wave. I’ve said nothing about this until now. Don’t be a supporter, don’t be curious, stay away from this. Do not be deceived.

    The Great Reset is a crocodile. They’re in the water waiting for whoever is so unwise as to go down there to them. They know seeing the end result of mass vaccinations will send people haywire but you know what? They don’t care. IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR THE FIRST WAVE. God said no matter what the other waves do the first wave’s decision can never be reversed, and to the architects of the New World Order the harm that will be caused to that group will surely be viewed as a BIG SUCCESS.

    I’ll say no more. This is what the Lord has shown me, therefore I say honor God in all your decisions. Do not lean on your own mindset but trust Him and He will order your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6)

  4. sheepdogwarrior says:

    It’s going to kill off the most educated in the worlds view of things… worldly wisdom.
    Along with many family members we love, who aren’t saved.
    Wave’s of destruction…..
    Till the next deception in line comes up….thru the media.
    Pray wisdom…. Holy Spirits real guidance….most important.
    Prepare for others food basics..
    next in importance.
    Prepare off-grid alternative cooking methods, heating, lights, heavy blankets…and whatever level of a defense weapon you still can acquire…at this late hour.
    Amen Christ Jesus

  5. TeeDee Lawrence says:

    My Pastor just asked us last month that if we cud ask God one question that will help us to prepare for 2021, what wud it be & I said I wud ask Him if the vaccine wud work…not that I planned on getting it but that it wud be helpful as to how me and my family wud continue to prepare for what’s next to come…..Thank u for the answer my sister…keep it coming🙏🏽😘

  6. Liz Rabbah says:

    Celestial, thank you so much for sharing this and all of your messages. I appreciate very much what you do. In early March of 2020 when the virus was gaining steam I saw a headline that read, “Wuhan virus now affecting the whole world”. Immediately a wave of equal parts suspicion, anger and a profound sense that this was connected with Biblical prophecy rose up from my spirit, and the Lord placed special emphasis on the phrase “the whole world”. In the days that followed the Lord showed me that the major goal behind the scheme was to take down the USA. He let me know that “that which restrains” is not the church as so many teach but a mantle for godly government and authority, which includes a powerful angelic component. It has long been in place in the world, beginning with the nation of Israel. It has gravitated throughout history to other nations. The US has had this mantle for the last century and prior to that it rested on England. Now that the US is falling, there is no nation left with the moral or military might to stand with its fist in the face of evil, so the antichrist’s plans can advance unhindered. Blessings to you, Liz

  7. Marcos R. says:

    Hi guys! I haven’t read the whole post but at the beginning when you mentioned that the vaccine will kill, well, there’s a website called Medical Kidnap I think, that gives all the news of people who have died of the vaссinе. And it’s by the hundreds! Especially the older people! We must pray fir nursing homes so God protects His own.

  8. Marcos R. says:


  9. Marcos R. says:

    WordPress doesn’t let me comment on my PC saying I’ve already posted such comment, which is false! I’ll shаrе it on Уоutubе. 👍

  10. Joen says:

    Do you have an email address? We’re both messengers of God from NY. I feel we’re going thru same thing. I hope we can connect.

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  12. This is so timely and resonates with my spirit so strongly …Blessings to you. keep up the work.

  13. Amanda says:

    This is chilling. I was watching another of your videos and saw this post linked in the comments. I recently saw an interview with a lawyer who has worked for many powerful people. He was saying how there are nanoparticles in some of the shots that contain viral/bacterial chimeras that can be released using a 5g signal. He said they were chimeras made up of ecoli/marburg and staph/ebola. If his information is legit, I wonder if that might be the 2nd wave of elephants you saw? They didn’t drink the water but they were near enough the ones that did that they got caught too.

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