Space Travel, Broken Weather And More – February 2, 2021

‘And I will grant wonders in the sky above and signs on the earth below: Blood and fire and vapor of smoke’. – (Acts 2:19)

‘And there will be great earthquakes, and in various places plagues and famines; and there will be terrors and great signs from heaven.’ – Luke 21:11

These are the last of my dreams from Feb. 2, 2021. They were actually 7 dreams but I can’t recall the last one. I’ve shared Devi and Shet, The Deadly Disease, Breakdown Of America and Signs Of Ruin. If you haven’t read those yet you may want to; God is showing glimpses of life in America in the future. 

In my fifth dream I lived with my sister. She took some kids to the park while I stayed home and slept. I had 3 dreams and when I woke up I was amazed at what I’d seen. I was looking for someone to tell so I called my sister at the park and told her my dreams. This is what I saw:

Fifth dream: The earth broke down. It was literally SPOILED and no good anymore. It was ruined, that’s all I remember. The weather was broken, it did not function in any predictable way and there was no longer a need for weather services because nobody knew what was going to happen minute to minute, talk less of day to day.

All that ‘predictability of the seasons’ stuff went away and the sky, seas and earth did whatever they wanted whenever they wanted- whether it was a tsunami or an earthquake or a hailstorm or nothing dramatic for that day- nobody was telling you anything in advance; you would find out when it got there. The weather changed and greatly overcame humanity, it did… (meaning people died of it).

The sea was a mess and the earth couldn’t produce hardly anything. We couldn’t do much with the world and life was very hard. 

Sixth dream: In the sixth dream life was very dangerous. The world was overrun with the undead. I saw them running like pumas ALL OVER THE PLACE, sometimes on all fours. We are created to walk on two legs but somehow even bent awkwardly on hands and knees these zombie people were faster in movement than a human being on two legs. They ran powerfully and at times piled up on one another in that senseless fashion in order to climb over obstacles and walls (exactly as they do in the movies). It was terrifying.

THEY WERE NO SECRET- they were an open reality that everybody knew and was scared of; they were so many that the government said on the news they were considering space travel as an option to transfer humanity off the planet for safety. I didn’t even know they had viable options for space but in my dream my sister wanted to take it. She even went to the shuttle testing place and I went with her to see it. They let you enter the shuttle and sit in the seats, look at the facilities you’d be using during the trip and everything.

I was tempted because of the undead but I thought of Jesus- how would He feel to return and not find me? Would He then have to come look for me in space? I struggled between emotions of fear and faith, especially when the man giving the tour told all of us- “Of course earth is too populated, there will not be enough places for everyone to go. Families will be separated if some are selected to go and some to remain”. 

In a burst of desperation I asked the man “What if I sit in one chair and my sister sits on my lap, can we share one seat?” but he looked at me with such scorn that I came to my senses. Who sits without a seat belt for space travel, could I depend on my skinny arms to hold her safe during lift off? I let the idea go and persuaded my sister we should stay on earth and wait for Jesus, we should stay and age properly rather than hanging around suspended in some rocket for however many pointless years. Living on earth with zombies was a horrible prospect but it was still better than a pointless life in space. She agreed and we left that space station place.

I can’t remember the third dream. In my dream I awoke and told her these things; she was thoughtful and said Hmm it looks like the future will be difficult. I agreed and we were talking about it, then I woke up in real life.

The Lord only said this: These dreams are to show you what life will be like in the years ahead. Difficult years filled with extreme changes to the human experience, years that will test your faith.

Note: I Celestial am saying that many of us believe many things. We may have been saved a long or short time, some readers aren’t Christians at all. People believe Jesus will remove the Bride long before any trouble comes and yet… and yet here is someone who keeps seeing a different story shared in snippets so that she (and many other someones) can hopefully hear what the Spirit is saying to the churches. “Fortify yourself, you will go through TRIALS.”

I’m thankful for my dreams. They help me adjust my thinking and expectations before the Lord. Instead of making me depressed they encourage me to live a very thankful life, to be grateful for nice weather and the simple pleasures of life while I have them. 

I know my dreams are prophetic. God even uses my family in them as an example of what many homes will face- many of you are already struggling with family members who are taking vaccines, rejecting God and disregarding your prayers, warnings and advice. We all know people who will sign up for space travel without thinking twice about it but all I can tell you is- Let Them Go And You Stay Here.

No matter how unbelievable some of the things I see are, God confirms them quickly. I’ll see or hear something in real life that makes me think “What? Lord, did you hear that? That’s the dream I had!” Three days after these dreams I heard Elon Musk on the news saying that he’s preparing an “off-world” space program for us to live away from Earth, and shortly after that I saw a clip of Jeff Bezos of Amazon saying his next big project is to create floating communities in orbit around earth- ON THE MOON- so we can stop living here and go hang out in space. He calls it Blue Moon.

Brothers and sisters, the arrogance and megalomania of these people should not be lost on you. I’m not saying these things aren’t possible, in fact these men know whose agenda they’re serving- I believe they will work relentlessly until their pipe dreams are no longer pipe but are firm realities being unveiled to us all one day. We should also know their ‘solutions’ aren’t intended for everyone to use, exactly as the tour guide said: “Not everyone will be able to go.”

Well… I thank God for His Son. When Jesus does return for us He won’t be told “Celestial isn’t here, she was afraid of the undead so she’s in a rocket orbiting earth”. I (and my family) will be right here waiting for Him. ❤️


What these dreams do for me is encourage me to trust God more (not less); they also remind me to build my faith. The undead cannot withstand scripture, that much I know. I’ve seen it enough to know that in the end times knowledge of the Bible beats everything so… Learn it well.

(View this dream HERE and this one HERE for more on how scripture overcomes all end times wickedness.)

God bless us all and I’ll continue posting from my archives. Shalom.

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  1. Scarlett says:

    I saw a prototype of the skyscraper Elon Musk plans to make that looks something like the tower of Babel, with gardened terraces spiraling around the building all the way to the top. Of course, man “plans” to make many things opposed to what God plans.

    1. Scarlett says:

      Correction: It was Jeff Bezos planning the Babel like sky scraper. So many multi-billionares, so hard to keep them sorted out.

      1. A says:

        Oh the irony!!!

  2. Amanda M says:

    We can not access space as they teach us on all the outlets. Mostly these people will be killed that leave on the fake rockets. We can access the atmosphere but anyone living in a bubble community up there, surely will go mad eventually. We will be sealed with the mark of the Lord do not fear.

  3. diegoalonsocortez says:

    I wonder how people will go into “space” if the Earth is enclosed by God’s firmament? “Outer space” is probably as much of a hoax/psy-op as everything else the Luciferians say (evolution, the Big Bang, climate change, the Moon landings, the vaccine, the Earth’s shape, the Gregorian calendar, denying FEMA camps & guillotines, abortion/LGBT being good, etc…). Still, I wonder…

    1. diegoalonsocortez says:

      So, when what is written here comes to pass, and they come with a spaceship to “escape”, we’ll know there’s something off about it (regardless of whether outer space is what the say it is, or something else).

    2. Rebecca says:

      Yes! I was wondering if I would see a comment like this. I have read the Bible and believed the firmament since I was little despite how those around me responded to my inquiries. The answers all said something about modern science and space. It didn’t fit. If God said he will throw rocks and brimstone then He will and it will happen from the heavens (probably through doorways) but not what we are taught as space. We are not lost nor are we tumbling around and suspended in space.

  4. CIK says:

    I’m just reading this. Interestingly enough, yesterday, I read on the news that the CDC has a Zombie Preparedness page. I went and read it. I also read some of the comments. People thought it was a cute way to help them prepare for natural disasters but I engaged my brain as you’re always telling us to do and asked myself why a SERIOUS organization like the CDC would post something like this in jest. Unless of course, it was meant to be a REAL warning.

    For some reason, this post encouraged me. It makes it absolutely crystal clear what our focus should be in these ends times. That way, no matter the distractions that come, we can recalibrate and refocus on that fixed target.

    Thank you. I am praying for you. They’re realllll simple prayers but you’re always mentioned. <3

    1. elfmom55 says:

      Amazon also has a Zombie clause in their contract. I don’t have a link handy but it would be probably pretty easy to find.

  5. Marty says:

    The satanic elite are afraid to die because they fear God’s judgement. They will do anything to try and escape their fate by trying and uploading their consciousness into an AI computer or flying into the heavens. Good riddance either way! It is nice to see that the commenters here are very well informed and extremely respectful. You are doing a tremendous job Celestial of building a strong digital foundation for your Flock. Keep up the great work! I do still pray that the Lord shows you something pleasant to share. Your powerful dreams do reinforce my faith, I just think a beautiful dream would be a breath of fresh air. Stay strong. 🙏

  6. elfmom55 says:

    Obadiah 1:4
    “Though thou exalt thyself as the eagle, and though thou set thy nest among the stars, thence will I bring thee down, saith the LORD.”

  7. Rod says:

    Amen Diego. You hit it right on the head. No one is leaving Earth. It’s all continued lies from the fallen ones. God created this world for us and the animals and enclosed it with the firmament. Read your Bible diligently and eventually you will see these truths!!

    1. Rebecca says:

      Thank you, Rod, for also saying something. The firmament only makes sense (as God told us in the currently changing bibles) and it dissolves all the lies.

  8. April says:

    Thank you Celestial for sharing and do you have any recommendations as to where to start in the Bible for scripture? Especially to be used against the anime. Thank you Shalom

  9. tahaira03 says:

    Hello sister Celestial,
    You mentioned having a dream within a dream. When this happens, does that mean something more? Meaning something that will come to pass or is it just a warning? Thank you. I’m sorry if it’s a stupid question.

    1. Ha says:

      It can be either. Only God can reveal to you whether that dream is a warning or a sure future event that will happen no matter how much you pray against it.

      One thing about it, some of you need to go to the Lord PERSONALLY and ask HIM to answer specific questions you have…instead of hounding Celestial with personal questions you have. There are hundreds of questions like yours which go UNANSWERED, because she doesn’t have time to answer all of them. I apologize if this sounds rude.

  10. Flourish&Thrive says:

    I just went for my coffee break and one colleague (Hindi) reacts to the news broadcast “you know, the weather is increasingly getting unconventional. In a space of a week its becoming hard to predict”.

    I just smiled to myself and thought “yes God, they will all see”. This coming from South Africa. Our president has declared national state of disaster over floods, 7 of our 9 provinces (states I suppose?) have been “affected by the floods, which were brought on by heavy rainfall as a result of the La Nina weather phenomenon”, headlines read.

    This also comes after a month of extreme heat.

  11. hi2584733592020 says:

    Hello, Tianxian, I’m all right. thank you. Jesus Christ.

  12. ladyracheld says:

    This recent weather occurrence in Saudia Arabia made me think of the weather prophecies Ive heard here on TMV..

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