“Over The Tops Of The Buildings” – March 2, 2021

“Climate” by Dushan Milic

Is this silent ruin all that is left of your once joyous city? What a long history was yours! Think of all the colonists you sent to distant places. – (Isaiah 23:7, NLT)

Was not this your pride from the beginning, before she was given up? – (Isaiah 23:7) Breton Septuagint Translation

“New York City shall be a ruin. It will be drowned and submerged, but it will also be a ruin.” – The Lord Jesus Christ

At about 6:16 a.m. New York time the Lord woke me up and said the following:

Water will cover the land. Water will cover New York City, a wall of water as high as the tops of buildings. I will drown her, I will remove that abominable city from before my face. Every unclean thing is found there, every cunning artificer and practicing idolater, practicing evil abominations which I hate. Because she has killed the unborn, bringing them right to the edge of life then extinguishing them like cheap candles instead of stewarding them into this world as the precious gifts they are- I will wipe away this city and it will be no more.

New York City is the home of idols- there is a god for sale in every street. All forms of worship, idolatry and false religions are found within her, things done right in the open to provoke Me to anger. People even have shrines and other portable “temples of worship” within their homes, they practice santeria, witchcraft and other forms of false worship and demonic activity within their homes. A stink is upon the land because of it. In the streets of New York multiple religions confront Me; I find no place to land when I gaze on this place. New York City is corrupted and its people are cruel and foul, therefore I will visit them in their day with all forms of heat and fire; I will rain down judgement from above upon them and in a single moment of time the “American Idol” will be no more. This is the word of the Lord. 

America will be largely submerged in many areas and there will be a new map for the USA. Multiple walls of water will hit the cities- San Francisco you will be washed away and the voice of revelry and abomination shall no more be heard in you. You will go under the water completely, drowned at last as you have drowned in your sin. Many inland cities will be washed away as I purge the land of IDOLATRY. AMERICAN GODS. BOW DOWN ALL YOU AMERICAN GODS. I AM THE LORD.

Wickedness will be submerged. I will drown you. I will wash My land clean. I will trouble you with water disasters until you relent of your sin and beg for mercy. But I shall not relent. Mystery Babylon, my hand is stretched out still. (Please see this post for more on this).

Water will encroach so far inland that more ‘great lakes’ will emerge where they have never been before. Your time is coming, judgement will not be withheld anymore. Thus says the Lord God of Hosts – “Strong is the Lord who judges her” (Revelation 18:8). Therefore repent and be baptized, give your life to the Lord and turn from idolatry which is grossly disrespectful to God. Set your eyes on Him alone and put your trust in Him to deliver you and your family from the things which are to come. Amen. 

I was shown a picture of New York City, Ellis Island, Providence Island and many many skyscrapers, all underwater. I was also seeing little breathing bubbles rise in front of me until I realized, Oh, this is me seeing under the water. The buildings still had glass some of them, empty dark blue Lego eyes staring back at me under a whole pool of water covering New York City. I do not know what time this will be, but the sea came in and took everything. The land dropped down and went under and the sea took all the space. New York was still, silent, gone- just as God told me it would be as I walked through Times Square one day several years ago. It was drowned and destroyed. 

This is what God has said.

Notes: *A cunning artificer is one who uses extremely ingenious tricks, deception and trickery to bring about the result he or she desires. Their methods can include sleight of hand, lies, magic and other unnatural or natural methods that deceive and fool others. The phrase literally means “one of quick hands who works quickly, deceivingly and with great intelligence to deceive.” God says New Yorkers in general and the entire state itself works in this manner against one another and against outsiders – with cunning, tricks and deception, with quick hands looking to fool and take advantage of others. Of course after reading this New Yorkers will disagree, and of course it does not move me because I do not run this blog for agreement but to carefully steward and safeguard the exact words that God has entrusted to me.

*Idolater – One who practices any form of faith, religion or worship that does not follow the one true God Yahweh. While many in the western world believe idolatry to be the practice of people in other countries who create visible idols and gods for themselves according to Isaiah 44:12-20 (please be sure to read it if you are someone who subscribes to a religion that worships a visible god with a shape your eyes can see)- God sees it very differently. Idolatry is giving worship to anything or anyone except Him to whom it is due.

Many think idolatry is limited to worshipping tangible items and religious figures but God has repeatedly said not only is America full of visible gods that other cultures brought here when they came,  but also America is full of false worship hidden in the hearts of people.

And indeed it is.

Human beings are worshipped here as if they descended from the sun’s direct rays carrying tablets that hold the secret to life itself. Musicians, movie stars, supermodels, heirs and heiresses, economic mavericks and “New Money”, politicians, artists, sports stars, they all assume an aura over time that is greater than what many Christians pour out at the feet of Jesus daily. People get more worship than God in America and it’s not surprising, because true fans have way more energy than Christians. People also GREATLY worship their own hearts’ desires, logic and personal opinion here, to the point where even believers have fallen into the trap of exalting their hidden lusts and what they think or would like or wish to happen as a god-

“Ohhhh Lord I really want this to happen and not that other thing, I wish it so much Lord, I’d like to believe that’s your will for us God, don’t you love us? Or course you do, I think You’d like us to have this outcome and not that one. That’s what those 13 prophets are saying and I “witness” with it God. I’m almost sure I heard Spirit say the same thing yesterday afternoon in my prayer time, I think that’s what you’re saying and I think this has been a great chat God, thank you for speaking to me on this issue cuz that’s just what I was hoping you would say. Amen.”

Idolaters.  You worship at the shrine of your own heart and God never says a word to you because He can’t even get many of you to tune in to the genuine frequency of TRUE PRAYER, where He leads and you follow no matter where He goes, even if He leads you into all the unpleasant hollows where the sins of this nation keep some of us awake for seeing them all the time, into the dirty holes where you can be told the truth by “Spirit” and cry for three days when you realize the 13 prophecy channels were spewing nothing but lies and sticky tar to trap your soul. Idolatry is when you take your secret inner wishes and make it a god and dress it in scriptures and then say “I’m so glad you spoke to me god.”

I hope everyone noticed which “g” I used just then. Amen.

Idolatry is not just bowing to Buddha. It’s when you make yourself the kingdom and you crown yourself a king. It’s when mockery is your first language and you refuse outright as an atheist to worship God, instead you choose to attend the temple of nihilism which means believing in nothing at all. Idolatry is when your pastor’s misguided interpretations outweigh the clinically blunt words of the Bible you have right at home and could read for yourself. Idolatry is anything that sidelines the living God, making Him less than He is and part of a lineup of options. Idolatry makes God an afterthought and uses Him as a rubber stamp for the foolish habits of humans.

ONLY IN AMERICA IS THE DAY’S RIGHTFUL WORSHIP SHORTENED DURING SUPERBOWL SEASON SO WORSHIPPERS WILL NOT MISS KICKOFF. Some churches are so fallen they bring flat-screens into the church and set them up with nacho stands and sodas, so that right after the “specially shortened service” people can tune in live to watch some human beings chase a ball around. And the pastor justifies it by saying “Amen afterwards if you don’t want to drive home and miss anything you can just stick around with us and have some “family fellowship” amen? Amy and the gals have brought a real feast for us so why not just hang out and enjoy some Christian fellowship for a little while? There’s no liquor though hehe, we’re keeping it family friendly!”

And that is why some church members choose to drive home to catch the big game, because football isn’t football without beer. 🤷🏽‍♀️


Brothers and sisters I understand that the line for judgement is going to be long everywhere on the planet but here? It is going to be particularly and specifically lengthy because of the raw and direct slaps to the face which the Lord Jesus Christ sustains as a matter of course, slaps given to Him by so many things people do here LED BY THE PASTORS AND OTHER FIVE FOLD MINISTRY HE APPOINTED TO TEACH AND LEAD HIS FLOCK BY EXAMPLE. And if there are any who feel it’s not so, you know you are free to cling to your views. These words will speak for themselves. God will descend into this place like a furious cloud unseen ever before by anyone, and the things which will be done in the United States as punishment for lifting up human beings (who are nothing but walking bags of meat that can talk), above the rightful respect, honour and worship of the One who is the author of all flesh will make other nations ‘weep and wail for Babylon’ as it says in Revelation 18. The things which will be done here will be things which have never been done to any nation and any people under this sun, things which ought not to be done. The things which will be done here will make strong men cry and after that we will meet again before that White Throne to discuss if I Celestial have rightly or wrongly divided the word of Truth on The Master’s Voice, or not.

Idolatry is rife here and God says He will wash the nation not with Tide but with the sea itself because of it. This is His own word not mine. May your garment be sparkling and your hands clean on the day the Lord comes, yours and mine both so that we be counted worthy to escape these things that will come.

I will continue posting from my archives as I started several months ago, but as new words come in I have to put them up as instructed. Thank you for reading as always, may these things be sobering to all of us, may they point us BACK TO JESUS, BACK TO EXAMINING OUR GARMENTS, BACK TO ASKING RELEVANT QUESTIONS OF GOD.

Not “How long do we have?” That’s not a relevant question really and also how would I know? Relevant questions are “Do you delight in me Lord? Do I really please you? Do I even really know you? Do I silence my anxious soul in prayer and let you speak to me, so you can tell me what you want me to know instead of me telling you what I think you want for me?”

These are the relevant questions to ask, questions I revisit all the time. These are the musings and seekings that have shaped my own salvation over the years, I’m just sharing them in case anyone would like to recalibrate to do the same. God bless you and see you again soon.

Edit: I am praying greatly for America. Greatly, greatly. It is my feeling many will be greatly harmed and hurt very badly if this entire nation does not wake up and turn back to God. If we fail as a body, the community of Jesus Christ first and foremost to FULLY GRASP the gravity of the hour confronting us- and by “hour” I am speaking of the years and years still ahead, years of decline and of painful changes that will come- if we keep denying the truth and talking about ‘Make America This Again’ and other blind and earthly-minded cult trends, instead of repairing the huge baby-killing holes in our walls…

If we fail to look above flag and feeling to where God is urgently signaling us to DO BETTER; if we keep settling for what the clouds with no rain keep telling us… I feel that people will be greatly hurt here. As I travel I ask help and directions from the police. I sit near people on the train. I say hello how are you and they say hello back, and I can tell by the look on their faces that nobody has told them the truth of the future. How can I live in the midst of deceit and stay silent? If we fail to grasp the full range of what Jesus says and just sit waiting for governors’ orders to lift so we can run back to our now-shut religious chicken coops… Hmmm..

I know one thing. I Celestial will tell and show God that I truly and honestly tried my best. I will tell Him Father I tried. All I know is I’m praying. Greatly. God bless you all.

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  1. Not only in America, friend. In South Africa too, services are shortened to watch big sports games and screens set up. The Word is true when it says people will be lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God.

  2. Mrs. R.D says:

    Amen, sister in Christ. Keep doing what God has told you to do. …I’m a new sub, as of a few days. I am subbed to you on YouTube, as well.(MrsR.D3)
    I am sharing your words and vids with others. ..I feel confirmation in the Holy Spirit within these words.
    It is a bitter meal, but I believe it is true. Praise God. We will keep speaking the truth, keep reaching out to others, we will keep on keeping on, depending on our Father God to lead us. There is no hope without him…Bless .

  3. John Tittle says:

    Thank you ma’am for your words and for your website. As with so many of your postings I am not even able to read all of the article because the conviction from God comes on so strong. I have to stop reading for a couple of minutes and pray that he will forgive me. If you ever read any of these comments please keep me in your prayers. I have a past which included some addictions and still struggle. My name is John. Thanks and God bless you.

    1. Celestial says:

      The Lord is near to the broken hearted and those bowed down by the trials of life. When a branch is nearly broken off He won’t tear it from the tree; when a log has been reduced to a smoking ember He won’t quench it (Isaiah 42:3) Brokenness and sorrow over one’s sins are acceptable sacrifice to God- He will supply both grace and strength to change if you also commit your entire self to Him (Romans 12:1). Only the Spirit can keep us back from sin, nothing else can restrain and re-train this flesh from it. I pray for every person who visits this blog, God will visit you John. 🙏🏽

  4. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

    I thank the Father for you. I pray for you. May the Lord help us please him daily. It’s such a great honor to serve the One True God. Amen.

  5. Every Knee Shall Bow says:

    John Tittle, I’ll be praying for you too. You keep trusting, praying, enduring… He’s already won. Read His word and believe every word there is the Truth. God is right there with you. Be blessed in his name!

  6. CIK says:

    Oh Celestial. You have greatly encouraged me to be more outspoken. Right before I read your post, I was on Instagram dismayed at how Christians look NO DIFFERENT from the world. Revealing clothing, Tik Tok memes with cussing, maternity shoots with almost everything visible except the hooha, accepting endorsements from companies that sell alcohol, showing our breasts in honor of breastfeeding our children…etc. I have no place to talk due to my personal challenges (I feel in the same boat as John) but I can’t shake the feeling that we have gone all the way left. There is no way quotes like, “God can use anyone and anything” and “don’t put Him in a box” can apply to what we do on social media. No way. I constantly tell God that it is to our shame that Muslim girls finally made it into Vogue and on the runways WITH their hijabs fully intact. Aka, no compromise. But we professing Christians?

    Anyway, I was hesitant to speak because of the “don’t judge” coalition but I posted some thoughts. Then I came on here and saw this post and I’m so glad I did.

    If you pray for me, PLEASE ask God to take me back to holiness and restore the gravity I once had. I refuse to go down with this ship. Right now, it feels like I’m near the plug but I’m not plugged in. I am convicted by much of what you said.

    PS: Has God ever shared how He feels about how we use our gifts and talents? I am so conflicted by professions like acting and dancing (like going on tour with major artists).

  7. Marty says:

    So nice to see fresh oil releases here on this forum. She has a wonderful website. https://freshoilreleases.co.za/
    Thank you Celestial for all of your prayers. It is so important that we Christians remain the bright light shining in the darkness. We need to realize that the Remnant is forming right NOW. We need to organize with like minded friends, family, and neighbors BEFORE things get much worse. Let us all pray for one another and listen to the still small voice inside guiding us together. Peace and grace to ALL. 🙏
    PS – I hope the Lord shows you something beautiful soon. I can sense that we all could use a little Good News to help us keep our eyes on the prize, which is Christ Jesus.

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