The Many Words Of God, Pt 1 – January 13, 2021

And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you. – (Matthew 24:4)

I am trying to sort through my archives, praying and figuring out a coherent flow for how to bring out the things I haven’t said yet. Not I – the Lord – the things the Lord said and I didn’t post yet. I keep getting new things so I’ll go with those first.

This is an end times prophecy and teaching blog. I can’t force anyone to believe what I share here and indeed, if you’ve been reading with me for a while you know I don’t try to. You either read the blog and connect the dots with the posts and videos on YouTube (The Master’s Voice Prophecy Blog) or most of it will roll right off you. I pray for everyone who comes here though, that God will speak to them somehow, reach them personally and make Himself known to them through this blog.

My advice is simple: Read the blog extensively. Observe the consistency between posts- (which I could never pull off on my own, there’s over 250 posts now). Notice how no other being or god is exalted here but JESUS. I’m praying the Spirit of God speaks to people through this project- to the point where they move from being just visitors to people who give their lives to Christ. May something epic stir to life in you and convict you of the TRUTH of the Heavenly Father’s warnings. Oh, also stuff keeps happening exactly as He said. There’s that too. 😄 Okay, read on and God bless.

These are the many words of the Lord Jesus Christ given to me from 7 – 9am this morning January 13, 2021.

An Unelected King

Kamala Harris will be the next president of the United States. This is the Lord speaking, do not hesitate to bring forth this word. Let it be read on this platform and be seen by all eyes that they may know- God alone rules and dictates in the affairs of men. She will be the president, she will be the ruler, she will be the king. Make it known and speak these things abroad. She will be the next ruler of the United States. She will be the king and an unelected king at that. Disruption is coming to the USA – UPSET, UPHEAVAL. Thus says the Lord- Prepare for disenfranchisement of the male gender in more ways than can be counted. There is more anger and heated debate coming to America than ever before. The TV screen will break under the weight of opinion. WORDS. WOES. TRIALS. HARDSHIPS.

🌀I have about 5 prophecies concerning this matter since November 2020, they will be shared too.

Knowledge Will Increase

But thou O Daniel, shut up the words and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased. (Daniel 12:4)

The time of the fulfillment of this scripture is at hand. Soon the earth will groan with the weight of knowledge of medicine, technology, advancement, ‘gate-breakers and paradigm shifters’ – more than at any other time in human history. Earth will groan with the weight of discoveries, “breakthroughs”, unearthed artifacts, “ancient history revealed” and many other such things until the average person cannot keep up. This is where the destruction of Man will begin, when he fully abandons the safety of godly wisdom for the cold steel edge of knowledge without understanding. This must be allowed to fulfill the words of the Book [Holy Bible] but woe to him by whom earthly destruction comes. Woe to him [or her] who inadvertently or deliberately opens the doors to perdition for the human race by embracing what is foreign, what is alien to mankind, what is taboo to the human race and bitterly destructive to the souls of men. This is the word of the Lord.

Dream of Rising Knowledge 

I dreamt that I was in a vast library. I like reading but I’ve never been in any room or library that had as many books as I saw there – books of all shapes and sizes, many of them very big like ancient books with a genuine leather skin- were piled on every surface, shelf and even rose from the floor to the roof. I saw people come in asking for books on things I’d never heard of. I can’t remember specific topics but they asked for things that sounded new to my ears and the librarian sitting at a big wooden desk directed them where to go among the shelves to look for what they wanted.

There was no limit to the amount of books you could borrow, people walked by me staggering under the weight of their loans which rose comically high, more than 20 or 30 books for one person, weaving in a stack as they made their way out of the room. People were learning and reading about everything. There were ladders with wheels against all the walls so you could climb as high as you needed to to get your book.

The most important aspect of this dream, the part that was unmissable is how the whole dream had the feeling and look of magic. It looked like every magical library I’ve ever seen in Lord of the Rings or fairy-type movies. People looked different as well. On one hand I saw as people with gadgets and smartphones and modern clothes, yet there was this strong air of elves, trolls, and dwarves hanging around, an air I could not shake as also being in the library with us. I saw modern clothes and I also saw druids’ robes too. The ancient stuff was at the edges of my vision, I was seeing it but not seeing it. I felt an overall sense of MAGIC in that library but I don’t know why or how it was present. 

Revelation: The time of learning – not only good learning but learning about secret things- is here. Portals, multiple dimensions, witchcraft, magic, astral travelling and “gate-breaking” – that time is here. The time when our world will be connected to other realms and forced to get involved in things God never intended mankind to see, know about or be exposed to. We will conduct our day to day living side by side with these things and will have to seek God constantly for how to stay protected from them. To anyone who thinks what I’m saying right now is an ‘amazing opportunity’ or a great idea, you really have no clue what those topics that people are fascinated with right now- ships and saucers and angels etc- are really like. You will wish they had never ever come to this place or heard of human beings by the time their stay is done.

🌀Notes: “Gate breaking” refers to advancements in knowledge that are gained by breaking barriers which human beings have been struggling to break for years or even since the dawn of man, things we couldn’t figure out like how to not die, how to not age, how to not get sick, how to avoid birth defects and congenital diseases. We’ve been looking for ways to make construction faster, make food production faster and control the elements and have somewhat succeeded at these things- but the perennial complications and limitations of human existence that confront man have never been solved and that is because they are unsolvable. God didn’t intend them to be solved – God told Adam he and all his generations would get old and die and go back to the dust they came from and that’s what we’ve been doing. Man shouldn’t be surprised he’s dying or aging, it’s the rules. What God said cannot and should not be undone, by anyone.

However human beings in their fallen state are a truly different kind. We all are actually. If something isn’t our business then you can bet we’ll try to make it so. If something can’t be controlled by us or if it shows us our earthly limitations then you can bet we’ll be all over that thing trying to make it bow to our will. Because at our core we are arrogant and want to be gods (which is sin)- yet satan who is the father of such character loves all such thinking in Man. 

If such things could be handled by man’s ability they would have been but till this day we haven’t been able to break our limitations, yet the time for that is here. How so? Not because we will actually ‘solve’ these questions- no. What’s going to happen is without any ascendancy to true wisdom, brightness or mental growth on our part we are going to be shown how to jump such hurdles as dying and getting old. We won’t actually solve these things ourselves – the ability, knowledge, learning curve and innate STRATEGY of how to do so is not with us. What’s going to happen is our ‘star brethren’ with the elongated heads are going to visit us, handing us the Tree Of Life that God banned us from.

God said in the Beginning: ‘I must put this Man out of the Garden, for he is now fallen into a corrupted state. In this state he is greedy, selfish and deplorable in the extreme, all his heart thinks about is Evil. The worst thing that could happen is now he will reach out his hand to eat from the Tree of Life. Then he will live forever as this twisted parody of what I made, looking like man but wicked in his heart and his outlook. There’s no way EVER that I God am going to live looking at such a mockery forever! Angel- put them out, and put a spinning sword there to guard the only real Life that comes from Me. They shall die in their time.’

However… now the Lord God announces the time spoken of in Daniel 12:4 – a time where “knowledge will increase”. It will be exactly like the book of Enoch- fallen creatures will mingle with the seed of man (Daniel 2:43) and teach him everything they know, just like they did before.

Brothers and sisters these creatures may not know how to give us the true eternal life which God gives through covenant with His Son Jesus Christ BUT! They will give us a real close imitation, lengthened life, ‘renewable life’, life you can keep recharging like a battery when you see those first wrinkles appearing. All of this will be done by technological advancements and medical breakthroughs- people will RUN to be a part of these things but to you who wishes to see the gates of Heaven I say to you- sit at your house and mind your business. See this post- The New Man.

God said all these things to me this morning. Man will break gates with the type of knowledge that will be handed to him. It also needs to be said that the universe itself is composed of gates, and Man is meant to dwell on one side of those gates BY HIMSELF, minding his own business and being kept safe in God’s plan for him. But of course being full of the fallen Adamic nature which is to wander around gardens touching things we shouldn’t and talking to creatures that should be avoided at all costs, man will break these gates due to disobedience, ignorance, foolishness, PRIDE, hard heartedness and also the lies he is being told by creatures that (for the time being) appear much wiser and kinder and superior to him.

After those gates are broken the dimensions God set in place to keep man in his section and satan in his section will be broken too, they will blend like iron and clay and we will all dwell together dealing with one another until the end. (To anyone who’s privately wondered how these creatures I always speak of will end up here with us, that’s how. )

Revelation: Restraining power of God will wax extremely low in the end, end times. Whatever had forbidden those beings from leaving the outermost reaches of tundra, space, sea and forested land where nobody ever goes will grow weak and loose like a rubber band that’s seen better days, and they will FEEL the freedom in the atmosphere. They will FEEL the removal of the restraints that have kept them away from us, and with extreme rage and no makeup to hide or cover up what they are anymore they will make their grand appearance to humanity. Prepare for these things to come upon you. (See 2 Thess. 2:7)

You’ve heard of the great deception in scripture? Well here it is: the appearance of non-human entities in the last days, appearing as benevolent ‘helpers’ to our sad condition. “And no wonder for Satan himself shall appear as an angel of light”- (2 Corinthians 11:14). Telling us how they’ve watched us struggle with mortality, sickness and disease, how they’ve watched our brutish short lives wrestling against one another and our harsh environment with saddened hearts. How they’ve spent so much time intervening in the course of human history (that at least won’t be a total lie), hoping we would get our act together and not destroy our planet. AND SO MANY PEOPLE WILL BELIEVE THEM. 

If any of what I’m saying sounds oddly familiar that’s because it’s the same lie they’ve implanted into the minds and memories of thousands of people worldwide when they happened to run into the more renegade members of these creatures, the ones that do not obey God’s restraints but fly around in ships snatching people like potato chips and doing wicked things to them. What I just said is what these people parrot when they return, it’s what they remember from when their minds were taken over briefly and memories/ instructions implanted in them. What I just said is what these poor abused people always tell law enforcement. It’s what they tell their psychologists, spouses, communities and doctors- “They’re here to help us! They care about us and the planet! We’ve got to plant more trees and stop drinking soda so we live longer! Stop war! Our creators are hurt because we are living like this but one day they will come and help us!”

Correction: And Lord God formed man from the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being [soul].” (Genesis 2:7)

For the rest of your life this will be your origin story. It’s like having parents. Some of us don’t like our parents. We stare at everyone else and wish they could be our parents. Yet I’m here to tell you no matter how wicked or perfect your parents are they’re your origin story – you will never change the flesh that made you. In the same way some people don’t like hearing that an Unseen God made them, they’d rather believe a storyline about rejected, stinking, grey flesh that God flung out of His presence as their “makers”, and go with the idea that instead of one God with perfect design a bunch of gods who couldn’t even keep their first abode are the reason that they’re here. Listen. Their imprint on this world doesn’t make them your Maker. It makes them smart enough to lie to you in ways you’d never see coming if GOD didn’t whistle and say “Hey, buddy. Deception incoming. Look over there and see what you want to worship, sleep with and touch.”

Yeah. In a lot of ways it’s like parents. You can’t change your parents no matter what you do and you will never escape that you are talking dirt shaped by God’s hands and that’s ALL. You’re made in HIS IMAGE. You’re HIS. You can visit UFO channels and subscribe to Annunaki videos until you turn blue, you will never be anything but designer dirt that is somehow loved passionately by the One and only God who made you. The End.

The Great Deception is that other-worldly beings will show up claiming to be the creators and gods of man (as they have always done throughout history to humanity). 

I’ve written all this so you can’t claim nobody told you. God even told us in advance what will happen to those who refuse to listen: ( 2 Thessalonians 2:9- 12)

The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with how Satan works. He will use all sorts of displays of power through signs and wonders that serve the lie, 10 and all the ways that wickedness deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie 12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

Let’s do some paraphrasing for modern ears:

  • The Master’s Voice Expansion Version To Help Those Who Are Hard Of Hearing 

“When Satan gets here he’s going to show up in a manner typical for him! That means whatever he can do to fool and bamboozle you, awe and amaze you and get you to believe in shocking displays of supernatural power- he’ll do! All this is for one purpose- to perpetrate and pull off the Greatest Lie which he brings to pass, and no one can count the ways in which his wicked schemes will DECEIVE THOSE WHO ARE ALREADY HEADED DOWN A PATH MARKED FOR DEATH ANYWAY. They’ll die not because nobody offered to save them but because they hated hearing the truth; they totally refused to love truth, change their minds and be saved. FOR THIS REASON GOD SENDS THEM, ALLOWS THEM TO FALL PREY TO, ALLOWS THEIR DULLED MINDS AND DARK HEARTS TO BE UTTERLY SWEPT AWAY BY —> A POWERFUL DELUSION, A DECEPTION SO MIGHTY THAT WHEN IT FALLS ON THEM THEY’LL BE UTTERLY CAPTURED AND HELD FAST BY IT. And once that thing takes hold of them… man… they will be condemned, all because they did not want to believe the truth but instead were more excited to believe in wickedness.”

In closing. They will show up with dazzling light shows, dazzling sky phenomena in the heavens, sun, moon and stars, dazzling technology and dazzling offers of “help” to upgrade the human experience, offering solutions to age old struggles that will sound like Utopia married to Nirvana and served on a plate to us. This is their modus operandi; they have done this to every major empire and kingdom across the world- appearing to each in their turn to say they are gods who desire to help us but in return they must be worshipped. That’s why ancient history bears their imprint so severely, not only that, modern society does too. If you think this is not true – adjust your focus. God has said in many prophetic words on this blog that Man is receiving “instruction and help” from creatures and beings HE SHOULD NOT BE HAVING ANYTHING TO DO WITH, INTERACTIONS THAT GO SO FAR AS TO INCLUDE SEXUAL ACTIVITY AND THE BIRTHING OF MANY ALTERNATIVE BEINGS, RACES, AND CREATURES THAT HAVE NEGATIVE ZERO PLACE BEING ON THIS EARTH AND AMONG US BUT here they are indeed. This is the end of Part 1.

Here is further reading for any who care to learn more:

Desolations are Determined, The Time Of The End (Pt 5)

What I Saw Today

There is more to this prophecy, it was all delivered at once but it’s hard to put so many words in one post. We all need to read slowly and absorb. God bless you all, thanks for all your comments, helpful donations, private encouragements and emails. Blessings from Celestial.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Sister, a prophet by the name of Steven Crowder, a very simple, but godly man, prophesied many years ago that a woman would be president. He titled the prophesy “The Spirit that Strengthens all things Feminine”. I actually posted it on my blog 8 yrs ago in 2012. It’s still on there! It was an amazing and long prophesy and had a lot of folks pretty upset, (mainly men), who said it would never happen. If I remember correctly, Steven had a non-prophetic footnote saying that he didn’t know whether this woman would come to be president by attrition, or actual election. Some thought at the time it might be Sarah Palin, (not me), or Hillary Clinton, (again, not me), Now, It’s Kamala…and it looks like we’re arriving at that place very soon. Interesting, I looked up her name the other day, and her mother has named her after an East Indian goddess, the Lotus, goddess of great wisdom and wealth.
    I’ve been praying your blog and Vlog would begin supporting you to the extent you could devote full time if that would be God’s will for you, and if you so desired. In any case, may the Lord bless you. I’m praying and wishing as John did, that you would be in health and prosper as your soul prospers. Amen!

    1. Celestial says:

      Strangely this is my wish too- to do God’s work full time. I’m really touched someone thought to pray that for me, thank you Scarlett. Your comment is spot on – I also saw men upset. They felt deceived as in “This is not what we voted for”. America is really in for startling changes but for all who cling to God this roller-coaster will not throw them off. Stay awesome Scarlett 🎉

  2. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    Kamala Harris will be the next president of the United States Spiritual Christian prophesy is valid. For many, this will not come as a surprise. God’s will be done!

  3. jaygee says:

    Wow, Sister Celestial!!!! I will certainly pray and watch myself and events.
    I recall in 2016, a youtuber (who has since deleted her channel) had a dream of Kamala Harris. She had no idea who this woman was, but was so freaked out by the dream, that the name stuck with me. When I saw her appear during this election, I sat up and began to watch. I’ll continue to watch and pray. Thanks for your continued obedience to God.

    1. Celestial says:

      I didn’t know of her until this election, & in Nov. 2020 God began to speak about her. A pity the lady deleted her channel, you never know- it may have been deleted for her. There’s a lot of that going around now. God bless you.

  4. Korean says:

    [Revelation 17:11]
    And the beast that was, and is not, even he is the eighth, and is of the seven, and goeth into perdition.

    Hi, I am a Korean who is watching your blog. Nice to meet you. If I explain the passage I posted,
    7 Kings are Jimmy catter ,Ronald ragan, Daddy Bush, Bill clinton, Son Bush, Obama, Trump.
    As you say, if Camala becomes president, the phrase will be wrong. Other prophets say Trump dies and Obama reappears.
    Obama is the king who has never been before and will reappear.
    I’m using a translator. I hope you understand. I’m curious about your opinion. Thx 🙂

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Korean! Amazing to have someone go through the trouble of translating to chat- God bless you. Obama would be the king that was (2 terms), and was not (jobless as he is now) and is the 8th (a reappearance). Here’s the thing about God, He counts very different than we do. A president who’s chosen but can’t complete his term shall not be counted. A president who slides into the seat without running her race or earning her own electoral votes, shall not be counted. Even if she sits there 8 years, she shall not be counted by God. Therefore whoever comes on the scene after her that one would be the eighth. Just my thoughts, I don’t usually share my opinion on this blog but you went to a lot of trouble to ask. God bless you. 🙏🏽

      1. Hélène says:

        Exactly! I couldn’t quite get that and u nailed it. We are so bound by Time, it’s hard to get outside it.
        I knew Trump was the last Prez (soon after he was elected I I knew it and that OBiden is false but was still working on the Cow. I figured Obummer would quickly slither into place — but she could be sitting on the throne for yrs and Trump would still be last prez. YES!

  5. amy6f says:

    Reblogged this on For the LORD.

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