Insight: Dinner at The U.N. – June 19, 2019

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He controls the course of world events; he removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars. – (Daniel 2:21)

This is part of the WORLD POLITICS visions from June 16, 2019. This is the last one that gives a look behind the curtain at global level. Many things have to shift for End Times prophecy to occur- primary actors make deals and alliances, secondary actors help or abstain. God made the world and He knows everything that goes on before it happens, that’s why He is worthy of worship and honour- because who else can reveal these things? He  is the ONLY ONE who sets kingdoms up or lets them fall into ruin. 

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I was viewing a large dining room with panelled dark wood and classic furniture. At the dining table sat Russia, China, Germany, France and The United States, represented as people in black tie dinner dress. Dinner was already in progress.

I saw Russia and China devouring large helpings as the meal was served- these two countries took first, second, third and even fourth helpings without any sign that they were getting full. Because of them a steady stream of waiters brought in more food and quickly cleared the dishes away. I saw Germany and France at the table with their ceremonial sashes across their chests- France in blue and Germany in red. These two countries had plates in front of them that were empty- they didn’t eat any of the meal being served. Their hands were off the table to show they weren’t interested, folded in their laps as they stared straight ahead as if they weren’t even at the dinner.

Last I saw the United States– she had a speech bubble near her mouth written “BLA BLA BLA BLA BLA…” She was already drunk, waving her hands excitedly, talking a lot, and occasionally China or Russia looked up at her thoughtfully while chewing, or serving themselves from the continuous stream of silver platters. But neither of them broke their pace of serving and eating the dishes being brought out. I saw only two types of food being served, brought out continuously on silver platters with the dome cover- one cover read SITTING DUCK, the other said COOKED GOOSE. These two meals were brought to the table over and over as China and Russia ate, Germany and France never touched the food, and America never noticed that the meal being served continuously on the table was HER. I knew it was her, China and Russia knew it was her and they took and took what they wanted, France and Germany knew it was her and though they never put out their hand to take any, they ALSO did not look at America, nor did they give her any warning or signal to be quiet, to sober up, or pay attention. Written over their heads was this word- ABSTAIN.

Here is the interpretation of this vision– As said many times already, things are already underway for the overthrow, downfall, and destruction of America. Inside the nation the hand of conspirators are setting things in motion for an economic downtown (See- “The Betrayer Betrays” and “Money Down The Drain”), as well as orchestrated terror strikes that will cause the fabric of the society to weaken and fray enough to be ripped apart. In the global arena there are also storylines at work: Russia, China and other nations are working to form alliances, “teams”, and coalitions based on common hatred of America. They want to see her humbled and removed from the global scene for good. At this table America’s enemies are consuming her like ‘cooked goose’- it is a done deal- to them she is a “sitting duck”. But the behaviour of her allies is even more amazing- although they won’t help destroy her, they are careful not to get involved against the bigger nations- this tells us FRANCE AND GERMANY WON’T HELP AMERICA when she most needs it! They are traditional allies but will do nothing to prevent her destruction.

May the Lord have mercy on us all. 

Video for this prophecy is now available on Youtube: here.

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