UFOs & Aliens: “Counterfeits” – April 15, 2018

ANUBIS By Jade Merien


“The last enemy to be destroyed is death.” – (1 Corinthians 15:26)

The core of the gospel message is helplessness.

It may not be what we want to hear but it’s true. The Bible teaches that we are powerless without Jesus- only God has real power. Everything that exists outside of Him and occurs without Him is called ‘effort’, ‘striving’-  this is the dimension many people exist in today, even many Christians.

Effort is whatever human beings can manage on their own. We’re capable of only limited power without God, even Satan only has the restrained power God allowed him to keep. But real power- TRUE POWER- is only found in God. Power is only counted as real when it’s greater than everything else, yet nobody in any dimension anywhere holds that kind of supremacy except God.

We as God’s creation are helpless to deliver ourselves from sin, helpless to justify ourselves before God and helpless to enter Heaven by our own merit. Only Jesus has power to help us live successfully. God sent Jesus as a mediator and sacrifice to win back the power Adam and Eve lost to Satan, it’s because of JESUS that our weakness is once more turned to strength. This is the message of redemption from sin and the center of the gospel- We are fallen, HELPLESS and cannot save ourselves, that’s why we need a Saviour But I’ve seen over the years that this message has become stale and unsatisfying to a lot of people. A great huge number of people.

Humanity has by and large broken free of the confines of many forms of helplessness we were once bound by. We benefited from successive waves of technology that made us masters of the planet. We’ve fought disease, starvation, the environment, extinction and to a lesser extent- natural disasters. We have a lot of comforts now and as always when people are comfortable they turn their imagination to pursuing unprofitable ideas that always do us more harm than good.

Now that we have planes and ships, aquatic jumpsuits and supercomputers that can beat us at chess we want to tackle eternal questions. Who are we really? We’re clearly smarter than Adam and Eve (so arrogance claims), therefore can the Creation story of the Bible really account for such fabulous beings as us? And since we’re asking important questions why shouldn’t we live longer or forever? (It doesn’t even seem to bother us that every generation before us wanted to extend its time on earth yet everybody failed and died).

God spoke in my last dream and it bears repeating: The core issue with humanity is our terminal discontent. We struggle to walk in gratefulness for what we have. This means that even when the Bible tells us to be thankful and praise God for who He is and all He has done, we’re bound to be less interested in that than finding out how to live forever.

Nobody likes ageing, nobody likes death. Nobody likes ‘the end’. Even now when people hear “It’s the last days” they get so upset, so aggressive: “What do you mean by that?!” As if the words were not simple enough. We love strength, longevity, stamina, charisma- all the things Satan can cheaply replicate and offer in abundance. Yet the true riches are things only God can give- grace, hope, everlasting life. The chance of one lifetime to explore what it means to be human, the chance to grow old with people you love if you’re lucky- and the irreplaceable offer to be one with the Creator when at last we die. Satan offers compelling reasons not to die however and that will be his major selling point in the New World Order. To any who are watching closely you will see that long life, no sickness, no death etc will be the carrot on the stick of the Beast System- a poor replica of the completely new and seamless world God promises us.

And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying: “Behold, the dwelling place of God is with man, and He will dwell with them. They will be His people and God Himself will be with them as their God. He will wipe away every tear from their eyes and there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the former things have passed away.” And the One seated on the throne said, “Behold, I make all things new.” – (Revelation 21:3-5)

Of course it sounds great now but remember- Satan cannot accurately reproduce this promise. He can’t do any of the things God promises because he doesn’t have any of the POWER God has to effortlessly speak and perform the things He says!

God is fully able to do anything He says but Satan’s version will be an extremely shadowy series of “lying wonders”- invasive surgery that affects our ability to properly perceive reality, powerful brainwashing,  satanic mysteries that go far beyond the obvious ones we know of (like witchcraft). The devil will use a potent brew of ‘craft’ (deception), technology, magic and temporary measures that will rob whoever takes it of the PRECIOUS ABILITY to hear and connect with God.

Once anyone crosses that threshold to the devil for any reason (hear me well today), FOR ANY REASON: fear, pressure, strategy, desire, lust, curiosity, to save your kids, to save yourself- whatever the reason you decide to cross over to stand with Satan and his workers in the end times just know when you connect with them there is no going back. Nothing is ever free with the devil. By now we know enough about him to know: The price of every ‘gift’ is your soul

Here is a previous prophetic word:

You’ve heard of the great deception in scripture? Well here it is: the appearance of nonhuman entities in the last days, appearing as benevolent ‘helpers’ to our sad condition. “Satan appeareth as an angel of light”. Telling us how they’ve watched us struggle with mortality, sickness and disease, how they’ve watched our brutish short lives wrestling against one another and our environment with saddened hearts. How they’ve spent so much time intervening in the course of human history (that at least won’t be a total lie), hoping we would get our act together and not destroy our planet.

That piece is taken from The Many Words Of God. (That prophecy speaks quite a bit on these issues.)

God already knows and has revealed over and over the narrative these aliens and other satanic creatures will use- they will come with the same lies they’ve told decade after decade. The problem is all the other generations died without solving the puzzle of “aliens” but this generation will die because they love aliens so much that the aliens will finally stop playing hide and seek and come live with us for real. I’ve said it before: “The worst punishment is to be allowed to get the evil thing you always wanted.”

On April 15, 2018 I dreamed a very strange dream. I saw the skies above the city I was in turn very beautiful shades of red, indigo and violet. It was one of the most compelling skies I’d ever seen in my life, the vividness of the colours were out of this world.  I was at home with my siblings and we were watching through the windows, but eventually as the sky darkened I felt we should go sit in the very center of the house away from windows and doors so we did.

After a while I was aware of a strange light coming from the front porch and I wondered about it, we were in the center of the house yet the light was so bright I could see it from the porch. It was a marvellous light I tell you, shining everywhere. In the core of it were like liquid tongues of fire taller than a very tall man, undulating like how fire would look if you could view it through water. Those ‘tongues’ had all the colours of the aurora borealis, I saw three of them on the porch even though I was nowhere near there. Just then one of us who had left the group came running back to tell us about it. He was so excited and very anxious to get us all out there to see it in person. 

But there was something about these lights I didn’t like. I guess you could say they were too beautiful. The devil will overdo things to deceive us but those who have the Spirit of God will be saved by listening to what the Spirit says instead of relying on their eyes and ears. Even though the tall flames shimmering with the Aurora were so captivating and gorgeous something in me disliked them. I felt like they wanted to be ‘angelic lights’ or seen as angels; they wanted anyone seeing them to mistake them for “angels on the porch” and come outside to them but I did not like them.

So when my sibling came bursting in saying “Wowww come see the lights!” I yelled “No! Stop! Wait! Don’t go out there, let’s see what kind of lights they are first.” I looked at them again (in the spirit, from where I was) and I saw inside each one the form of a very tall black dog. There was a German shepherd, a mixed dog, and that unmistakable dog from the Egyptian god lineup- Anubis. No matter how amazing they were the Lord opened my eyes to see the true form of DOGS inside these fiery columns of light. I was shocked. I said Lord look, there are dogs inside this fire! Then I heard “Strange fire, strange fire” over and over again. The columns of light intensified their shine, they were so inviting but once I saw what was inside I didn’t see the fire’s beauty anymore, just the black dogs exposed. So I told my siblings nobody should go outside to that fire and we stayed put.

Several days later the Lord spoke to me about the dream. He said in the end times the sky will become an indicator of many things for earth. It will have many strange phenomena, one of them will be the appearance of extremely vivid ‘colourful skies’ every palette of the rainbow will be seen but mostly with red, yellow/orange and indigo/purple. These skies will absolutely amaze people and they’ll get in the habit of gathering outside for long hours to gaze at them without knowing what they actually mean.

The other thing will be the visibility of the Aurora Borealis in many places it has never been seen before. They are called the ‘Northern Lights’ for a reason, usually only appearing in certain far-flung patches of the world. However towards the end of time this type of sky will be commonplace, able to be seen clearly (even in cities) and in places those lights have never formed before.

The Lord said the dream shows a time coming on earth soon, a time of false signs and wonders that seem to be from Heaven itself. These signs and other paranormal phenomena will appear to mimic heavenly angelic visitations and other types of holy spirituality but in reality they will be of demonic and satanic origin. “Strange fire” is the Biblical term that refers to signs, wonders and miracles that LOOK like God did them but actually they come from Satan the evil one.

When these ‘strange fire’ signs appear they will trigger extreme demonic activity on earth. Too many of us only believe in what we can see, millions of people are slaves to pride and ruled by their five senses . They refuse to accept or consider anything that’s not in front of their eyes. Yet God said the amounf of spiritual activity that will accompany these demonic signs/ wonders will affect humanity at a core level, in that people will be extremely vulnerable to and very much affected by this strong demonic atmosphere operating on earth.

As a result of this unseen atmosphere affecting them mankind will become very wicked, cunning, dangerous and not of sound mind. It will get to where people are a danger to each another, even those who knew each other previously or were once close (such as families). I wrote of this once, God said the crimes family members will commit against one another in the end times will have the strong men of the police force vomiting and sobbing when they come on the scene. May those who have ears to hear, hear. This is not a conventional blog- I’m speaking what the Heavenly Father has said so that later when it’s on TV we will know there is only one God who reveals ALL.

The dogs in the fire are just one type of the multiple lying wonders that will come down to earth in the last days. There will be so many cursed creatures who want to destroy us but they way they’ll present themselves will be seen as  “so beautiful”, “so timely” and “needed” to the point where nearly everyone will be deceived to see it as the work of the Lord (but it won’t be).

God made his methods clear to us from the beginning. He uses HIS WORD and HIS SPIRIT to speak to us but in these days of dissatisfaction Satan will be speaking to people and they’ll claim it’s God. Instead of returning to the basics of steady training of our inner man through prayers and consistent learning of scripture, instead of also choosing to be DISCIPLED so we grow in maturity (where you no longer follow every wind, ‘spirit’, occurrence or demonic lie or miracle), many people are adrift with no idea how to hear from God. It’s a  dangerous state the Church is in today. We already see what general society is like- as time passes it will become the perfect atmosphere for Satan’s end times ‘messengers’ to arrive from the sky wrapped in light and shining at the front door as they wait for so many foolish people to come outside and be slaughtered.

It is painful to see how we don’t want God anymore, instead we want the counterfeits. The Jews rejected Jesus for Barrabus and now we’re rejecting God for the false narratives of Satan. God is Spirit but that Spirit is controlled and not wicked. However in the final days we will see many so-called “ancient messengers” among us, fallen seed acting as angels, spirits in bodies knocking at doors (and hearts) to gain access to people only so they can destroy them.

This is a quote from the prophecy Desolations Are Determined, The Sign Of The End (Pt 5):

“Before My coming this will occur: Strange beings coming in light, wrapped in light and carrying light shall appear fully and openly to ALL MANKIND, SPEAKING TO EACH ONE IN HIS MOTHER TONGUE, SPEAKING IN STRANGE LANGUAGES, ANCIENT LANGUAGES, advancing kinship that is actually cursed and forbidden since the days of my servant NOAH. This token of brotherhood is FALSE; it is a lie and an abomination. IT IS CURSED AND FORBIDDEN IN MY HOLY WORD TO ENGAGE WITH STRANGE FLESH.”

This has been a constant theme on The Master’s Voice. May someone hear the voice of the Lord and obey, stay away from these things no matter who flocks to them when they reveal themselves. If we can’t even set standards in our hearts now that we will obey God’s directions (even if everybody else is doing something different)- how can we expect to withstand temptation in the strong delusional atmosphere God says is coming? Won’t we be deceived and follow the crowd? Isn’t this why He said if He didn’t shorten the days no flesh would survive, and even the elect would submit to these lies? GOD KNOWS WHAT HE IS TALKING ABOUT, may we listen and be saved.


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  1. Scarlett says:

    I’ve been watching the skies for these colors. I’ve noticed many Christians are posting photos of these colorful sunsets, praising God for them. It grieves me that in so many ways, the Lord’s children are presenting themselves as lambs to the slaughter, by playing in the Cockatrice’s nest.
    God bless everyone here……stay alert and walking close to the Master. Amen

  2. Lila says:

    Celes, there was a dream with nazi asking for vaccine certificate? You can’t come back home without it, so then you and yr family took them and they turned into water? But how come you also said don’t take it for any reason….(Once anyone crosses that threshold to the devil for any reason (hear me well today), FOR ANY REASON: fear, pressure, strategy, desire, lust, curiosity, to save your kids, to save yourself). I am confuse. I don’t want to take it ever, but others will think its ok. My husband just told me he is going to take it. I am so sad. He never wants to listen to me for anything. So, he is not a believer. I don’t know whether I should stay with him after or leave him? I hv been trying to warned him. He refused to believe me

    1. Celestial says:

      Dear Lila, when you read this blog please try to read carefully. You often ask things that are clearly written in the post. I’m NOT talking about vaccines here, it’s something else and you can see that. This blog is kept simple for every culture to understand. The Nazi dream shows future vaccines will be BY FORCE. I did not create the dream nor did I tell anyone to take vaccinations; I SAID SO CLEARLY in that post. I’m sorry about your husband. Many times families will face problems as they do not have same mindset, some know God & some are unsaved. Unsaved people do not operate in the wisdom of God. Pray for your spouse first if God will open his eyes instead of asking strangers on the internet if you should leave him. Believers must learn to depend on God for wisdom when they have crisis. PRAY and ask God to show you what to do.

  3. Lila says:

    Thank you Celestial, sorry for misunderstanding yr blog. I did pray for guidance in regards my husband, seems like I hv to stay with him even if it could affect me n my children health. Coz the unvaccinated spouse n others get affected from the vaccinated person through breathing, sweat n stuff. But who knows, when the vaccines start to affect his health, he might look for God and I can be there to lead him to Jesus. I hope there is still hope even if he is vaccinated. Here in Indonesia, is mandatory to take vaccines. Scary…

    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Lila. That’s what God is warning about in the Nazi dream. They’ll make it mandatory & hunt for people everywhere to force them. God never told me vaccines are the mark. He said they are extremely dangerous, that’s why we must avoid them & pray for safety. Use Psalm 91 always over your family & take one day at a time. We have no choice now but to trust God. May God give you peace in your daily life Lila.

  4. Lucretia says:

    The Lord was teaching me about FAITH and took me to the scripture ”Blessed are those who have not seen and yet believed”.

    Blessed are those who have put on the shield of FAITH. The substance of things hoped for and yet unseen. They will not easily sway because of signs and lying wonders. They understand. Their hope is not yet revealed. They remain rooted and grounded in the TRUE vine. Christ. Not a strange vine that withers.

    Build on the armour of God. This is how God has equipped us for the days ahead. God bless you Celestial. May his face continue to shine upon you.

  5. Paul Voudrach says:

    Sorry I cannot access your page.



    1. Celestial says:

      Hi Paul, please let me know more about this problem you’re experiencing? I see you left a comment here on one page- is it particular pages you can’t access? Let me know, thank you.

  6. Jim says:

    I have seen purple, pink and indigo sunsets many times. I lived on St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands in the Caribbean from 2010 – 2017. Whenever there would be a be a large dust storm in the Sahara Desert, a week or so latter the dust would create beautiful pink and purple sunsets for days in the Caribbean.

    1. Celestial says:

      Hello Jim, thank you for visiting TMV. God has always given us the beauty of the sky to enjoy Jim, all these are blessings from him. The difference will be in the end times the weather will begin to ‘malfunction’ if I can put it that way. These sunsets will be different because of how ‘lifelike’ they will be, and how frequent. Also the aurora borealis which has always only been visible from known point around the world will start being very common and visible in places where the sky conditions should not be right at all to create. God bless.

  7. Asnath says:

    May the Lord Jesus bless you so.. Much🙏

  8. Robin says:

    Last night, in Northern Illinois, Aurora Borealis was here. I got a couple notifications about it in a news app. I tried telling my husband about it’s spiritual significance but he gets cranky when I try to talk about God further than what is accepted in the basic human realm of the Lord…if that makes sense. He believes in God, but after that, he is a “prove it to me” person and does not believe in these prophetic words. My family thinks I am a fool for believing. It stings a little, but that’s okay. I can’t NOT feel what I feel.

    1. Celestial says:

      What is the ‘human realm’ of the Lord? God rained food from heaven for 40 yrs, divided seas, healed impossible sicknesses including death and raised Himself from the dead- what exactly is “human” when it comes to God? The Bible starts with A TALKING SERPENT yet some are so arrogant they think there’s a basic level of conformity God must meet before He can speak to them. Satan will have a field day in the future- people melting at the sight of who will parade the streets in the end times. The ‘human realm’ will be thrown out the window. Only those who respect & fear the Lord should expect anything from Him in the last days. The rest will eat the bitter fruit of their own pride.

  9. Robin says:

    Please excuse me, I am not good with my words like you… what I mean by that, are the things taught in church or just the basic knowledge that God is there, but not believing in the deeper supernatural aspects of it. My family does not believe that supernatural creatures are, or will be, roaming around. They don’t believe in mermaids, or anything of that nature. I know what I am trying to say, so sorry if I’m not conveying correctly.
    They don’t believe when I say zombies are real. I’ve known it since I was little. Things I’ve had nightmares about for a long time.
    I’ve tried showing them your posts and they shrug it off and say it’s “fairly accurate” or don’t want to hear about it at all.
    I KNOW the Lord can do EVERYTHING and IS EVERYTHING, like Him being angry when the children of Israel complained of no food and He asked if His arm has been shortned and then struck them while thr quail was still in their teeth; but people I talk to, can only see so far concerning Him.
    He is Everything to me and there is NOTHING He cannot do!
    I do not see Him as ANYTHING basic, I just did not know how to word what I was trying to say. Was not trying to ruffle any feathers.

    1. Celestial says:

      I understood you perfectly. I was speaking of your family. Whoever doesn’t have the ability to realize the entire Bible IS supernatural is going to be in a terrible place in the future, bcz the last days are supernatural. Bitterly so. We are going back to Noah’s time, it’s why Jesus warned: ‘As it was in the days of Noah’. In the first days NEPHILIM controlled this world with humans their slaves. So here is the hypocrisy of our time- why do Robin’s exist- those who read the truth & believe, yet Robin’s family & friends think themselves above the word of God? What does ‘fairly accurate’ even MEAN? Can’t you see it’s their pride and arrogance? It is the most defiant pride in them & that’s why I said what I said, and I mean it 100%. It is the same pride that carried half this world to take vaccines while a tiny few believed God & said NO. Satan will have a field day with defiance but those who bought the truth & sold it not- God will keep them. You did not read my comment properly, when you do you’ll see exactly who I was speaking about. Shalom.

    2. Celestial says:

      Please understand that I was referring to the unbelief of those around you. Anyone who thinks they have the right to separate scripture into ‘what I believe’ and ‘what I DON’T believe’ is FALSE. It just hurts when people are forced to realize it’s their husband/ son/ daughter/ best friend. God has us in a bitter time of separation, He let us SEE the tares around us in 2020- people who believe propaganda at the drop of a hat but call Christian truth “tin-foil hat conspiracy”. It’s the same you describe now. I see many who come here suffering from dissonance, they believe God immediately but think their family ‘only needs time’ then they’ll believe. Many of you live with PHARAOH at home and you feel pain when Pharaoh starts his mocking at Moses’s words. There’s no such thing as ‘I believe this but not this’, such ones will be cut off from before the Lord & I can’t sugar-coat that truth for anyone. The Bible says ‘believe God to be established, believe His prophets and you will prosper’. Fairly accurate won’t cut it. God calls human unbelief WICKED & He let millions fall in Sinai’s desert for it. Anyone who repeats that in our day, God will do the same. May the Lord refine your faith & preserve your soul to Himself, as well as any of them who repents of pride. But if they don’t, you were told WHY. God bless.

  10. Robin says:

    I thank the Lord for choosing you to speak His prophetic words. I am so very grateful. That is all I’ve left to say. :))

  11. LoriQ says:

    Celestial- I hope you are doing well. Just wanted to Thank you for keeping this website up and running. With all of the UFO sightings in the news, I was brought back to read your UFO series given to you by God. What an important time to lean on Him for understanding and discernment.

    Be well Sister-in-Christ. God Bless you.

  12. Thanks Be to Our Father who Is always in control thank you sister your an answer to prayer Praise JESUS for this help! Never did was i allowed to read and buy books on – speculations of end of days! In 1984 i had to depart churches to seek truth and JESUS speaks !! praying watching – broken ! as a child i cried cried cried – now i understanding — why i am still understanding with out JESUS i am doomed i know not what to do therefore i have to ask unashamed to JESUS for help ! thank JESUS for this work for JESUS you done to help us ! May JESUS bless you and keep you safe! Praise JESUS

  13. Carla B says:


    Hi Celestial, not sure if you seen this that the aurora borealis was seen in over 30 states. Wow .Before I found your channel, we were definitely trying to prepare for the last days but the Lord is giving so much detail , we just can’t deny it. It has opened my eyes more. It can be overwhelming so I can only imagine that it’s hard on you. I pray for you almost every night that God protects you and your family and gives you strength. Thank you 🥰 much love from Texas

  14. Thembeka Molebatsi says:

    I pray that may God help me,since I found this blog and learned so much about God and truly for the first time I have that confirmation its God speaking to us,and with the joy and excitement of what I have found I shared with my husband and the response that got from him was heart breaking.i pray that God may open his eyes before its too late.what I have learned in my church is so basic and how scriptures are interpreted its wrong.for example what I learned about repentance,I have never learned that in all my years in church.so thank from the bottom of my heart,To God be the GLORY

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