What Have I Really Seen? – May 16, 2019

Prophecy is not an exact science. There’s so much talk nowadays that it has to be “Perfect! Unless it false!”, but I do not hold that view. You may think “Aha, she’s trying to escape responsibility!” but… not at all. I’m not responsible to fulfil any prophecy. Only God is.

He watches over His words to make them come true– (Jeremiah 1:12). My job is to declare these things so those who want to listen can turn their feet back to God. I don’t choose the time, topic, or clarity  of what I see. I’ve had a vision on a bus (more on that later), and I’ve heard things about people while chatting at dinner. What I know is I belong to Jesus- He can use me any way He sees fit. What I see, I share as clearly as I can. That’s why some posts have me asking questions-  “What are you saying Lord?”

For now we’re seeing into a dim mirror, but later we shall see face to face. Now I know only partly; but then I shall know fully..” – (1 Corinthians 13:12)

Prophets can’t know exactly unless God chooses to tell them exactly: when, where, how, why, and who (He does not always do this). Someone wrote that it’s like spying through a keyhole- you might see what looks like Person A beating up Person B and rush in to help the victim, only to find his upraised hand (which was out of your line of sight at the keyhole) holding a knife or gun. Suddenly, a perceived beating becomes self defense. Likewise we see a part and share that part, unless God decides to give us the whole.

It is 10:30pm on May 16th, 2019, and I’ve had to mute the church prayer line to record something. We were praying into the conference that starts tomorrow night when all of a sudden I saw an image before me: two thick, billowing plumes of black smoke coming from the ground, or under the ground maybe- it reminded me instantly of smoke stacks. It wasn’t “some smoke” or “a little bit of smoke” either- it was billowing, thick jets in two steady upward streams that made big balls of smoke, like when uncontrollable gasoline is burning, or when a pipeline bursts and steam fizzes  powerfully to the sky. The picture was unclear. I saw this smoke racing up, maybe from a stairwell, and I strained to see more. It could have been a subway. I saw red pillars- (perhaps a red building or red walls)- either way one or two red structures were visible through the smoke. I had a ground perspective as smoke was plumed so fast upwards, making huge round puffs to the sky. 

At the same time I heard three times, “Downtown metropolitan area.” When I heard this, I knew it was New York YET I wanted to be sure. So even while the prayer was going on I muted my connection, took my phone and googled the phrase, and yes- various sources confirmed the term “downtown” is used primarily by English speakers in North America to connote a certain part of the city. Also yes, the phrase originated in New York City.

Prophecy: Therefore I am recording that during prayer with others on May 16th 2019, I saw a vision of thick black smoke billowing upwards around something red like pillars or maybe walls, and I heard the words “Downtown metropolitan area” referring to New York City three times. Let Jesus be praised and get all the glory; may God preserve his people.

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