FLOOD: A Word to the ‘Stans, Pt 2 – June 24, 2019


The prophecy of coming floods continues from Sunday June 23, 2019. This is a strong word, please take note.


I see tears and weeping in certain Muslim countries. They are crying because they are devastated by floodwater, too much water: water overflowing from dams into rural areas,  cities flooded by rainwater, made helpless by overflow from everywhere. I see flooding in the ‘stans- Pakistan and another nation called Uzbekistan, and a third nation Khazakstan– all three are due for judgement. I see water flooding up the streets of these nations, washing away the images of the gods that the people serve there. The people are running before this water but there is no way they will outrun it. There will be mass flooding in these areas and people will cry because of their losses – property and life- may the grace of God be available to them to RECOGNISE HIS EXISTENCE and somehow change their ways.

There will be a major water disaster in Khazakstan. It will not only be a flood (though flooding will be involved). Specifically it will be a ‘water disaster’ bordering on a tsunami but not quite. There will be no sea involved, instead the land will roll, quake and dislodge huge quantities of water from the upper reaches of the mountains. Khazakstan is a nation under judgement, for sins of idol worship, secret sins of the body and serving other gods before the Lord God. They have a strong Christian movement but they suppress them and threaten to shut them up by strong threats (which include termination). As a result  Christians are “enclaved” and cannot spread as they’d like (i.e. the Christian community is in one ‘bunch’ and Muslims are another ‘bunch’. There is no mixing, and very little to no evangelism). Khazakstan Christians will experience oppression and persecution, even more than it’s been before. Because of oppression the knowledge of God has not spread widely in Khazakstan and they will answer for why they held the people of God under oppression when they were only trying to preach the truth. Judgement is near, Khazakstan you are judged. Turn now and follow the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the word of the Lord.

I also heard- “Flooding from the Himalayas will take place.” The Himalayan mountains will shake, dislodging snow and ice that turns to graphic moving mudslides with sharp jagged pieces inside it. I hear ‘splinters’- but this may only be what broken trees look like from God’s perspective- because what I see inside this fast moving slush of muddy ice is TREES. I see trees sticking up like deadly toothpicks, branches and cracked pieces of trees in the rush of water- this can hurt or kill people outright if they get hit by it. Himalayan mountains will cough up snow and ice that melts on the way down and becomes awful, fast-moving dirty water by the time it gets to melting height. I see the mountain jump as if struck and the snow cap also jumps like ice cream falling off a cone. 

I see huts and other buildings moved out the way by this landslide as it creates its own OPEN HIGHWAY, a miles-wide path of land destroyed by this major water disaster that comes with jagged pieces stuck in it because of forest landscape broken by the speed of the water as it passed. Dirty ice and snow with rainy conditions making it worse- this is what I see. 

Khazakstan, Uzbekistan and even Afghanistan (a nation of deserts) will experience flooding as God prepares to wring repentance out of the nations of the world. To the ‘Stans, hear the word of the Lord. Repent. Turn from your ways and recognize there is only One who gave you land, people and sovereignty, the right to congregate as a nation and many peoples, to be crowned as independent nations with a right to rule and be heard. Honour the Lord as God. Seek Him, seek wisdom and understanding.

I hear the Lord say: “Question what you have been told, QUESTION WHAT YOU HAVE LEARNED FROM THE FOREFATHERS, and seek to know what and who really is “God”. I am the One true God. And if you ask for a demonstration of My power I will show Myself to you. That I am real. And I alone am God. So seek Me and you will find Me when you look for Me with all your heart. Let us have discourse with one another; let us have an open ended conversation. Ask for Me and I will come to you with Love, Forgiveness and rewards for repentance. I will give you Eternal life and loving kindness that never ends. But if you persist with the Baals and the demonstrations of false worship to other gods right before My face, I will come to you with a stone of correction in my hand. And I will strike you until you are weak and battered. Khazakstan, Uzbekistan, Pakistan and even Afghanistan– land of stones and dry ground- prepare to meet your God.

Prophecy: Flooding in Afghanistan will be the worst as they are a strongly Muslim nation who do not even allow the mention of the name of the one true God. Strong resistance will spring up against the word of the Lord in this area, oppression of conversions of faith that are coming to the ENTIRE MUSLIM WORLD. But there will be ‘whipping from the hand of the Lord’ for those who put the shining of His end times glory in these men and women to death. “If you put them to death I will rout you and put you to open shame”, says the Lord. Women will take off their burka and men remove other outward demonstrations of allegiance to Islam and its prophet; when they do they will be slammed with persecution of a vicious type. BUT- there will be greater slamming from the hand of God for the death of the martyrs. I see as if a man strikes a woman on her back with a rod, but then a hand from heaven strikes the man and he falls down hard. The backlash and retaliation from God will look like this. Oppression will be met with retaliation, and the land (Afghanistan) will suffer for the blood of the ones they kill. Flooding will only be one type of the punishment against this nation; it is a nation that will be very “bloodthirsty” for the blood of God’s saints. People will mass covert and be stoned for it, but I declare in your hearing by the revelation of the Lord: “God will stone you back Afghanistan, and the Messiah’s arm is far stronger than yours.”

This is the word of the Lord.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary.

  2. Mark says:

    Hi Celestial! I’ve studied about many languages and cultures, and most of the ‘stan countries such as: Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan*, Kyrgyzstan, Turmenistan, Kazakhstan, and also Turkey and Azerbaijan are the homes of the Turkic peoples. So most Turkic ethnic countries have ‘stan, which in Ottoman Turkish, or Proto-Turkish means Country/Lands. All Turkic peoples of today adhere to Islam as their primary religion. 👍

  3. Conni Randwúlf says:

    Indeed, this is happening. There is a group of saints in Pakistan that are rescuing other saints and non saints from Afghanistan. There is heavy taliban activity, searching out and destroying the children of the Most High. Some of the things that have happened include an earthquake that dislodged boulders and cut of the driving path of some senior taliban members who were in their way to buy women and children sex slaves. Another earthquake that dislodged boulders, caused many taliban to be crushed to death. Holy angels have been reported as telling those that weren’t crushed to get right with God. ( to their great terror) Even Jesus has been reported there, telling the scared and hiding children, Do not fear, I Am your God and I will help you. I’m crying as I type this ..God is so amazing and He loves us so much, we cannot comprehend it. Father is absolutely striking those that are striking His children.

  4. Sandra Bauder says:

    I did not need to see this to know that the prophecy you share comes from the Lord. However here we are and the words you have shared from God have come to pass. I told my husband that a true prophet speaks from God. God does not lie, nor is he ever wrong and that we would see the words you said come to pass.
    I thank you for the sharp sword with which you are helping me trim the fat of sin and corruption from my life.
    Sometimes it hurts but it is better than the alternative.

  5. Loraine Gray says:

    Thanks Be To GOD.
    Thank you my beautiful Sister in CHRIST.

  6. Jane says:

    Thanks my dear sister…since I started watching your prophecy I have taken a turn-around of my life…pliz pray for me to grow more spiritually…am so grateful for this channel…may God always protect you.

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