“They Will Die” – November 15, 2021


This is a serious and grave prophecy delivered exactly as it was spoken and shown to me. It is time that we paid attention to and honoured the Lord, because ‘good intentions’ do not suffice as TRUTH. What’s true is that many people do not really know or understand what it means to HONOUR GOD, and that state of affairs has weakened the worldwide church severely.  

There is little teaching of spiritual principles for believers these days and so many truths are being lost, including the principle of HONOUR. People think love is everything now- “Love” has replaced the need for honour, respect, holiness and reverence for God. The belief is that God wants love above all but I can assure you He does not. The Bible is crystal clear that Yahweh is a king, not a ten month-old baby, so there is a need to bring back SOUND TEACHING about how Kings and Sovereigns are approached. Personal assumptions will not teach you what God accepts and Bible standards will never change, so it is time to set aside religious mythology about what God accepts and get to know how to operate in Biblically prescribed PROTOCOLS towards the Lord. Those who do not want to learn these things are likely to end up in trouble. 

We can only serve God from what we understand, however if our general understanding is wrong, incomplete or irreverent then we will anger the Lord even if we don’t mean to, and there is the risk we can die like Uzzah when he tried to touch the Ark of the Covenant. I will not soften anything or remove anything from these prophetic words to spare feelings- I made that clear from the very beginning. My heart and concern are first and always for the feelings of the Lord Yah, the Lord Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. It is their comfort that concerns me above everything, because in the end it is their approval I live for. Amen.

The Lord spoke to me this morning just before I woke up. He told me how many people in the music, movie, sports, business and other industries were bought and sold from their youth. I saw various movie stars, musicians, even people from the so-called tech and investment world, all mingling with a price tag hanging off the back of their neck. It was not all of them who had this tag dangling from the neck over the back of their suits and dresses, but still, a large number.

The Lord showed me what age some of them were when they came to their chosen industry; I saw people’s ages when they first came to their chosen industry then another age which is when they sold out. Looking at the two numbers above their heads I could see it took most of them an average of about 5 to 7 years before they sold out.

The Lord showed me aspirations burning in young hearts; young men and women talking to movie directors and studio heads with a bright light burning in their chest, a fire signifying how passionate they were, how deep their desire was to be in this or that industry like their role models. Sports, Modeling, Production, Music, Movies, Finance, Technology- I saw how people in these areas wanted to build their dream of being the best. Their faces were so bright and hopeful.

Then the Lord said- They were bought. They were told to do things they should not have agreed to and they fell into the snare. The snare of the fowler took them, now they can’t escape. Aside from death as an exit or those who will repent as their exit, there is nothing to be done for these people. They will die- the physical death first, the spiritual death later.

The next thing the Lord said was extremely clear, blunt, and shall not be revised in any way. I will write it separately in quotation marks so there can be no confusion whatsoever who is speaking.

“Tell them they will die. Their hearts and lungs will stop working. Their central nervous system will crash. They will fall down in the streets and die and everyone will see it happen. It will be impossible to lie about it, impossible to hide anymore. The arrogance of America, the gross disobedience of their souls will catch up with them and they will die. Tell them: THEIR HEARTS WILL BURST. Their lungs will close. Their kidneys will shut down. The walls of their arteries will shred and blood will leak into their internal cavities, it is called internal bleeding. Blood will come from their eyes, ears, nose and mouth in these end times; it will be seen in public and in the streets. Brain aneurysms, blood clots, heart attacks, sudden ‘system failure’- it will happen. The hospital monitors will beep to no end. They will fall down in Kroger’s, they will topple over in Walmart and Whole Foods. They will collapse in front of everyone and die. Then they will know that the fruit of the tree of disobedience kills, they will know that the wages of sin is death.”

“Because they have defied Me and dishonoured Me I have handed them over to the destroyer. I have given them over to their lusts, to their masters of greed and science, to their false gods of man-worship. Man shall not live by bread alone but by every word that escapes the lips of the Lord. That is what I said. But in these days man lives by man; he falls at the feet of man to worship and do whatever he is told, therefore by man shall man be destroyed. This is the word of the Lord.”

Here without edit is what I saw.

I saw heart attacks rising in America to an unprecedented level. In broad daylight I saw people clutching their chest in the aisles at Whole Foods, fancy Whole Foods with its neat aisles, ambient lighting and nice music to help you spend more, men and women clutched their chest suddenly while holding quinoa or wheat free cereal or whatever, fell headlong into their shopping carts under massive, massive heart attacks and strokes, and died RIGHT THERE. I saw people keel over in Sam’s Club, Walmart, Costco- I recognized those non-New York City shopping centers because I’ve been in them when I visit my non-New York City family. I saw people look confused for a moment then crumple to the floor holding things they were shopping for. They died right where they fell.

I saw people falling in the streets of the cities, MANHATTAN WOE UNTO YOU FOR THE LORD HAS SAID YOU ARE MARKED FOR A GREAT DECREASE IN YOUR MEMBERS. I have said it before and I say it again, WOE. Manhattan people will die like no one’s business because they have taken vaccines like no-one’s business. The prophecy The Dogs has a whole section about them. 

I saw people bleeding from their noses, eyes, ears and mouth. Slow trickles that surprised them and their dinner guests, someone was talking then slowly blood oozed out of his nose as his friends stared at him in shock. In other pictures people noses gushed suddenly and they collapsed on the table in front of all their friends. There are going to be disruptive bleeds, which I understood to mean, visible bleeding as the first sign that “Something is wrong, something is very wrong with me”- nosebleeds, ear bleeds, extensive female bleeding and things like that. Disruptive bleeding is blood that gets your attention.

But I saw another type of bleeding, permanent bleeding. This is when something bursts or explodes inside a person and by the time you see blood on the outside all it means is death is imminent or not too far away. People started bleeding from their eyes in public places but instead of running to help them (probably due to a culture and lifetime of watching horror movies) other people fled from them thinking they were zombies or some other creature turning into itself on the train. I do not know what makes eyes bleed. But eyes will bleed suddenly in front of everybody.

And I want to say that unhealthy blood is BLACK. It’s not bright red as it’s supposed to be. It is blue-reddish-black and a lot thicker than it’s supposed to be. The blood that came out of vaccinated people was thicker than real blood, sleepy, darker than real blood, soupy. It did not look right to me.

I saw many ‘brain snaps’ (or shall I say aneurysms, which feels to me like a rubber band snapping in the head and the person can die instantly), many of those will take place. Sudden death, instant death is what I saw- no goodbyes, no talking, no crying, no time for the dying person to understand what’s really happening to them- people exited this world quickly in front of witnesses. Just collapse, collapse, fall down while bleeding and do not get up again. The tree lies where it falls. 

I saw inside the body like in CSI: The blood vessels became old very fast, like a time-lapse video and shredded themselves right before me. They withered, the word I heard was ‘withering’. All the blood in blood vessels gushed out through the shreds in the artery walls and leaked into the inner cavity of the person. We all have that big empty hole in us, God neatly set our organs there from top to bottom, each in its place doing its job. When the blood vessels shredded they looked like OLD rubber fibers, they had aged so much you’d think it was a 90 year old’s arteries but it was a young person. Their vessels shredded, all the blood leaked out and filled the internal cavity and then they were dead on the train, head slumped down and people thought the man was sleeping.

People will slump on their desks at work and die. People will cover up in bed, go to sleep and die. People will fall down greatly in the street and die or require emergency services and go to the hospital and die. The sound of sirens, the wail of ambulance will surround America like a scream, that is what I saw. The wailing rose to crescendo and also with it the sound of hospital monitors in panic. Hospital monitors panic when a person is dying- they shout, they beep, they ping, they make all sorts of noises to say COME HERE NOW, SOMEBODY, THE ONE I’M MONITORING ISN’T DOING TOO GOOD! SOMETHING IS WRONG!

I do not know if nurses still wear that little white hat on their heads. Or white dresses with an apron and soft soled shoes. But every time I see them in a vision that’s how they look, white dress with an apron on top that has a big pocket in front, soft soled rubber shoes, white hat on the head, kind faces. I saw these women running all over the hospital, running from room to room in confusion and fear because of monitor after monitor suddenly going ping! ping! ping! beep! beep! Help! Help!

I was standing in the hospital like a 360-degree camera view, the camera turning around me as nurses ran in all directions into rooms on that floor to do what they could- and nothing could be done. The people in those rooms were dying of vaccine injuries and the monitors announced it.


This is the end of the prophecy.

Now here is what the Lord taught me, here is why I wrote in blue above. We don’t know how many ways there are to dishonor God. As many ways as there are to offend God, to disrespect Him and make Him small, we’re not actually aware of them. We don’t know the endless avenues daily enticing us to sin against YAH with our beliefs and mindset, not just our actions. For some reason sin in today’s church has been reduced to the boogeyman of action: sin is now perceived as a visible tangible act that somebody has done, like sex outside marriage, stealing an object, bowing down to a visible idol. Meanwhile all the ways we dishonor God with our hearts, for instance when we believe a human being instead of the Lord or when we hear clearly what God has said but then say “Oh but isn’t there a caveat? Isn’t there an exception, for me, for my mother/ sister/ brother/ best friend? Didn’t God leave an open door for us to do what we think we should do and still be in covenant with Him?”

It’s as if all the verses where God says He will cast off a nation for disobedience, He will wipe out a person’s lineage or afflict their descendants with a never-ending disease for telling lies, it’s as if those sections of scripture have been scrubbed from public consciousness and replaced with a timeless party loop promising acceptance of every action “as long as your heart is right.”

Yet how can anyone’s heart be right? SCRIPTURE DIRECTLY OPPOSES THAT VIEWPOINT! It says: “The heart is deceitful and very wicked. IT EVEN FOOLS THE OWNER INTO THINKING IT IS GOOD WHEN IT IS NOT.”

So what people do with this type of information is this: They will see a clear scripture saying (for example), The heart is wicked and deceitful. It’s impossible to know what’s really going on in there, so be careful and don’t follow your heart. Then they will hear pop culture & religious deceptions saying- Follow your heart, God knows your heart, amidst all the other ‘heart mythology’ out there. They hear two opposing views but decide, I like that one better. That one makes me feel better, that one gives me wiggle room. The way I heard it explained on that podcast, I’m sure God doesn’t mean ALL people’s hearts are wicked. He just means some of us, but surely not my friend group and family and surely not me.

And that is how people end up in Hell. Simple process: By choosing to deny the truth of God and embrace the lie, lives are lost and eternities are purchased in Hell. Let no man be offended by this, God does not “send” anyone to Hell. People choose the lifestyles and perspectives that leads them there, “for the soul that sins shall die.”

This world is so deceived there is almost no hope for it except those who decide to fling their entire lives down at the feet of Jesus like a bunch of rusty spoons and say, Lord, do you think you can do anything with this? Can you use this, can you do anything with me Jesus? Those are literally the only people God can do something for- the rest will perish in their pride and unbelief. This is why God always shows me the most unlikely people coming out of the slimiest lifestyles to be renewed in Him and purchase salvation; I tell you some of the people who will be saved in these end days will offend the church and make them mad like the older brother who did not want the prodigal son to come home again. The people you hate and think are reprobate are the ones who are going to have breakdowns one day and repent, and come crawling home to Jesus. He will make some of them pastors and street preachers and make some of them hugely influential in the end times, and some believers are going to be mad enough to spit nails.

Meanwhile many of those who think they’re “safe” will loosen like cheap wax and fall away into fire, offended at God, no longer able to maintain their faith when persecution comes because it was always shallow to begin with. These are just a fraction of the things the Lord tells me bluntly, things that I never publish but today you are hearing a few.

This world LOVES unscriptural things because it makes them feel better. It is easier to imagine God as we want Him to be than as He says by His own word, but I’m here to tell everyone the Bible never gets old. IT WILL NEVER CHANGE. Scripture overflows with clear directions on how to know God AS HE IS– so if you’re not learning and following those directions the end times are going to be very, very uncomfortable for you. Yah is not an idol you can keep in your pocket, not at all; He will burn the pocket AND the pants away and show you why they used to call Him The Holy Fear Of Israel.

We are to read the Bible and believe every syllable of it. Do not lean to your own way of thinking, but allow God’s word to form the path under your feet. CLING TO THAT PATH even if it costs you everything- that is true Christianity. Yet for decades so many pastors opened that book and twisted every one of its teachings while people sat irresponsibly, equally at fault!! – nodding, clapping, soaking up every word. RELIEVED to hear the easy version, Gospel 2.0. Relieved that even though the words are in black and white in their own Bibles it’s sooo much better when Pastor X or Deacon Y puts it “that way” because that way is a ‘Get Out Of Jail Free Card’ to use whenever life gets tricky.

We dishonor the Lord in countless ways with how we are and what we see Him as, but now we’ve come to the narrow path. The tiny, impossibly narrow pathway that leads between the mountains, and nothing, absolutely NOTHING that is deceived or living in a fantasy land calling it Christianity, or gets upset when the truth is presented- nothing but the PURE are going to pass that place. Anyone who lies, loves lies, or lives a lie will go down with those lies because the judgement of all lies is here.

No one loves humanity more than God. Nobody is more understanding of our weakness, more compassionate to our faults or more merciful to our souls than HE. The wisdom and all-knowing heart of Yah is perfect. So if He’s saying these painfully harsh things, for me, I automatically know it’s because He’s looked into all possible futures, all possible outcomes and seen very little repentance in us. He’s seen every possible reaction to His warnings and in every one the nations prefer their deception more than they prefer to hear HIM. Therefore pharmakeia will destroy the vessels of God, the human body- all I am here to do now is prophesy the outcomes.

I prophesied men would take it because God knew that they would, and they did. Now I prophesy the outcomes of the choices they have made, so no amount of questions can make me say “Okay it won’t happen, God will make it go away.” Do the words and images I’ve shared today sound like things that will go away? Let us be sober and realize that prophecy has meaning and will come to pass. We are in the days where the just will live by faith, which means they will prove their justification in HOW THEY LIVE BY FAITH. If you don’t have faith, it is not likely you will live. These are the days where the wages of sin are death. If you do things that sow death you will earn that wage, you will surely die.

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