Desolations Are Determined, Pt 6: “STRANGE FIRE” – June 30, 2019

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Then will appear in heaven the sign of the Son of Man, and then all the tribes of the earth will mourn, and they will see the Son of Man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. – (Matthew 24:30)

This is the second part of the prophetic word I received on Sunday June 30, 2019.

Fire in the Sky, says the spirit of the Lord.

It is 3:30pm Sunday afternoon, and we’ve just had maybe the best church service we’ve ever had. I’m in the backyard of the church, away from the crowd, taking a moment to process all the beautiful emotions I feel. The closeness of God surrounds me and then-

Fire in the Sky, the Lord says again.

Lord, what kind of fire? Is this the weapons detonating I saw the other day? Is it missiles?

No, this is not man made. This is strange fire, and profane. The skies, the clouds painted a strong red colour like wine, and other colours as well, gold and purples and blues. When you see these colours appearing on the clouds look to yourselves, because the devil is about to come down to you and dwell among the sons of men. Strange beings, profane and rejected ‘sons’ having the appearance of a man but THEY ARE NOT. Unclean ones put forever out of the presence of God, now coming down in appearance as angels of light to deceive mankind and take a terrible toll of vengeance on them. Satan has hated man since his creation; in the day I made man as My creation vengeance was kindled in the cherub’s heart. He RAGES AGAINST MY LOVE FOR MY CREATION; he crept after them to steal their robe of favour from them and leave them stripped as Joseph.

Man is My child, My own beloved, but the devil hates humanity and his only wish is to be among them savaging them as a lion savages his trainer who becomes trapped in his cage. The fire is the announcement of a time of great weeping and sorrow, the angels of light will descend out of the clouds and come to live with you. Presenting themselves as bearers of peace, light and understanding these fallen reptiles and other beings will persuade all who listen to them that they are good, ‘friends of humanity’ but again I tell you: LOOK TO YOURSELVES (look, pay attention, SEE, and urgently take heed among yourselves) because they come with only one intent- to pluck life from your spirit, to steal life from your blood, and indeed to press your flesh until you are extinguished like thin, weak candles. Perilous times are coming. I say again- PERILOUS TIMES ARE COMING.

At the appearance of strange fire STAY IN YOUR HOMES. Remain home, limit your time spent outdoors in parks and other natural wildlife areas. Whenever you see the sky like this leave where you are and go home or to the nearest safe place to be until you can get home. These clouds like fire – intermingled with cerulean (bright, piercing, watery blue), purple, gold and wine will keep appearing more and more frequently toward the time of the end. These CLOUDS, strange shaped clouds like a BOWL or like a STACK, are  evidence of the fallen ones concealing themselves. These creatures are sensitive to the smallest, TINIEST stimulus- they can see and hear over incredible distances, they can track better than a hunting dog, they can see in the dark. Those  who  go picnicking or spending time “in the wild” will be hunted like prey and consumed. Flesh will be eaten by these beings. They are corrupted, fallen, utterly reprobate, and their one intention is to snuff out life from this planet before the time I come.

Pay attention, the sky is an alarm clock showing forth and warning many things:

Midday darkness (Exodus 10:22)

Noontime darkness (Amos 8:9; Amos 5:18)

Overdue darkness [where the dark lingers for many days and does not lift– Job 3:9]

Perils in darkness (Psalm 91:6; 2 Peter 2:4; Matthew 22:13)

Terrors in darkness (Psalm 91:5; Job 24:17)

Redness of the skies (Matthew 16:2)

Redness of the moon and other heavenly bodies (Joel 2:30- 31; Matthew 24:29)

Stars winking out at night, starts going “off” like light bulbs so that the earth is uncharacteristically darker than it should be (Ezekiel 32:7; Isaiah 13:10)

Signs in sun, moon and stars; Powerful weather phenomena (Genesis 1:14; 

THIS IS YOUR ALARM CLOCK. (Revelation 6:12-17)

WAKE UP MY CHURCH. Stop sleeping. Wake up and see the devil coming down to you with great wrath as was prophesied to you by John my prophet (Revelation 12:12). Wake up and pay attention, or you will perish with the unbeliever for not believing the things that were told to you so you could prepare yourselves, your homes and your loved ones while you still had time. Wake up and pay attention to your world, and warn others while you can. They rejected Me when I was among them, so stop complaining you won’t be a watchman because they always reject you! Is the student greater than his master? If I could be rejected and still tell them to repent for the Kingdom was nigh, WHY CAN’T YOU? REPENT CHURCH, AND start to do the same works of evagelism, warning and teaching about the things and times of the end as you once did, and as you should do. Believe the words of this prophecy, you shall surely see it fulfilled. That is all.

This is the word of the Lord.

Please pay fixed and fast attention to scripture used on these posts, it’s to show us clearly how the Bible warns excellently about all these things before they come.

I continue sharing forth prophecies, warnings, prophetic dreams, visions and teachings of the demonic half beings called THE NEPHILIM. There’ll be a study on @TMV about these beings from the Bible and other historical texts. Please bear with me, this work is immense and I’m balancing it with daily life. May God bless you for reading and sharing these posts. Please follow the blog (follow button is below) and leave your comments.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    About “Strange Fire”……people in New Mexico have been posting pictures of skies that look very similar to what you’re describing. Of course, New Mexico is famous for it’s spectacular sunsets. but apparently the skies need to be viewed from a spiritual viewpoint. Very strange indeed!

  2. Scarlett says:

    Sister, I re-read this post again tonight. And thought again about these cloud colors you mentioned, and so….Whatever you want to make of this, there was a post on FaceBook last night of a video taken August 5th, on Anna Maria Island. The poster said the “Red Sunset” lasted about 10 minutes. It was very strikingly beautiful and unusual. When I looked up Anna Maria Island, I came to an article about a woman who, just last month, contracted and died from a flesh eating virus she picked up while at Cocina Beach. The very same area…Anna Maria Island.
    I don’t know if there is any connection, such as these beings unleashing this stuff into the water and sand….but as for me…I am going to be much more watchful and alert since reading your posts and revelations.
    God bless….praying for you to have much rest in the body and mind as you go about daily life and the Father’s business.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Misspelled: Coquina Beach, (not Cocina)….it’s late, I’m tired…sorry!

  3. Scarlett says:

    One more comment regarding the Fire in the Sky. Two evenings ago, we saw it!! As my friend and I relaxed on the patio facing the evening setting sun….just over the mountain, as the sun began to set…I sat up startled and said loudly, “There it is! The red sunset! Fire in the sky!” I had already spoken to her of this phenomenon, (sign) she stood up to get a better look and said, “It is, just as described!”. She snapped several quick pictures on her phone, but later….when she went to download them onto the computer, the red sky had turned yellow in the picture. I said. “Something must be wrong with your camera.” But she said there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I can only assume it was a deception of the enemy to maintain cover. But in any case, I rushed us both inside immediately….and closed the door. It was the eeriest .feeling to imagine what may have just occurred right where we live. I have seen many beautiful desert sunsets, but never one like this.

  4. Anonymous says:

    When we see the “fire in the sky” and run for safety in our homes or a safe building…when will we know when it is safe to go back outside?

    1. Celestial says:

      The Lord has warned many times that red/fiery skies are a sign of the times. I don’t know which day will be the day something happens but these warnings are to stop us being fascinated with these skies. God said when they happen frequently along with other sky signs it’s a warning that death is on its way. See below for an example. Thank you for visiting TMV.

  5. lservey says:

    My understanding of this from the Lord is that there won’t be a safe time to go back outside. The strange fire will be for 3 days then the pit opens and nothing will ever be the same. Pray to the Lord. He will provide you directions either before or during the 3 days of darkness. From the time it starts, do only what He says and you will make it. Pray without ceasing until He answers.

  6. Anita says:

    You know this prophecy is already COMING TO PASS.
    People report strange clouds and lights coming out of it, all over the world.
    This for example :
    And this is also related

  7. livingthelife198779523 says:

    Sister celestial.. Thank you for sharing your gift with those who want to see and hear the truth. The spirit led me to you about six months ago. I was praying for the Lord to help me dig deeper in His word, and for understanding and knowledge. I have found this here on TMV.

  8. Stacy Folston says:

    I’ve seen these lights- years ago I woke up noticing a light too bright shining through a hallway window. I got up and at first, thought it was from the neighbor’s solar light on the ground. However, the light started expanding, coming toward me- the brightest blinding white light I’ve seen. I ran to wake up my husband but then the light disappeared. I’ve experienced other times seeing these lights and yes, it’s a feeling they are bad and they know you know they’re there. Have also experienced God’s glorious light in dreams- warm and soft. Seeing those lights has been off and on since 2008- I’ve prayed why am I seeing this but now it’s starting to make sense. Thank-you for sharing- I’ve only told a few close family and friends about these experiences.
    Bless you,

  9. Linh Chi says:

    Celestial, I’m coming back here to your blog post and letting you know about the skies in Zhousan, China that have gone completely red on May 7th of this year. I can tell that this is a very ominous sign and that we should continue to stay watchful. Thank you for your ministry and thank you for keeping me awake and sober. Let the strange fires begin… What’s more inconspicuous are the CERN colliders being placed all over the world as we speak. These collider machines are spiking up our Schumann Resonance Frequencies, causing many plant and animal life to die off a rapid pace. Meanwhile, higher spikes are extremely detrimental to human beings. These satanists at CERN are literally trying to drive US right into the demonic realm.

  10. Sarah cox says:

    I live in Savannah Georgia and have noticed within the last few months the sunsets are phenomenal, pinks and purples and oranges and yellows,all together, colors that I have never seen before at one time..the purples are new altogether

  11. Sarah cox says:

    Also I just recently saw a tick tock video where it was almost like a light was switched on and off from daylight to Darkness

  12. LighthouseGirl says:

    Confirmation:2021 example of stack clouds in argentina. Notice a dark saucer like shape hiding at the base? Red skies over Russia August 2022. (also china had similar)
    Bangkok skies today. Thanks Celestial for accurate & very helpful prophecy to help us get ready for our Lords return.

  13. Chareva says:

    Celestial, I saw this video of a strange sky yesterday and immediately thought of this prophecy. If you have just a moment, would you be able to scroll through it and comment. Is this “Strange Fire”? I was raised in a secular household and at nearly 50 years old, I have for the first time opened the Bible and am reading it with an open mind and an open heart. Thank you SO much for the work you do.

  14. renee says:

    I just re read this post, and I wanted to point out a youtuber who gets the most eerie, crazy looking sky pictures, especially recently. Wild and intense colors, bizarre shapes. He has some he posted recently that really look out of this world …. his name is MrMBB333. This prophecy is definitely coming to pass, the pictures are getting more common and even secular people are taking notice….The one picture someone sent him is like a rainbow-colored vortex that didn’t cover he whole sky, but twisted from east to west like a rainbow, but way bigger and thicker. I’ve never seen anything like it. I have never looked at the sky the same again and never will… it’s very ominous.

  15. elfmom55 says:

    Cern opened portals-Aurora Borealis showing up

  16. Avigail says:

    Greetings dear sister Celestial! I am in total agreement with you about the Nephilim and the horrors we will be facing in these last days. You are just confirmation from the Lord and all that He has been showing me. I am praying that I will not fear. That is something that He has been working on me for many years. I have experienced demons and back then I did not understand the authority that we have been given as Sons and Daughters of the Most High King. I thank the Lord for using you to help us all to prepare our spirits, our minds, and physically to be ready for these days. I don’t know how ready we will be under the circumstances but may our faith and trust in the Lord outweigh the fear that these ominous and evil creatures will be to us. I just plead the Blood of Jesus over you sister Celestial and command and loose His warring and ministering angels over you and your home. I pray that there is a hedge of protection over you from the enemy.
    I also wanted to add, the Hollywood people have been showing us for a long time what is to come. While reading your messages, I remembered an old Twilight Zone black and white episode: ” To Serve Man- A Cookbook” Yes, even back then the “aliens” came in peace to share with us knowledge, cure diseases, and other such lies. They were described in this episode as 9 Ft tall! Imagine that! The wicked have been trying to condition us to accept these things. I pray that as your messages keep going out and we all share with everyone, the truth of the Lord will penetrate the hard hearts of the people! Especially those who call themselves Christians but cannot even believe in the Supernatural. All your words are encouraging me and exhorting me to keep rushing into my prayer closet and spend time with the Lord while He may still be found! Thank you again with my utmost gratitude! Blessings!

  17. Valentine says:

    God bless you.indeed this is the end time..God is helping me understand some things now.

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