The Destruction of Gog and Magog, Pt 1- June 3, 2019



The Lord has instructed me to insert this word received today among the USA prophecies.

An hour ago I was doing afternoon devotions with a lot of singing: new songs from my spirit, fresh new songs I was making up as I went along. I encourage all of you- make a habit of praying during the day. Morning or evening is not enough, set time aside during daylight hourrs to be with Jesus. HE DOES SO MUCH FOR US, He deserves our attention more than the cellphones we pray to. Make it a focus of life to love on Him all the time.

After that devotion the Lord reminded me to read Ezekiel 38, so I did. Before I reached halfway in the text I heard this explanation come to me:

Son of man- Hear this truth concerning “Gog and Magog”- This is the nation of Russia. But not Russia as she is commonly known today. This is what is known as “The Russian Federation”. I saw a map of Europe unrolling before me, with today’s Russia edged in blue ink for borders. The blue ink started enlarging itself, capturing many countries of the former Soviet Union. But it didn’t stop there- it grew until the borders of this ‘Russian Federation’ seemed to be holding many, many countries. Too many. Russia was way bigger than it used to be as ‘Soviet Union’; it took up the whole top of the map going into ice territory, and extended very far down. Although I don’t know Europe’s map perfectly I could see Russia holding territory over nations who would faint if you told them now in 2019- “One day Russian territory will swallow you.” The country was very huge.

After seeing the map I went back to reading, and heard this:

“In the time of the end I will give Russia an idea. I God will put it in her heart to advance all the way from her territory to go make a siege against Israel. As the passage says- she will come out decked in military gold, an impressive army the world has never seen before. She will have technology, power, might and dominion, and the servants of the earth will tremble when that mighty army begins to move out from its place.

Like a hook in her nose, an “irresistible idea” she can’t get rid of, it will enter her head to come against My people who I will have gathered from every corner of the earth. I GOD will gather Israel, not a man-made exercise. I will bring them to a place of peaceful existence for all their sufferings, and settle them down to rest like calves resting by the mother. When they have dwelled there awhile they will hear a sound like thunder in their dwellings, shaking and shifting from the floors as the Russians and their allies arrive on their shores. They will be in holy terror on that day [Israel my people].”

This is the word of the Lord, please refer to Ezekiel 38 to understand. Pt 2 will be posted.

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  1. Marty says:

    Russia seems to be ready to swallow up Ukraine at the moment (April 2021) and wouldn’t be surprised if she eventually took over Turkey. Keep up the great work. 🙏

  2. diego says:

    I wonder if this is the same Gog & Magog of Revelation 20

    1. Abba Child says:

      Yep explained in more detail. Abba explained in so much detail to Ezekiel so many years before revealing it to John. He is all knowing !

  3. Cindy Feaster says:

    Blessings, just wanted to ask as we see Ukraine and Russia warring is Ukraine apart of this prophecy in order for Russia to forced themselves through Ukraine, and take up it’s territory, and surrounding cities with the purpose to get to Israel? I am not sure if Ukraine is apart of the Soviet union I don’t believe it is, but asking for clarity. God bless, and thank you.

  4. Carla says:

    Interpretation of what has already been prophecied in the Bible is not prophecy.

    1. Onyinyechi says:

      What people scattered from corner to corner has been placed in a safe place by Yah? What people have Russia not gone against that they will have it in their heart to come against for the first time? What scripture has this already been fulfilled? When have a prophecy that was already spoken not spoken again by someone else in the Bible, for a hint as John vision was the same as Daniel’s vision that has not come to pass, just as Enoch and Edras?

      I don’t need a scripture as I read for myself and I know there is none! I know there is only one people that was scattered over the entire earth (we should all know this if we are reading and studying), I know that the Word says both sisters will be gathered together by Him in one place; that has not happened yet. Man sending people on a plane or declaring a people as The People is not Yahs work; it’s man’s work.

    2. Celestial says:

      I often why you trolls come here. It’s almost as if you can’t be ignorant in silence, you want all the other adults to see and comment on it. You shouldn’t be here Carla, you should be reading your Bible. Goodbye and thanks for visiting, don’t let me catch you commenting again or I’ll be forced to ask why your Bible isn’t telling you stuff you keep reading here.

    3. Bridget says:

      The scriptures clearly say “there is nothing new under the sun”, Carla, the people of the earth are committing the same sins of old, we meditate on the scriptures and don’t say they’ve come to pass. It’s not a problem if God execute the same judgement after all, the Psalms say “My God is in heaven and He does whatever pleases Him”

      1. Onyinyechi says:


  5. Daniel Samuel - Nigeria says:

    Wow Yah is great, revealing things to come thousands of years before the characters involve were ever birthed. I’m really in awe of His majesty. Thank you sister Celestial for accepting to be a vessel of truth in this end time.

  6. Rahim Miller says:

    Thank you Celestial for your obedience to the Most High!!!! 🙏🏽❤️🕊

  7. Rachel A Hill says:

    myself and my family are grateful beyond words to The Most High for connecting us to you. Be encouraged sister and know we pray for you and your church. Please pray that our Father’s Will be done concerning my family. We love you dearly and you are a priceless treasure to us and all in these times.

  8. Cheryl says:

    Hi Celestial, do you personally believe in pre-tribulation rapture or post tribulation rapture? I do read my Bible and am stumped on scripture in Matthew24 about the “four corners”…. I am interested in knowing if this is on the earth or in the heavens…
    How do you interpret this?

  9. lvforthekinginontcanada says:

    Thank you dear one in Christ !

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