Dreams & Snippets Of Truth – July 2020

jeremiah 17

What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, proclaim upon the housetops! – (Matthew 10:27)

I’m making this post today to share a few things I’ve received over the course of July. Short pieces of information, none really long enough for its own post. Remember I said some weeks ago I’d be sharing “prophecy facts”, strategic pieces of knowing the Lord keeps giving me for no other reason than… it needs to be said. It needs to be spoken out, shared, recorded, marked. I write them down and they’ve piled up so now I’m sharing.

I can’t always say people’s names. This is an insanely litigious society, therefore although I know exactly what I’ve seen and heard I also know as a lawyer that no judge will accept my defense of “God told me” as a reason to say what I say below. I ask for your understanding, I’ll do my best to be clear without inviting a lawsuit. Let all things be done with wisdom and in order. Haven’t had the time to post as they came in but here they are. Each has its own date and title.

July 16, 2020 Hidden Things

I will lift up my eyes to the mountains; From where shall my help come? (Psalm 121:1)

Public revelations are going to continue. Hidden information will continue to come out. Huge data dumps that come from designated government agencies themselves instead of it being hacked or stolen, all this will be made available to the public. It will be used as public distraction while other things go on behind the scenes. This is a time of incredible distraction, confusion and red herrings among the general public. People won’t know what to believe, but the church of Jesus Christ should remain looking unto Heaven for the Lord Jesus. The exposures will range from ordinary all the way to the macabre, but there is more to follow and the public is not aware of it. The TV at home is about to become a playground of baffling information, too many things will be going on to adequately keep track of all of it. 


To You I lift up my eyes, O You who are enthroned in the heavens! – (Psalm 123:1)

Notes On A Scandal – July 24, 2020

They traded the truth about God for a lie. So they worshiped and served the things God created instead of the Creator himself, who is worthy of eternal praise! Amen. Because of this, God gave them over to shameful lusts. Even their women exchanged natural sexual relations for unnatural ones. – (Romans 1:25-26)

Deepest secrets of high profile people will be exposed. He named one such person and spoke of their sexual gender preferences. I saw a very famous, in fact iconic, female TV show host, that she prefers women. I saw her asking a younger woman to kiss her, over and over she tried to coax this woman until the woman became very angry. She kept saying “No, why?! No!” but this famous icon kept saying “It’s ok, it’s ok, it’s ok just do it.” Eventually the other woman got enraged and walked away.

[Edit Aug. 3, 2022- The TV host’s name is Oprah Winfrey.] 

They cast lots for my people and traded boys for prostitutes; they sold girls for wine to drink. – (Joel 3:3)

The Lord named this charity Oxfam and said, it is a front for trafficking children. He named it by name and so I name it here, but He said many MANY such organisations that claim to hold the safety and wellbeing of the most vulnerable section of society (i.e. children) as their primary concern, are exactly that- FRONTS. He said we should not to be fooled by them, they are nothing more than cogs in the wheel of an extremely sophisticated and global network of child trafficking.

Many famous names were mentioned, that they harm children and take their lives. This may seem completely redundant in light of recent revelations awash in the public space now- however certain names are not there yet and for my own peace of mind I cannot share them here. One pair of married actors was mentioned, the wife has strong connections to organisations that claim to be concerned with global child welfare. Two female entertainers were mentioned with regards to gross abuse they suffered as teens, in exchange for the singing careers the received these two blondes were made to do and endure horrible and satanic things while they were still minors.

[Edit Aug. 3, 2022: Married actors Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie. Female entertainers, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera.]

Lastly concerning the music industry the Lord said countless children, youth and also grown men were subject to pedophilia (including full sodomy) which has terribly destroyed their male psyches. God called the sexual abuse and assault of these men (whether as adults or young people) – RAPE. So those who think men cannot be raped, kindly adjust that attitude. Men are human beings with feelings, needs, hearts and souls just like women! Despite the exhausting feminist narrative of the U.S.A it needs to be understood- the essential elements of men can be torn, attacked and destroyed by violent, aggressive, coerced or threatened sexual abuse, exactly like what happens to women.

There is immeasurable damage that happens to people when they are sexually abused and for men it goes to a horrific level because emasculation sometimes destroys their ability to ever be men again or think and be “sexually oriented” as men again. The Lord said the things done to all of these people are captured on tape and used as blackmail and control devices to make them obedient in whatever field they’re in- music, movies, sports, politics- it does not matter. It is all recorded and held against them indefinitely.

I end this section by saying if anyone thinks God is not tuned into current events, you do not really know or understand the immaculate and perfect foreknowledge of the Lord God. He IS current events. He told me these things starting 2014 yet I was still decades behind activists who’ve been fighting this difficult battle to try and expose the entrenched culture of human trafficking and child abuse, even satanism, that exists at the highest level of global culture. Innocent blood has flowed for centuries, all that’s happening now is the population is finally being forced to see that.

“A Cast Of Characters” – July 31, 202

I dreamt of an important photo being taken. A host of people assembled for this pic: a mix of politically high fliers, celebrities, people like that. In the middle was an armchair and the only person who was allowed to sit in it was Dr. Anthony Facui. Everyone gathered in rows according to height, moving back and forth like people do when they’re trying to fit into a group photo. I know I should’ve known who all these people were, they’re famous and on TV all the time but for some reason I was looking at their faces yet didn’t know them.

In the dream all I had was: “They’re famous, this is a famous politician, this is a celebrity, etc.” The only persons I knew by face for sure were Jared Kushner, Oprah Winfrey, Madonna and in the middle smiling like everyone’s favourite grandfather was Dr. Fauci. The photo was taken just like they do in movies- you see people milling around getting into place, then someone says “Say cheese!”, and they all smiled. The image froze and became a photo, then it went into a year book. The caption beneath the picture was: “In Honour Of The Novel Coronavirus”*.

*I say nothing about this dream except, this is a presentation we are watching. All we’ve endured this year, all the loss, suffering, death, having every human dignity snatched from us and being made to live cowering in our homes under laws of fear… all this is a presentation being “put on” for us, and we just watch. May God have mercy on us.

“Is Anyone Listening?” – July 31, 2020 (same day as dream above)

I dreamt this: Dr Anthony Fauci and a host of medical workers were standing on the streets with a bullhorn telling people to be sure to wear the mask and stay at home. It was summer, people were casually dressed, shorts, flip flops, some dressed for work but very few of them. Everyone walked past him without the slightest interest in the PPE (personal protective equipment) he was offering: for some reason Dr. Fauci and his team didn’t only have the light blue surgical masks, they had disposable paper medical gowns, light blue rubber gloves, hand sanitiser and a whole mountain of pamphlets on quick and easy steps to stay safe in a medical emergency.

His team was mostly young medical interns who were so dedicated because they believed what Dr Fauci was saying. They believed the public truly needed these items, so they’d walk real far with a person trying to explain why it was better to take the stuff than turn it down. However most Americans absolutely ignored them and walked by without a second glance, especially men. I saw Fauci was not fazed in the least, he had a big smile and continued to call out the same message through the bullhorn- people you need these things, you should wear it often, here we have provided a range of items, face mask, protection gown, gloves, sanitiser and a great range of materials to get you educated on what’s going on. Nobody paid attention, the dream ended.

*I believe this dream is linked to the one before it. There are roles being played and a narrative put forward, but only the Holy Spirit can unravel these things to us.

Thank you for visiting The Master’s Voice. Thanks also for your continued support to read, pray over and share these posts. Spend this precious time with God, it will not always be that you have time to study your Bible and cultivate a relationship with Jesus as you can now. TAKE ADVANTAGE of the storm to drop your anchor deep, in the midst of this storm JESUS IS A SAFE HAVEN FOR THOSE WHO CALL ON HIM. May God bless each of you and take care, shalom.

‘Call to Me and I will answer you, and I will tell you great and mighty things, which you do not know.’ – (Jeremiah 33:3)

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  1. Celestial says:

    I will leave the 1st comment. God said on June 8, 2020 redacted info (info that was previously blacked out) would expose hidden things. On July 30, 2020 with one day left to comply with a court order, Ghislaine Maxwell’s sealed dockets were dropped into the public domain. The data drop was over 2000 pages and contained sensitive info on famous U.S. and international moguls, lawyers, tycoons and even a past president. All were named as partakers in the events of the infamous “Lolita Express” and “Epstein Island”. The documents were heavily blacked out, however the court apparently did not keep up with present day technology; soon people figured out that if you copied the documents and dropped them into simple text editors on a cellphone or laptop all redactions would be removed. Therefore the world had an entire weekend to download, share, and read things that’ve been hidden for nearly a decade, until the court got wind of it and removed the documents. They tightened the security and released them again but I venture that was a pointless move- those files have probably reached the Amazon jungle in their open format by now. There will be more. Real life can NEVER compete with my wonderful King, the immaculate Lord Jesus Christ. He will NEVER EVER say anything untrue. I leave you with his words to Nathaniel: “You will see even greater things than these.” (John 1:50) Let us wait and see.

    1. Celestial says:

      I ask anyone who knows of events, revelations or other such information that confirms what is on this blog, to please briefly share so I can be aware of the Lord’s words being fulfilled out there. It’s not like I’ll be aware of every instance so, thank you in advance.

  2. Scarlett says:

    Thank you for this information Sister….As for me, I’ve been a bit weary of both the organized church and the American public living under the illusion that the government can do no wrong. as in God Bless America and God save the King; all the while all kinds of dirty deeds are going on behind their backs and their freedoms are being stripped away little by little by the very ones they foolishly and blindly trust.


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  4. Mark says:

    Hey Celestial,
    I hope all is well with you:-) I came across your blog recently and have been reading it intently since. I noticed your post “Blood to Drink” and was quite taken aback; I was told the same thing about two weeks ago. I had always wondered what was in that cup and now I know!
    In response to your comment above regarding events, revelations or information that confirm what is on the blog, I have a revelation that may be related, particularly in regard to redacted information. I have been studying in-depth the events of September 11, 2001, since September 15, 2001. I undertook this journey as a result of a dream that my firstborn son had just prior to the events. I have a high degree of confidence that it was the Lord’s will for me to undertake this study.
    I have been a servant of Jesus/Yahushua since my early childhood. He came alongside me as a young boy and told me that He would be taking care of me from now on. I was not an orphan, but He took over my education and training, which was all done in private as there were many around me who scoffed at the idea of God, let alone believed in Him! That was over fifty years ago.
    The short story is that I have discovered the secret that will unravel the whole thing of 911, but the secret is locked away in a very secure location. The secret is a component of United 93, the aircraft that went down in Shanksville. I can describe what the item is, what it looks like, where it came from, how it came to look like it does, and why it is being kept a secret. The exposure of the item will change the whole narrative. It is nothing like we have been told. The truth movement hasn’t yet figured it out; they often have the right overall premise, but the wrong facts.
    I have been closely watching the family members grieving and wondering why the government, at the best, continues to fob them off, or at the worst, blatantly lies to them. They are the litmus test of the truth of the official narrative. I have lost two children, and in both cases, their demise was shrouded in government lies. But, thanks to the Master, I eventually discovered the truth. I know what they are going through, and my heart breaks for them.
    I do understand the sensitive nature of this event and its effect on the American people. It is a subject that must be handled delicately, yet accurately. I am, obviously, not an American: I am Australian.
    The item in question is far more valuable than a document, it is an actual artefact. The item itself has been “redacted” from the record.
    It gets even more complicated because He has shown me the link between the book of Genesis and the events of that day. I have been deconstructing the Bible for over fifty years, totally under the tutelage of Jesus Himself. I boast in Him, but I know things about the book of Genesis and the Temple that even the old Rabbis do not yet know! I have never studied at a bible college or university or under the hand of any man or woman, yet I employ the same resources as academics.
    Strange as it may sound, but 911 was actually, what they call, a “Biblical event”. The basic link is that the new tower is actually the tower of Babel. There never was a historical tower because the text tells us that they left off building the city, and by inference, the associated tower when their language was confused. The descendants of Shem never built a tower. There is not a historical tower of Babel because they “left off” building it. But now they have built it, in downtown Manhattan.
    The knowledge regarding 911 that I have been given does not bring me any joy, in fact, I often feel suicidal because of it. I am completely alone in it. I do not know what to do with it. I didn’t ask for it. I don’t really need it (my salvation is secure). And to make things worse, I am not even American! I am a foreigner! I beg and plead with Him to tell me who to give it to so that I can be free to live out my days in peace, but He does not tell me. I beg and plead with Him to kill me and relieve me of this curse, but He will not be moved, so I am stuck here dying a slow death of depression. I hold what is perhaps the most significant secret of America’s recent history and I cannot find an American who is even interested in examing it. I am a wretched man! I want death and He will not give it to me!
    I think of deleting it and walking away, but that would be a lie; one cannot “un-know” what one knows. Besides, I have memorised it all; there is no “delete” key in our mind. And I also feel that this would be irresponsible of me. America NEEDS to know this, I DO NOT need to know it (I hope you understand what I am saying here). This is not for me, it is for the American people, yet I do not know one single American!
    I cannot just dump this in a public conspiracy forum as it would be co-opted and mishandled by the incompetent. I debunk the conspiracy theories, but I cannot enjoin with the debunkers because they are also wrong; they unwittingly defend the perpetrators, and the perpetrators laugh in the background. It needs to be carefully fact-checked by a suitably qualified person, or persons, that are true believers in Jesus. It must be delivered by American hands to American people. It is a gift from me to you, my American friends. It is not about me. It is not about glory, fame or money. It is free. I would be happy continuing to study the text of the Bible for the remainder of my days because that is my one single true passion in this life, not 911.
    Why am I reaching out to you? Because you are also His servant. You are an intellectual. You deal in the heavy things of God. You are an American, and a New Yorker! I have read most of your posts and they are accurate; I do not see errors or embellishments. A gift that He gave me is the ability to sift prophecies for facts, truth and logic. He said to me many years ago, “I gave you a mind, now use it!” He called me “The sifter of sands”. He called me many other things too, but I cannot repeat those things in a public place:-)
    Please do not discount me as a kook or a weirdo, because I am not these things. I am just a regular working-class man with no academic background or training. I am desperate. I am torn inside. I grieve daily. I moan and mourn because of the things He has placed upon me and I can find no relief. Time is running out and I languish with this knowledge. It consumes me. It eats at my soul like acid. It is destroying me. I am a broken man. I get physically sick from it. I have abandoned career, marriage and friends for this wretched work. I just want to be done with it.
    Please help me!

    Your friend and fellow servant in Australia

  5. Hélène says:

    U speak often of ppl cowering at home during the first months after medical martial law was declared. I wonder who these ppl were? I guess I had no life before becuz our life didn’t change at all except I didn’t bring my kids with me shopping for about a month when I still wasn’t sure it was all a scam (99.4% survival rate? C’mon now!). The library being closed was a real pain, we came to realize and most cruelly, our church closing down AWANA will always remain a black mark. But my kids played with other kids as they always had, running around outside in our complex. We visited friends at their homes and they came to mine, as before. Only online did the fearmongers make an appearance in my life. I quit watching news by early April when I knew it was all a scam (I didnt watch tv otherwise & not ever ever watch news but for those few weeks of initial bewilderment).
    Best of all, we toured the southeast the summer of 20. I’m serious. There was a specific reason but we were allll over. The govt shutdown made it unpleasant but we found spots of reality (Creation Museum and The Ark in KY were open!) and also awake family.
    I’m so sad for those whose lives were actually shutdown when the govt tried to shutdown life. Then again, their lives were (and are again now) very full in ways we couldn’t n can’t be due to simple finances. Our trip summer of 20 was an absolute financial miracle, period. I say this w/o malice; the poor and family-rooted & centered will have far less shock to deal with when the nation goes down into worse chaos. They haven’t been able to buy the consumerism most do (it’s not just things but busy-ness & vapid activities). And they KEPT working while everyone was afraid to breathe air without a rebreather, as they always do. The poor have a work ethic few soft Americans have. Hunger and nakedness does that. Soon all will understand that and stop denigrating the poor as lazy.
    But my sadness at the ease ppl were terrified is still with me, 2 1/2 yrs later. The ease at which most of my known world would give in to a promise of salvation thru medicine (I’m talking most of my large number of friends in many locales, from thruout my life) is what terrified me. I would have given my blood for these ppl “brethren in Him”, yet they were not His at all. My grief was not for those who lost a family member to the flu and any other yr would have been mad to have to sit thru the boring funeral, my grief was for the world that was not at ALL what we’d been taught and how deceived I could be.
    Terror is realizing how much you must cling to He Who made you and knowing how He will not touch even, the unclean thing. Thankfully we can instantly remedy this predicament but that close call stays with us, once our eyes are opened. Awe is a very good state to be in!
    (sry for long windedness)

  6. Anita Berghofer says:

    Here is this prophecy coming to pass :https://youtu.be/aBUiOFXZuKY

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