“New York Will Be Drowned” – September 24, 2021


This is the third time I am coming to you. “Every matter must be established by the testimony of two or three witnesses.” (2 Corinthians 13:1)

Then I will cause to cease from the cities of Judah and from the streets of Jerusalem the voice of mirth and the voice of gladness, the voice of the bridegroom and the voice of the bride. For the land shall be desolate. (Jeremiah 7:34)

This word was is just received last night [Sept. 24] and shared as instructed.

There is a tsunami coming to New York City, the surrounding areas as well. The timing of this isn’t given to me by the Lord but the message is clear- Tell the residents of New York City (and all surrounding areas)-  This is the word of the Lord. There will be a reckoning for sin, a measurement for sin that is equal to what that city has done in her lifetime. The word is below.

There is a wave of water coming to this city. New York City. A wall of water that has never been seen before, a wave so great it will wash every single thing away. Sound wave. Tidal wave from beyond the New York Harbour. Buildings will come loose from their moorings in many cases- they will be knocked from the foundations by water that has the power called “megaton force”. Megaton force is a great form of G force. Just as sound has power, just the way sound is unseen but capable of having ‘blasting power’, ‘breaking power’,  so will this tidal wave be.

You cannot see sound but it has “decibel power”; depending on the decibel power of sound it can explode windows, speakers and other things when it is released. It can blast and shatter materials, likewise the Lord said this wave will have “decibel power”, “megaton power”, and I see all these shiny glass buildings of New York splintering under the impact of being hit by this wall of water. I am trying to explain it as it comes into my spirit. 

This will be water that can break and smash things. The Lord says it will hit as hard as a rock or a wall. Water that can uproot things- trees, buildings, etc- this wave will rip things from the ground and carry them away. The Lord says “Coming loose from the moorings” which means things will be totally broken off their foundation and swept away. This also means whatever does not have a foundation- cars, boats, people, loose object or untethered property- will be absolutely swept away. 

Again I see the tall buildings snapping loose from their bases like cheap pencils- snap!– the tops or middle part will break off when hit with this water, leaving only a jagged stump and the concrete foundation in place. Some will break off totally. Glass will shatter greatly, GREATLY in this tsunami; there is so much glass in this city that will shatter and fly like daggers everywhere. Only when I see these images do I realize how much reinforced steel and glass has been used to build the NYC skyline. That glass will disintegrate on impact and form projectiles that fly far.

There will be so much loss of life because of this tsunami (for it can only be called a tsunami), that the city will be mute and silent afterward. God said to me: “How has the joyous city ceased. What happened to the noise of your revelries? Where is the noise of your songs? What happened to you New York, that you are now drowned beneath the ocean waves? Battered and silent all around. Why aren’t you raising your voice against me anymore,  challenging me with your laws that raise up abominations to the Heavens and defy me as God? Why have you nothing to say?”


The joyful tambourines have ceased; the noise of revelers has stopped; the joyful harp is silent. (Isaiah 24:8)

I am going to say exactly what I see. I see the Statue of Liberty get into a bed. It is the ‘bed of affliction.’ Big stone bed, The Bed Of Affliction. She climbs into a bed of stone like a woman who’s so sleepy, a woman so tired; she gets in this bed and a hand covers her with the sea like a blanket. I see a blanket of the big black sea pulled up to cover her from the feet up to the neck, then the blanket is pulled over her head finally and this woman totally slumbers and passes away. She sighs, breathes one last breath and that’s it. I know she is dead under the blanket as the sea rolls back and forth alone, no sign of her or the bed- that’s it. This woman won’t ever be seen again, never again. This city will go to the bed of the sea for the things she has done against the Lord and that is what I see. The Holy Spirit says New York City will be fully submerged for the unending abominations she has done against God.

What happened to the sounds and sights of New York City, the bustling traffic, the melting pot of the world? 

These are the words of the Lord. The city will be covered by the sea, a great tidal wave. The end is near for New York City and its arrogant leadership, its haughty princes who constantly lift up their voices against the Lord, taking his glory for themselves and placing themselves in the position of the Lord. The end is near for idolaters and devil worshippers, for fornicators and homosexuals who pervert the law of God given as one man and wife only, but instead practice the love of themselves among themselves. Thus sayeth the Lord- The end is near for all who commit abortion, who talk of their rights as if they are able to create human life or have some internal right to destroy it. The end is near for blood-letters, eaters of flesh and drinkers of blood, RITUALISTS, the Lord says the end is near for you.

The end of all things is coming- this is the word of the Lord to me- yet the ruinous shall be punished ten times harsher than others, for their existence and filthy (yet powerful) influence has ruined others and led all to become DEFILED. For these things and many others the ruinous, ALL WHO REJECT AND DEFY GOD, will be punished much harsher than everybody else. 

New York City will go under the sea. This is the word of the Lord. 

Note: I looked up a word. Megaton force is described as being the measurement for one million units of TNT exploded. So that word measures the power and strength of nuclear explosions; that’s the kind of force this tsunami will have against the East Coast of America. It will bring the strength of atomic weapons being discharged, except it will be the sea doing it against the United States

Please see the following messages of The Master’s Voice for prophetic witnesses. The word of God is clear, let every word be upheld on the testimony of two or three witnesses (2 Cor. 13:1)

Over The Tops Of The Buildings

In One Hour

I Have Not Forgotten

Personal note: In delivering these prophetic words I notice people keep telling me where I ought to be, “ought to go” etc. I don’t normally respond to comments like this because to me, Biblical precedent should be clear. If you own a Bible and read it then you should know prophets belong to Jesus. God sets and sends His messengers AS HE WILLS- if you see a true servant of God somewhere it should be obvious they were sent there by One who doesn’t consult anyone before He sends them. Whether God wants a person to go to Nineveh (Jonah) or stay in Jerusalem til it is destroyed (Jeremiah), or speak against kings until they are beheaded (John the Baptist), or marry a prostitute (Hosea), or die a captive in Babylon (Daniel) – IT IS THE LORD’S DECISION WHAT TO DO WITH HIS SERVANT, NOT YOURS OR THE MESSENGER’S.

God sets the times of every human life and that’s why it is interesting to see people trying to mitigate or ‘flee’ coming judgements. You can do so if the Lord leads you, I’m not saying do not. I’m saying whatever is appointed to a man will find him even on the backward surface of the moon. God does whatever He likes. His wisdom and understanding are flawless, therefore I am puzzled that people don’t realize He also knows what to do with ME. If you were not aware that God is sovereign and rules in the affairs of men, respectfully, may you know it today. My times are with the God who sent me to do this work so if you ever saw any true Bible messenger cry against a doomed nation from a protected villa in another nation, or against a doomed city from a distant AirBnB, let me know. 

It is troubling that we have the word of God to instruct us in God’s ways and character- yet will still try to tell those whom we agree are called of God- to “use logic” and do all kinds of things that God has not told them to do. Therefore when you read this post please just read the post and do not tell Celestial to flee to the Rocky Mountains or move to Oregon or think outside the box and ‘stay safe.’ I appreciate care, prayer, every kind word or blessing, I’ve said many times that I am grateful for all the care of subscribers but certain things are not for mass opinions. I BELONG TO JESUS CHRIST WHO TELLS ME WHAT TO SAY, WHAT TO DO, AND WHERE TO BE AT ALL TIMES. Please try to respect the Spirit of God who leads me, many of you should be seeking God for His leading for your own lives and families as we confront the years ahead. No one soul will be safe from American punishments even on the highest mountain UNLESS GOD DECIDES TO KEEP THEM SAFE. If you did not realize this yet and think it’s moving and prepping that keeps men safe then… what more can be said? May God bless and instruct all who trust in Him above the limited planning the human mind can muster, in Jesus name, amen. 

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  1. David says:

    Good Morning 🙂

    The Lord showed me last week that Jeremiah 25 uses the same language as seen in Rev 18 …. Very interesting parallel. And also to note that an Angel throws a rock into the sea to accomplish this judgment.

    Just a quick note. You wrote Jeremiah 35 in your title here. I believe you meant 25

    Have a wonderful weekend


    1. David says:

      Ops … I see you referred to Jeremiah 7:34
      I was thinking of Jeremiah 25:10. Turns out the verses are very similar. Sorry for the mixup up 🙂

  2. joyceschraeder says:

    God bless you beautiful Sister in Christ.
    Thank you, and I pray for you every day.
    You are very precious to me. 🙏❤️🙏

  3. Jane Schaech says:

    Hi Celestial,
    Thank you for all you share with us. I am trying to get on your email subscriber list. I am currently working on a cheap chromebook laptop which forces me to have a gmail email address which i never use, so am unable to subscribe to anything on youtube for that reason. Please add my name to your list.
    Thank you again and God bless and keep you SAFE in His perfect will.
    Jane Schaech

  4. GloriBee says:

    Yes Yes Yes!! Celestial you are so right! Here I am out here in the Southern CA desert having been called to come here from NYS 6 yrs ago. With what’s coming in the future for CA the thought to get out is being presented to me. I am not leaving. He’s not told me to go. My work is not done and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. It’s a great feeling ! Praise Him.

  5. J. McCree says:

    Thank you, Celestial. Yes; He is God alone and He is Sovereign. May all who read or hear your writings take heed always.

  6. M Sinq says:

    I’ve seen at least 4 other prophesies in the last couple of days, warning about NYC. It’s all confirmation. Heed God’s voice people, whatever He’s speaking to you.

  7. Lucretia says:

    So true. When you trust in God, you begin to understand, the human mind cannot fathom how to prepare for what is coming. Yes we can prepare, but it has to be Spirit led. Yes we can flee, but it has to be Spirit led. Not out of fear. But out of the leading of the Spirit. This is the hallmark of solely trusting God. Be blessed.

  8. Vlad Alexander says:

    Hello little sister; I thought you had a good post here. As I was considering some of your comments regarding the entry’s listeners and watchers of your post have put and that you read as well as the frustration you must surely feel at time reading their entries, these verses came to mind. Prov. 1:20-33 —When I consider the “Christian community” so to speak, it strikes me that the only explanation for the reactions that I see taking place concerning the lockdowns, vaccines, masks and restrictions of liberties can be found in a blindness, hardness of heart and coldness to the word and Spirit of God. How else can the “so called” church stand blindly and obediently to Satan’s masters of war? They are found to be naïve who love their naiveté and take pleasure in their scorning of Godly warnings and truth offered them. These verses tell us God’s wisdom cries to us but too many will not listen, they pay no attention. They hate counsel and reject reproof. Thus, God will not be moved when terror and calamity and destruction visits them. Then when all their foreign worldly gods fail them as a last resort, they will cry out with unrepentant hearts for help but God will not answer because they hated the knowledge of the Lord…i.e. His word and the warning of His true servants. They despised correction from the Lord and so will experience the fruits of their actions and choices. Turning from wisdom, Godly truth with a indifferent spirit will see their destruction. Only those who listen to the Lord’s counsel and truth and obey his instructions will find safety and freedom from fear. I also enjoy your gentle rebuke tinged with the ever so slightest touch of sarcasm when chastening those of us who are too lazy to do some basic critical thinking and leg work in researching topics you bring to us. Cheers!

  9. anon2021@gmail.com says:

    In 2018, I was told by a well known entity that New York will be flooded. I naturally assume he meant a tsunami. That’s nothing new as many others have see visions of this. He also told me the rapture will happen after this flooding. I don’t how the time interval between the tsunami and the rapture. I expect it would be pretty soon afterwards – maybe days, could even be hours. He is one of my guides and he’s very, very well known, though he’s not of the usual plethora of angels that people like to claim to be their guide. So don’t see the destruction of New York as a bad thing. It simply must happen before we leave. That is part of God’s Plan. Get your spiritual house in order now as time is short.

  10. Jonathan says:


  11. Vlad Alexander says:

    Hi little sister, I’m blind so kindly put a donate link on your Master’s Voice page. I can not find it and am tired of trying to find it. I’ve sent funds before but, hey,..I’m old and can’t see clearly so send me the direct link please. Keep blowing your trumpet…it is badly needed. Cheers, Timothy

  12. Vlad Alexander says:

    Just sharing…. the post was worth its weight in gold. obey. preach it sister!!!!!

  13. Jane Schaech says:

    2 Peter 3: 9 “The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” Rarely does a pronouncement of judgment come to pass immediately. God in His mercy gives ample time for the warning to go out so that those who have ears to hear are not destroyed. It will be interesting to view your future comment when this prophecy comes to pass. Celestial is not God’s only chosen mouthpiece on this topic. She is one of many that has had visions and dreams about what is coming for NYC. It would seem to me that YOU are the one bringing shame to the Body of Christ, despising prophecies. God’s word does NOT say ‘stop prophesying!.’

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Jane. Do not allow Satan’s infants to trouble you; it’s not you or me they direct their foolishness to, but to God. They are here day and night complaining, rebuking me, showing who their real father is. They think their mouth is enough to resist God; by their whining complaints they feel they can “undo” what He has done. It is them who will cry loudest when these words are fulfilled. I shared just yesterday that Noah’s neighbours died a terrible death, twice. They died as the water took them and died inside with regret & shame as they saw every Noah’s warnings fulfilled. People also cursed Jeremiah and told him not to prophesy, but later they were led naked into slavery while Jeremiah was free to live as he wanted. I am not moved by fools- they’re on all my platforms screeching because the word pierces them to pride instead of repentance. I will proclaim the word of the Lord until the last message is done. Thank you and God bless you.

      1. Jane Schaech says:

        Thank you so much Celestial! GBY!

  14. tanfair says:

    Wow! As a child I heard this prophecy of New York and other cities. Even though I was a child ( probably around 7 or 8) I knew deep in my soul that it was true. Hearing this as an adult is confirmation. Thank you sister for obeying the Master. It would be smart for the scoffers to listen and repent instead of calling you a false prophet. I pray for people because they have no idea who the Master truly is. He is a just and loving God and he’s coming for a church without a wrinkle, spot or blemish. My prayer is to walk in the way he created me to walk, be who he created me to be and endure to the end. Blessings Sister and may the Most High keep his angels encamped around you.

  15. Amaryah says:

    I had a dream in 2021 where I was walking in Miami and I looked back me a massive wave was rising up. The hike next to me said run!!!! Or it will crush you! I’ll never forget the fear I felt and I know with all my being that it will happen. Earlier in the dream there was a drug deal so I’m not sure if that’s the sin going on there but I know a tsunami will happen.
    I did some research after waking up and I noticed there are tech giants located there as well.

  16. sabinvalentin1989 says:

    Are you still living there ?
    Have you moved out?

  17. sabinvalentin1989 says:

    Celestial have you moved out?

  18. Niso says:

    Confirmation because I remember dreaming that the city hall was flooded and destroyed last year.

  19. SamollYah says:

    This confirms the dream the Father have shown me about NYC I moved out of NYC 2 years ago and last week I had this vision about NYC about the sun turning dark, the people looked like dead people walking and then I was stand in NYC but water was all around me and I was a few fishes but the water was clear and I said YAH get me out of this place. Said thing is I have all my family members that lives there but they won’t take heed to me they think I’m evil and wicked and the things I be saying is all fake. Thank you for sharing this and being use by the father YAH bless you all esteem and honor to OUR KING 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🩸🩸🐑🐑

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