Return Of The Giants – May 11, 2020


And the angels who did not stay within their own domain but abandoned their proper dwelling—these He has kept in eternal chains under darkness, bound for judgment on that great day. (Jude 1:6)

I’ve finished the posts about President 44. Until God gives me more let’s remember what God said he is: the Beast, the man of sin, the wrecker of the church. I know we all have preferences or what we think, but you can’t go through life out of sync with God. It hurts us, not Him. To be Christian is to receive God into the core of yourself and develop an ear for what He has to say. Obedience comes first, that’s our call: hear God and obey. This means what He says is above how we feel or view things- Obama has captivated so many but I tell you again, he is not what he appears. Don’t let a stubborn heart deceive you.

It is right to be in alignment with God’s Spirit. It is essential to have the mind of Christ in these last days- to be off target is dangerous these days. To see no danger where danger is… that’s not wise. Wisdom will save our lives now- let us cry for it, let us look for it often during our prayer times, so God can have mercy and begin to teach us. Ask Him to feed you with secret manna so your soul can resist satan’s powerful end times deceptions which have already started to flow. Truth will build a wall around your mind and heart that resists the lies of satan, Amen.

I’ll now get back to sharing a theme that’s slowly taking centre stage on this blog- the fallen angels, giants, ancient ‘heroes’ and Nephilim of old. Not of my own doing, but because that’s what God keeps showing me these days. I’ve seen that when something is urgent to God He will speak it over and over til I get it, til I realise ‘THIS IS PRIORITY.’ After I’ve proclaimed it the urgency may [or may not] subside. For now it’s not subsiding, so let me get the posts up as fast as I can.

God has used dreams and teaching to show me events that will come to pass in future times. I have no time frame for these events by the way- all I know is certain things repeat: They always happen right here on earth, I’m there to see them, I’m often with my family members or people I know, everybody else is there too. Even the government is there too so… Yeah. Let’s go into the background.

Here is a synopsis of teaching that came before the dream called: The Sons Of Old. God spoke at length at 6:33 a.m. about different life forms, all of them being creatures that we’re told (1) don’t exist, (2) are a figment of the imagination, and (3) whoever believes in them is a fool. I say it often, don’t believe lies brothers and sisters. Don’t let a group of historical thieves (i.e. people who steal and hide history), fool you and leave you asleep in a hammock of ignorance until the day these things land with a horrific splash at a city near you. The Bible is clear- the end times are a time of demonic wonders that will put the stuff on Netflix in the shade- because these will be interactive killers. They won’t stay on TV as ‘myths’ – No – they’ll put boots on the ground and want to get to know people. I have seen them INSIST ON LIVING WITH US EVEN WHEN PUT IN THEIR OWN QUARANTINED AREAS AT FIRST. Why is this?

They are cannibals, that’s why. THEY EAT FLESH. I’ll keep saying it until someone realises the truth. The famous Japanese anime “Escape From Titan” isn’t someone’s fertile imagination, it’s based off a long time Tokyo ‘myth’ that’s based off a long-time global (well hidden) TRUTH. Long ago all over the world, so the Holy Bible says- women slept with fallen angels and gave birth to sons who either came out handsome, normal sized and packed with supernatural powers, or came out normal only to grow into huge, hairy, muscled and insanely powerful giants. I will revisit the scriptures alluding to this which LIARS WHO OPPOSE THE TRUTH OF GOD have been teaching the church wrongly, saying it refers to the ‘sons of Seth’ who were just righteous men. I don’t know how we’ve let ourselves be deceived by either deliberate or genuinely erroneous teaching for so many centuries but guess what- A LIGHT HAS SHINED!

The people who walked in darkness
Have seen a great light;
Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death,
Upon them a light has shined. – (Isaiah 9:2)

God is unraveling mysteries of the end, blowing dust off every scroll; TRUTH WILL COME OUT NO MATTER WHO DOESN’T LIKE IT, from me and others like me. The people of God will possess their possession and one of the best and greatest of those possessions is the truth! So let us look at Genesis 6 and by use of simple English, see what it really says.

Now it came to pass, when men began to multiply on the face of the earth, and daughters were born to them, that the sons of God saw the daughters of men, that they were beautiful; and they took wives for themselves of all whom they chose. (Genesis 6:1- 2)

Here it is again from an older translation called Young’s Literal Translation.

And it cometh to pass that mankind have begun to multiply on the face of the ground, and daughters have been born to them,

and sons of God see the daughters of men that they [are] fair, and they take to themselves women of all whom they have chosen.

So we see the writer at pains to point to two groups of people here: sons of God, and men with their daughters. Now guys let’s be normal here, using normal use of language, syntax and all that. Men and women together (both in the Bible and in real life) mean “men”. God is not into gender pronouns, from the beginning He made it quite clear that all His creation is grouped into “KINDS.” Baboon-kind, sheep-kind, cattle-kind and man-kind. Men is what the Bible says to mean ‘men, women and children grouped into their kind’.

Yet here we see that SONS OF GOD came to find MEN’S daughters and sleep with them, and make wives of them. The text says mankind was multiplying —> so human with human having human offspring. Now and then a girl’s born —-> human girl population begins to grow. Now consider that this verse is spoken in Noah’s day, meaning by that time all of Noah’s genealogy since the days of Adam and Eve had been meeting, marrying and mating. So why does the Bible feel the need to point out the business of mating to us afresh? What’s so special about it that we need a recap, don’t we already know how all the Bible people get here? We do, but this is a different KIND of mating, and whenever something different from the norm happens in the Bible, it gets special mention.

The Bible says “sons of God” came to meet women, in the Hebrew Bible that’s broken down as ‘bene ha’elohim’– a term that’s used elsewhere in the Bible to describe the stars, who are also referred to as the ANGELS. They came to mankind [the females] to choose wives from among them. This type of activity is absolutely one billion times forbidden by scripture- I will add links to other posts at the end. God said KIND MATES WITH KIND: Apple trees have apples, baboons have baboon kids, tigers make more tigers and humans make more humans. Seed bearing AFTER ITS OWN KIND, the rule is repeated so often in the creation story because God wants Adam the gatekeeper to get that rule from his first day at work when the garden will be given to him. KIND MATES WITH KIND.

By the fallen angels mating women the entire history of Man was messed up, a mess that made life so much worse on top of already happened in the garden. Humanity was cut off from God in the garden but now? Humanity is being cut up like cheap drugs with a very potent mix of IMMORTAL KIND. Fallen angels can take ANY FORM brethren; they can appear like real people or like smoke or mist and sleep with men or women. Do some light research and see how many times this so called ‘father of the gods of Olypmpus’ Zeus (how these demons love titles, wow)– see how many times it is said in his endless stories of sleeping with earth maidens, “And behold, proud Zeus turned himself into a cloud and fell upon her, blessing her with his charms until the maiden fell asleep” or some such wickedness. People are not supposed to sleep with mist, or angels that take the shape of humans. This is a common spirit called incubus and its goal is simply to rape sleeping women.

These are PERSONS WHO USED TO MINISTER BEFORE GOD. Every created being in this world has a job. Every angel once answered to God, until iniquity was found in satan and he brought war to heaven. He was flogged out of there by Michael, Gabriel, Uriel and the rest, and bitterly took up his abode in the second heaven where he’s ruled ever since. They don’t call satan ‘the prince of the power of the air’ for nothing- that is his domain. 

Who does not believe an angel can look like a man? Who thinks angels always have to show up with 100 lightning rods shining about them and a trumpet soundtrack? Let’s visit Judges 6: 11- 23. I’ll paraphrase.

Israel is under constant attack from Midian: These people come every cycle to destroy all crops, kill the Hebrews’ livestock, destroy their foundries so they can’t make weapons, and basically devastate the nation to the point where Israel hides in caves eating berries and stuff. God decides on Gideon as their new leader and appears as an angel called The Angel Of The Lord to him. Anytime you see capitalised ‘Angel Of The Lord’ that’s Jesus in His pre-incarnate form, before he was born as a man. This Angel appears and chats with Gideon for quite a while, but all Gideon sees is a young man of somewhat nicer looks than himself whom he calls ‘my lord’. That small “lord” is how you address a human who’s of better rank than you- ‘my lord’. Not Lord or LORD which is how God is addressed.

So all Gideon sees is a better looking and more well-off guy than himself. That’s until he wants to offer something as a sign that the word he’s heard is true, he makes it and bring it but the Angel won’t eat. He says, pour it on this rock [every offering has to have an altar.] So Gideon does that, the Angel brings fire on the rock to burn the offering and disappears. THAT’S when Gideon is like, OH NO! I SAW GOD! He covers his eyes and has a breakdown because he knows by their laws who sees God must die. But God comforts him and says not this time old boy, I need you to work for me. This proves an angel can show up normal looking as anything and you won’t know you’ve seen one. Scripture even cements this fact with a verse: “Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have entertained angels without knowing it.” – (Hebrews 13:2)

ANGELS CAN ASSUME FORMS. Obedient angels who serve God never do a single thing they aren’t ordered to do but fallen angels have absolutely nothing to lose folks. They’ve lost eternity already, so there is literally NOTHING holding those creatures back from wreaking havoc on humanity as a way to get back to God and break His heart. They’ve got nothing to lose. They know how much God loves mankind, by destroying us they hope to punish Him as He punished them- and boy did He punish them. In fact the only ones who don’t know that God loves mankind, is mankind. We spend our time denying, cursing and rejecting Him, while any of the fallen ones would give their left wing to be back in His presence. Read the book of Enoch sometime, see what it says. It says that when the fallen ones had done this deed and God cursed them HOW THEY CRIED! They wept unconsolably and asked Enoch to please take a petition of forgiveness for them to God. But God wasn’t having it, because if you can only read for yourselves what earth had become because of them you would faint. It was bad, it was terrible. The giants [their sons] were fighting wars all over against humanity and setting themselves up as kings! They were demanding huge amount of tribute- gold, silver, sheep, cattle, slaves, food, and when humanity couldn’t keep up with the demand what did they do? THEY ATE THEM. Yes. It got to the point that the righteous angels were so upset they petitioned God saying “Lord! Do you not see, do you not care what these fallen have done!? Look at earth! It’s ruined!”

(Yes, they can see us from up there, so… surprise. Stop sinning, it’s being recorded.)

The good angels begged God to put a stop to humanity’s suffering. Enoch writes that man was crying so loudly from earth the angels heard it and said “God please, the suffering! Please do something Lord!” Well? How was humanity suffering? Here are a few ways.

(1) Fallen angels are unbelievably, incredibly VIOLENT. If you ever saw killers on two legs who can walk, talk, think and plot at a billion IQ points of ways to murder their opponents, that’s them. Every single last good thing in them was irreversibly twisted in the fall. Ladies and gentlemen if you want to know the huge repercussive effects of sin, look at what happened to our world when Adam and Eve fell. The earth was cursed and went from abundant productive Utopia to this bleak, cursed wasteland of thorns and prickly plants and hard earth. God told Adam you will SWEAT to put a morsel of food on your table, you’ll have to break your back to earn a living. Now you know why employment feels the way it does: it feels like you’re mortgaging the hours of your life for some coins to pay rent, sleep, eat, and wake up to do it all again until they bury you. That’s not “life”. That’s the curse.

Because of the violence of these angels and especially their half angel- human children, the earth fell to wars. So much war, humans fighting humans, but mostly humans fighting creatures. Folks I give you ALL THE FAIRY STORIES AND LEGENDS OF LIFE. Man fights dragon, man fights sea monsters with 19 heads that can grow back, man fights sea monster with one head that demands a virgin to be thrown from the rocks once a month to feed it, or it will eat all virgins of the village. Man fights Minotaur (a half bull, half man nephilim who actually had a mom that loved him and a dad that hated him so much he trapped him in an unsolvable maze and sent people he didn’t like into the maze to be eaten by his ‘son’- except it wasn’t really his son. A fallen one slept with his wife and she had that abomination.) Behold, the entire pantheon of Egyptian, Roman, Greek, Norse and other ‘gods’.

Behold the faeries, goblins, dwarves, elves, wolfmen etc who all evolved from this bloodline over time- family, stay with me here. I am taking you somewhere. I can’t post these dreams in good conscience without teaching first. Please, stay with me. The myths you studied at school or read in your spare time were not written by ancient people high on wine. They were written by ancient people facing very evil forces and dangerous creatures who took their sheep, cattle, daughters and lives. American Indian history is FULL of stories like this, ‘star people’, stories of fighting huge red haired giants that had to be trapped in caves and burned alive because they simply wouldn’t stop attacking (and eating) the Indians. 

(2) Fallen angels were CURSED. They are twisted, I don’t care if it’s the obvious original scary ones or the fake Greek god ones or the ones with the blond hair, perfect accents and shining bright robes that like to mimic the holy angels- even the blond group are murderers too. They are all murderers, but mankind will find out for themselves in living colour in the future that this is so. Nothing I say is a lie no matter how it sounds- if you need room to breathe or space to settle down and accept what I’m telling you, take it. Take a break. But after that break, download the book of Enoch for FREE on the Apple or Google play store, and read it. Skip the introduction bit by Sir Edward Whoever and just read the text itself. Ask God to help you understand what you’re reading, and allow your spirit to test what I share here. The Lord shall judge between us in the end. Amen.

(3) Fallen angels are MAN-EATERS. This is not an exaggeration. They are, they once ate humanity. Let us briefly visit this clip —–> here, which is from the hit animation series “Attack on Titan.” Briefly, this is future Japan. (I know it doesn’t look ‘future’, but I’ve said many times on this blog that the devastation to come will wreck our cities until life spins backward into the Middle Ages or worse.) They’re forced to lived behind 50 meter high walls (164 feet high)- and live in ZONES arranged like a flower with a rosebud at the centre. Why? Because if the Titans ever came back and broke through the outer wall… well.. Whoever wasn’t eaten could flee to the next inner boundary where the walls were even thicker and higher than the first boundary wall, and if the Titans managed to break that boundary survivors could flee to the next inner, thicker wall. Guess who lived in the highest, thickest inner rosebud walls by the way? Yes, the government, the rich people- you guessed right. Guess what else? The Titans DID come back one sunny morning without a word of warning, they showed up naked, slow and hungry, and the rest is clear in the trailer. 

Well.. what does the Bible say:

4 There were GIANTS on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.

5 Then the Lord saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every intent of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. 6 And the Lord was sorry that He had made man on the earth, and He was grieved in His heart. 7 So the Lord said, “I will destroy man whom I have created from the face of the earth, both man and beast, creeping thing and birds of the air, for I am sorry that I have made them.” 8 But Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Here’s why the flood happened. If anyone ever told you ‘Why would a loving God wipe out the whole earth!’, well… Here’s why. God is loving but not a fool. When you have bloodlines like this running amok, all you need is basic math to know that if they keep sleeping around they’ll eventually infect EVERYONE with that demonic lineage and then what? Who can guess? That’s right- JESUS CAN’T BE BORN. HE CAN’T BE BORN INTO AN INFECTED WORLD THROUGH A HALF-BREED MOM WHO CAN TRACE HER BLOODLINE BACK TO —-> SATAN. This was the devil’s plan since God told him the seed of the woman will crush his head, and wow it almost worked.

Look at Genesis 6:5 (above). Man had become SO WICKED it says, all he wanted to do was sin, why? Because the bloodline didn’t only produce giant sons, no no. It produced good old normal sized ones who also slept with women. They were born like Hercules and all the other abnormally strong ones who did mighty deeds, one of them even made the Bible- NIMROD. (Genesis 5, the wicked king who funded the tower of Babel. Why build a tower to the sky? Their arrogance is actually historically recorded, they said “Come and let us return to where we fell from.” Yes, they were going to use bricks to build their way back to Heaven. Incredible.) These normal-looking hybrid sons over time became the fathers of the Hittites, Gittites, Jebusites, Canaanites, Philistines etc- pagan nations who loved sins of bowing to idols, group sex, cruelty, human sacrifice, all the things their demonic fathers taught them. This is why God made Israel swear to NEVER MARRY THESE PEOPLE OR MATE WITH THEM. This is also why whenever Israel took their territory God said “Leave not one alive, WIPE THEM OUT.” I was saved for 10 whole years before the Lord answered the reason for this slaughter for me, yet this is something I asked Him about in my opening months of Christianity when I first started reading my Bible: Why all this killing?

In 2013 He began to teach me so patiently and now I know why. The flood was a reset, but as we see fallen angels are not done with earth. One group called the Titans are famous in Greek history, but wow… God is so awesome. History follows HIM, not the other way round! Greek history says the Titans suddenly went to war with each other, terrible war- they formed teams and wiped one another out until not one remained. History says it was like madness descended on the gods, which was odd because they were all brothers and sisters.

Well, Enoch’s book (which is way older than Greek History) says that when God judged the fallen angels He told them- Your sons shall turn on one another and kill until not one is left. God sent madness among them and they killed each other while humanity sat under a rock and watched. When so few of them remained that they couldn’t have kingdoms or clans or wars anymore? THAT’S when humanity rose up and carried on the termination of the few that were left. American Indian, Mexican, South American oral history is really good at recalling these things, but Western History is teaching these facts as Greek Mythology 101 at college. Tell me who is deceived, them or God?

I’ll soon post what the Lord has shared about specific beings in Part 2. Thanks for staying with me. Like the post, Comment below if you’d like to share something relevant about this, or Subscribe and get updates! Move your screen up and down til the Follow+ button pops up in the lower right, click and follow. Consider supporting TMV- check the site banner if you want to be a blessing to this ministry. God bless and more to follow soon.

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Shalom brothers and sisters. This part is the love of God. Truth shared before it’s needed, that’s love in my eyes. God said “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” Let us not perish.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    Reblogged this on Spiritual Abuse Sanctuary and commented:
    “I know we all have preferences or what we think, but you can’t go through life out of sync with God. It hurts us, not Him. To be Christian is to receive God into the core of yourself and develop an ear for what He has to say. Obedience comes first, that’s our call: hear God and obey. This means what He says is above how we feel or view things-” by Celestial

    1. Celestial says:

      I am touched that in the whole write-up, this is what stood out of you. You have an eye for the pearls of the Lord Scarlett. Bless you, more grace to in Jesus name.

      1. Scarlett says:

        Well thank you dear sister Celestial…it did stand out. It’s hard to select a snippet to include when I reblog a post, but I’m always praying it will stand out in a meaningful way to others, hopefully enough so, that they will read the entire post. Please be encouraged and strengthened in your work….you’re doing wonderfully for Jesus, and blessing everyone who gets into this blog.

  2. Marco says:

    Hi Celestial, about “attack on titan” there is a lot to say but a comment is not enough, do you have a email for contact you?

  3. Tracey says:

    Very interesting… I believe I read this post 3 months ago when I discovered your blog. I don’t think I understood much of it cos I’ve never heard of these things before… I just believed you were speaking the truth. Now I’m deliberately reading again and seeking insight… and this post is reading to me like it’s brand new. I’m starting to see how some things fit… still need deeper understanding but I praise God who allowed me to find you and keep coming back until He increases my capacity to actually understand. There are many sincere believers who have no clue about this stuff cos we are just not taught or maybe even taught something different… I praise God that He has decided to help us and not to leave us ignorant

    Thank you sister for your diligence in doing the work of the Lord. I’m sure you are one of those He rejoices over with singing. It is my desire to be as well. May God help and grow me. Amen.

  4. Marty says:

    Nothing new under the sun. This pattern of creation and destruction is also mentioned in the Matrix movie trilogy. Interesting that movie also seemed to show the mark of the beast computer system enslaving humanity. For those who have friends wrapped up in the entertainment web, this might be one way of witnessing for Christ. Explain the deeper Truths hidden within Hollywood’s lies. Just like the TV series “V”, which showed the serpent race. Thanks for the informative post. 🙏

  5. Kenny says:

    Wow, this is insightful, it is now that yoruba mythology and cosmology starts making sense to me, it’s says in the beginning, deities descended from heaven, from the MOST HIGH, given a mandate to start the creation on earth – like a delegation
    But i know this story ain’t true but it true nevertheless that some being fell from heaven!

    I have been contemplating the book of Enoch but i felt it was erroneous and should be disregarded, but since you endorsed it, I’ll check it out, not because of you really but because everything here at least by my personal bible study, they are biblical.

    May the LORD keep us standing, the last days indeed will be difficult days!

  6. Rojiblanco says:

    This post deeply resonates as truth, Celestial!
    For years I had questioned the “God of the Old Testament” vs. the “God of the New Testament” through Jesus. Jesus says that when you see me, you see the Father, but I was having a hard time making that compute. It wasn’t until I began digging into the Nephilim/Giants and began to read the Book of Enoch and Jasher when all these things began to come together for me. These two books complimented the Scriptures and added much more color to the many familiar but sometimes bizarre stories of the Old Testament. I’ll never forget the night when it finally all made sense for the first time and I fell to my knees worshipping God and asking for His forgiveness for not trusting Him, and even questioning Him for the flood and the conquest of Canaan and other parts of the Old Testament that I didn’t understand. This taught me a powerful truth: even at times when the Bible may not make sense to me, I’m still going to submit to it. And whenever I “disagree” with the Bible, I assume that I’m the one who’s wrong. In fact, whenever there is something weird or bizarre in Scripture; if we search the matter out, we begin to better understand what is going on, and it will only increase our faith and understanding of who God is and His intricate plan and intentional involvement and love for humankind.
    Thank you for your faithfulness in being an instrument used by God to draw many to truth and your call to holiness and righteousness!

    1. Hélène says:

      Ur post makes me smile
      I’ve been a degenerate fool (oh my shame in this!) but never did I doubt someway the Bible made sense. When we think It contradicts or can’t possibly mean what it looks like It means—It’s perfect and we are the problem 🙂

  7. Shawn says:

    Antarctica HAS to be where they’re getting their dna from. No civilians are legally allowed to go there. If u risked it? Probably never be seen by anyone ever again

  8. Esther Joseph says:

    Sister celestial, thanks for sharing with us, especially with me. Keep up the good work, you’ve been helping a lot of people who don’t know about GOD and the bible , GOD bless you.

  9. Joran Golindano says:

    Guao increible Dios me ha revelado todos estos temas de gigantes, hibridos y demonios hace tan solo un mes y yo pensaba que nadie creeria, igual lo publique y mucha gente esta en shok ademas me enseño como volveran nuevamente a la tierra, saludos y bendiciones hermana Celestial pense que era el unico loco que enseñaba estas locuras de antaño. Mi nombre es Joran Golindano +584245394051 escribeme please

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