WORLD POLITICS: America – June 16, 2019



After the pronouncement against New York City, I heard the Lord say- “Trade and economic warfare” several times; “Trade and economic war is declared in the heavens against the United States of America”. I heard, “Hardships, hard times, LACK and the beginning of sorrows in the United States of America”. I see the merchants of the nation are stressed and perplexed; they are confused because their goods are not coming in. Their shipments are stuck, their goods delayed, and this is causing price fluctuations in the market at large. Consumer demand is higher than supply, I see arteries flowing into the body of America CLOGGED, so that the things people need are not as available as before. It is imperceptible at first, but with time everyone will see it.

I see Arabic men and men of other foreign origin rubbing their heads and beards. They are getting together to discuss this problem: the tariffs being levied against them are too high, and they cannot afford to pay. They murmur against the US Government. They are NOT the United States government; they do not get subsidies to market their goods as U.S. businesses do. They do it from their own pocket- but now their pockets are HIT because of the punishments God has brought against America. I see these men hard in prayer in their religions, and I hear the words “eastern religions”. They are bowing down on prayer mats and some speak earnestly to images of other human beings held in picture frames. Some have tears with imploring, but no help is coming for them. Prayer is going up feverishly but no help is coming down. I see the words written in the air- ‘This is the beginning of Jihad’. This is the first vision.

In the American fields, crops are not producing. Food is failing and I see the fancy supermarkets raise their prices. I see one brand of supermarket in particular from New York City, a behemoth and wealthy “brand” raising their prices in the night. I see the fancy gel-manicured nails of many women of non-American origin, hired by night to peel off stickers in the back rooms of these mega supermarkets. There are mounds of fresh fruit cut into clear plastic containers: these women are hired from the ethnic communities to peel off their stickers and make them ready to receive new ones in the morning. They’re working all night off payroll, and in the morning, the permanent employees with medical care and all the right paperwork will attach new prices to these perfectly packed up boxes of fruit- suitable for busy executives, fancy housewives and students to grab on their way to work. These price changes take place at night, and in the daytime permanent employees will label this same fruit with new prices, but they won’t know how it came to be costlier than the day before. This is the second vision.

This is the message, this is the cause of confusion and the blockage in the arteries of America: “TRADE AND ECONOMIC CHOKING, WARFARE AGAINST THE NATIONS.”

I see men coming in the spirit with huge mounds of EARTH. They bring mountains of earth like in the old days, carrying it by elephant to lay it up against a mighty city that is flying her flags in the distance. They have dug huge trenches against this city, deep ones with struts in them to hold up the earth. Now they make SEIGE MOUNDS against this city that is Babylon, and anyone coming to the city with goods for sale is turned away by these men. No flow is allowed to enter her, and no one dares to open the main gate and come out. The city is being slowly starved of commerce, until her people begin to languish over a period of months and eventually cry for bread. But these men have been sent by Jesus Christ to lay siege against Babylon, at His instruction they remain there to punish herThis is the third vision. 

In the fourth vision I see the United States of America playing tennis. She is all dressed up in her colours: red, white and blue, acting fancy but wow, her game is all messed up. All the umpire keeps calling against her is “FAULT! FAULT! FAULT!” She is agitated, trying to play well but all she creates is faults and unforced errors. Because of this I see a hand taking points off the board for America- she is greatly weakened by her point losses and upset about her score, but there is nothing she can do. Almost every time her racket makes contact with the ball I hear “FAULT!” and her score drops down. 

And now, here is the futureI see three nations taking advantage of America’s horrible game. I see the nation’s of RussiaChina and curiously the Philippines, scrambling up the scoreboard of trade, economic warfare and tariffs against America. I see Russia climbing effortlessly, easily the highest scoring and the fastest, with China right behind her and the Philippines coming third. The Philippines is carrying fruits and vegetables in her ascension but Russia is carrying weapons of war, nukes and tanks. China also carries technology and research materials, as well as sharp implements to impale and cut off body parts. These two nations are climbing up the scoreboard that also looks like a flagpole. Up this pole these two climb and the umpire yells “ACE! ACE! ACE!”

Russia and China are winning this match against America; that’s all there is to it.

Prophecy: There is coming a shift in positions in the economic space. Nations will trade places: the first will be last and the last will rapidly make up ground against the first. Even a nation without a strong export goods roster will begin to climb the scale of economic certainty against America, as gradually her position is lost through a series of poor decisions and bad implementation of economic policy against other nations. International trade shifts will hit U.S. merchants hard; they will not cope well with tariff increases and become disgruntled against the U.S.A. FROM WITHIN. This will stir tensions along religious lines, lines that should have nothing to do with trade but they will, as communities become moved to agitate against the U.S. to protect their livelihoods. Prices will creep up in America; big stores will not be loyal to customers but will even go so far as to employ illegal labour to keep up with the need to change prices quickly. God will shut up the flow of goods against the USA as punishment for her deeds towards Him: this is what this group of visions is pronouncing for a time soon to come. 


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