Ten Squares And A Cruse Of Oil – February 17, 2021


“The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. These are of one mind and they will give their power and authority to the beast.  These will make war with the Lamb and the Lamb will overcome them, for He is Lord of lords and King of kings; and those who are with Him are called, chosen, and faithful.” – (Revelation 17:12-14)

I dreamed a strange, upsetting and disturbing dream today. I dreamt of huge walls of squares linked like a Rubik’s cube. These walls were small or medium sized like one wall of a house but some were huge like single wall skyscrapers. I saw these walls of cubes for a long time- huge walls of squares where each square represented a life or a household. Then some powerful unseen force began to compress them through swiping. Let me try to explain.

We have games today on our phones where walls of colorful cubes can be reduced through swiping. You swipe similar objects to reduce the cubes in the game until they collapse and compress into smaller amounts of themselves. I saw this happening again and again in my dream for a very long time without knowing what it was or what it meant- the dream repeated over and over again until I realized OH. Something is killing people. Those collapsing cubes are people being compressed, annihilated, removed and made dead.

It didn’t matter if the initial wall of squares was a thousand or ten thousand or a million- no matter how big and wide it was when it appeared an unseen force swiped up, down, sideways and diagonally on it like a game and the cubes collapsed, collapsed, collapsed on themselves until each time only ten squares were left.

When I finally understand that I was watching humanity being killed, that each cube ‘swiped’ was a life or entire household being wiped out of existence by something I could not see I became SO ANGRY AND ENRAGED that I spoke up and said You are evil. You are WICKED. YOU ARE SO SELFISH AND WICKED AND THE LORD REBUKE YOU SATAN.

When I said that, hmm… I saw through the galaxy beyond our Earth, far, far away in time and space into an uninhabitable void. I saw into a dark, evil, sunless place where no human flesh can live and something in that place turned and looked back across the dimensions at me. I have never felt a force of evil so great, sensing me and turning to me like that.

The face that turned to me was none other than the shapeless, formless, ‘nonexistent-yet-real’ face of the being from my DAVOS dream. That formless, nothing black shape who nearly stopped my heart with fear when he came to trap me, he stopped what he was doing (which was swiping all the people of the world into their grave) and looked across from the empty void in the direction of my voice. There was something like a great abacus before him and he was sliding men’s lives from one end to the other like useless buttons he didn’t need anymore.

When that face turned at the sound of my voice I got quiet.  I was scared, terrified when I saw that this thing who kills, this Great Reset who is also Satan had heard me. The way he cocked his head and turned toward me made me know he not only heard me but was trying to know and place my voice, and I must say my courage dropped seeing that. When that faceless face tuned into me by sound all the way from wherever he was and heard me in my room… Hmmm.

In the dream I became silent, angry and resentful but I did not speak again. After a while because the being didn’t hear me anymore he turned back to the projections of squares standing all across the world and continued swiping legions of humanity to death, collapsing the individual cubes of their lives until no matter how many cubes he started with there were always about 10 left. 

Then I saw one cruse of hard wax. Just one. It was hard as stone and a terrible pressure was exerted on it. Very very hard and unmerciful pressure applied with HEAT and harshness to this wax. It was in a drum where they put crude oil 🛢,  the signature blue metal drum for crude oil but full of hard, sleeping wax. As heat and unmerciful pressure were applied the wax in the drum melted into oil, the purest oil I’ve ever seen. It was so refined you could see through it like glass, all the way to the bottom of the drum. I was lifted up in my view and shown how the oil was pure and clear without impurities or specks all the way to the bottom. More heat attacked it, more pressure raged against it but in response the drum now produced a massive candle wick which lighted itself and began to burn the pure oil in the drum. The more heat and pressure applied, the brighter the wick burned and the oil produced a clear light.

The collapsing force destroying cubes was the same one attacking the wax-turned-oil, but instead of collapsing that drum all that came of the deadly force of pressure was refinement. I wondered what it meant and woke up. God said to me that is you. That is YOU and all who will meet the criteria, all who will survive and wash their robes in the Lamb’s blood. That is those who REMAIN.

Then we which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air: and so shall we ever be with the Lord. – (1Thessalonians 4:17)

After this I beheld and lo, a great multitude, which no man could number, of all nations and kindreds and people and tongues, stood before the throne and before the Lamb, clothed with white robes having palms in their hands; – (Revelation 7:9)

And one of the elders answered saying unto me, What are these which are arrayed in white robes? and whence came they?

And I said unto him Sir, thou knowest. And he said to me, These are they which came OUT OF GREAT TRIBULATION and have washed their robes, and made them white in the blood of the Lamb. – (Rev. 7:13-14)

So the oil in the drum did not collapse. The deadly force did not destroy it or reduce it to any less number but turned it from a sleeping state to a state of refined purity. It was a drum of ONE.

Therefore I am saying- [it is not a law nor am I declaring thus says the Lord]– I am sharing the understanding I have. This dream matches many things God has told me over the years. It matches the martyrdom prophecies of this blog, among others. I tell anyone who truly wants to know the truth about the future, anyone brave enough to break away from the early Rapture lies of the mainstream and the cute Youtube videos that have poisoned the modern Church –

From what I Celestial have seen, from all God has shown me: The number of those who will survive the blade of the New World Order (for it shall indeed be a bloody kingdom) will be about- [My words are not perfect nor am I going to swear it]- but from what I have seen it will be roughly 1 in 10. In every scenario those squares I saw were reduced to only ten lives remaining while the one drum was not destroyed at all. I am moved to also remind us that the Bible says all the world will be reduced to ten squares, ten kingdoms, ten global regions under ten kings, and all ten of them will for an hour of Biblical time give their power unto the Beast who is the mortal enemy of Mankind. 

This is the dream I had. It didn’t make me feel good, in fact it weighed on me all day and right after I had it I was softened to tears. I SEE SO MUCH DEATH IN THE END yet hardly anyone believes me right now. But if we don’t believe we won’t ask God for a stoic heart that can endure. People refuse truth; they are confused, asleep, lied to and loving the lies- it’s painful to see. I’m not saying God doesn’t give us joy or want us blessed, but how do you balance the responsibility to live fully now with the responsibility to understand that certain things we were taught may not be true?

When you know something is true yet nobody believes you it’s tough. You learn to be patient, quiet and act like you don’t know anything, right up to the moment when prophecy starts fulfilling itself. One day everyone will start crying ‘What’s happening in the world?!’ By that time they’ll be so afraid and crushed, grieving and sad. They can’t imagine ‘Why would God allow this?’ and in that day I’m not going to be the one telling grieving people ‘Oh I wrote about this a few years ago.’ No, I will be silent and grieve with those who grieve as the Bible says. 

But I think of all God has said and wonder, are these words paper or stone? Are they weightless and pointless and blow away immediately when I speak them? Or do they settle like granite somewhere and wait for their time to be fulfilled?

I have seen Satan eat EVERYONE, well… nearly everyone. (I Saw The End Of The World). Satan’s descent to the physical earth in the last days as shown in Rev. 12 made humanity so wicked that I couldn’t believe it was us. People ATE people and Satan ate people until only a tiny few of us fled for safety someplace and it was wretched. Earth was so empty and windswept, it was like a horrible negative vibration echo chamber in which you could no longer hear or feel the frequency of human life. Yet when I say it now in the days of online shopping and Netflix, who even believes me?

So let it be.

This is the dream God showed me. The squares, the lives of this world were swiped carelessly by a faceless death and I could not yell at this being. Only God has power to shackle, shame and control that thing I saw- If you follow TV preachers concerning Satan you will end up dead so fast you won’t even know you were deceived about him too until after you are dead. When I woke up I realised there is a reason Archangel Michael said “THE LORD REBUKE YOU SATAN.” That’s what I said in the dream too and I still regretted it when Satan turned to look at me. Only THE LORD can control and rebuke the devil. Daily I keep learning how much we have been lied to in this modern Christianity. May God rebuke the devil. Shalom to all.


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  1. Scarlett says:

    I believe you Celestial. I haven’t been shown the things the Lord has shown you, but He has shown me enough, that people don’t believe me either. I have to be careful who I share with, and what I share, because it is as Yeshua declared, they aren’t able to bear it; their carnal minds can’t accept the supernatural truths of the Spirit.
    I have suffered so much in this lifetime in physical, and emotional ways, and by simply being a spectator and witness to life with all of it’s hurtful things. As with Paul, life can be a burden and death a release; into Christ, if we do life the way we should.
    Through the Spirit and the Bible, we’ve been shown the ultimate outcome of things the world at large can’t fathom. This past year has turned lives upside down. We are looking for the markers of the NWO to manifest daily. I was so amazed to come across a video on this very issue, on YouTube this week called “IRON MOUNTAIN-BLUEPRINT FOR TYRANNY”. I felt led to watch all 2 1/2 hrs of it, and to put it mildly I was blown away. The vid has been up for several years, but most people have ignored it till now, but because of Covid, the dots have all been connected in such a way that the plans of the evil ONE and evil ones are right in our faces and are unmistakable. What I’m trying to say is, the entire blueprint of Satan and his elite ones to bring America and the entire world under complete and total domination, has now been made entirely possible because of the Covid and the vaccine, under the headship of the UN ultimately. Also, the video exposes the lies we were all told, from the ones we were supposed to be able to trust, and they were all hidden in plain sight.

    Shalom and God bless you sister, and all who sojourn here….

    1. diegoalonsocortez says:

      I’m with you, Scarlett. Jesus hasn’t shown me everything that he has shown Celestial (to say the least!), but he has shown me enough to believe the rest.

      I’d say, however, that the plans of the Luciferian elite have been enabled by the compliance of the entire world. Just image if every single human being had resisted to wear masks and social distance. And had refused to believe their lies. Then they would’ve had to use force early, and it would’ve been obvious that this is a tyrant takeover. Still, in the end the Luciferians would’ve gotten their way because the Scriptures have to be fulfilled, but things would’ve played out differently. Maybe we would even have had more time! But, instead, man has rejected Jesus, and so God has sent them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie (the COVID delusion isn’t that strong anyway… stronger things are coming…). They didn’t embrace Jesus’s loving arms, so now they crave Lucifer’s vaccine. And we know what the result of that will be: for the Red Dragon comes to steal, kill, and destroy.

      I pray, though, that many would seek the face of Jesus and repent. And that we, who know the truth, are deemed worthy to escape the terrible things that are to come, and to endure until the end, and to overcome, and to stand before the Son of Man when he comes with all his holy angels [Matthew 25]. Amen. And Amen.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Perhaps many will see the truth and repent when the evil days bring them to their knees, just as America as a collective whole will only harden and refuse repentance. Those are like the ones living in Oklahoma City, who’s churches rang their church bells and rejoiced when Timothy McVeigh received the death penalty, and the others that gathered their snacks to watch bloody “Shock and Awe” on TV, when Iraq was invaded on a pretext. And in the Iron Mountain video it was said that when David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were killed by government order, America cheered and was glad because “they were a cult and deserved what they got”. As it is now, we as Christians are being considered a cult, and will suffer the same fate, as Satan’s plan progresses.
        There are many “what if’s” down through history that could have brought about a different outcome if they had only followed Yahweh’s plan, but they would not. Case in point are the Pharisees, who along with their master, Satan, gloated when Jesus was crucified.
        Ultimately, all the blind who follow the blind will fall into ditches.
        God bless you, as we keep on praying that many will have their eyes anointed with eye salve by our Lord and Gracious Master, Yeshua.

  2. spiderweb921 says:

    I believe you. However, no one listens when I even try to warn them of simplistic signs. How would they comprehend your far more complicated warnings.
    God bless you for all you do.

  3. Tina Mark says:

    This is so scary. But I pray the lord gives us faith to endure even unto death. May GOD help us to be ready. When I read the prophecies. I don’t even feel like doing anything or trying to live in this world anymore. Because I know it’s all going to get bad. But I remember that my GOD holds my life in his hands. And nothing can happen to me unless he allows it. May i use the time I have left. To do his work he has called me to do. GOD bless everyone let’s keep our eyes on Jesus and get ready.

  4. diegoalonsocortez says:

    In Matthew 24 and Mark 13, Jesus clearly states that the Gathering of the Elect is AFTER His Second Coming, when he descends from the heavens and every eye sees him. So let no man convince me that the so-called “Rapture” is before the Second Coming. (Could there be small, isolated raptures before that, like Enoc, or Elijah, or the Two Witnesses? Sure, who knows what God has in store for every one of us. But the Scriptures cannot be denied!)

    By the way, I suspect that God himself cursed Lucifer to be a man eater. He cursed him to “eat dust all the days of thy life”. Are we, sons of men, not made of dust of the earth?

    1. Celestial says:

      This is really an excellent comment. Time doesn’t allow me to read or reply all of them but this one (esp. the last part)- well done.

      1. Amanda M says:

        Yes this is very interesting!!! We know the watchers wanted to go back and repent and Enoch was sent to intercede but to no avail. Only man has a way back but the fallen angels do not. The fact that they may have had a glimmer of remorse for rebelling their curse to eat the dust is even more profound. There is also some passages , possibly in The book of Esdras or Baruch If I recall that speaks of only 10 people being left in each town. After the cull. This dream reminded me of that.

  5. A says:

    Thank you Celestial. We believe you. It’s in the Bible. Reading 2 Esdras chapter 16, is ALL about how there will be FEW people in the end. It’s definitely time for us (myself included) in our pampered generation to get mentally tougher and prepared for this stuff. YES, it’s uncomfortable, saddening at times to know this is just ahead. But I’d rather be aware of what is to come rather than have a “deer in the headlights” type of situation. Thank you for sharing as always.

  6. sheepdogwarrior says:

    When we think about the last days, I think of those who will cheat death…..alive to see Christ coming on cloud’s of glory.
    As God allows some……..
    Meaning it’s hard to understand why the majority view, is to not to be here???.. somehow blessed to not see and participate in victory.
    When this is the most important thing happening in all history, the opportunity to work for Christ in the great harvest.
    God help us stand up… amen

  7. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Also I forget to say, there’s a reason for a Remnant of alive survivors of the tribulation…two groups lost and the Christans!
    Witnesses to the next and final group of humanity.
    Those lost human beings who aren’t killed will repopulate and live on Earth for 1,000 year’s…the people/nation’s that will go to worship Christ Jesus in Jerusalem.
    All Christans/survivors will be able to tell each new group, the birthing Generations that come later… the innocent children our knowledge or our examples of faithful
    instruction ..like WW2 Holocaust Survivors did to the young children of the Jews to this day, to never forget what it was like….
    WHY? because the majority of lost…after two or three hundred years those people will forget what it was like on Earth, or how the devil tryed to deceive them, and many will not be ready at the end of the Thousand Year point. When the devil is again released for a short time from the bottomless pit.
    Those who are Christan survivors like the Jews of Holocaust will be those witnesses to the younger generations of what happened.
    Not to trust what the devil is going to do in his lies of deception.

  8. Remnantchild says:


  9. BBROB says:

    Thanks for sharing sis and thanks for the link today. I believe every word. I am amazed as how merciful the Father is to reveal these things. I find his humility so awesome. How great and awesome he is and yet he remembers the grasshoppers on this earth and warns us in ways we can understand. Bless Adonai.

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