Signs Of Ruin In America – February 2, 2021

I continue with the dreams of February 2nd. Six dreams, one night, snapshots of future America. This is the fourth dream.

I had a dream where America was very spoiled. The country had fallen to a very, very obvious degree. There was no way you could say ‘This is a functional society’ and have anyone believe you – things had clearly fallen apart.

No parts of the business, social, political, manufacturing or industrial sectors were working properly and some sectors were not working at all. The entire place LANGUISHED. The general tone of the dream was like someone is in the last breaths of an asthma attack- they don’t have their medicine, there’s no doctor nearby and you just know they’re gonna die because of how they’re turning blue and fighting for air in front of you. That’s how America was in this dream- it felt like we were just waiting for the inevitable to happen.

There was no nuclear war or invasion yet- God was showing me America herself, what she was like on her own without outside help to be destroyed- how weak, desperate and struggling she had become. The sky was grey and overcast in the dream- heavy, brooding and depressing. Poverty was rife and I saw what a huge number of people had fallen through the cracks into the telltale signs of homelessness. It was too, too many.

This was not polite homelessness where you just need a few nights on someone’s couch to get your life together. It was the real deal, biting homelessness that looks just like how movies depict it. I saw people:

– wearing too many clothes and wandering aimlessly in the streets (as homeless people wear a lot of their clothing so they don’t have to carry it, and wander because they have no place to go)

– wearing dirty gloves with the fingertips cut off (this is a stereotyped movie depiction of people going through hard times)

– having large beards, matted hair under a hat, smeared dirty faces, bad teeth, bad hygiene etc.

– pushing shopping carts with all their earthly belongings in them and having no place to go.

I saw so many people this way scattered all over the U.S. and there was no government help being given to them, but even by looking I knew they were not all hard luck stories. A large proportion of them were formerly employed (and in good jobs too) – bankers, lawyers, previous homeowners who faithfully paid their mortgages and their kids college tuitions on time but somehow life turned on them and they lost everything. The fallen society ate their dreams and cast them out on the street, and government could not help them.

In this dream the face of Dr. Anthony Fauci kept appearing. In every part of this dream his smugly smiling face appeared, I mean really big smiles- whether it was scenes of hunger or homelessness his grinning face was superimposed on it. He kept popping up; in the end his face became the center of the whole dream. There was a big smiling picture of his face right in the middle of the dream sequence and everything else played around it. He was stamped throughout the dream and I knew God was identifying this man as the direct cause of everything I saw, even if I didn’t immediately understand how. 

God has said many times that America will be tenderized and He’ll use economic hardship to do it. He has also said that even though many other nations are humbled when they fall on hard times, they get demoralized when they fall into dire straits and people begin to repent as a nation and call on Him to help them- America won’t do this.

I’ve shared dreams like The Empty Basket where economic hard times made Americans very bitter and rough – they were angry at God and didn’t want to hear about Him or interact with anyone who talked about Jesus. God has said many times: instead of being softened by His judgements America will be hardened like Pharaoh. Instead of chastening through hardships bringing a heart that weakens and regrets a life of sin, and turns and calls out for God as Israel always did, America will go the other way and become ‘anti-God’. All these things will be evidence of the hardening that will ultimately secure her final devastating punishment in the end of days.

There are certain markers that signal very strongly that a society is failing in its responsibilities, once you see those markers appearing at the seams of daily life it means that cohesion between government and citizens (or government and its various branches) is falling apart. One marker is lack of confidence in the government itself, when people no longer trust their elected leaders or even the processes that govern them on a daily basis. Civil unrest is another marker to look for. Increase of violence, increased reliance on police and armed forces to maintain control- all these are signs of societal decay.

However one of the worst signs of ruin is when citizens fall through the cracks- like when a LARGE NUMBER of people can’t eat healthy or even eat all. When hospitals struggle or ultimately fail to provide care. When law and order can’t protect you at all. When ordinary people who once easily earned a living in the economy are driven into being homeless. 😐

Homelessness is a very painful indication that the productivity of a nation is FAILING. There is no way to sugar-coat that.

As for Dr Fauci I don’t know what his role in the breakdown of America is but God keeps showing him. I’ve had several dreams pointing directly to him as a major player in whatever is going on in America NOW to make it end up horrible as it will be THEN. See Snippets Of Truth where he appeared in several dreams in the same night, also Dream Of The End Of America. In that dream America was completely destroyed and survivors were in splinter groups everywhere, but one thing everyone in that dream shared was a burning, mutual hatred of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

I don’t know much about Fauci but it’s clear there’s more to his role in things to come than we can see now. God is showing him to be central to something or responsible for something that leads to bad for the U.S.A.  That’s all I know and I share it as the Lord said. Stay blessed. 

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  1. amy6f says:

    Reblogged this on For the LORD.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Fauci is on America’s homepage everyday telling them to be afraid of what’s happening, and what’s going to happen that they should be afraid of. He is indeed in all our faces constantly, and never with anything consistent or encouraging. It’s either him or God that’s the liar and deceiver, and we already know it’s not God, and what He’s had to say about the clear and present danger.
    It’s rather interesting, and a little scary that the name, “Fauci” comes from a Sicilian word meaning “sickle”, “makers of sickles”, or, “someone who cuts with a sickle”. I could personally be reading more into this name than I should, so, I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. sheepdogwarrior says:

    Fauci…is responsible for pushing a shutdown, lockdown, on the
    whole businesss world of America. From Farmers, to harvesting, to meat production, to Meat Packing industry you name it… where the work is.. or is related to work …or related to money making by closing restaurants, bars, health clubs, he’s causing a forced restriction of Labor, as jobs collapse so does business .
    Because of his pushed policy’s of restriction…. stay at home can’t function safely, don’t even garden, can’t go outside to Garden, can’t go outside to exercise ,don’t go on the beach, stay in your apartment safe mentality.
    With five face diapers on…safe.

  4. diegoalonsocortez says:

    I sometimes wonder if Fauci and Gates are even fully human anymore… or completely taken over by… unclean spirits.

  5. sherreejg says:

    Fauci is one and the same who developed AIDS in Africa, he created the ebola virus and also the Zika virus. He probably created more than that, which I am unaware of. This man works hand in hand with the Eugenecist Bill Gates. Both are demon possessed to their toenails. Fauci is a ghoul, so when he sees the sick and dying it makes him giddy with glee. Thank you Celestial for being a faithful servant. I look forward to hearing God’s word. Thankful that He chose you. You seem to be very straight shooting, a no nonsense type, who is also very articulate. So I listen to you with total belief and have told others about you. Be blessed always. I was also born and raised in New York. I lived in Queens then later moved to Long Island. Anyway, I love the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit. Thanks again for being faithful.

  6. Yolanda Clarett says:

    Celestial, I thank you for sharing everything that is given to you to share. I can’t imagine having to see the things that you see. It’s horrifying just reading it all , so being in the visions and dreams …… I thank Father for the peace that I have and know that he is with us. I don’t want to endure any of this but his will be done if I have to go through it. May God bless you for saying it as it is and not sugar coating anything. I hate when preachers and teachers do that. Much love , your sister in Christ

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